Saturday Night Dates With Mom

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I’m not real sure how to start this. Let me just say that I remember having sexual thoughts as early as five. My dad worked in sales about 60 hours a week. Mom was the typical early sixties house wife/mom. Meaning she stayed at home.

So mom and I were close. I was raised in an upper middle class home. Mom did her best to spend dad’s money and it was usually on me. I was an only child. I was born when mom was 35. Yes I was spoiled rotten.

I can remember mom being around the house often in just a bra and panties. She also wore pajamas. They were usually thin silky material with three buttons in the front. Mom was not real attractive just a normal mom.

Years later I came to realize she had pretty decent tits. Although it didn’t happen all the time I often saw mom topless.

I remember as a child of about 6 or seven. Mom was in the bathroom the phone rang and I answered it. I told her it was for her. It was one of my Aunts or Uncles I don’t remember but when she came out to take the call she was in her bra and panties. They were not fancy. But that wonderful cleavage caught my eye and stirred my dick. I was drawn to her by forces I didn’t know existed.

While she was on the phone I walked up to her and gave her a hug. I ended up leaning into her and resting my face right on those beautiful tits. I was just about that tall so it was normal but that soft breast meat started a craving. She tried to turn and I moved with her. She finally swatted me on the side of the head and said sternly. ” I’m on the phone” Well I moved away and went back to the living room to watch television.

Now the phone then was located in the kitchen right in the door of the beginning of the hallway and the living room. So I stared at my new infatuation while pretending to watch tv. When she got off the phone nothing was said about my behavior.

We lived in a 2 bedroom house. Dad snored horribly. I know now he had sleep apnea. Back then there was no such diagnoses or treatment. Between dad’s hours and the snoring he was always exhausted. If he sat still for any period he would fall asleep. This infuriated mom. She felt he was neglecting us.

This made us even closer. She often would talk to me as if I was an adult. Dads snoring got to the point that He slept on the couch all the time.

Mom, I am sure was really lonely. But instead of finding companionship in another man she poured herself into raising me. Sometimes on Fridays or Saturdays she would ask if I wanted to sleep in her room. I always did.

She would always lay there scratching my back very lightly and slowly while talking to me. Then we would fall asleep.

As time went on the tv stations started staying on late at night instead of going off the air and having the test pattern on. Mom had a really small tv in her room on dad’s dresser. It was only about a 12 inch screen and it was black and white. But it got to be quite the routine to lay there and watch old movies on what was called the Bijou picture show.

We would lay there and talk. The tv was on my side so my back was to her. She would rub my back or spoon with me and scratch my arms and chest while she did. During commercials I would roll over and snuggle up to her.

After I was about 10 I remember one Saturday night my dick was so hard it hurt. She was wearing those thin satiny pajamas with the three buttons on the top. By now mom is 45 and put on a little weight, just enough to make those wonderful tits even a little fuller.

I would roll over during commercials and snuggle into those wonderful pillows. Then one time the show started back up I didn’t roll back over. I stayed there and kissed her for a while. Nothing major just little pecks on the cheek or neck. She made me roll over and watch tv. She asked me what was wrong with me. I told her I just loved her.

I kept doing it so I was given the opportunity to continue snuggling and kissing a little longer before she would say enough roll over. I really think I was able to get by with this because she was worried about me and overcompensated due to my father always being at work.

Somewhere in this time frame the local independent channel started showing the Three Stooges late at night. Mom hated the Stooges. Me being a ten or eleven year old boy couldn’t get enough of them.

We would watch the news then a movie snuggling like always. Then she would start to go to sleep and I would turn on the Stooges. During commercials I would still roll over and snuggle up to her. She would always remain asleep for the most part. Occasionally she would wake up enough to put her arms around me and pull me closer while I snuggled into her tits. public agent porno Never doing more just snuggling.

One night I started lightly scratching her back like she did mine. I always loved it when she did that. I soon found out she did too. She was laying on her side away from me I rolled over in a commercial break and started scratching her back ever so slowly and lightly so as not to wake her or disturb her. She would just let out this barely audible moan every now and then. This quickly became our usual routine.

After a while I stopped sleeping with her as much. It wasn’t my choice. Dad was still on the couch. But I became a teenager.

After a few years she suddenly starting telling me how big I have gotten and she missed when I was a boy and would sleep in her bed watching the stooges. I told her I missed that as well and thought about those nights often. I told her those were some of the best memories of my childhood. It had been years since I had shared moms bed. After all I was Just about to graduate high school.

One night I was up late. Dad was asleep on the couch. I had to pee and went in the bathroom. On the way back to my room mom whispered my name. I stopped and walked into her open door. The only time it was closed was when she changing clothes and then only if dad was home.

I walked up to her side of the bed quietly in case I had been mistaken. I put my hand on moms shoulder and as quiet as I could said mom did you call me? It was so dark I couldn’t see her eyes but she quietly asked me if I wanted to sleep with her for a while.

