Radha : Bewitching Adultress Ch. 02

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“Isn’t that so sexy and nasty?” She said.

Ripu and Radha got real startled and turned back with Ripu’s fingers still clasped by the teeth around them in the slut’s mouth.

It certainly was a picture worth a million and Sonika was holding a camera! “I wanted a picture of that, both of you look stunning, so finally you have given up your virginity to Ripu, good!’ saying Sonika started to undress.

She did not have much on her and in no time became nude.

Climbing over the bed Sonika started licking Ripu’s dick containing the smelly cum paste of the just concluded copulation.

Sonika was breathing through her nostrils and was looking red at Radha as if trying to admonish for snatching such a prize paymaster like Ripu. Radha understood the signal and without any inhibition spread her legs wide in front of Sonika, her pussy wet and glistening. “C’mon slut Sonika, leave that prick and come and suck my cunt, while he fucks your ass!” she screamed at Sonika.

Saying she got up on her back and with one hand still busy at the cuntal lips, she pulled Sonika with the other to her pussy and rubbed her nose on the just ravished twat.

Sonika was not wanting to get into her first lesbian interlude but had no option, she had to obey.

She was very horny and lusty as the rest of them, watching them fuck a little while ago and had to put up all the ‘drama’ just to please Ramya.

She succeeded convincing Rani to take Ramya back home and returned to do what she was best at, please men.

” Good, I like this! Two women spread in front of me, wah good, really well’, saying Ripu moved over to the sofa and started fondling his dick. He needed some time to recoup his energy, after all he was 40 + years and these were 18-19 years old pussies.

Radha felt victorious as Sonika finally reached out and stroked the warm mound of dishelved hair containing all the love juices of both of them, “Spread your legs, baby,” Sonika commanded softly, Radha did so and was rewarded with the silky touch of Sonika’s fingers on the hot flesh of her spread lips.

Seasoned and more experienced as she was, withdrew her hand almost as soon as she had touched though and taking Radha’s hand, she placed it on the same inflamed pussy.

Radha didn’t realize for a moment what Sonika was doing and gasped in surprise. “Play with yourself, my darling,” Sonika commanded once again, but gently this time. ” I would like to watch you play with your pussy while I finish Ripu’s thirst for a quick dick lick and suck, then I’ll lick your pussy and rub my tits between your legs and fuck you with my fingers”.

Radha almost died upon hearing Sonika’s instructions asking her to masturbate şirinevler escort herself to climax, she had never done this in front of anyone, not even herself.

She paused a moment then slowly increased the hold on her pussy lips and began rubbing her slit softly. She began wondering how she was going to do it but Sonika was clear with her orders, she had moved back to the sofa and was quietly slurping on the flaccid cock.

Ripu shouted ” Eh, Raand, get your finger in there, uske baad another one, aur fir saara haath ” and she had inserted all four fingers and was working them in and out as fast as she could. She saw Ripu’s balls and dick move to one side and Sonika’s face come into view, Sonika was holding a vibrator, it was dark brown, about 6 inches long and half an inch in diameter with a oval top.

Sonika laid the tip of the vibrator on Radha’s lips and told her to open the pussy wide, and as Radha slowly parted her lips, Sonika began inserting the vibrator into her mouth.

Radha was stunned with this sudden change of places, she wasn’t expecting this but was relieved, obviously she had never used a vibrator though vegetables in plenty were allowed to invade the coveted pussy.

She had to fight her mouth’s revulsion as Sonika pushed it in and out of the mouth, each time going in a little further until her fingers pushed against her lips.

Radha removed the vibrator from her mouth and placed at the entrance to her pussy while her face showed the passion of a lust possessed slut, “.

“I’m going to kiss and lick your… your… ass and… your… vagina. I’ll… suck on your… breasts. I’ll do anything you ask me to do, Madam Sonika.”

Radha started with Sonika’s mouth and continued downwards and stopped at the sexy bosom, and began licking and sucking Sonika’s breast, suddenly she felt Ripu who had quietly come from behind and had touched her tender behind, the vibrator was working slowly, but surely in and out of her pussy, and had her sailing on the cloud ‘9’.

Radha was not known to show any shyness or inhibitions and had long back abandoned her shame and manners, she now sought gratification from the artificial rod invading her pussy.

She rocked her hips back and forth in rhythm with Ripu’s strokes on the vibrator, she finished one breast and traced a path with her tongue across Sonika’s bosom to the other one which eagerly waited with the nipple erect.

Radha continued licking Sonika’s body as Sonika watched the tongue going over the stomach and thoroughly reamed the navel before making its way down one leg and at the foot, Radha was careful to pay special attention to şişli escort the sexy toes and well manicured nails.

