Pool Buddy Ch. 02

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Lauren Phillips

After last Saturday’s adventure with my new pool buddy Erica, I knew that this was going to be a great summer. Erica had spent the day with me in my backyard pool, modeling 3 of the new microkinis that we had just purchased online the week before. She was a dancer at the local men’s club and turned out to be a closet micro bikini enthusiast, looking for somewhere to hang out. We had hit it off well and I invited her over to lie out at the pool. After showing off her tight body in these tiny micro bikinis, we couldn’t stand it any longer and ended up fucking hard on the pool deck.

I gave Erica a standing invitation to come on over any weekend to hang out at the pool. She eagerly agreed and got ready for a summer full of tanning, teasing and fucking. Each week at work was murder, having to spend 5 days cooped up in an office just waiting for the weekend to arrive. Luckily Erica kept me company at work, I.M’ing me with her day’s activities and plans for the week. I could not believe that in only a few short weeks, I probably found the best friend I’d ever have. We continued to surf the internet looking for new microkini styles to try and ordering something new every week. By now, I’d guess that she owned about a dozen of the tiniest bikinis ever created.

So with great anticipation, the weekend had arrived again. Erica invited me over to her apartment on Friday night for pizza and a DVD. I picked up a six pack on the way over and knocked on her door just as her phone rang inside. She opened the door and motioned for me to come inside and close the door. I went ahead and put the beer into the fridge while Erica was having a conversation on the phone.

“Do you still want to come?” she was asking someone. A few affirmative statements later, then she said, “OK, sounds like a plan. See you tomorrow. Bye”. She hung up the phone and came over to me with a smile and a kiss. “Ready for some fun tomorrow” she asked.

“Yep,” I answered. “If it’s anything like last Saturday, then I’m ready.”

“Well, I think we’ll have even more to do tomorrow.” she said. “I found a new bikini on-line and I’m excited to try it out”. “It’s from one of the sites that you showed me, but I hadn’t seen this one before, so I ordered two of them.”

“Which ones?” I asked.

“You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.” She grinned.

“Damn, it’s only Friday night and you’re already teasing me. Not fair!” I said. Erica just smiled and shook her head.

We destroyed the pizza in just a few minutes and then retired to the sofa with a beer to watch the DVD. I lay down across the couch and Erica fiddled with the DVD player. It had been a hot day and the little apartment A/C was running constantly and not doing a very good job of keeping the place cool. Erica was only wearing her ever-present tight shorts and a jog bra, but she said, “I’m still too warm in here with that damn A/C,” and proceeded to strip off her shorts and bra before lying down on top of me wearing only her thong panties. I couldn’t think of any better way to watch a movie!


Saturday morning started cloudy but it was already at 80 degrees. Once the sun came up higher, the clouds would burn off and the forecast was for a high of 97 degrees. The backyard was ready and I was cleaning the pool when I heard the gate open. I turned to say Hi to Erica but was shocked to see someone else.

Seeing the confusion on my face, the girl said “Hi, I’m Mari, one of Erica’s friends. She told me about HER new pool buddy she met last weekend and thought that I would like to come too. I hope you don’t mind” she said with a curious accent.

Just then Erica walked through the gate carrying her cooler, a bag and said “No, I don’t think he’ll mind.”

Still standing there like a dummy holding the pool net at the water’s edge, both girls came up to me. Erica gave me a kiss and told me that “I met Mari last summer at the apartment pool. We lay out together to defend each other from dudes trying to pick us up. After last weekend, I knew that she would like to join us for some sun and fun”.

Mari spoke up “And Erica said that you two had found some great bikinis to try on. I’ve been wearing the same old thing forever because the suits they sell here are crap. Feel’s like I’m wearing an old lady’s swimsuit. This country is so stuck up about thongs. You need to come to Rio and see what we wear.”

“Actually, I have been to Rio for vacation a few year’s ago,” I said. “So which beach do you go to in Rio”?

Mari said “I live a few streets off of Botafogo. Sometimes I go to Ipanema or Copa with my friends, but it’s so crowded there, lots of touristas. Botafogo is the real Rio.”

