Playing Dress-Ups Ch. 02

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Dream job with Doctor love

Fiona became a Guest of the Practice seeking more excitement in her love life. Falling in love and marrying a much older man created unexpected concerns about sex. This is her second story and shares her fantasy of working at the Practice. Fiona continues her counselling with Doctor Love addressing the difference in sexual desire while his therapy relieves her sexual frustration.

I’ve been a Guest of the Practice for a couple of months. Alistair found it for me. He’s such a darling. We married almost a year ago and things are almost perfect. I love what comes with a successful older man and he enjoys having an attractive blonde as his wife. Even with the 18-year age difference, he has a body I just can’t get enough of. Alistair’s too kind to say it, but he thinks I’m over-sexed and it’s a ‘bit of a problem’. That’s why I’m seeing Doctor Love.

An exclusive medical centre with a prestigious Park Crescent address, the Practice provides wonderful services for discerning women. It’s one of the many historic terrace homes the area is renowned for with many converted to professional suites. The Practice must be one of the prettiest and beautifully restored. Exquisite ornate plasterwork and period features are throughout the building. Every room is furnished with lovely period furniture and fittings. I often forget it’s a medical centre.

When I met Doctor Love there was an instant attraction. He’s similar to Alistair in many ways. Alistair’s 50 and Doctor Love would be in little older. I’ve always had a bit of a ‘daddy thing’ when it comes to men. They’re both gentlemen and certainly know how to charm a lady. Handsome for their ages with attractive bodies, I melt at their gorgeous smiles and warm dreamy eyes. I’m always excited when I have a session with Doctor Love.

Maddisyn placed a silver tray with a glass of wine and a selection of fruit and cheese on the coffee table. ‘There you are Fiona, enjoy.’

‘Thank you. It looks lovely,’ returning her infectious smile as I sat on the couch in the Sitting Room.

Maddisyn manages the Practice and I always look forward to her warm welcome. We first met when she gave me a tour of the facilities. I didn’t need much convincing to register as a Guest. Maddisyn’s only a few years younger than me, about mid-20’s, and attractive with a tall and healthy-looking body. Maddisyn’s gentle and spiritual nature seems so appropriate in the tranquil ambience of the Practice.

‘No French accent this time?’ She smiled.

‘No but thank you for the lesson,’ I answered with a laugh recalling how Maddisyn taught me to speak with a French accent last visit.

I was tempted to tell her how I used it during my session with Doctor Love but decided maybe I shouldn’t. Wild fantasies are my thing. I’ve gotten to know Maddisyn well but maybe not that well. You couldn’t help but like her and she was always helpful and friendly. Maddisyn spoke in a soft and gentle tone and had an innocent, almost reserved nature about her. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about the naughty things I get excited about.

Maddisyn shared my laugh as she returned to her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room. It’s a lovely room for relaxing before an appointment. Two luxurious couches sat in front of a magnificent white fireplace and with a chandelier overhead. The room feels warm and cosy with pastel colours, soft cushions and fine lace curtains at the windows. I always looked forward to a drink and what ever treat Maddisyn had for me.

I felt relaxed enjoying my wine and the ambience of the room and began reflecting on what had brought me to the Practice. It was exciting dating a wealthy, successful and attractive older man, snaring a real silver fox. But it’s more than that. I fell in love with Alistair and I know he loves me. It’s just that I’ve have more satisfying lovers. Once a week missionary style with the lights off is hardly exciting. Doctor Love’s therapy has helped me cope with my sexual frustration.

Maddisyn temporarily distracted me from my dreamy thoughts. ‘Would you like me to take the tray?’

‘Thank you. It was lovely. I’ll visit the lounge and then I’ll go through to Doctor Love.’

‘Would you like help with your hair and makeup?’ She offered with an angelic smile.

I’d never accepted her offers before but a thought came to mind. ‘I’d love some red lipstick and nail polish.’

‘I have some. You go through to the Guest Lounge while I take care of this,’ she replied, taking the tray back to the kitchenette near her desk at the other end of the room.

Maddisyn always dressed elegantly, even if a little modestly. The swinging hem of her dress did catch my attention as she walked away. Her silky-smooth legs looked sensational in a knee-length dress and her high-heels echoed on the polished floorboards with every step.

How wonderful would it be working with the dreamy Doctor Love? I’d be wearing a shorter dress and showing some cleavage to attract his gaze. I’d even dreamt eryaman escort last session of wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform and working at the Practice. I sighed knowing Alistair wouldn’t approve of such fantasies as I excitedly swung my shoulder bag on the way to the Guest Lounge.

