Punishing The Unruly Son Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if this doesn’t interest you.


Standing there in the bathroom after just sucking little brother’s magnificent cock into my mouth and letting him sniff and lick my pussy juice coated fingers, I knew I had to shake all those nasty, greedy thoughts out of my head and get on with his bath. As hard as it was to do, I knew Mom would be up to check on our progress soon, so I stepped away from Bobby and forced myself to think about how I was going to manage the difficult task of shaving and bathing him.

“Look,” I said to him, “I’ve got to give you a bath, you already know that. But,” I paused for a second and added, “I also have to shave your legs and underarms. It’s part of your punishment.”

A look of sheer disbelief and absolute horror swept across my brother’s face as he heard my words. I fully expected some kind of reaction from him, and as soon as I saw it starting to surface, I reached down and took both his hands in mine and told him not to say a word.

“Bobby,” I began, “you don’t have a choice in this. I am going to shave you, and if you don’t let me do it, you’ll fail your punishment, and you know what that means. I don’t want that to happen and I’m sure you don’t, either.”

I explained that his body hair would grow back, and in time, no one would ever be able to tell. I also reminded him of what I said to him earlier — that I’d help him through the rough parts of his punishment, like this part, and then reminded him about the reward system.

“Right now,” I said softly, “I’d say you were definitely on track to get a nice reward tonight. And I promise you, if you cooperate with me on this, I’ll make sure Mom knows how good you were and I’ll convince her to give you an extra special reward before you go to bed.”

I told him I knew it would be hard for him to accept this kind of humiliation and submit to this part of his punishment, but, if he wanted to remain in the house — living with us, he’d have to do it.

“Bobby,” I said, finally, “I’m asking you to let me do this. If you cooperate, maybe I’ll think of a nice surprise to give you as a personal reward from me for your courage and bravery. You know, it would be something special…… directly from me to you.”

Bobby hadn’t said a word, and it’s a good thing he didn’t because I could tell he was initially very, very unhappy about it. He held his tongue, though, and listened to what I said to him, and I think he finally accepted his situation.

“Alright.” He said. “I guess it’s no big deal. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I smiled up at him and he shook his head and rolled his eyes. With a forced smile back at me, he added, “I promised you and Mom I’d go along with the punishment, and I will. You don’t have to do anything special to get me to do this. I’ll keep my word.”

I thanked him and explained that I’d shave him first, and then do his bath after we rinsed the tub out to get rid of the hair. Turning him around to face the mirror, I stood behind him and reached my hands in front of him and put the fingertips of my index fingers directly on his little nipples through the light microfiber bra he was wearing. As I leaned to the side to look in the mirror so I could see his face, I fingered his nipples and smiled at him.

“You know,” I said sweetly, “I’m not so sure making you wear bras and panties is turning out to be as humiliating as Mom thought it would be. Seems to me you might even be enjoying it. But, if it’s any consolation, I think you look very cute dressed in your new lingerie. I’d even go so far as to say you might want to consider keeping all your cute bras and panties once your punishment is over.”

I reached up and unfastened the clasp of his bra and pulled the straps down his arms and away from his body. Then telling him to raise his right arm all the way up, I opened the drawer below the sink and pulled out my hair scissors.

I had to chuckle when his eyes got big and he turned his head to look at me. “Relax.” I said, giggling. “I’m just going to trim the hair under your arms so the long hairs won’t clog the razor so much. Don’t be such a baby.”

He watched me closely as I reached up into his armpits and gently pulled a clump of his hair away from his underarms and trimmed it close to the skin, and dropping the hairs into the sink in front of him.

“See?” I said. “Just keep still and let me trim you up a little. Trust me, shaving you will be a lot easier once we do this.”

I finished trimming under that arm and then switched to the other arm, and when I was done, I’d actually done a pretty good job with just the scissors. But, I knew actually pendik escort shaving him bare is what Mom wanted, so once I put the scissors back in the drawer, I leaned over into the tub and turned the water on.

“We don’t want the water too deep while we’re shaving your legs.” I said as I stripped his panties down his legs and stood up holding them in my hand. “Believe it or not, deep water only makes it harder, so we’ll let it fill a little and we’ll get started.”