“Cool, so now I know a real Cariocas from Rio” I said. “I’m sure you miss the beach life that eryaman escort goes on down there. You’re right, this country is so hung up on modesty and covering up at the beach. We should be more Brazilian and let it all hang out!” All three of us laughed. The girls dropped their stuff on the picnic table and I put away the pool net.

Mari was one of those rare natural blond Brazilians, less common than the usual dark skinned and dark haired Cariocas. She was slim and also noticeably a few inches taller than Erica. I watched her undress to reveal a classic Brazilian bikini on her gorgeous body. Her bikini top was two small triangles the stood out on the end of her breasts and revealing her firm C cup sized boobs and perky nipples. Her bottom was a G-string that tied on each side of her hips. The small orange bikini was faded from many hours in the sun, surf and pool.

Erica also undressed to reveal a small pink Wickedweasel 457 microkini. I noticed that her regular tan lines were beginning to fade away, even compared to last weekend. The Wickedweasel top was scrunched narrower to make the triangle into mostly a vertical strip of fabric only as wide enough to cover her small nipples. As customary, both girls unconsciously spent a few seconds adjusting their tiny bikinis so that they were perfectly situated.

I stripped down to the Speedo suit that Erica had bought for me and I noticed the approving glance from Marci as she started checking me out. “I wish more American guys would wear those suits instead of those baggy shorts down to their knees. I want to be able to check out their equipment just like they check us out,” she said.

Erica opened up her bag and fished out another Wickedweasel 457 microkini for Marci. This one was a vibrant orange color which would look great against her bronzed Brazilian skin.

Erica tossed the tiny bikini bottoms to Marci and asked “Do you want the top too?” Marci looked at me and raised her eyebrows to ask me that question. I said “Tops are optional here,” so Marci said “Nope, don’t need it.” Marci started towards the door to the house so that she could change, but Erica said “We’re all friends, just change out here.”

Marci shrugged her shoulders and reached behind her back to untie her top, revealing her perfectly tanned breasts with round upwardly pointing nipples. She then untied the left side of her G-string and stepped out of the other side. She turned to me and asked “You like?”, showing me her smooth pussy.

“Yep, that is one official Brazilian wax job,” I said. Nothing like it in the world.

Erica said “I’ve always wanted to try one of those,” and walked closer. “I just use a razor, but I’ve been told that a Brazilian wax is better.”

“It is,” said Marci. “You can’t get this smooth with a razor,” and she stroked her hand across her pussy. “Go ahead feel it.”

Erica reached down and gently stroked Marci’s pussy lips and said “Wow, that’s smooth. You’ll have to give me the name of your salon”

Marci looked at me and said “Go ahead Mike, I know you want to.”

I stepped forward and touched the soft and warm lips of her pussy. It was indeed one of the softest and smoothest things I have felt.

Marci stepped into the tiny orange microkini bottoms and adjusted the small strip of fabric across that beautiful bald pussy.

“Let’s get a little sun before it get’s too warm outside,” Erica suggested. I hadn’t noticed that she had also removed her top and was only wearing her pink microkini bottoms.

The girls spread out their towels on the two floats I had laid on the pool deck. Once they both were situated on their backs, I was the lucky one to cover their bodies with suntan oil. The sight of the two topless girls in their bright pink and orange micros was starting to get me excited. I laid down next to Erica and enjoyed view. The hot sun was beating down and it didn’t take any time for beads of sweat to form. The tingle of the hot sunlight on the skin was soothing and each of us probably dozed off for a few minutes here and there. I was starting to get thirsty so I offered to get the first round of drinks. I grabbed a beer for myself and two Zimas for the girls (I can’t stand them myself!) and we quickly finished the ice cold drinks. Drinking them so fast in the hot sun, the girls became giggly and chatty.

“Hey Marci”, Erica said, “I want to show you something.”

Without letting me know, she reached over, pulled down my swimsuit and grabbed my penis. “Mike’s got some good equipment here; you need to check it out”. Stroking me with her hands covered in suntan oil that she wiped off of her own belly, it didn’t take long until I was standing at attention. Erica looked proud and said “What do you think?”

