Sarah’s New Job

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“Ok, honey, I’m heading to my appointment. I’ll be back soon.”

Sarah felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. She’d always been told she could be a model, but now she was about to go to her first test shoot with an agent. It all started the previous week when she and her husband Dan were walking downtown and someone gave her a flier for the agency. She laughed and was about to toss it like usual, but Dan gave her so much encouragement she held onto it, just for fun. The next day, there it was on the table and she was about to throw it away; after all, fun was fun, but she just didn’t feel like the modeling type. Dan walked by, though, and gave her a surprise: he had already set up an appointment for her. He knew she’d be too shy to do it herself, but he knew she would be great if she gave it a try. His faith in her was just the push she needed, and she decided she would go.

“Good luck sweety! Have fun,” he called. “But not too much fun!” he added, jokingly.

She laughed and kissed him goodbye. Surely it wouldn’t be too much fun; she was certain they would be all business at a professional modeling agency.

Sarah drove to the address on the flier, trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach. She wasn’t sure what to wear, so she’d just done her makeup and put on a cute dress like she was getting ready for a date. When she got there she almost turned around; the place was nothing but a gray door in a concrete wall on one end of a strip mall. But no, she’d come all the way out here, and she was going through with it! She opened the door and found a mostly empty studio with some lights, a few chairs, and a sofa against one wall. A long-haired man was working on some lights in the corner.

“Hey, you must be Sarah,” he said, looking up. “I’m Ted. You’re a few minutes early. Have some coffee there if you want, make yourself comfortable.”


Sarah was too nervous for coffee. She wandered over to the sofa and sat down while Ted finished adjusting the lights. He came over and gave her a long look. She tried not to squirm, and looked right back at him. He was the kind of guy she might have been interested in, when she was young and wild; bursa escort not now that she was a respectably married woman! The way he looked her over, though, eyes moving right down her body from head to toe, almost made her blush. She smoothed her dress over her lap, now kind of wishing it reached a bit farther; it was barely mid-thigh with her legs crossed.

“So it’s your first time modeling?” he asked. She just nodded. “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. You’ve got a great face. Let’s take a few shots to get started. Why don’t you stand here?”

She stood under the lights and posed as he took pictures. Facing forward, looking over her shoulder. She was getting more comfortable as they worked, having fun responding to the instructions he gave. Occasionally he would use his hands to guide her into the pose he wanted, a little push from his palm on the small of her back, a finger lifting her chin. He adjusted her position with fingertips on her hips and she found herself getting a little turned on.

“Everything ok so far?” he asked. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, very comfortable,” she said.

“Good! Let’s do a few with the sofa.”

“Should I lay down?”

“Sure. Bring your feet up onto the armrest. Ok, put your arms over your head, that’s it.”

As Sarah laid on her back with her feet up and her knees bent, she was suddenly quite conscious of the shortness of her dress, and cool air on the backs of her thighs. She was sure her panties were exposed, at least a little. But he kept shooting, so she figured they weren’t getting in the shot. She was feeling exhilarated, and shifted her hips so the dress fell down a little more, wondering how much Ted could see.

“You’re doing great,” he said, and she noticed he was moving toward her feet with the camera. With a thrill and a little panic she realized he would see everything now.

“That’s great,” he said. “Fantastic, but, we can’t use the shot with those panties there.”

“Oh my God, I’m sorry-” she stammered, feeling her face go hot with embarrassment, and started to push her dress back down.

“No, don’t worry! Let me just get them out of the way.” She felt his hands lightly on her bursa escort bayan knees as he said it, and it was the familiar way he touched her, like nothing could have been more natural, that kept her from reacting at first. Her knees parted easily at the slight push he gave, and she realized she was still not reacting because she wanted to see what he would do. He reached down and slipped his fingers under the elastic leg band, lifting the fabric up and over her pubic mound. She felt his knuckles brush against her labia and almost moaned. The air cooled the moisture building there and she wondered if he had felt it.

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy,” he said, laying the leg band and fabric to one side. “And completely smooth! You’re a natural, honey.”

“You like it?” she asked, heart racing. She could feel liquid trickling from her vagina now, and felt herself arch her back and tilt her hips almost involuntarily as he adjusted her position and took some shots.

“Of course I like it, baby. Here, let me see that little asshole too. Pull your knees up to your chest.” She did it and he slid her panties over her hips and up past her knees, and she kicked them off. In this position her ass was stretched tight. He lightly rubbed the tight ring of her asshole with his thumb, lubricating it with the fluid already pooling there, and she pushed her body against him and let out a shuddering breath.

“That’s it,” he said “Go ahead and touch it for me now.”

She reached down and ran her fingers over her vagina, spreading the wetness, sliding them inside. “Like this?” she asked, listening to the camera click, thinking about all the men-and maybe women!-who might look at her through it’s lens. She felt herself building toward orgasm at the thought.

“Just like that,” he said, and his hand was there too, his fingers sliding inside along with hers, pushing her over the edge. She shivered and tensed against his fingers, riding it out, and heard herself gasp and actually cry out, loud and startling in the empty studio. Then he brought his hand up and pressed a glistening finger against her lower lip. She opened her mouth and he put a couple of fingers inside, escort bursa sliding them along her tongue.

“I’m going to introduce a prop here,” he grunted, standing next to the sofa and pulling his belt loose. He shoved his jeans down roughly and held his erection in one hand, caressing her cheek with the other. He tilted her head back and said “Purse your lips.”

Sarah looked at his cock and took a deep breath. There was already a big bead of precum growing at the tip, threatening to drip. Ted’s hand moved around to the back of her neck as he slid his cock along her lips, smearing the precum on her like lipstick. She parted her lips for that, tasting him with the tip of her tongue, and then opened up, letting him slide into her mouth. She wanted him to cum, she realized; she wanted to feel it shoot out, hot and thick in her mouth. She started sucking as enthusiastically as she ever had, looking up at the camera as she did it, and felt a surge of pride at the rough moan she heard.

“Oh shit, you’re making me cum already!” he gasped, pulling out suddenly, and she felt a heavy stream of semen splash across her face and partially in her open mouth. She got her lips back around him for the second, smaller spurt, and suckled gently, pulling as much as she could from him before letting him out again.

“Open up, baby, let me see that cum in your mouth,” he said, and he slapped the wetness on her face with his cock a couple of times while she swirled her tongue in the milky fluid. She was about to swallow when he said, “No, let it spill,” so she tilted her head and felt it run down her chin, neck, and between her tits. She closed her mouth before the last bit could escape, and swallowed with a satisfied smile. She wanted some of it for herself!

“I want you to fuck me,” she said, lifting her hand to touch his penis, sliding her fingers softly around its slippery head, feeling it start to grow again in her hand.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said with a grin. “I’m not through with you yet!”

The shoot lasted another hour or two, she wasn’t sure. By the time she got home, Dan had dinner in the oven, and a movie ready for them to watch. “To celebrate your modeling debut!” he said. “How did it go?”

She grabbed her husband and kissed him, hard. “It was amazing,” she said breathlessly. “I love you so much for getting me to try it. I’m already signed up for another shoot next week!”

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