I told him to go ahead and get in the tub, and he did, sitting down in half an inch of water, looking up at me as we waited for it to fill up. Jokingly, I lifted his panties to my face and I exaggerated a deep breath, smelling my brother’s panties as he watched me.

“It’s probably not as good as sniffing our panties, huh?” I asked as I smiled down at him.

I did it again — held his panties to my face and took a deep breath, mimicking what I was sure he’d been doing with Mom’s and my panties.

He laughed at me and we had a nice chuckle together. It was nice to see him find some humor in his situation. But, pretty soon, there was five inches of water in the tub and I leaned in to shut the water off.

I explained to him that I’d start with his underarms and then do his legs. He seemed at ease with what I was going to do, so I reached for the intensive care lotion, squirted some on my hands and then told him to lift his right arm. Slathering the lotion into his arm pit, I rinsed my hand off in the tub water, picked up my razor and told him to stay still so I wouldn’t cut him.

Bobby did great, not moving an inch, while I shaved the thin hairs under that arm. It only took me a minute, and when I was done, I picked up a handful of water and rinsed his armpit out and felt it with my fingers to check for stray hairs or stubble. It felt absolutely smooth and perfect, and, there didn’t seem to be any red spots or cuts showing. Feeling proud of what I’d done, I reached out and picked up his hand and told him to feel how it felt.

“Smooth.” He said, turning to smile at me. “Feels a little weird, though.

“Don’t worry.” I assured him. “You’ll get used to it.”

I had him turn around in the tub and I did the other arm pit the same exact way, not cutting him at all, and it turned out perfect, too. Then having him turn around again, I explained that to do his legs, he’d have to help me by holding his leg out of the water and twisting it from time to time so I could get around it. The tricky part, I told him, would be around his ankles and knees because there were bones there, but, I assured him we could do it together as long as he’d help.

I started on his lower right leg, covering it with the thick lotion and using slow even strokes up his leg. Dipping the razor into the water, I explained how important it was to rinse all the hair and lotion out of the razor between each stroke and then showed him how nice and smooth the area was that I’d already shaven. Deftly, I shaved the rest of his lower leg, asking him to hold it up and turn it for me as I needed, and without any nicks or cuts, I shaved him clean.

His legs hairs were long, as you’d expect, so I had to rinse the razor a lot. But, I took my time and explained what I was doing, and I actually had fun shaving him. His erection had gone down long ago and he seemed fairly relaxed as he sat there and watched what I was doing. We were even joking around, and I was playfully splashing water on him as I finished that leg and carefully finished around his knees and ankles.

When I was done, he rinsed the remnants of the lotion from his leg, and I caught him smiling to himself as he ran his hands over his thigh and calf.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Pretty smooth.” He said, nodding his head and looking over at me. “You’re good at this.”

“Well, I’ve been doing it for a while.” I answered, giggling up at him.

I told him I needed him to turn around in the tub so I could do his other leg, but, he totally surprised me when he looked up and asked me if he could shave the other leg, himself. Now, that’s something I wasn’t ready for, but, seeing the way he was looking at me and eagerly waiting for my answer, I asked him if he was sure, and when he said he was, I told him I’d let him, but, I’d do around his ankles and knees myself.

Taking the razor out of my hand, he pointed to the intensive care lotion and asked me to hand it to him. “Don’t be in such a hurry.” I warned him. “Take your time or you’ll cut yourself.”

“I know. I know.” He said as he adjusted himself in the tub and shook the razor in the water several times to make sure it was cleaned out and ready to be used again. I had to smile to myself as I watched him squeeze out the lotion and cover his lower leg with such a determined look on his face. He might have used too much lotion, but, I didn’t think it worth mentioning, so I simply settled down on my knees and let him go.

He was obviously paying attention when I maltepe escort shaved him, because he copied exactly what I did and quicker than I would have expected, he was done with his lower leg. He looked at me and I nodded my head in approval and ran my hand up and down his calf looking for stray hairs, but, when I didn’t find anything, I gave him a nice smile and told him he’d done a fantastic job.

