Rhia , Her Uncle

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“You can’t stop me! I hate you!!” Rhia screamed as she turned on her heels and raced to her temporary bedroom.

“Rhia… Rhia!! Come back here…”

But his voice was cut off abruptly as Rhia slammed the door, the harsh noise vibrating in the now quiet house.

Blinded by anger she stood for a moment staring at the door intently, daring him to enter; a million come-backs and scathing insults at the tip of her tongue. Her heart leapt up and down, positively deafening.

There was to be no intrusion (at this point). Rhia clenched and unclenched her hands, feeling her sharp fingernails digging in and out of her palms. She let out a ragged breath – an attempt to calm herself, but rage was still coursing through her veins, heating her blood, making her head pound.

Rhia turned and assessed the small room, with its single bed – pretty pink floral bedspread, lacy frills on the pillow… fit for a 10 year old. Unfortunately Rhiannon was 18, and the whole pink-lacy-matching curtain-and-floral-wallpaper number was wearing very thin, especially after 2 months… And especially after having friends over and having to deal with their constant hassles. She’d managed to rid the stuffy room of the doilies that sat atop the dresser drawers and bedside table. After some careful manoeuvring Rhia also worked out how to remove the set of 8 (count them, *eight*) framed animal pictures, with the ‘endearing’ catch phrases emblazoned on the bottom (yes, even the one with the kitten dangling off the end of a table, with the ever cute “Hang in there!” printed under it). Of course they had to be arranged and hooked back up again when friends etc had left, so as to not offend or anger her crazy Aunt.

She huffed and strode over to her one saviour in the house – a portable CD player. Rhia slammed a new CD in and pressed ‘play’. Aggressive hard rock blared out – music she didn’t exactly like or dislike, but that had been chosen for the sole purpose of being played LOUD when she was pissed off, to ensure everyone else in the house knew it, and hopefully became equally annoyed.

Pacing back and forth as the music screamed out of the speakers Rhia tried to revise her night. Tonight had all been about a party – a big blow-out, alcohol AND college guys… That was before she had been stopped. What right did he have to criticise her?! Rhia quit pacing, stopping in front of the gilded floor-length mirror. She had dressed with care, every part of her attire thought-out. A tiny black pleated skirt had been bought for the occasion. It was teamed with a tight white shirt, unbuttoned low in the front. High black platform sandals completed the ‘catholic school girl’ look, except she was pretty sure they didn’t wear matching black lace thong and bra.

Rhia gave a little twirl, watching in the mirror as the skirt fanned out, baring the tops of her slender thighs. The shirt hugged her chest, the outline of the black bra visible through the thin stretch cotton. She pouted and fiddled with her messy pile of blonde hair pinned artfully, tendrils of blonde locks wisping around her face and neck. Rhia looked fine in her books – sexy and mature, not like a 18 year old child who normally lived in baggy jeans. Her ex-boyfriend was going to be at the party, and Rhia planned on making him very jealous – and make him regret the nasty things he had said about her after he dumped her.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t at home, where her mother was too busy to notice what she wore out, where she was going, or what time she came home. Vanessa Burnes had started out as a secretary, then had married Eric Atkins, her boss. Now married 25 years, Eric still worked long hours as a lawyer, while Vanessa had raised Daniel, their first born son- now 24, and Rhia, their golden daughter, 18. It was because of these long working hours that Rhia was staying with her father’s brother, or Uncle Steven if you will. Eric was in the middle of a case (as per ususal) and Vanessa was busy assisting him – both had now left the country on business. Two months and counting, and Rhia was still stuck across town with Uncle Steve and Aunt Maria… under their rules.

It was a normality for Rhia to live her life at home as she pleased. Not one to get into trouble at home or school, she messed around with her friends, dabbled with alcohol and with Darren (now ex…), but was generally ‘good kid’. And even when she missed curfew, or did something a little wild she was never caught. Eric and Vanessa were always out, and Daniel was away at college studying law. Rhia had an unhampered lifestyle and not much to rebel against.

Things had began to change lately though. Rhia had began to notice her body more, and tonight she was going to make sure everybody else did too! Darren was going to have to eat his words about her being too innocent, frigid, dowdy… how dare he!!

At 5’7 Rhia was slender with a curved and luscious figure. Her legs were long and toned, her pubic region newly shaved, her stomach flat, her breasts firm, round ‘c’ cups… She knew she wasn’t a knock-out, and that plenty of girls had bigger breasts or longer legs, but afer staring at her body in the mirror a bursa escort few months back she had decided not to hide under tee shirts and jeans anymore. She just hadn’t had the guts until tonight.