The lounge is off the Sitting Room and a lovely room to prepare for an appointment. There’s a wonderful display of cosmetics for Guests to use and I usually just tidied up my makeup and grooming. I really hadn’t made much use of the stunning facilities. The spa bath set in a wrap-around window looks amazing and there’s a separate room for having a massage. I sat at the white dressing table and was looking forward to Maddisyn’s help.

There was a gentle knock at the door and Maddisyn entered, joining me as I gazed at the range of cosmetics and perfumes. ‘I’ve got a couple of red lipsticks and matching polish.’

‘I was thinking of a glossy bright red,’ I explained, gazing at her demure reflection in the mirror.

‘What about this one? Showing me the colour. It’ll be quite striking with your blonde hair and match your high-heels.’

‘Yes. That’s what I was thinking,’ not entirely honest as I was also interested in it going with red on the outfit I planned on wearing.

Maddisyn used some of the cosmetics to tidy up my makeup. Then she outlined my lips with a lip pencil before applying the red lipstick and handing me a tissue to blot my lips. I felt a little thrill of arousal as I watched Maddisyn painting my fingernails the matching red and then she did my hair while they dried.

Looking at my reflection, I was thrilled how lovely I looked. ‘Thank you. It’s wonderful and you’re so fast.’

‘I help a lot of Guests. Working in health and beauty spars helps,’ she quietly replied but looking pleased at my excited reaction.

‘That’s right. You can do massages,’ I recalled from the tour of the Practice she provided.

‘Guest’s love them,’ she simply answered, a soft smile growing to fill her face.

Maddisyn tidied up before leaving me to get changed. The stirring of arousal was becoming a warm moist sensation between my legs as I slipped off my high-heels and removed my dress, bra and panties. Removing my change of clothing from my bag, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I neatly placed the short white dress with bright red edging on the dresser. I added white stockings, matching lace panties and a small white head-piece with a red cross. I’d purchased the naughty nurse’s uniform I’d dreamt about.

I slipped on the panties and uniform and did up the four bright red buttons down the front. My cleavage looked enticing in the open V-neckline with its collar with red edging, the button under my breasts straining to keep them in the uniform.

I sat down and glided the stocking on and noticed how impossible it was to sit without exposing almost all my panties. The lower button well above my pussy left a tantalising opening in the front. I slipped my high-heels back on and used the mirror to put on the head piece.

The reflected image yelled ‘fuck me’. I laughed back at how impractical it was as a nurse’s uniform. But of course, that wasn’t the intention and just the look I wanted.

The uniform left little to imagination and l felt incredibly sexy. It was far too tight, clearly displaying my shapely hips and slender waist. I couldn’t have been any shorter and I smiled at what the white mid-thigh stockings and red high-heels did for my legs. Maddisyn was right, the glossy red looked striking with my blonde hair and heels.

I used the side door to avoid going back through the Sitting Room. I wondered what Maddisyn would think if she saw me? Probably die of embarrassment.

The passageway lead to Doctor Love’s suite at the rear of the building. My excitement was building with every strike of my high-heels on the polished floorboards, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. The thought of surprising Doctor Love sent adrenaline surging through my veins. My nipples throbbed to attention and moistness seeped between my legs. I walked in and shut the door behind me.

Doctor Love was working at his desk and turned his face to meet my gaze. ‘Hello . . .,’ he started to say, staring at me wide-eyed and seemingly lost for words.

My heart skipped a beat. Doctor Love is definitely handsome and looked so distinguished at his desk. Immaculately dressed in a 3-piece suit and tie, he was very much at home surrounded by the period décor and classical furnishings of his suite. What excites me the most about Doctor Love is the sexual therapy and how wonderful he is at playing my naughty little game. The inappropriateness just added to the excitement.

‘I’m nurse Fiona and I’ve been sent by the agency to work for you today,’ I announced, commencing the fantasy.

‘It’s nice to have you. I’m sure there’s plenty for you to do,’ he smiled, seamlessly joining in.

I felt the warmth of his eyes as they roamed over my body, hardly a feminine curve hidden beneath my figure-hugging sincan escort uniform. His eyes were instantly drawn to my cleavage, threatening to spill out as he gazed. His eyes drifted to my short hemline and long toned legs, unashamedly appraising more than my uniform and sending a thrill of excitement surging through me. Finally laughing almost to himself as he noticed my head-gear with its red cross over my long blonde hair before his eyes settled on mine.