Pleased with himself, he swished the razor in the water and started smoothing the lotion on his upper leg. As he shaved, I praised him for being so cooperative and willing to follow the rules.

“What?” I heard behind me. “No tears or arguments?”

Bobby and I both turned to see Mom standing in the doorway of the bathroom with a puzzled look on her face.

“Nope.” I said, pointing into the bathtub at Bobby holding the razor. “He’s been really good, Mom. He didn’t put up a fuss or argue with me at all. He even wanted to try it himself. See?”

Mom stepped right up next to me and looked down into the bathtub. “Go ahead, Sweetheart. Don’t stop on my account.”

Bobby shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to what he’d been doing before Mom interrupted us. She stood there, right next to me and I looked up at her and smiled as he took stroke after stroke of the razor and followed up with his fingers to make sure all the hair was gone. When he was done, he sat the razor down on the side of the tub and lowered both of his legs into the water and rinsed himself off.

“Underarms too?” Mom asked.

Bobby raised his arms and turned his body so she could see they were done, and when she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled down at him, I knew he’d scored some points with her.

“Well, young man,” she said, shaking her head, “I’m happy this went so well. I got worried when I didn’t hear any yelling or screaming, but, I can see right now how well you minded your sister, and it’s nice to see the two of you getting along so well again.”

I told her I still needed to rinse the tub and fill it so I could wash him up, and she told me to go ahead and do what I needed to do. “I’ve got a few things to do myself, so call me if you need me.”

“I swear,” Mom said, as she looked down at me before she left, “we should have done this punishment thing a long time ago.”

Once she left, Bobby and I laughed with each other. I reached over to let the water out of the tub and told him to stand up. Then, as the water drained, I turned the shower on for a few seconds so he could rinse everything off his body before filling the tub again with clean water for his bath.

The only thing was, when I turned the shower on for him, a cold burst of water sprayed over his body and Bobby yelled at the top of his lungs when the cold water hit him.

I burst out laughing when I realized what happened and Mom came running back into the bathroom asking what was wrong. “That friggin’ water was freezing!” Bobby exclaimed, pointed to the shower head.

I couldn’t help but crack up again, and when I looked at Mom, she was cracking up, too. “Okay you two,” she said, as our laughter died out, “let’s quit horsing around and try to get finished. We still have some serious things to get accomplished tonight.”

I continued to chuckle as I turned the hot water up so Bobby could rinse himself off under the shower head. As much as I tried to compose myself, I giggled the whole time he was rinsing thinking about the way he yelled when the cold water hit him. He even started to laugh too, but, he jokingly told me he was going to watch me from now on to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Once the tub started to fill, Bobby sat down in the water and lay back against the sloped end of the tub and closed his eyes. They shot open, though, when I reached down and took his flaccid penis in my hand and started playing with it.

“If you do that,” Bobby warned, “it’s just going to get me hard again. Remember, Mom said it was normal….. just a physical reaction to the stimulation.”

“My ass it is.” I answered. “You know as well as I do that you’re starting to enjoy all the attention you’re getting. But, I won’t say anything if you don’t.”

Bobby opened his legs as far as the tub would let him, and, he smiled at me as he reclined back into the warm water. I kept holding his cock and squeezing it gently, urging it to rise up under my touch before I began to bathe him. We looked at each other as I nursed his thickness back into a solid erection. I was about to let go of him, when he spoke.

“You’re a pretty girl.” He said quietly, looking down into the water and then glancing back up at me.

“Thank you.” I said, completely caught off guard. “What made you say that?” I asked.

“You have beautiful eyes.” Bobby answered. “And, you’re cute.”

I felt myself starting to blush. I’m not necessarily what I’d consider beautiful, but, every girl likes to hear compliments, especially if they sound sincere, and the way he kartal escort said it and his tone of voice…. it really sounded like he meant it.

“Plus,” he added, looking over towards the door to make sure Mom wasn’t standing there listening to us, “I really love your panties, Sandra. They’ve gotten me through some awful lonely nights.”