“Ohhh, looks good. I haven’t sincan escort had a thick cock in such a long time that I’m aching to get some,” Marci said. “That looks like it will fill me up just fine,” she grinned.

Erica said, “But first, I have something to show you. I found these new microkinis on line and wanted to try them out today. Let me get them.” She stood up and walked back to her bag. I was confused since I thought the tiny Wickedweasels that Erica and Marci were wearing were the tiny suits she had referred to yesterday in her apartment. To my surprise, Erica came back holding two strings, not bikinis, just strings.

“I found these at Der-Bikini, a German website. They have no apparent use other then for teasing and having fun,” she said.

“Wow, I don’t think is possible to wear any less” Marci said.

Both girls stripped off their Wickedweasel micros and put on the strings. All it consisted of was a single string around the waist and a loop down between the legs. That’s it. The girls pulled on the strings and situated the loop around the outside of their pussy. It looked like someone had cut the material out of a teardrop microkini and just left the border. As they were adjusting the strings, Erica noticed “Hey, this is squeezing my pussy!” Both girls starting walking around the deck in circles and giggling with themselves.

“Mmmm, that feels good. Walking around like this could get me off. Each step I take tugs on my pussy just a little bit. I think I’ve found my new favorite bikini. Being completely naked wouldn’t get me off like this.” Erica said.

“Before you two drunken girls DO get yourselves off, let’s jump in the pool and cool off a little,” I said and stuffing my still hard dick back into my suit. I removed the towels from the pool floats that we had been laying on and tossed the floats into the pool. Both girls jumped into the cool water and swam over to the floats. After some clumsy attempts, both managed to get on top of their floats. I grabbed a second round of drinks and placed them in reach at the pool’s side before jumping in.

I pulled both girls’ floats together and asked how their Saturday afternoon was shaping up, so far. Marci said “I’m glad you invited me Erica. This is just what I needed. You say that you two do this every weekend?” Yep, we said. “Well then count me in as your third pool buddy.” I smiled at that.

The cool water seemed to tame the girls a little bit, but I could see them squirming around in their little strings so that it would tug on their pussy. I swam around to the foot of Erica’s float and hung on to the end. My head was just at the same level as her tanned pussy, just inches in front of me. With her legs spread slightly, I could trace the path of the string around her lips, down past her ass hole and then back out of sight.

I grabbed Erica’s string from above her pussy and slowly started moving it back and forth. She closed her eyes and started quietly moaning in the back of her throat. After a few minutes with Erica, I moved over and positioned myself at Marci’s feet and began the same procedure on her darker Brazilian pussy. Both girls were getting pretty horny by now and I was enjoying moving back and forth to play with the gorgeous display of smooth tanned pussy in front of me.

Pulling the girl’s floats to the shallow end of the pool, I was able to stand up and lean forward between Erica’s legs to lick her juicy pussy. I spun the tip of my tongue in circles around her clit while inserting my fingers deep into her hole. Marci leaned over to stroke Erica’s hard nipples while I was having fun down below. Rubbing my thumb hard and quick over her clit brought the little pink head up round and firm and engorged. I sucked it hard into my mouth and continued licking it when Erica let out a huge moan and began to raise her hips. Holding her breath to enjoy the sensation, her body shuddered at the full orgasm and she exclaimed “OH SHIT!” and exhaled. “I haven’t had one of those in soooo long that I guess it had built up to one hell of an orgasm. Crap, that was good!” Erica exclaimed.

Marci looked hopefully at me to see if I would be willing to help her too. She looked at Erica to see it would be OK and Erica told me “Go ahead, she needs you too. But you have to fuck me next.”

I moved over to Marci and began to do the same to her. Because to her Brazilian wax job, her lips were extra smooth and slick and I had no problems getting her close to climax. I noticed that Erica had raised her legs and was stroking her pussy while watching me lick Marci’s pussy. As Marci started to orgasm, I spun her hard clit between my thumb and finger and tugged upwards while she let out a satisfying “MMMMMM”. I kept on going and moments batıkent escort later, her body shook again with a second orgasm, then a third, then more. I couldn’t believe it, as long as I kept up the pressure, Marci kept climaxing. After multiple orgasms, she was completely destroyed and just laid on the float with her eyes closed and toes curled up tightly, panting heavily.