She said she missed me holding her. I walked around to the far side and crawled in next to mom. I was spooning her and had my arm under her head she was resting on it all snuggled into me. I suddenly realized my arm was getting wet. She was quietly crying. I asked what was wrong. She said she hated getting old and didn’t know where the time went. I just pulled her even closer and started kissing the back of her neck telling her she wasn’t old and that I would come here any time she asked me to and hold her just like old times. We fell asleep that way.

She woke me up a little before daylight and told me I had better get back to my room before my dad got up to pee and looked in and saw me there.

About two weeks went by. Mom mentioned how it would be really nice if I woke up to pee and joined her. I tossed and turned in bed that night waiting for the time to go by. No way could I sleep.

About one a.m. I got up and went into to join mom. She was awake too. I was spooning her and rubbing her back and arms planting little kisses on the back of her neck telling her how good she felt. We had to be really careful because the door was open and dad was sleeping on the couch in the living room maybe 30 feet away. Before sunrise without being told I gave mom a long hug with my arms around her chest with her tits smashed into my arms. I then got up and went to my own room.

The rules were starting to be established. I kind of knew by instinct she had to be in charge. So I waited for another invite. Well kind of.

I would come home from school before going to work at the car lot where dad was manager and would greet mom with a kiss and hug everyday telling her I loved her and did the same when I left for work after changing clothes.

The invite took a little longer than I expected.

I had noticed mom started closing her door when she went to bed. If she was up after I went to bed she would close mine too. I got the hint and started closing mine.

After a couple weeks she just looked at me during Sunday breakfast and asked if I wanted to watch tv with her in her room the next weekend like we used to when I was a boy. I had just taken a big bite of eggs and almost choked. Dad was unfazed by the request. I said only If I can play the stooges in the vcr. She rolled her eyes in mock disgust and said ok.

That night finally came. I had been jacking off all week thinking about it. We went in and laid there watching tv she was scratching my arms and chest spooning me just like when I was young. Finally the tape was over. I rolled over and hugged her nestling into the cleavage of her pajamas. It was all I could do to control myself. I still got up early and went to my room.

Later that next week she asked at supper when dad was home if I was going to keep our Stooges date night that weekend. I said sure and there it was a standing 3 Stooges night every Saturday night.

Within a couple weeks I graduated High school. I started working at the car lot every day before college was scheduled to start. Tuesday Thru reality kings porno Friday 8-4:30 and Saturday 8-3.

The first Saturday after graduation I was laying there rubbing moms back. I slipped my hand under her shirt to scratch her bare skin. She moaned and rolled over on her stomach. I did that through the entire vcr tape. I had her pajama top up as high as I could get it. The front was still below her tits. The back was up to just over the bottom of her shoulder blades. I was in heaven. We both fell asleep.

I woke up sometime during the night and was spooning her with my hand outside her shirt but cupping her right breast. I could feel her erect nipple on my palm through her top. I ever so slowly made my hand move down to where her shirt was just barely under her boob. I put my hand on her stomach and ever so slowly made my way back up under her shirt and held her complete breast in my hand. Her nipple could have cut glass. I think my dick could have too.

I very softly squeezed her breast and lightly pinched her nipples ever mindful of her breathing. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and went to the bathroom.

I jacked off and sprayed like I never had before. I felt weak I had to stand there and get myself back together. I finally went back to her bed. It took what seemed like five minutes to get in bed trying not to wake her.

When I was finally in bed I reached over to her and almost came again. Her top was around her neck. I thought I was in heaven. I was exploring her body in soft caresses like I always did except this time her shirt was off. I was amazed how she was so used to me rubbing on her while she slept it didn’t wake her. I slowly made my way down her side to where her bottoms should have been. I didn’t feel any. I couldn’t believe my luck. She must have gotten restless when I was in the bathroom and her shirt rode up and her bottoms were down on her thighs.

I would rub her ass cheeks then her back over to her tits and back down her back. It took forever but I made my way to her legs. They were bent at the hips and knee almost a fetal position.

Then it hit me. I made my way down her ass until I touched her slit for the first time. I was scared to death. I could taste the fear and excitement in my mouth. But I couldn’t stop.

I would rub her from her neck to her thighs not missing a spot. Her pussy was leaking all over her thigh and ass. Somehow I managed to not wake her.

Sometime around 4:30 I was startled awake by her pushing me and telling me to get out of her room. I tried to give her a hug but she wouldn’t let me close. She got more insistent to the point I was afraid dad was going to hear us through the house and come in.

I made my way to my room knowing I really screwed this one up. That Sunday she barely talked. I was really afraid dad was going to blow a gasket. He never acted like he knew.

It took about two weeks before mom would speak to me and then it was very short and brief.

Sometime during the third week she made me a steak and salad for supper. It was a night when dad worked late. I thanked her for the wonderful dinner. Did the dishes and waited on her the rest of the night.