She took each one into her mouth and ran her tongue across and in between each digit before moving onto the bottom of Sonika’s foot and licked the entire bottom of the same making Sonika jump with titillation of a different kind, finally moving on to the inside of the leg.

Finally Radha’s tongue arrived at Sonika’s pussy and she decided to tease the experienced bitch and went back down the other leg and repeated the same to this foot and underside before returning to the drooling pussy.

Upon reaching the cunt, Radha descended on it ferociously, she took full charge of Sonika’s outer labia and spread the lips.

She began to work her tongue over the clitoris and deep inside the vagina, when suddenly Radha noticed that the vibrator was now getting shoved into her ass and had been removed from her pussy, this caused a bit of discomfort.

For a moment she glanced up and saw that Ripu had moved to Sonika’s side and was intently watching her lick the coveted pussy, while his hands were busy drilling her with the vibrator in the anus.

Radha moaned softly as her body flowed gently back and forth on the wide bed, with her mouth on Sonika’s pussy and a vibrator in her own ass, they all looked a real sight, her eyes were closed with nostrils flared as her swollen breasts jogged lightly with the nipples becoming stiff and hard, the gold chain around her neck started shining more against her sweaty but sexy skin.

Sonika lay on her back, her right arm arched behind her head, elbow raised, her hand curled around the pillow at the edge of her head on the bed, she was enjoying the sexy lips of Radha in her crotch with her cunt-lips laid open to the young tigress and her mauling teeth.

“Ohhhh … uhhh yes … mm … ohh yes, Radha … that’s good … lick my slit, baby … yes … c’mon … do it … ohhh uhh yes! There! Ohhh yes … that’s it … tongue-fuck me baby … ohh yes! I want it!” squeaked Sonika.

Ripu caught the eye of Radha and both could not withhold the lust in each other’s body, Radha reached out to touch him gently and finally sneered at him, Ripu gasped.

Ripu had both his latest women in front of him and frankly could not ask for more, he didn’t know anyone sexier, so voluptuous, and so desirable in every part of their being.

Sonika saw them both exchanging glances and eyes talking, with Radha still busy between the legs Sonika tried moving her lips near to Ripu’s ear, enjoying the feel of his eyes on her moist and widely spread but extremely sexy pussy. She could not reach taksim escort him, tugged at his hair and pulled him over to her side and started licking his ear lasciviously, real shamelessly.

With Radha able to clearly hear, “I want you,” she said softly, her eyes sliding down his body to his cock, knowing he was watching her. “C’mon … suck my cock,” he muttered. “Take it in your mouth.”

Radha was unrelenting and was busy pushing her tongue into the elder lass’pussy. She was enjoying this time, it was her first time with a pussy and she fairly knew that it was not going to be the last time.

The coral internals of the cunt hole and the mushy smell of the hole just below only added to the erotic state. Radha was in seventh heaven and felt extremely relieved and also sad when the vibrator was pulled out of the other hole also.

Ripu had moved over on the bed and was now fully erect with his cock in front of the sexy mouth. Sonika reached out to the dick and planted her fingers in her own mouth while with the other hand started frigging the enticing dick.

She dipped the fingers with enough saliva and rubbed those fingers on his shaven balls, wetting the groin and bringing a cool sensation to the underside.

Ripu was lost in some heaven. He was going to explode again shortly for the second time this time and again with two women around and both in the bed for a change.

He could not stand it any more and pushed his dick between her open lips and moved her head back and forth on his shaft for her.

Her tongue caressed the underside of his prick while his hands guided her cocksucking head action. On each stroke, he pushed more of the thick cockhead down her throat then the previous time.

After a few minutes, he had his entire cock in her mouth, her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then held her head steady and piston his entire cockshaft rapidly in and out of her mouth and fucked her accepting mouth for several minutes, driving his cock deep in her throat.

Finally, his prick exploded in the mouth, filling it with his cum making Sonika taste some more sperm for the day. He came like a bull this time and wads of cum went in her mouth, most of it was in her eyes and on her nose with quite a bit of cum going down her face cheeks.

Radha stopped licking the bitch between her legs. She wanted to get her share of the wad of sperm and pulled herself up on the bed. Ripu was still on his haunches with the prick hanging in a limp manner, a droplet was about to fall on Sonika’s boob.

Radha quietly lapped it off with her lip and went about the entire face, nose and other parts where the cum had dripped, licked and lapped the whole thing into her mouth and in a very shameless manner dropped the whole collection into Sonika’s mouth in a wild french kiss.

Both the lusty women tasted the cum together and kept pushing it into each other’s mouth for sometime before sharing the booty and gulping it down equally down their respective throats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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