Seducing the Neighbor

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Anna Louise

Jim stretched and yawned as he woke. He looked over at his wife and wondered if he should try to get his hand between her legs and maybe talk her into some morning sex. At 49 he still got wood in the morning and still wanted sex. However after menopause his wife, Ellen, had lost almost all of her desire for sex. He had tried to talk her into going to a doctor and maybe getting hormone replacements, but she didn’t want to. She would, on irregular occasions, have sex with him, but for the most part she wasn’t interested. They hadn’t done it for a few weeks so Jim looked at his wife and wondered if she would.

She was sleeping on her back, so he rolled close to her and put his hand on her pussy. He started to work his finger between the warm lips of her pussy, but as he did she grunted and rolled on her side. He knew that meant she wasn’t going to so he sighed and climbed out of bed. He figured he would take it in hand while in the shower. 20 minutes later he was showered, had cummed and was dressed and ready for work. As he stepped out the door he noticed a pickup with a U-haul trailer sitting in front of the house next door.

‘New renters.’ He thought to himself, ‘I hope the hell they are less obnoxious then the last bunch.’

8 ½ hours later Jim pulled back into his driveway. It had been a wearing day. The boss had been a dick and everything Jim touched that day went to shit. He stepped into the quiet of the house, hung his coat in the closet and walked to the kitchen to get a beer. Ellen worked a swing shift and wouldn’t be home until that evening at 11:00. He decided to go out and relax in his back yard for a bit before he did the yard work.

He flopped into a lawn chair, popped his beer open and chugged half of it. As he brought it down, out of the corner of his eye he caught movement in the new neighbors back yard through the minute gaps in the board fence that separated the two houses. He got up, walked over and peeked around the wood post that held a chain link gate. There was two children about 3 or 4 years old playing on the grass and a young woman watching them. She looked to be in her mid 20’s, about 5′ 3″ tall, with black hair, a bit on the cubby side but with a cute face, a nice round ass and a set of double D tits.

As he watched the woman took a drink from a beer she held. Jim wondered if he should introduce himself and after a moment thought, ‘Why the hell not? We’re neighbors.’

Jim stepped around so he was standing at the gate so she could see him as he called, “Hey neighbor.”

The woman looked startled by his appearance, but recovered quickly, smiled and called back, “Hi.”

“I’m Jim Preston, your new neighbor.”

“I’m Pam Jarod. My husband and I just moved in.”

“Well hi Pam. And who are those two?”

Pam smiled and pointing to the children said, “That’s Michael. He’s 2. And that’s Cora she’s 4.”

“Cool.” Jim said, “What does your husband do if I might ask?”

Pam’s face fell as she said, “He’s…aw…he’s a salesman. He travels a lot. He left this morning for a two week sales trip.”

“That’s to bad.” Jim replied.

“Yes. It leaves me with all the unpacking to do.” Pam said with a sour look on her face, ” I hope I don’t run into anything I can’t handle. I don’t have any friends or family around here.”

“Well if there’s anything I can do for you, if you need something heavy moved or anything else done you can’t handle don’t hesitate to call on me. My wife Ellen would probably help too.” Jim said.

“Thanks.” Pam replied with a smile.

Jim waved a goodbye and went to get the lawn mower out. He mowed the lawn, weeded the front flower bed, then went in and showered and watched TV until his wife got home. As soon as she was home he kissed her and went to bed. The next week was much the same, each day he would spot Pam in the back yard and spend a few minutes talking to her. The funny thing was every time he saw her she had either a beer or a drink in her hand. During the day Ellen introduced herself and she and Pam would talk. By the end of the week Jim realized that Pam’s lawn was getting pretty tall. Friday evening he saw her in the back yard and mentioned it.

“Yes I know, but I have never run a lawn mower. I’m not sure how to go about it.” She replied.

“No problem!” Jim said, “I told you I’ll help.”

That afternoon he mowed her lawn front and back.

When he was done Pam said, “What do I owe you?”

“Don’t insult me!” Jim said with a scowl, “You don’t owe me anything!”

For the next month it was the same. Jim helped her with the lawn and fixed a few things that were broken. Her husband, Carl, came home twice and stayed for a few days, but was gone the rest of the time. A month and a half after Pam and Carl moved in Ellen and Jim were having lunch on Saturday when Ellen began to talk about Pam.