That next weekend on Saturday night we were done eating and watching tv when dad asked me Why haven’t I been keeping my date night with mom. I looked at her in a panic and she told dad that she has had her allergies bothering her at night and has been restless. She said she got some meds from the doctor and was breathing better so I was going to stay with her that night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but when we crawled in bed it was for the most part back to normal. Caressing, hugging and rubbing with the occasional kisses thrown in. When she was asleep I continued to rub her. I slowly made my way under her shirt. I played with those tits like a favorite toy. It was finally time to go jack off again.

When I got back to bed her shirt was unbuttoned and her bottoms were down by her knees. This time I played with her while she was on her back. At one point she spread her legs. I was rubbing up and down her soaked slit and occasionally dip my finger in. It seemed like an hour passed. Every now and then she would shake and moan from an orgasm but never acted like she woke up. Finally I fell asleep too.

What seemed like a half hour later she woke me up saying she had a problem. She said her allergies must still be making her restless because her pajamas had come undone. She said she was unaware because her allergy meds make her sleep so well. She then asked if I would mind going back to my own room. So she could rus porno get her pajamas right again. At least she wasn’t pissed this time. She still avoided me for a couple days but it was normal again by Tuesday.

The next Saturday I was back in her bed. This time we did not even watch tv. Although it was on for the noise.

The caressing and kissing continued till she said her meds had kicked in and she was tired. I laid there acting like I was asleep waiting. When she was asleep I started to reach under her shirt and play with those wonderful tits and hard nipples. She rolled onto her back. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and actually kissed her breast for the first time. I started kissing and gently sucking her nipple into my mouth. She was purring but never opened her eyes. While I was having so much fun with her breast my hand made its way to her bottoms I slowly started working the front down when I had her pubic hair exposed they wouldn’t come down anymore.

With that she rolled on her side. I got her bottoms below her cheeks. I played with her Pussy from the back while she was back in the fetal position. I then got out of bed and carefully laid across the bed with my face right by her ass and pussy. The smell of her was absolutely intoxicating.

I couldn’t help it. I started kissing her ass all over. Then I was flicking my tongue on her ass. She would moan like crazy. Eventually I found myself starring straight at her soaked pussy.

I leaned in and kissed her right on the slit. She was trembling. I kept kissing her slit then licking it. She moved her leg onto the top of my head and suddenly her pussy opened up for me. I was able not only to lick her slit but get her clit in my mouth to suck on it. She had orgasm after orgasm that night.

I couldn’t take it any more and stood up. I grabbed her behind the knees and drug her around to the side of the bed with her ass on the edge. I had her legs up and was kissing and licking them all the way to her toes. She started having an orgasm when I licked between her toes. When she stopped I spread her legs and slid up to my balls with no resistance. She was so wet her pusssy just sucked me in. I came and came and came. I was trembling so hard from the orgasm it felt like I was still fucking my mom. My dick didn’t deflate at all.

After a few seconds I started fucking her again. Nice and slow. This time she started to orgasm after about twenty seconds. She didn’t stop.

It was just one shaking orgasm the entire time it took me to blow my nuts in her again. OK to be honest it was only a couple minutes. This was my mom after all and had been years getting to this point. The excitement of anticipation was beyond control. When I was done I slid her back into position to sleep crawled in next to her and went to sleep.

The entire time she never woke up. After about an hour I got up kissed my mom and went to my room. She had obviously had a restless night and her pajamas had come undone again. So I left so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. That morning when I woke up I walked into the kitchen dad was finishing breakfast. Mom was cooking mine. I sat down she gave me breakfast as dad went outside to do yard work. I told him I would come out to help when I was done. He said not to hurry to keep mom company while she ate.

Mom said she slept wonderful between the meds and the satisfaction of knowing I was there and she was not alone was just what she needed. She asked if she had done something wrong because I was not there when she got up. I told her no. Her pajamas had come unbuttoned during the night and to keep her from being embarrassed I decided to go to my room.

She came over to the table pulled on my shoulder until I spun sideways in the chair and plopped down in my lap. Our pajamas may as well not been there the material was so thin. She put both hands on my cheeks looking me in the eyes and said I have turned into the most thoughtful compassionate and understanding man she has ever met. It was a pleasure to have me as a son. Then she got a little smile and wiggled her ass ever so slightly and said I can hardly wait for date night next Saturday.

A few years passed I met a girl who was married before and had two kids. A girl and a boy. We got married and the kids would stay with mom and dad occasionally. This went on for years. Even as they got older.

Dad passed away. When that happened the kids were in there early twenties. They would still stay with grandma a little bit.

One day while talking to them at Christmas missing my mom came up. We started telling stories about their grandma.

My son mentioned how he would sleep in her bed on Saturday nights and watch tv. I never questioned him but I did have a huge grin on my face that made him give me a knowing look.

I love the time I shared with my mom. It truly was some of the best memories of noy only my childhood but my life. I hope my son enjoyed his Saturday nights as much as I did.

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