Now as she stood in front of the mirror again, in a different house, months later, her plans were all going to be ruined. Rhia’s defiant brown eyes glared back at her. She’d climb out the window to escape this house if she had to!

Over the blaring music she heard the familiar high-pitch squeal of her cell phone, and dived to the bed to answer. She glanced at the display – it was her friend Nicky, probably checking up on where she was. Rhia pressed the call button and raised the Nokia to her ear, making her way back to the stereo as she answered.

“Hey…” she called, turning down the music at the same time.

“Rhia where are you?! The place is going off… ooooh, and I soooo saw Darren – he’s here! But you aint!!!” came the excited but slightly staticy voice of one of Rhia’s best friends.

Rhia sighed and returned to the bed, flopping down. “I haven’t left here yet. *Steve* caught me at the door and gave me the third degree. Now he’s threatening to not even let me go with you guys.”

“What an asshole! Your parents wouldn’t have cared…”

“I know, but they aren’t here are they?! Now I’m stuck here cos Uncle Steven thinks my clothes are “unsuitable”.

“So change babe! Just put something over your clothes to please him. You can change back here…”

Rhia rolled her eyes and ran her free hand down her top, smoothing the fabric, “Yeah, well that might have been a possibility if I hadn’t yelled at him…”

Nicky groaned. “What did you say?!”

Cringing, Rhia flashed back to their heated fight. “Umm… the normal teenage-angst stuff: ‘you’re not my father; you have no right; what’s wrong with the way I look… Etc etc… It wasn’t pretty I tell you…”

“Is that all…?”

Rhia blushed and rolled off the bed, resuming her pacing, “No… I told him to go fuck himself…”

Rhia held the phone away from her ear while Nicky hooted with laughter. When she had calmed down a bit she replied, “Way to go! He and that wife of his are soooo stuffy. He’ll ground you for life now though…”

Suddenly the phone blared with laughter and loud music – the sound of a great time.

“… hey, Rhia, I gotta go now. I’ll check back soon…”

Before Rhia could even say good-bye Nicky was gone. Maybe if she hadn’t gotten quite so mad Rhia would be there with Nicky. She sighed and dropped her phone back into her little purse. It had just been so hard to hold back, especially when Uncle Steve had the nerve to tell her she looked like “a common street walker”. Her Uncle was so repressed he couldn’t even say the word ‘whore’ or even ‘prostitute’. Not that any of the terms would have lessened the insult. Hence Rhia flying off the handle.

Steven and Maria lived a lovely quiet childless life. Rhia had come home from the mall on occasions to find them playing Scrabble, or reading together in the parlour (who has a ‘parlour’ these days?!); not anything she was used to witnessing. She hadn’t heard them fight once in eight weeks. Maria was out at a cooking class, leaving Steven alone with Rhia, and it appeared he took his babysitting job seriously…

As her brain raced, trying to get herself out of this mess, there was a sharp rap at her door. Rhia took a deep breath.

“Yes?” she asked coldly.

The door opened and a male figure appeared, his hand gripping the doorhandle. The similarities between her Dad and Uncle almost led her to believe her Dad had come to take her home. Her heart sunk when Uncle Steve stepped into the room. Both the brothers had blonde hair, now greying, and piercing blue eyes. Steven and Eric stood over 6 foot, and though the years had softened them a little, they still looked formidable with their thick arm muscles, and height. They were separated by only a few years and the differences were minimal – her Dad jogged in the early hours of the morning, keeping his waist trim, where as Uncle Steven had the beginnings of a beer belly; her Dad was clean cut, always in a suit, his complexion pale from too many hours behind office doors, where as Uncle Steve had a more rugged look, his colouring darker from hours spent in the garden.

Rhia cut him a scathing glance then turned away, fussing with her purse.

“Sweetheart… Rhiannon…”

“What??!” she almost spat.

“Please don’t take that tone. Your parents left you in my care, and standing by while you run off into the night would be letting them down,” Steven stated calmly.

Rhia sighed and turned to face him, her hands on her hips. “Uncle Steve I’m not a kid anymore. I can take care of myself. I don’t even know why mom and dad sent me here…”

“… because they care about you and they didn’t want you to have to take care of yourself. And quite frankly this ‘gathering’ of your friends sounds like a bad idea.”

She frowned at him, “This is my life, and my friends. Everyone is going to be there, and you’re stopping me from going!”

