Rebekah’s Passion Ch. 02

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After their first rendezvous, Kevin and Rebekah had slept together. Rebekah had enjoyed herself too much, and was planning on going to sleep on the couch. In the morning she would explain to Kevin that she’d made a mistake that could not be repeated.

While all of that sounded good in her head, it was also an idea formulated in her sleep; instead, she awoke to Kevin kissing her neck and fondling her breasts lightly. She came to from her lustful night’s sleep already wet and powerless to his touch.

His young hands were on the skinny side, but were also rough from working in a fab shop since he was sixteen. His inexperience translated to excited exploration as his hands plunged between her legs and found her womanhood. Unlike her husband, Kevin was taking her all in and making her feel desirable.

Kevin, for his part, could not figure out why his uncle would ever leave home. Rebekah could have been a model. Hell, she still could be in one of those more mature clothing line stores. bursa escort Her face was beyond pleasant with lovely cheeks, smooth lips and big brown eyes. Her body was flaxen and speckled with some freckles here and there, but she had the perfect shape. A shape which was now grinding against him.

He rolled her over and climbed on top of her, separating her legs with his and sliding his hands behind her back. He couldn’t help but admire how the sweat gleamed off her chest, but her hands landing on his chest stopped him.

“Kevin, we can’t do this… it’s so wrong,” she said almost desperately. Kevin was already an inch into her and leaned down to kiss her. Her arms, stiffened to hold him at bay, buckled after very little pressure. Their lips met and she felt his full manhood reach up into her pussy.

His hands found the small of her back and pulled her up into an arch, his lips exploring her neck and chest as he continued to pump in and out of her. They kissed passionately and bursa escort bayan Rebekah began to moan, then scream as she came.

“Holy shit, haha” Kevin blurted out. He didn’t know women could cum so fast. He was close, but after last night he was able to control it better. For a few moments Rebekah continued to slowly thrust herself down on him, her legs wound tightly around him as they continued to lock lips lustfully.

Finally, she pushed him off and out of her, and rolled him onto his back. She began to kiss his neck as her slender hands found his cock and began to lightly play with it. “Shit, I’m so close,” Kevin thought to himself as she teased him. Her lips, now a light pink with hints of red left from last night, began to work their way down his chest. She licked his nipple and then went down the center of his belly. He was shaking and shivering from all the stimulation as he watched her get closer to his cock with her mouth.

She kissed her way up his shaft, her fingers escort bursa still playing with him simultaneously. He watched her lips wrap around him slowly and felt her tongue dance on the tip. One hand massaged his balls and the other lightly scratched him from his chest to his abdomen as she took the full length of his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t take it anymore. After five or six slow bobs of her head he began to spurt lovejuice into her mouth. She took it all, then licked him clean.

They kissed for a few minutes before Rebekah got up. The kids would be home from their sleepover in an hour.

Kevin was supposed to drive home today, and his uncle would be home late tonight. He wondered when the next time he’d get his aunt would be, but he had no room to complain as she beckoned him into the shower and they made love one more time.

When they were done she looked at him. “Kevin, you can’t tell anyone. Not your friends, not anyone, about this. Do you understand?”

“Of course. When will we get to do this again?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll be thinking about you.”

As Kevin hopped on his HD1200 to head home later that morning, he knew that coming back to South Texas was in his future.

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