“She thinks Carl is cheating on her.” Ellen said, “She keeps saying how she’d love to have sex but he rarely does it with her. She even told me she might have an affair. I told izmir escort her that when she gets to menopause she won’t want it any more.”

“Talking about that.” Jim said with a grin.

“Yes I know, we haven’t in a while. We can tonight.” Ellen sighed.

“Great. I still want it but I know you don’t so I appreciate you doing it.” Jim said.

“Yes well it does feel kind of good, but I just don’t have the same sex drive I did.” Ellen replied.

After lunch Jim kept thinking about Pam and how she wanted sex and how she was even thinking of an affair. He wondered if he might be able to take advantage of that. The next Monday Jim went over when he got home from work and mowed Pam’s lawn. After he was done she came out and asked if he’d like something to drink. He agreed and as he followed her into the house he noticed how her leggings formed to her round, plump ass. It made his cock start to stand up and the thought of her wanting an affair flitted through his mind. Pam pulled two beers out of the fridge, opened them, handed one to Jim and took a long drink from the other as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Jim took a drink of his beer and casually said, “Ellen said you and Carl don’t have sex much.”

Pam was taking a second drink of her beer, sputtered and almost choked on her beer as she stopped.

She looked at Jim with pink cheeks as she mumbled, “I…aw…we…you know…Ellen shouldn’t have told you that.”

“Yea well she did. She also told me she told you that after menopause you won’t want to any more.” Jim said.

Pam looked at the floor as she said, “Yea, she did say that.”

“I can tell you it’s true. I don’t get it very much any more. If I could find someone who could keep a secret I’d love to get some strange stuff.” Jim said.

“You…would?” Pam asked.

Jim gulped the last swallow of his beer, stepped close to Pam as he set the empty on the counter. He put a hand on the counter top on each side of her so that she was penned in.

He leaned in until his face was only a few inches from hers as he said in a low voice, “Yes I would. And Ellen tells me you would too.”

“I…aw…she shouldn’t have told you that either.” Pam stammered.

“Hmmmm, well it’s to bad you don’t consider an older guy. I know one that would love to and would never tell anyone.” Jim said.

“What? I…I…I…” Pam stammered, unable to say anything.

“I need to get home and get supper going.” Jim said as he stood and headed for the door, “Thanks for the beer.” he said over his shoulder as he stepped out.

Jim walked home wondering if he had just set up a chance to fuck his neighbor, or screwed it up royally. He was apprehensive that she would mention to Ellen what he had said. He was pensive all evening thinking about it. Ellen noticed and commented on it when she got home. The next afternoon he didn’t see Pam in the back yard with the kids as usual, nor the next day or the next. Ellen casually mentioned that she had talked to Pam several times and the young woman seemed to have something bothering her, but wouldn’t say what it was.

On Friday he came home and decided to move the planters Pam had asked him to move the week before. It took him almost an hour and as he worked he realized the lawn needed mowing again. He decided he’d do that the next day. When he was finished he knocked on the back door to tell her he was done. Pam opened the door a few seconds later dressed in her usual pair of tight leggings and a tight tank top. Jim loved seeing her in leggings and such a tight top. He thought it suited her well, showing off her double D tits and shapely legs.

“Hey all done with the lawn.” He said.

Pam would meet his eyes as she said, “Aw…thank you.”

She said nothing more. The silence stretched out for a long while. Jim finally decided she must be angry or disgusted at what he said last time he was there.

“It’s hot out here. I need something to drink. Well I guess I’ll go…” He began only to be interrupted by Pam blurting, “Would you…like a…a beer?”

“Sure!” Jim replied with a grin.

He followed her to the kitchen where she pulled out two beers, opened them, handed him one then proceeded to take a huge drink from hers.

“Where’s the kids?” Jim asked.

“In the their room playing.” Pam replied.

“When’s Carl going to be home again?” Jim asked.

“He called last night. He won’t be home for another week and a half.” She replied, tipping her beer up and finishing it. She set the empty on the counter, pulled a second from the fridge, opened it, tipped it up and drained a third before she pulled from her lips.

“Damn girl!” Jim said.

“Yea well I have to do something.” Pam grumbled without elaborating.

