Primal Union

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I slide over the edge of the Jacuzzi’s rim, relishing the liquid caress of the scented water as it slips up over my thighs and belly, barely brushing the undersides of my breasts. The barest swirl of heat and current sends a tingle radiating outward from my pleasure center, as I position myself comfortably upon one of the smooth bench seats. Leaning my head back against a cushion I’d placed against the edge for just such an occasion as this, I close my eyes and surrender to the hypnotic effect of the water lapping across my breasts now as I sink deeper, only stopping when the level reaches my chin and tickles it lightly.

Red and white rose petals sprinkled lightly across the waters surface, mingle their heady essence with that of hot wax which drips from countless candles placed in random spots all over the bathroom. I push a button to start the roar of the powerful jets of the Jacuzzi, thrilling to the surge of hot water that pummels my inner thighs and strokes forcefully against my clit. Arching upwards, so that my hips threaten to break the waters surface, I moan helplessly, my hands palming a breast in each, the fingers rubbing gently across each nipple, making the sensations of pleasure burn even hotter. I squeeze my breasts in erotic tempo to the pulse of the forced water against my velvet folds, thrilling to the feel of the liquid penetrating my depths, at once soothing and all too arousing.

My tongue darts out to lick my upper lip as another hungry moan escapes me. I close my eyes to see your face mirrored upon their dark lids. I ache to have you here with me, but knowing that you are miles away only makes matters worse. I shudder as my hips shift closer to the jet of throbbing water, as if it were your cock, or your tongue, plundering my hot, moist depths. The golden radiance from the candles bathes my smooth, creamy skin in an almost supernatural halo of light, as shadows of my actions dance erotically upon the wall nearest the Jacuzzi.

My hands slip from my breasts to slide, palms down along my sides, tracing at last the oh so sensitive tops of my inner thighs, eliciting another gasp of ecstasy from my ravaged flesh as my nails leave faint white scratches upon the pale skin there. My nipples sink below the surface of the water, and I imagine that its warmth is actually the pressure of your mouth taking in first one than the other, swirling each taut peak up against the roof of your mouth, rolling it around as if savoring a fine wine.

The only sounds I am aware of are the liquid rush and murmur of the water-jets, the hiss of bubbles that froth and foam, the thundering beat of my own heart and the imagined whisper of your voice in my ear………softly telling me what to do.

“Penetrate your pussy with one finger”, the voice shockingly close and all too real intones. I nod, as if you were actually watching me and slip a finger between the searing, velvet folds to push in against my clit before surging still deeper. I shudder repeatedly as the hand nestled between my thighs continues to weave a stronger and more intense magic within.

“Imagine that my lips are tasting your clit, my tongue laving across it, suckling it!” the voice says, this time with increased urgency, and the image of your head buried between my smooth thighs, your hair whispering across already dangerously sensitive skin, makes me shiver and squirm ankara eryaman escortlar even harder. I want you so badly that imagining it is simply not working well enough. My fingers pinch my clit and pull rhythmically, until the pleasure grows dangerously strong, my heart threatening to beat right out of my heaving chest.

“Can you feel my throbbing cock, claiming your private treasure?” a whisper of breath not my own caresses an earlobe and my hands fly to the sides of the tub to steady myself, my breath exploding in terrified, yet oh so aroused gasps. I open my eyes to sense a shadow looming behind me, sensing your presence! Shivering uncontrollably at the realization that you are really HERE and not miles away, I turn to look at you but am stopped by strong hands which press down firmly upon my shoulders, forcing me to remain facing away from you.

“Ohh no you don’t!” you sigh against my ear, making me shudder and arch back to taste your throat with my lips. You slip back, purposely avoiding my touch.

Heaving a frustrated sigh, I close my eyes and decide to concentrate on pleasuring myself, as if you were not even there. The pulsating jet of hot water inundates my pleasure center, pushing rhythmically against my swollen clit, eddying in delicious currents against my velvet folds. Each caress of the waters liquid fingers sends yet another electric jolt of pleasure spiking through me, bringing me closer and closer to my peak.

My fingers slip up to trace in ever narrower spirals around the swell of my breasts, until reaching the turgid nipples and flicking them repeatedly until I am left gasping and writhing beneath my own skilled touches. I move my head backwards, licking the outer edges of my lips, as if deep kissing the air, sensing your barely contained response just behind me. I feel your hot breath whispering against the moist skin of my neck and its barest of contacts feels as powerful as the cut of a well placed whip. I shudder and moan, letting my hips rise and fall to their own sacred beat, a tempo created by the heartbeats thundering echo in my blood.

My whole body feels as if its on pins and needles and row upon row of stark goose-bumps cover my flesh as my orgasm mounts even stronger, radiating outward from my ravaged clit in ever widening tidal waves of sensation. Mindless with need and agonized pleasure, I never feel you enter the Jacuzzi’s hot wet embrace ’til your arms are wrapped around my shoulders and one of your knees is parting my thighs, spreading me wide for your insistent need.

My legs lift and clamp around your hips, feeling the swollen presence of your cock nudging demandingly against my inner thigh, then at the entrance to my deep, tight sheathe. Your mouth claims mine in a kiss that steals my breath from my lungs with its fierceness, at the same moment that one of your fingers reaches between our eager bodies to stroke my already inflamed clit. I spasm at your touch, screaming out my immense pleasure and need. I thrust my hips up against yours, as your hands rake through my hair, pulling it back and holding my head immobile as you kiss me even harder.

I feel your teeth nipping at my lips, your tongue sliding insistently along the length of mine, purposely imitating the actions that your cock will soon be doing. Before I’ve a moment to draw my next shuddering breath, I feel you slide escort etimesgut the length of your shaft into me, filling me completely, stealing my remaining powers of thought and control. I am helpless in your arms and surrender to your every desire. The hot water splashes and laps at the tops of my breasts, as my body rhythmically rises and falls beneath yours.

