Second Blossom Ch. 04

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Sunday’s photo started a game that both sides enjoyed immensely. They snapped selfies at random hours knowing the other would appreciate the sight. Chelsea snapped morning photos in front of the mirror asking what Jake thought of her bra and panty combination. He responded with a pick of the strain happening in his boxers.

Being admired for everything curve her body had to offer felt wonderful for Chelsea. It had been years since she had done anything of the sort and was taking full advantage of the opportunity this new arrangement with Jake had to offer. The woman snapped shots in lacy bras and revealing panties that she was confident any man in his twenties wouldn’t be able to resist. Her predictions came true time and again as Jake appetite for her images seemed insatiable.

Jake also proved playful which was something his mother hadn’t expected. He brightened her days with morning messages over breakfast between dining on campus and Chelsea sipping coffee in the kitchen. They laughed over food pics sent back and forth, and the woman was only too willing to give into his craving to see her in her usual silk robe and smiling at him from her seat on the couch.

Should I go to the gym this morning? One message asked accompanied by a display of his abs.

Chelsea replied with a smiling emoji with hearts for eyes. Do it, she texted him. I love the thought of your muscles getting all sweaty.

Sometimes female agent porno it was a comfort just knowing the other was close. Jake sent a selfie pretending to be fast asleep on top of his textbook. Chelsea sent several of her own pretending to stick a pencil in her neck after a very boring business meeting. Jake smiled humorously and told her not to damage something so perfect. She responded with a heart.

Jake was in his dorm room Thursday night editing some video on his laptop when his mother’s photo arrived. Chelsea was making dinner in nothing but an apron. Jake could feel his pants growing uncomfortably tight as he stared at the perfect view of his mother’s ass. He loved the natural curve of her back and followed its seductive ascent between her shoulders. Cooking for one is so dull, she captioned.

It’s the only way you’re getting anything done, he told her. I’d be all over you if I was there.

What would of do to me? She asked with a selfie of her hand on her hip and pursing her lips waiting for an answer.

I’d come up behind you until I was pressed right up against your ass. You’d feel my cock grinding against your pussy until it’s shiny from your arousal.

You’d come up behind this ass? She asked leaning over the counter and snapping a photo of her back side. Jake pulled out his cock and stroked it a few times staring at the image.

I love your gizli cekim porno ass, he texted back. I want it so badly.

My ass could use a good fucking, she texted. But you need to get it ready. I’ll need you to lick it until it’s nice and wet.

I’ll spend as long as you want teasing it with my tongue, Jake told her while moving his hand back and forth with the thought.

Start with a finger, she responded. Something like this. A photo appeared of Chelsea’s middle finger disappearing into her tight, little hole. Jake could see her ring of flesh pressing against the intruder and making a tight seal. Once you can fit two fingers back there, I’m ready for your cock.

Exposing herself so completely to her son felt delicious, but part of her wondered if this really was the best form of parenting. Chelsea quickly cast the thought out of her mind reminding herself that this was unorthodox to say the least but sill the right thing to do. So much enthusiasm on Jake’s part meant that she was doing something right, and the emotions she was feeling gave her nothing but pleasure. Though Jake was her son, he was also an adult, and two adults making each other feel good was something she couldn’t disagree with.

The feel of a finger penetrating Chelsea from behind made her fantasize about what her son really had to offer. This was for him, she reminded herself while snapping another glory hole secrets porno photo and sending it over. But at the same time, knowing her sexuality was being appreciated so immensely was incredibly gratifying. She pushed her finger in and out a few times imagining how it would feel having her son take her from behind.

Is this what you want buried deep in your ass? He asked sending a picture of his fingers wrapped around his aching erection.

I want it so badly, she messaged. I want to feel it pound me until my entire body is too satisfied to move.

His hand squeezed harder imaging the possibility. I want you all to myself. I want your ass to be all mine and to fuck it anytime I want.

It is yours, baby. She messaged. Mommy’s ass is reserved just for you. Use it whenever you want. I’m always ready to make my baby happy.

I need you, mom. I need you to make me cum.

Use me, my darling. Cum for mommy and shoot it deep inside of my body. I want to feel you giving me every drop.

Jake’s hand was flying back and forth when the first stream flew into the air. The thought of filling his mother’s ass was such a turn on. He stared at the photos and pictured everything he wanted to do to her. He took a photo of the mess to show Chelsea the affect she had on him.

I’m so glad I could help you, baby. She responded. You’ve been a big help for me too. A pic arrived of a wet mess running down her thighs and drenching the inside of her apron.

Even over the distance, they still felt connected. And while coming together brought them closer, each side secretly wished the other was there to savor the moment after.

I love you, mom. Jake texted.

I love you too, my darling.

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