Jim finished his beer, stepped over in front of her, set the empty on the counter then like before put a hand on each side of her and leaned in close as he asked, “Thought any more about who you’re going to have some fun with?”

“No…yes…I mean no! Aw…we bayındır escort shouldn’t…shouldn’t be talking about this.” Pam stammered.

“Why not?” Jim asked in a low voice as he leaned forward, put his face close to her hair and breathed in the smell of her.

“Because…because…Ellen…” Pam stammered her unfinished sentence.

His lips were close to her ear as he whispered, “Hmmmm, does that mean you are thinking of me as someone to have fun with?”

“No! I…aw…I’m just saying…Ellen wouldn’t understand us…aw…talking like that.”

“Well don’t tell her.” Jim whispered, his lips now almost touching her ear, then added, “My you do smell good. And you look so damned scrumptious in those leggings and tank top. They show off your fabulous bits really well.”

He thought he heard a soft almost imperceptible moan come from her. He was about to say more, but a piercing scream came from down the hall. Pam jumped, then pushed his arm out of the way as she ran to the kids room. Jim followed and when he entered he saw Cora sitting on the floor screaming bloody murder. Pam picked her up and held her as she examined the 4 year old for injuries. When she found none she held the child tightly rocking her and cooing to her.

He knew he wasn’t going to get a chance that day to continue with his seduction, so he said, “Well, I’ll go. I’ll be over tomorrow around midday to mow your lawn.”

Pam locked eyes with him and nodded. Jim grinned at her, nodded and left. All evening he thought about Pam and wondered if he pressed her, would she? Ellen had told him earlier in the week she was going shopping with friends on Saturday and wouldn’t be home until early evening. He decided if he got the chance the next day he was going to press Pam a little harder to see if he had a chance of getting into her panties. The way she had acted so far, he thought he might.

The next day Jim worked on his own yard until 11:30 then went over and mowed Pam’s lawn. He was sweaty so he jumped in the shower before he walked over to talk to Pam. He knocked and waited. There was no answer. He knew Pam was home because her car was in the driveway. He knocked again and again, no answer. By now he knew she was intentionally not answering the door. He waited for a few moments then turned to go home. As he did the door swung open. As he caught sight of her he saw she was barefoot and again dressed in a pair of leggings and a tight tank top.

“I…aw…I just put the kids down for a nap.” She replied.

“Do they usually nap atthis time of day?” He asked.

“Yes…yes…they…aw…usually nap around noon.”

“So they will probably sleep for awhile huh?” Jim asked.

“Yea…they…aw…they sleep for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes two.” She said softly.

They stood staring at each other for a few moments then Jim said, “Well, it’s mowed, until next time that is. I guess I’ll go home and relax.”

Again they stared at each other in silence.

Jim figured she wasn’t going to invite him in so he said, “See you later I guess.”

As he began to turn to leave Pam said, a quaver in her voice, “Would you…aw… would you like a beer?”

Jim grinned and replied, “Sure!”

As he followed her to the kitchen he thought that the fact she had invited him in even with his comments last time and having the kids down for a nap so they were alone, she might be giving him an opportunity. If he got the chance he decided to test it, really test it. When they got to the kitchen the first thing Jim saw was 5 empty beer bottles sitting in a row. He wondered if she had drank those this morning. Pam pulled two from the fridge, opened both, handed one to Jim and proceeded to down a third of hers before lowering it.

Jim took a sip of his and said, “Heard from Carl?”

“Yes. He called last night. His schedule hasn’t changed. He won’t be home for a week and a half.”

“So how did you suspect he was cheating on you?”

Pam looked glum as she said, “I don’t suspect, I know.”

“Really? how?” Jim asked.

Pam stared at the floor as she said, “Our…aw…our sex life began to be less and less. It’s been that way for six months. So the last time he was home I looked in his briefcase when he was asleep. He locks it but I knew the combination because he always uses the same one for everything. His phone was in the case. Like I said he uses the same code for everything, so I know his password. I checked his contacts and there were six under a group name ‘rides’. They were all in different cities and all the names were female. I opened his picture folder and browses through it. That’s when I found the pictures.”

Jim waited but Pam didn’t continue so he prompted her, “What pictures?”

