Sandy’s Computer Ch. 06

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Entering, safely inside, finally alone, their room door closed on its own with a noticeable click. Ian dropped his bag, walking over to turn on a lamp. Their room was bathed in soft light. Facing them was a king sized bed with night tables on either side. Big curving windows overlooked the small city, heavy curtains were open. Their bed was turned down reveling soft cream colored sheers.

Sandy walked over to their windows to view out across the city. It was her town. Big fluffy snowflakes were falling past the window, going down landing on pavement, on a then darkening street below melting. Streetlights were starting to light up on as dark overcast sky slowly gave way to nightfall. Even rows of lamps on either side of street lighted the way for pedestrians and motorists alike. Street lights and neon lights reflected on wet streets shadows.

Silently Ian came up behind her placing his hands gently on her shoulders gently kissing her neck. His fingers gripped her jacket to slip it from her shoulder. Ian tossed it over with his own jacket on one of two matching chairs. Sandy kept looking out their window. She felt Ian’s lips touch her neck from behind. Little hairs on the back of her neck prickled from tickle of his breath even before his lips caressed her.

She felt little goose-bumps on her arms beneath her soft blue blouse. Ian stood closer to her; so close she could feel his warm body heat. His hands slipped to her hips holding her tight to him. Ian’s tongue traced a little path up her neck to her earlobes. He sucked each one into his mouth; first her right lobe and then the left.

Sandy twisted then turned from marvelous romantic city view stepping into his arms. Tightly and securely they kissed tenderly.

Ian had a bottle of chilled Champagne ready with two glasses to take edge off of night. He uncorking the bottle, he poured a bit in one glass, tasted it, and then filled both glasses, handing one to Sandy.

Raising his glass, he toasted Sandy, saying “Sandy we are here to make a vow of loyalty to each other, for now you are to become my mistress.”

Sandy made a toast to Ian; “To you I say, we will grow old together and this will always be with us, these special feelings we share and enjoy. This is to and for our future.”

With that toast they each had two more glasses, talking about their feelings, easing into the feeling of once again being together. Both Sandy and Ian began to feel a bit loose.

Both felt the looseness from alcohol beginning to react with their moment. Both wanted to touch, both needed to touch, to feel, to kiss, to lick, to suck, to taste, in a communion only shared between lovers.

Ian, impatient now, slid his hands over her breasts feeling soft mounds beneath her blouse. Her nipples quickly puckered. He could feel her nipples pushing out through her bra and blouse.

Sandy’s breasts were swollen. He liked feeling her in his arms. She whispered his pleasure in his ear; “Oh Ian, baby”.

He responded with gently tossing her head back baring a column of white throat for him caress with a long kiss. His hands reached for her blouse buttons, which he slowly unbuttoned. A few bursa escort strands of her hair fell across her face in excitement, allowing pieces of silky hair to frame her pretty face.

Ian pushed her hair back from him by lightly placing his hands on her shoulders. Sandy’s body was bathed in soft room light she looked luscious to him. He saw a pretty face with eyes glazed in passion; hair coming free to fall on her white soft shoulders.

Her swollen breast nipples made small circles poking through white bra lace. A little clasp in front between her breasts was waiting to be opened. Her tummy was slightly visible where the button of her tight jeans was still closed.

She is beautiful. Ian tells her again as he sits her on bed edge. Ian kneeling down lifts one of her legs, then tugs her boot slowly, following with the other foot. He feels her panty hose that she had described to him while chatting talking on internet when he would ask her what she was wearing. His hand was holding her ankle high removing her boot.

Coming forward, his fingers reach for her bra clasp. In seconds he unclasps her bra opening her bra, exposing her rounded breasts to his view and touch. His fingers reach gripping her nipples lightly between his thumb and forefinger. Sandy closes her eyes gasping in delight with his touch.

Ian asks her to stand up. She stands with his hand caressing gently between her legs. Through her pantyhose and thick jeans she can feel his touch, Ian can tell from a feel beneath his hand, that she is already moist, ready for him.

They have made love over three short weekends in evening hours after her husband had gone to work on Friday night, then again on Saturday. They had made love many times in their minds but this will really be their first long weekend from Friday night to Tuesday morning. Ian wanted to savor every feel, touch, and whisper from her lips. He wanted to commit it all to his memory. During long lonely times apart Ian could return to this moment in his mind helping him until they can see each other again.

His fingers unbuttoned her jeans, sliding zipper down so slowly to make her excitement last. She trembles in anticipation. Ian placed his thumbs into her waist band lowering her jeans kneeling again to remove them down her legs taking them from her feet.

While on his knees, Ian turns his face into her smooth shaved area slightly visible behind her Panty hose and white bikini panties. He buries his head closer, smelling her sensual scent, an aroma of a woman ready. Sandy places her hands into hair at back of his head pressing him in close to her, whispering his name softly.

Sandy whispers; “Ohhh Ian’

She is deeply aroused at feel of his warm breath through her fabric on a most tender spot of her body. She can feel her moistness begin to ooze between her vaginal slit.

He pulls away to look up at her. When he let her loose, Sandy twisted then turned to climb onto their bed on her hands and knees, presenting Ian with wondrous view of her soft bottom. With each crawl, his eyes caught a glimpse of little strip of material deeply imbedded in split of her peachy bottom.

Sandy bursa escort bayan heard him gasp and she smiled knowing what affect this view must be having on him.

She turned onto her back, resting her head on big fluffy pillows and waited.

