Rainy Day Playtime

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I anxiously looked out of the window… Rain sheeted off of the pavement below. The first stormy morning of the season proved hazardous judging by the amount of sirens heard echoing through the wind and rain.

I heard you pull into the driveway, the gravel crackling to signal your arrival.

I glanced out again and saw you sitting in your car, bracing yourself for the sprint across the driveway and up the stairs.

When I opened the door you were soaked.

“Hey there!” I greeted you, quickly shutting the door to keep the elements at bay.

“Hey, yourself.” you answered with a smile, pulling our bodies together into a warm embrace.

I inhaled deeply, savoring your scent. You’ve never worn cologne, but you always smell the same to me. Delicious.

We began to explore each other with eager tongues and lips.

Ascending the stairs, wet clothing begun shedding forming a trail behind us into the living room… We stood in the center of the half-naked, touching, caressing, kissing, while we continued feverishly undressing each other. Casting ankara escort the last of our coverings aside, we stood pressed together – naked and almost painfully aroused.

I licked your neck and ran my hands over the back of your head, tangling your hair through my fingers.

I moved my hands down your shoulders, across your back, and down to the small of your back. I interlaced my fingers and pulled you closer, savoring the feeling of your rock hard cock straining against me. My hands ran over your ass, and I wrapped my fingers around the base of your cock and squeezed it playfully. I caught your lip in my teeth and bit it with a naughty gleam in my eyes.

We continued our foreplay, you drawing my nipples between your teeth, and running your tongue all over my upper body languidly.

Pulling me over to the couch, you lay me back and licked a trail from my breasts down, down, until your tongue found my wetness and you proceeded to lick me up down the length of my lower lips.

I pulled my breath in sharply as your tongue first came into contact with elvankent escort my clit, swollen and sensitive. You swirled your tongue masterfully, teasing all around my clit without making direct contact. You licked me like an ice cream cone – up and down, swirling again and again.

I pushed my hips upward to meet your rhythm, and felt myself detonate under you for the first time. My orgasm ripped through me, causing me to cry out in broken sobs.

You pushed two fingers into my wet pussy, working them in and out while you continued your magic with your mouth. You moved your fingers in a “come here” motion and I did just that. The feeling of your fingers hitting my G-spot and your hot mouth all over my sex made me explode all over again.

I barely caught my breath when you began rubbing the head of your beautiful cock against me, mimicking the motion of your tongue just moments before. You ran your stiff manhood up and down along my soaking opening.

I whimpered and begged you to impale me. You pushed your tongue into my mouth otele gelen escort and I could taste my essence in your desperate kiss as you entered into me with a moan of pure pleasure.

Lubricated by my generous supply of sex juices, you slid all the way into me and I felt myself clench down involuntarily on your cock with my pussy. You responded with long, deep, hard strokes inside of me. I then began using my Kegel muscles to squeeze around your hard dick. You pushed all the way inside of me and rotated your hips in small, devastatingly delicious circles so that you pushed against my clit with your pelvis.

Pinching my nipples, you lowered your head and licked, sucked, and bit my nipples until I could hardly bear the torment. I started to lose it once more.

I hissed into your ear and demanded that you fuck me hard and fast. “Come inside of me baby, I want to feel you explode!”

You obliged, slamming inside me over and over, the couch creaking, as my breath came in ragged bursts. I wrapped my legs around your waist and pulled you deeper.

I felt you tense up for a split second and the last stroke into me had you coming apart above me, exploding your hot seed inside of me.

You collapsed on top of me and shook your head in disbelief.

“Did that actually just happen?!”

Indeed, it did. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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