Pulling your hips up and back just enough to withdraw and then slip in again, your mouth lifts from mine and your eyes stare into me with a haunted passion, a wild power that steals my breath away and makes me shiver all over. You lean down alongside my ear, taking the soft, ohhh so sensitive lobe between your teeth as you whisper, your breath searing my senses. “Do you want me Gabby?” you breathe, the words seeming more a growl of suggestion than actual syllables.

“Y–yes!” I manage to gasp, shaking my head as much as your hands in my hair will allow and flick my tongue out to lick your neck, purring in animal permission. “God yes!” I whisper a tad more emphatically this time, arching my hips up to force more of you inside me, but you cunningly evade the gesture, instead only allowing me to feel the tip of your penis pressing at the entrance to my pussy, your fingers lightly massaging my clit.

In a moment however, your fingers upon that ohh so sensitive node of pleasure switch from being lazy and gentle, to ruthlessly direct and purposeful. There is only one goal on your mind and THAT is to get me to cum harder and longer than ever before. With a slight shift in our positions, the water-jet from the surging Jacuzzi is aimed once more upon my clit and I scream as the sudden force makes my entire body jerk, the muscles locking as the first waves of my climax lap at the rest of my being.

Your fingers abruptly stop their plunder of my clit and slide palm down to cup and relentlessly massage first once swollen breast, then the other, pinching each nipple lightly in passing. I buck and writhe beneath you as your cock slides in again, then out, then in, in ceaseless rhythm, seeking to stroke my pleasure to the boiling point. My climax throbs and pulses in time to each thrust of your strong hips and every rise of my own to meet each inward penetration.

I arch my head back, offering my bared and vulnerable throat to your gleaming teeth, daring you to bite me. Catching a gleam of pure evil intent reflected in your dark blue eyes, I shudder from ecstasy to come. Your lips close against my throat, the teeth lightly scraping my soft skin at the point where my pulse races just below the throbbing surface. In a few seconds, my heart is racing so fast from the effects of my impending orgasm that I’m afraid that it will stop altogether!

Your teeth nip and close over my skin, lightly pinching it and drawing a whimper from my throat that is both pleasure, pain and a bit of fear. I lash out my tongue to catch your lips, drawing out your own tongue, begging it to dance with mine, as your cock continues its ruthless plunder of my pussy, slipping in and out with an erotic and demanding rhythm that is impossible to deny, an irresistible call to my wild side!

Your arms tighten around me, one supporting my shoulders, the other slipping down to cup my ass and lift me onto your lap, allowing your cock even deeper penetration and causing my body batıkent escort to shudder uncontrollably at the depth of sensation this arouses in me. I plant my feet on either side of your hips and using the slight leverage I’ve gained, I lift myself up until just the tip of your shaft is embedded in my hot, wet sheathe…..before sliding down hard, impaling myself upon your swollen length.

Your head falls back, a soft sigh filling my waiting ears……thrilling me as much or more than receiving a physical caress. I raise myself again and slide down again, this time varying the direction of descent so that your cock reaches an even deeper point of penetration. Your hands steady me as I lift myself yet again, this time with nothing gentle in mind. I surge downward, feeling the tip of your cock pressing almost painfully against my deepest walls, surging and throbbing so that I can barely focus on maintaining this rhythm.

Your lips blindly seek mine, catching them with the tip of your tongue, plunging the length inside, just as I slide you into me once again, the dual sensation enough to totally melt my last resolves of control. The flickering halos of golden light from the myriad candles set around the room cast erotic silhouettes of our actions on the walls, and reflect in dancing pools of radiance upon the bubbling surface of the water. Splashes of water set in motion by our restless bodies, cascade up and then down my back, the light, liquid feel of its fingers shivering my skin with its touch.

“Do you like this?” I murmur with raw animal desire, the sound coming out more of a purr than a human voice. My eyes find yours, only to realize that they are closed in immense ecstasy, your lips parted, hands clenched upon my ass……..digging in as I rise and fall ever harder and faster upon you. I gasp as I shift slightly closer and your angle of penetration changes just enough to allow you to touch a place not found before. I shudder uncontrollably, my mind shutting down at long last, the instincts of the flesh taking complete control. “Yessssssssssssssss!” I hiss, like a snake, my tongue darting forth to flicker against the racing pulse in your throat, my teeth raking the skin, leaving faint marks, hearing you growl in pleasure at my feral caresses.

Up and down, forward then back, my hips undulating in a ceaseless rhythm, varying the pressure and angle as often as possible so that you never know where your cock will slide next. Sweat mingles with the cleaner moisture of the warm water, mixing with the essence of our flesh, as two bodies merge into one at long last. My orgasms first tidal wave of release explodes throughout me, radiating from the center of my pussy, then focusing in tight patterns of spasms around my clit, the muscles rippling in ecstasy as they are continuously stimulated. Trying to retain control enough to keep the rhythm constant, I shudder helplessly, my head thrown back, breasts up-thrust so that the rosy nipples are offered to your parted lips.

As the second, deeper wave of my climax sweeps over and through me, I feel the heavenly heat of your mouth engulfing first one nipple, then the other. With ravenous intentions, your tongue curls around and pulls upwards ’til the oh so sensitive flesh pops free with a soft, erotic sound. I quiver relentlessly, as your shaft twitches and pours forth the fruit of loves labors. I keep on, urging you onwards, with all the talents of my body, mind and heart to total release.

Pressing our bodies together from lips, to chest to groin, we cry out as one, offering our voices in a primitive acknowledgement to the Lords of Pleasure; becoming one in our primal union!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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