“Don’t push it, Little Brother.” I replied, chuckling back at him. “Now that I know about your panty fetish, you wouldn’t want me to start keeping really close track of my underwear would you?”

He didn’t answer me, and I didn’t expect him to. Instead, though, I reached for my body wash and started soaking my bath puff with liquid soap. Telling him to sit up, I started washing his back and then did his front, taking a few seconds to lightly pinch his boy nipples until they got hard under my fingers.

I washed his hair with my shampoo and while the conditioner sat on his head, we talked about the old days — before Dad died.

After I rinsed his hair, I washed his arms and hands, and then his feet and legs. Through out all of this, he was as talkative and friendly as he could be and I really — and I mean this — I really enjoyed spending the time with him, and washing him. And, I’m not referring to the implied sexual part of it, either.

Maybe it was the incredible closeness we shared as I methodically washed him, or maybe it was the intimate nature of being able to touch another person like that. But, whatever it was, the feeling that filled my heart was one of gladness and warmth and joy, and it was a wonderful thing to experience and share with my little brother. I know he felt it, too, because his hard-on went away and he sat there with a smile on his face while I took care of him. Before long, though, I finished with everything but his crotch and bottom.

“Bobby,” I said, quietly, trying not to disturb the mood that was surrounding us, “I need to do your bottom now.”

Without any reply, Bobby got up on his hands and knees for me. “Sandra,” he said, almost so softly I couldn’t hear him, “you’re a good sister. I’ve always thought that.”

Jeez, I almost teared up. He’d just said the one thing that could do that, too. It was something I’d waited years to hear him say, and now he’d said it. I can’t describe how it touched my heart and all at once, every ounce of compassion and love I was capable of poured out of me.

“Thank you.” I answered. “You know, I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’d help you as much as possible during your punishment, Bobby. I’d be heartbroken if you had to move out, especially now that I can see you’re really trying to change.”

I poured some of my body wash into the palm of my hand and reached out to his rump and slowly began to wash his buttocks. At first, I avoided the area between his cheeks, but I could only do that for so long. I poured some of the liquid soap into my other hand and reached under him and gently started soaping his cock and balls. I expected him to start getting hard, but he didn’t, and as I washed everything between his belly button and his thighs, he remained still, blissfully relaxed and he let me wash him.

Realizing I still needed to wash the crack of his ass and remembering what Mom said about boys being dreadfully afraid of being touched there, I bent over a little more and started stroking his cock with my left hand while my right hand began it’s journey down between his butt cheeks. The second I touched his hole with my soapy fingers, his cock lurched in my hand and I felt him tense up and jerk.

“I’m sorry, Bobby.” I said. “I have to wash you there. Mom was very specific about that.”

“I know.” My brother answered. “It’s okay. Go ahead. I just wasn’t ready for it, that’s all.”

I continued with both hands, lightly caressing his cock with my left hand and gently running my finger up and down his crack with my right. I stopped several times with my finger directly on his hole, and each time I did, I felt his cock jerk. Finally, I just accepted the fact this had to be done, and gently pushed the tip of my finger into his hole.

“Fuuuuck.” Bobby moaned, softly. His cock jumped in my hand, inflating itself to almost full erection strength in a matter of seconds.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked. “I’m sorry, but, Mom told me to make sure your bottom was thoroughly cleaned and she was very specific about what she wanted me to do.”

“Sandra,” my brother answered, finally opening his eyes and looking back at me, “no, it doesn’t hurt. That’s not it at all….. it’s just….. uh….. I don’t know exactly how to say this….. but….”

“It felt good?” I asked, trying to finish his sentence for him.

“Yeah.” Bobby answered. “It’s just not what I expected.”

I told him to relax and let me finish. As I pushed my finger into him a little more, I told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to be ashamed over. I told him I’d dated a few guys that would never admit it, but, they loved some degree of anal attention.

“It doesn’t mean anything weird if you like it, Bobby.” I said calmly as I gently pushed my soapy finger in and out of his ass. “I like to be touched back there if it’s done by the right person, and if they’re gentle.”

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