Satisfying Mom’s Needs Ch. 02

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It was still early evening when I came home from my friend’s place. The house was unusually quiet. I didn’t see Mom or Grandpa anywhere. So I went upstairs towards my bedroom. My parents’ bedroom was at the end of the corridor but the door was open and a light was on. I was curious and so I went near the door to see if Mom was there. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. On the king-size bed Mom and Grandpa were sleeping together without a stitch on. When I went closer I could see Mom lying on her left side in a fetus position and Gramp was right behind her in the same position but his ass was moving back and forth slowly.

I went even closer and what I saw was so shocking I stood there for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do. Gramp had his cock inside Mom’s cunt from behind and was slowly fucking her even as they slept. But soon the excitement was picking up and Mom started to push her ass back into Gramp’s crotch and a slow rhythm was set. Gramp now moved his right hand on Mom’s chest and began squeezing the right boob. That made Mom moan and push her ass hard on Gramp’s cock.

Soon both of them were moaning in their sleep. Then suddenly Gramp got hold of Mom’s waist and plunged his rigid cock fully into Mom and groaned loudly as he filled her cunt with his spurting cum. Mom kept her ass pressed onto Gramp’s crotch and came too- ungh, ungh, oh, oh, fuck, oh fuck, fuck Dad, fuck! Only when both their orgasms were done did they open their eyes.

Both of them noticed my presence at the same moment and a look of utter shock spread in their eyes. Mom got her voice back first and said, “what are you doing here, Mintu? How long have you been here? How come you are home so early?”

I replied, “Mom, calm down, it’s I who should be asking the question – what are you two doing? Well, I can see what you are doing, but how did it happen?” Mom didn’t answer right away but she noticed that I was totally naked and my 8″ cock was stiff like a bone and pointing at her.

Mom smiled and said, czech experiment porno see Dad your grandson has grown up.” Gramp said, oh baby, he’s grown up alright and I am sure he is dying to get into the slippery heaven that’s between your thighs” Mom smiled at me and said, “come son, come to Mama and show me how grown up you are.”

I approached her as if in a dream. Mom got hold of my cock and pulling me by it lowered her mouth over it and I felt her moist tongue over the tip licking away the pre-cum that was already oozing out sending shivers down my spine.

Gramp was lying on his back with his limp cock still shiny with their combined juices. He said, “its for the best that he found out, Husna. You’ll need a young cock to keep your hot cunt satisfied.” Mom said,” I’d love to have him inside me if he wants to fuck his old Mom”. I blushed, and said, “oh Mom you don’t know how many times I’ve fucked you while masturbating.”

Mom laughed, and said, “well, well, now you don’t have to masturbate again and I don’t want you to waste another drop of your precious cum.”

By now Mom was taking long licks along and around my entire cock and then would suck the whole cock inside her mouth which was excruciatingly pleasurable. I din’t last long and told her, “I am going to come any second now, it feels so good, I can’t hold it any longer.” She said,” come in my mouth, give me your sweet juice for me to swallow.”

She increased her sucking tempo and I was fucking her mouth and then I held her face pushing my cock deep in her mouth and came and came. Mom swallowed the hot semen as fast as it came out of my cock.

Gramp was looking at us with a smile on his face, and said, ” oh boy, mukhchoda to holo, ekhon bhalokore tor Maa-ke chudeor gud bhore de (mouthfucking was OK, now fuck your Mom and fill her cunt with your semen). Mom was now lying flat on her back with her thighs slightly apart. I could see her pussy sparsely covered with black cunthair but the czech first porno video wet slit between her puffy cuntlips was clearly visible. I put my index finger on her slimy slit and the lips gave way to my invading finger. I touched her erect clit which made her shudder.

She was ready for my cock, and said, “come son, I can’t wait anymore, I need your cock inside me, shove it into me right now”. She opened her thighs wide with bended knees and she pulled me by me cock and lining it up with her pussy slit said, “ekhon bhetore dhuka ar jore chod tor Maa-ke (now put that cock in me and fuck me hard). That’s all the encouragement I needed. I line up my hard throbbing cockhead at Mom’s slit, which she kept open with her fingers.

One thrust got the crown inside her wet cunt. She thrust back up taking my cock in her upto my balls. The feeling of that warm velvety hole around my pole was undescribable. I just stayed there completely still to soak up the new feeling of actually having my cock in my Mom’s pussy. The dream of all these years has at last become reality. Mom understood the significance of the moment for me and didn’t move.

Gramp was now bending over to see my cock actually buried to the hilt in his daughter’s cunt that he has fucked just a while ago. He even touched the joined organs and commented, “or barata pura tomar gude dhuke gecche (his cock is completely inserted inside your cunt).”

Mom now stirred – moving her cunt up to get my cock even deeper and said, ‘Oh baby, eto bhalo lagcche tor barata amar guder bhitore (it feels so good to have your cock in me).” Now she started to thrust her ass in a rhythm. I took the hint and began to move in and out of her slippery hole in the same rhythm as her – thrusting it all the way touching her cervix and then withdrawing it to the tip and back again.

I was sqeezing her boobs with both hands as our tempo increased and Mom started to moan – Ah, Ah, ungh, ungh, give it to me harder, harder. czech game porno Mom put her thighs thighly around my back as she kept her upward thrusting in unison with my thrust into her. Watching me fucking his daughter was getting too much for Granpa.

I could see his cock was now hard and Mom got hold of it for a second and jerked it. But our thrsting was getting too fast for her to keep holding Gramp’s cock and she put her hands on my thrusting buttocks and urged me on – Oh, fuck me, fuck me harder Mintu. Our organs were now making squishing noises at every thrust. Mom was now getting even wilder and within seconds our bodies smashed together in a tight embrace as my cockhead flared inside her cunt and started to spurt hot semen in her juicy cunt.

That triggered her intense orgasm and she went – ungh, ungh, I am coming, OH, Oh, AAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, chod, chod, aro jore chod (fuck, fuck, fuck me harder). Her thighs squeezed my back hard as she came – I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cockshaft in rapid pace.

At last she relaxed her thighs and kissed me hard on the lips and then looked me in the eyes and said, “baapre baap, jodi age jantam eto bhalo chudte parish tohole onek agai toke diye chodatam ( Oh my God, if I know you can fuck like this I would’ve fucked you long ago).”

Mom then got up on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean of our combined juices.

Then I noticed that Gramp has got behind Mom, while she was cleaning my cock. Bending down he put his mouth on Mom’s oozing cunt and slurping away the mixture of my semen and Mom’s cuntjuice.

After Mom cleaned my cock and Gramp cleaned Mom’s cunt we all lay down with Mom in the middle. She playfully shook both of our limp cocks and said,”today is the most pleasure that I ever got from fucking. My cunt is a little sore from all the thrusting it got. I hope my cunt will get a lot of workout like this from now on.”

Gramp replied, “baby, my cock hasn’t been used in a long time, it will be very happy to take care of your needs.” I also jumped in, ” it it feels as good as it did today, I can be your sex slave Mom, ride me whenever you want. Mom laughed and said, “OK let’s go to the bathroom and take our showers and then eat something before we continue this. Gramp and I agreed. We all needed the break.

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