Sandy did not have to wait long, Ian stripped off his own clothes, not wanting to waste even a second out of her arms. Now naked and in few view of Sandy, she looked at his nakedness, with desire filling her as she gazed on his image before him.

Crawling naked up passed her feet, to opened thighs, he knelt between her legs slipping two fingers through a wet strip of her panties; a part that is barely covering her crotch and in one swift movement, Sandy feels tug of her panty hose being removed. Sandy hears those being removed in their otherwise silent room. Ian reaches for her panties waist band, gently moving them down her legs. Now exposed Sandy feels cool room air caressing her wetness. His sultry eyes are fixed on her, as she locks into him, pooling her eyes with his.

Ian buries his face into her crotch, kissing her vaginal lips, licking between them, then circling her clit with his tongue, making tighter and tighter circles. Sandy trembles as she feels his tongue lap her sweet nectar. His tongue slides from between her vaginal lips, up her opening, deep inside her in one swift motion, out and up to pressing on her swollen clit. Her hips rise of their bed to meet his mouth to better enjoy his delicious sucking.

Her head rolls from side to side, calling out his name, begging him to stop. Sandy says; “Ohhh Ian please stop, stop, I can’t endure this torture of pleasure, I want you inside me.”

At same time Sandy begs him not to stop, almost in same breath; “Ohhh Ian don’t stop, do NOT stop, keep going, faster please, now slower, yes, yes, yes, more there, Ahhhhh that is the spot, Ohhh Ian”

Ian lowers his warm moist lips to continue lapping, enjoying each feel and taste of her vaginal lips vibrating in his mouth as his tongue darts in then out teasing her repeatedly.

Ian is aware that Sandy is about to reach her first orgasm. A flood of moisture fills his mouth. Ian drinks from her. Sandy echoes sounds of pleasure from deep within she twitches, as sounds of his pleasure mingle with hers.

Ian licks every drop of her sweet nectar, continuing his climb up over her body.

His lips wash up her body, from vagina to her mouth lips, then kissing her deeply, his tongue delving into her warm mouth allowing her to taste herself from it. She sucks greedily from his tongue enjoying sensual eroticism of tasting her own juices.

His erection pokes her thigh reminding her there is still more to come. Ian raised himself from her body slightly; breathing in her ear he whispers her name; “Sandy”

Ian continues on; “Touch me, Sandy. Hold me, grip me and squeeze my hardness in your hand. Milk me, take my penis and squeeze, and feel I want to slide deep inside you, exploring you inside, until you scream my name loudly.”

Tentatively, Sandy places her hand around his smooth, warm penis griping him tightly. She loved hearing him moan softly in her ears as she gripped escort bursa him tighter before caressing him up and down, feeling precum dampness beginning to moisten his cockhead slit.

Ian felt her extraordinary pleasure, holding an edge he held it back. He was not about to ruin this night like a teenager in car backseat.

Ian gritted his teeth whispering in her ear, “Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.”

Sandy can hear the crispiness of his voice knowing he is fast approaching an orgasmic crisis.

Ian breathlessly says; “Put me inside you, Sandy. I want it to be your hand that places me inside, showing me you want this as much as I do.”

Sandy wasted no time. She placed moist tip of Ian’s cock into her flood of wetness that had prepared her sheath. Her vagina opened sucking him deeply within gripping him, holding him tightly, like an expensive leather glove grips your hand.

Both Sandy and Ian were shocked by impact of this encounter. They both sucked in air as he slid deeper and deeper inside her.

Ian filled her completely, Sandy gasped, saying “Ohhh Ian”

Grabbing the bottom part of Sandy’s thighs, he lifted them opening her up even more; giving him a place to grip so he could push inside her fast then slow and faster.

Sandy begged; “Harder, Ian, harder. Fuck me baby, Fuck me, feel my pussy pull you inside, feel me baby feel my wetness for you”

Ian needed no further encouragement. On his knees looking down at her face screwed up tight. Ian pictured it would this way in their passion, her breasts bouncing from every push, her thighs up against her chest, he pushed.

No, Ian rammed. He rammed and rammed looking down between her legs. His balls were slapping loudly against her vaginal lips. Sandy felt his balls against her sensitive shaved skin, nothing ever felt like this before.

Ian looked at Sandy and saw that her flood of wetness caused her vaginal lips to glisten in soft light. This more than he could stand.

Ian suddenly said; “Sandy I am cumming, cumming, cumming Sandy”

This is what pushed him over an edge right along with her. Moans and sighs from her delightful mouth, breathlessly slipping unknowingly from her lips. He rammed and yelled aloud himself as he felt the first spurt of his semen explode from his balls up his shaft pulsing deep inside her.

He kept pumping and pumping as he felt another then another come from his body to mingle in hers. An unrecognizable sound escaped from his lips as last bit of cum was milked from his body by her vagina sucking his cock holding him within her.

He let go of her thighs and collapsing next to her. She rolled to her side and snuggled deep into his arms. He lifted her up placing hands on either side of her face to kiss her. When he did, he tasted the salty wetness of tears.

Alarmed he asked her, “Sweetheart, what is wrong? Tell me, did I hurt you?”

So quietly she whispered that Ian had to strain to hear her words.

Sandy said; “No, Ian, you did not hurt me. I was just so surprised that this could be even better than I had dreamed it could be. I have thought of this day for so long, I had no idea it would be so wonderful.”

With that, Ian whispered her name softly into her ear as he tucked her in closely to him.

Ian said; “My precious Sandy, we are far from finished. There is to be more, honey, much more. Now, rest. You are going to need it.”

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