Steven echoed her stance, his hands on his bursa escort bayan hips as he eyed her. She looked delicious standing there, her cheeks flushed with anger, her ripe body beckoning him. He had watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman, and no matter how wrong he knew it was, he couldn’t stop the image playing out in his mind of Rhia on her knees, that little skirt of her’s pushed up around her waist while he fucked her from behind…

“You are too young to spurt off about your life. You’re not trapsing off to a party with alcohol and god-knows-what-else, dressed like that, and acting the way you are acting!”

Rhia huffed and picked up her purse as she watched her Uncle’s face go through several changes. What he was thinking she didn’t know… or care, she just wanted out… now!

His eyes followed her movements, “Where do you think you are going?” he asked in gruffly, taking a step toward her.

“To the party,” Rhia replied stubbornly, her lip trembling in defiance.

Steven was losing his careful control. He let out a shaky breath, his blue eyes sparkling with fury… and lust.

“NO YOU ARE NOT,” he shouted, emphasising each word.

Rhia gulped, taking a step away from him. Her head-strong confidence was slowly being quashed as she realised just how mad she had made her Uncle.

“Y-yes… yes I am,” she replied in a small voice, clutching her purse to her chest.

She jumped and almost squealed as Steven turned suddenly, striding to her bedroom door and slammed it, shutting them both inside together. He stayed at the door, staring into her frightened face as he held up a key. Puzzled, Rhia chewed on her lip, but all was revealed as Steven inserted the key and turned it with a resounding click. He dropped the key into the pocket of his slacks as he made his way slowly back to her.

“Now, as I said before, you are not going anywhere. I have the key,” he remarked sternly, “And I’m not letting you out of here until I am satisfied you are not going anywhere.”

Rhia’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth to start another tirade, but he stopped her with a raised hand.

“NO! No more protests or foul words from you. Rhia, you will keep your mouth shut. I know you think I am some sort of conservative prude, but there are things you don’t know. And with Maria out of the house maybe you and me can get some things straight. I know why you are dressed like a wet-dream – for some drunken prick to make out with you… maybe you’ll even spread your pristine thighs for him…”

Rhia couldn’t believe what was happening. She stood agog as Uncle Steven advanced on her, self-possessed, his words caressing her. She blushed furiously and looked at the floor.

“W-why are you saying these things?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Are you denying it then?” he scoffed.

Rhia looked up, her eyes wide, “No, I… I just wanted to look… sexy… I wasn’t going to do anything… bad…”

Steven laughed then, barely a foot between them now. “Anything ‘bad’? Honey, sometimes its not up to you to decide. When you dress like this,” he reached out and gave her skirt a little tug, “guys will just assume you want sex, maybe they’ll think you’re a slut for the taking.”

He ended up with his mouth to her ear, the last phrase whispered lewdly. Rhia swallowed thickly, her heart racing. He was so close now, his breath hot on her neck.

“U-uncle Steven… please, I’m not a slut,” she replied in a shamed, small voice. “I’ve never even… I just wanted to make a guy jealous, honestly.”

He withdrew slowly, his bright eyes bearing down on her dark ones. “Rhia, honey, that’s naive,” he answered with a smile, reaching up to brush a strand of hair off her face. “Anyways, you did make someone jealous…”

The statement hung in the air as Rhia backed herself against the wall. What was he talking about? It was like her Uncle was a completely different person!! His words were saying beyond wrong… yet she could feel a change; a turn of tables between them. As her heart raced with nerves, she could feel moisture gathering in her tiny lace thong. And she could clearly identify the hungry look in her Uncle’s eyes, and if that wasn’t enough then the bulge in his pants was proof.

Her voice caught as she tried to speak, “Uncle… I…”

He laughed softly, stepping into her, his body moulding against hers, “Don’t be shy Rhia. I mean it: seeing you dressed up, looking so sexy, made me mad and jealous; jealous of all those stupid boys who would touch you with clumsy impatient hands…”

Rhia shook her head, “You’re my Uncle! You can’t… we can’t…” she stammered, her arms limp at her sides. She closed her eyes and shuddered as her Uncle slowly rubbed himself against her, his hard cock pressing into her belly.

“You are a sexy, sweet girl; my pretty niece. I’ve been watching you for weeks now, as you curl up in front of TV, or lean over to tie your shoes… mmmmmm…”

He nuzzled her neck, kissing her lightly, tasting her soft skin, “… that tight ass of yours…”

As if to prove his point his hands promptly slid down her arms, and he reached around escort bursa to cup her ass. Rhia froze as her Uncle squeezed her ass cheeks, while he murmured in her ear.

“And I’ve seen you at the window while I’m outside working; my shirt off, sweat running off me. You like that?”