He stood up to greet me, smiling as my wild fantasy unfolder before his eyes. ‘I’m please you wore something appropriate for work.’

‘I’m happy to do whatever you would like Doctor Love, I breathed a little saucily. I want the agency to get a good report.’

‘I’m impressed already. Why don’t you start by sorting the files in the filing cabinet in the correct order?’ He suggested, returning to his desk and chair opposite the cabinet.

Doctor Love’s suite is nothing like your usual doctor’s consulting room. It has similar high ornate ceilings and decorative cornices as the other rooms. There’s a magnificent large wooden antique desk in an office area. It also had an old bookcase and the filing cabinet.

The rest of the suite provides a comfortable area where we usual met. Two luxurious couches flanked an impressive white marble fireplace with a large mirror above and a lovely chandelier was suspended from a ceiling rosette. A bedroom and its ensuite are off the suite and so convenient.

I felt the trickle of arousal as I opened the bottom drawer. Even the slightest bending would give Doctor Love an irresistible view of my white lace panties and breasts.

My nipples tightened as I bent over and started sorting. ‘I’d like you to keep an eye on me to make sure I’m doing it okay,’ wiggling my backside at Doctor Love as I worked through the files.

‘Everything looks fine from here,’ he answered, my body tingling with the heat of his gaze.

I dropped to my knees and glanced at Doctor Love. ‘Would you be able to come and check my arrangement?’

He joined me and my pussy moisten as he gazed over my shoulder. ‘They look wonderfully arranged. They’re absolutely beautiful,’ Doctor Love smiled returning my innuendo.

I continued working through the lower drawers, flashing my panties and breasts when Doctor Love caught my attention. ‘I’ve finished with these books. Can you place them on the top shelf of the bookcase please?’

I returned to his desk and belt over, pausing long enough for him to enjoy my bra-less breasts hanging freely in the uniform while placing the books in a pile.

My eyes lifted to discover his aroused gaze. ‘They’re big, aren’t they?’

‘Yes, nurse. I enjoy looking at them,’ returning my knowing smile and causing another surge of wetness to seep into my panties.

I went over to the bookcase and stood on the tips of my toes causing the short hem of the uniform to ride up even further and placed the books on the top shelf. I glanced back at Doctor Love and caught him looking at my sodden lace panties clinging to my pussy and long slender legs in high-heels. I gave him a lusty smile as my pussy throbbed, loving the slutty feeling of a moist and swollen pussy begging to be filled.

‘Nurse Fiona. Could you come and review this file with me?’ Doctor Love requested.

I returned to the front of his desk and lent over to take the file from Doctor Love, giving him a lovely smile as if oblivious to him gazing into my deep cleavage. Placing it on the desk in front of me and looking at the cover, I was surprised to find that it was mine.

Doctor Love managed to lift his eyes from my breasts. ‘Case notes for a Guest I’d like to discuss.’

Looking around and not finding a chair, I used the opportunity to go around and sit on the desk next to Doctor Love. I crossed my legs and sat with them bent over the edge. Squeezing my thighs together did little to settle my ragging pussy or conceal my white sodden panties with the dress parted to the last button.

I opened the file and gave him a cheeky smile. ‘Same name. What a coincidence?’

‘She married a much older man and is very happy other than experiencing sexual frustration at having a much higher sex drive,’ Doctor Love begun, remarkably composed with what I was flashing at him.

‘It must be very frustrating for her,’ I commented, playing along.

He continued, mentioning that her desire for wild sex and Alistair’s conservative approach was a sensitive issue that he got them discussing more openly. Her husband worked long hours and his job as an investigative forensic accountant was often stressful. He tired more easily, often going to bed early and lacking the energy for sex. He also wasn’t as broad minded as his wife and considerably less experienced sexually.

‘It seems his work, our . . . their age difference and interest in sex are all factors,’ I summarised enjoying his gaze.

‘Yes. She discovered that he was concerned about not satisfying her sexually and couldn’t batıkent escort bear disappointing her,’ Doctor Love added, his eyes roaming as he continued.

‘He sounds so kind and considerate. Just like you Doctor Love,’ I couldn’t help but tease.

‘Yes . . ., um. Shall we continue nurse?’ He replied.