Now it was my turn. Erica slid off of her float and threw it on the pool deck. She led me up the pool stairs with Marci following wobbly behind. Erica said “You’ve done all the work so far, relax and let us handle this”. Erica rolled up a beach towel and directed me to lie down on the float using the towel as a pillow. Each of the girls positioned themselves on either side of me. Both girls took turns fondling the wet spandex fabric of my swimsuit. Their warm touch against the slick wet fabric was wonderful. As I started getting harder, there was no more room to grow and the tip of my dick started poking out of the top of the suit. “There’s our friend,” Erica whispered and pulled my cock free. Marci helped her by holding my balls while pulling the suit all the way off and tossing it aside. Four wonderful hands were moving about my dick and fondling every part.

Erica said “I get to fuck Mike first, but you can take a ride on this for just a minute so you can see how good it feels.”

“Alright,” Marci said “just for a minute, then he’s all yours”. Marci stood up and straddled me while Erica pointed my dick towards her inviting pussy. Marci lowered herself and stopped just as my head parted her smooth pussy lips. “Ready?” she asked, and then slowly slid herself onto my cock as Erica guided her down. Her pussy was still juicy and warm from my recent masturbation of her and the sensation was heaven. Marci pushed all the way down to the base and just paused to take in the moment as her sweet pussy was engulfing my entire cock.

“Oh god,” she said “I want to ride this another minute, it feels sooooo gooooood. Can I please?” she begged to Erica.

“No,” Erica said, “just slide yourself off of there and help me on. It’s my turn.” she commanded.

Marci slowly rose up and slid off of my cock. As it left her vagina, it sprung upwards and brushed her still excited clit and she let out a yelp.

Marci knelt on my left side as Erica stood and straddled me. Marci held my dick in her right hand a cupped my balls with her left as Erica lowered herself towards me. “OK, Mike. Let’s make this last awhile.” Erica said. She lowered herself on my dick and took the first inch into her pussy, then returned above me. Starting again, Erica lowered herself two inches and returned. Then three. Then four, five, six, seven eight. The feeling of her warm pussy followed by the cooler air made each successive penetration feel hotter and hotter. By the time I was completely into Erica, she was fully excited. Pussy juice was running down my shaft at each stroke and wetting Marci’s hand that was still stroking my balls.

Erica started slowly fucking me by rotating her hips ever so slightly while moving up and down. “Marci, how about you let Mike eat your pussy? He likes your Brazilian wax.” Erica smiled above me.

Marci got up and faced Erica while straddling my face with her pussy. I reached up and pulled her down so that her cunt was within reach of my tongue and began to lick her sweet pussy.

Erica and Marci were having fun with each other. Erica reached down to fondle Marci’s clitoris as I licked her pussy while Marci played with Erica’s clit as she was sliding up and down my dick. We continued for a few minutes as each of us began to unconsciously stroke harder and faster.

Erica was bouncing up and down faster and faster until she suddenly stopped and let out a long moan as her body began to shake. Her pussy throbbed with an intense orgasm that squeezed my cock as I began to shoot my load inside her. Marci pinched Erica’s clit even tighter as Erica held her breath and closed her eyes. Erica finally exhaled and exclaimed “Oh shit, that was intense!” “I think your cock was rubbing my G-spot too. I felt that orgasm in a different part of my body.”

Marci returned to my left side and continued to hold my balls as Erica slumped down on top of me, with my throbbing dick still inside. We both started laughing on the pool deck as Marci joined in.

“I think the second meeting of the local microkini club was a success, don’t you?”

“I would say so,” said Erica. “What do you think Marci, same time next weekend?”

“I’m busy next weekend, so I won’t be able to make it.” she frowned. “But I’m going to be dreaming of this experience all this week.” “Next time, I get to fuck Mike and you get to watch.”

“That’s only fair,” I grinned.

Erica said, “The afternoon is still young.” “Let’s try on some more microkinis and see how small we can make them cover us. By the end of the summer, I want to be one hundred percent tanned, even my pussy.”

“That’s a good goal to have,” I said.

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