Rhia gasped at his revelation – she had watched him, but mainly out of curiosity. He was so powerful compared to the guys she knew, and she had found herself ogling her own Uncle.

“P-pleeeease…” she whimpered, her hands now clutching at his shirt. This shouldn’t be happening. She should be pushing him away, but it she was stunned.

“Please what sweetheart?”

Steven’s hands moved from her ass to the front of her thighs, creeping up to her wet juncture. His hand paused, and she glanced at his face to see his surprise.

“My my, you’re positively dripping.”

His finger dipped under the lace, slipping between the hot folds of skin, right to her core. Rhia moaned and closed her eyes, her fingers digging into Steven’s chest. Her body’s response was beyond her control as her back arched. “Rhia,” Steven declared in a husky voice, “I’m going to fuck you. Do you understand? I’m going to fuck your virgin pussy til you scream.”

Suddenly the weight of his body was gone from hers, so was the intruding finger. She opened her dazed eyes, and had no time to react to his incestuous statement, before he had thrown her on the small bed.

“Stop! No, you can’t do this!” Rhia squealed frantically as she tried to sit up. But Steven was on her, yanking her thighs apart, spreading her legs. He moved between them, throwing her skirt up. Rhia attempted to cover herself as Steven’s hands snaked to her thong.

“Uncle Steven, stop stop!” she panted, pushing at his chest pathetically. Even as she protested she felt a sharp pain as he yanked at the thong, ripping it off her. Rhia yelled in shock, panicked as Steven brought the lacy crotch to his nose and inhaled her scent. He moaned, intoxicated by her scent, an expression on his face she had never seen before; it scared and excited her.

He paused then, niece and uncle breathing heavily, both waiting for the next move. His eyes scanned hers, taking in all the confused emotions shining back at him. The bed squeaked as he altered his weight, lowering himself on top of her. Rhia rested back on the bed, her hands balled up in the bedspread as if she was holding on for dear life.

“Uncle Steven. Stop, I’m- I’m your brother’s daughter, you’re married…” she breathed.

His lips lightly pressed to hers, cutting off any further protests. As he kissed her, his hands explored her body – touching her in ways he had only fantasised about. Steven teased her mouth with his tongue, urging Rhia to open up to him.

She closed her eyes, her chest rising wildly with each breath. Rhia had dreamed about her first time before, and no matter who the guy was, he was always an experienced older lover, not a boy; a man. And as she parted her full lips to allow her Uncle’s tongue entry, she expelled a moan of pent-up frustration, her lips moving against his as she sucked him into her hungry mouth.

The pair groaned in unison, the kiss intensifying as he devoured her, thrusting his tongue deeper into her mouth, feeling the young nubile body beneath him squirm with pleasure as his fingers sort out her nipples, pinching them through her thin clothing. He continued to caress her while he moved against her, his cock straining for release.

When the passionate kiss broke, both panted for air, their gazes heated and lustful.

“Uncle St-“

“Shh…” he cooed, “Just let me make you happy Rhia. I won’t hurt you, and noone will ever have to know…”

They kept eye contact as her only Uncle, someone she had trusted her whole life, slide down her body and lifted her skirt. She shivered in anticipation as his mouth lowered onto her bare pussy, his breath caressing the hot sensitive skin.

Steven opened his mouth, his tongue lapping a long wet stroke the length of her slit. Rhia shuddered, her hands entwining in her Uncle’s hair as he licked her again; a long slow tasting stroke. She had never felt such a delectable sensation before, and let out a loud sigh.

“Mmmm… you taste sooo good baby,” Steven breathed in her scent and licked his lips. Stopping for a moment he reached for the discarded ripped thong and balled it into his hand. Brushing it over Rhia’s aroused cunt, he pressed the lace over her clit, rubbing her. Rhia responded by moaning and digging her fingers into his hair, her body shaking.

He chuckled and removed the now soaked garment. “Open your mouth Rhia…”

She obeyed without a second thought, her brain now in pleasure mode as she opened her mouth and parted her thighs wider, urging him to go on. Steven pushed the juicy thong into her mouth, eliciting a startled noise from Rhia as her own rich cunt juice filled her senses. She bit down on the lace as Steven fortified his attack on her virgin pussy. He relished the taste and feel of his niece’s shaved flesh, working her with his swirling tongue, paying homage to her clit with the lightest flicks of his tongue. Rhia could hardly stand it a she moaned through her gag; one minute his tongue lapped at her oozing hole, then it flicked mercilessly at her engorged clit. She arched her back, her hands pushing at his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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