I moistened my lips slowly, displaying my obvious arousal as I listened. ‘How’s it going now?’

‘She’s having therapy for her sexual frustration and counselling for developing alternative approaches to love making that they both find satisfying. You’ll find it all in the file,’ he explained.

I started reading and paused raising my eyes to Doctor Love and swallowed a knot of arousal. ‘Seems to be having a lot of sexual therapy.’

‘It going very well. The therapy is satisfying her sexually but she’s also appreciating a more intimate and tender approach that may be more mutually satisfying,’ he smiled back, his professional manner making me smile with amusement.

‘She seems to have a thing for costumes. Last session it was a French maid en evén speakéng wiv ze accen,’ I teased with a French accent I had Maddisyn to thank for.

Feigning being shocked, I fluttered my hand to my breasts for effect. ‘A playboy bunny before that and a high-class escort. I wonder what she will be wearing next time?’

‘It’s always a pleasant surprise. She may like to borrow your uniform,’ he teased back with interest.

Reading the sexual therapy notes made me even more excited as the images of our therapy came to mind. My nipples were embossed into my uniform and I could feel the moistness of my panties as I squeezed my thighs together. I uncrossed my legs and my hand drifted mindlessly down and between my legs as I read. I began caressing my pussy through the sodden fabric.

For a moment I became lost in my own pleasure. ‘Mmm . . . interesting,’ I gasped.

The image of Doctor Love’s eager tongue teasing at my intimate opening and pushing at my clitoris, working me to climax entertained my mind as I read the intimate details and played.

‘Nurse Fiona!’ Doctor Love cried out, bringing me back to the present.

‘I’m sorry Doctor Love. I’m just so horny. Please don’t tell the agency. I’ll do anything for you,’ I begged, a little flirtation in my voice.

‘This is most improper!’ He reprimanded sternly.

‘I saw you looking at my tits and panties. See how wet I am? I can tell by that bulge in your pants what you want,’ a lusty smile forming on my lips.

‘Nurse Fiona, please!’ he called out, his objection sending a surge of excitement through me.

A burning need was raging in my panties. ‘You don’t have to beg for it Doctor Love, I teased. I’ll give you something to look at.’

I slumped back resting on one elbow and lifted my high-heels up onto the desk, slipping my free hand into my panties. I was so wet, a finger and then another effortlessly slipping into my pussy and I began fingering my sensitive internal flesh.

The wet sound of feverish stroking fingers filled the suite. ‘I want what your Guests are getting. I need sexual therapy,’ I moaned, lustfully gazing at Doctor Love.

The incredibly sexy smile Doctor Love gave me brought every nerve end in my body to attention.

He stood and removed his jacket and waist coat, placing them over the back of his chair and then removed his tie. Reaching for my panties fuelled a rush of adrenaline through my body. My heart was racing and a dry lump was forming in my throat as his fingers slipped into the waistband. Peeling my panties over my backside and down my legs revealed my thrusting fingers to his excited gaze.

I raised my heels to assist with my pantie’s removal. ‘Suck on my pussy like in the notes,’ I lustfully demanded, removing my slick wet fingers to open my pussy lips.

My heart was in my mouth as Doctor Love lowered his face. His tongue found my pussy, eliciting a whimper from me as it traced the intimate opening and occasionally slithering into my moist internal flesh.

‘Oh yes. That’s it.’ I sighed with anticipation as his tongue travelled towards my clitoris.

I suddenly began moaning loudly and writhing against the desk as his tongue firmly caressed my sensitive nub and finally taking it into his mouth.

I was overwhelmed by the torturous pleasure. ‘Hu, hu, hu,’ I continually gasped for breath.

I squealed and squirmed around in ecstasy, gripping as much of Doctor Love’s short grey hair as I could as his hungry mouth lapped and sucked at my pussy.

Finally, he lifted his lusty gaze to mine. ‘I need your cock,’ I groaned at him, getting of the desk.

Doctor Love bent me over the desk and spread my legs as my breasts pressed into the hard surface. The primitive naughtiness of the position excited me to the core. I heard the unzipping of his trouser fly followed by the unleashing of his belt buckle. His trousers dropped to the floor and the image of his erection I knew so well added to the moistness of my pussy.

‘Give it to me good,’ I lustfully moaned at Doctor Love as he placed his trousers neatly on the desk beside me.

Doctor Love didn’t waste any more time in giving me what I demanded. I cried out with pleasure as his erection plunged into my wet and aching pussy.

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