“They were…pictures of Carl with several different women having sex.” She said staring at the floor, then added in a whisper, “I also found condoms and Viagra in a side pocket.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Jim said, “Did you confront bayraklı escort him about them?”

“No.” Pam replied, still staring at the floor,”I was to shocked and hurt. I didn’t know what to say to him.”

“Well, there are things you can do.” Jim said.

He took the last swallow of beer, walked over, set it on the counter next to the sink and like last time put a hand on the counter on each side of her.

He leaned in and said in a low voice, “In light of what you just told me, have you decided what your going to do about your problem?”

“N…no…not…yet…” She stammered in a whisper.

” You do know I can help with that, right?” He whispered as he leaned closer so that his lips were almost against her ear.

“I…we…shouldn’t…I think…yes…but…” She replied in a nervous filled whisper.

“Oh I think we can get by the buts.” He said as he gently ran his fingers down her bare arm, then placed his hand on her hip.

“I’ve never…” She whispered.

“Me either. ” He whispered back as he gently massaged her hip letting his finger tips slip over the band of her leggings and touch the bare skin between her shirt and leggings.

He felt her tremble, then she whispered nervously, “What…what would Ellen say if she found out?”

From her question, Jim knew she was ready to give in as he let his fingers move slowly across her belly, along the top band of her leggings.

“There’s only two of us who will know about it. I won’t tell her if you don’t.” He said as his fingers slipped under the band of her leggings.

“I…I…don’t know…” She whimpered, her body trembling.

“Sure you do.” He whispered back, “You just don’t want to admit it to yourself yet, but you want to; you know you want to. And I can make you feel so good. I’ll make you cum and cum and cum. I promise.”

As he talked he had turned his hand so the palm was against the soft skin of her belly, then slowly slipped his fingertips under the top band her leggings.

He put his other hand behind her head, stroked her hair and whispered, “Admit it, you want this. You want me to do this…”

As he spoke he slowly pushed his hand deeper into her leggings. He could feel her trembling, hear a soft whimper coming from her, but she didn’t try to stop him as he slowly pushed his hand down until his middle finger was touching the top of her slit.

“But…I shouldn’t…you’re an old man…I’m married…you’re married…we shouldn’t…I shouldn’t let you…Ohhhhhh…” she moaned as Jim’s finger slipped between the soft warm lips of her pussy and touched her clit.

He began to slowly rub her clit and from time to time slide his finger lower along her wet slit and dip his finger tip into her wet, warm tunnel.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…my Godddddddd…” Pam moaned, spreading her legs apart and tipping her hips up to give him better access as she clutched the edge of the counter for support.

“Like that? Isn’t it good?” Jim whispered, his lips right against her ear, one hand on the back of her head gently stroking her hair as the fingers of the other worked at her pussy.

“Are you going to cum for me? Cum on my fingers? You know you want to. Go on, let go…cum for me baby…cum…for…me…” Jim punctuated the last three words by sliding two fingers into her pussy each time he said a word as he used his thumb to gently rub the hard nub of her clit.

He stepped closer and put the lump of his hard cock against her hip as he whispered, “Cum for me baby, then we’ll fuck. I’ll eat you. I’ll fuck you. I’ll make you cum again and again. I’ll make you feel soooooo good. Cum…for…me. Cum for me baby. Cum for me.”

Pam let out a high pitched squeal and rose onto her tiptoes, pushing her hips out as she climaxed.

Jim could feel a warm wet flush around his fingers and kept right on fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit as she came, whispering to her, “That’s it! That’s it! Cum for me! Cum hard baby. Cum hard!”

After a bit Pam slumped against the counter top and she moaned, “Please…stop…I’m so…oh…oh…sensitive…”

Jim slowly pulled his hand out of her leggings and saw the shiny wetness coating his fingers. Pam looked at him as Jim put his fingers into his mouth and licked her juices from them. Pam couldn’t take her eyes away from what he was doing.

Jim finished licking his fingers, grinned and said, “Damn you are tasty! After that little taste teaser I want to bury my face in your pussy! So, take me to your bedroom.”

“We really shouldn’t…” Pam began to say.

Jim stepped closer and pulled her mouth to his, shoving his tongue between her lips as he kissed her savagely.

When he pulled back he said, “You want it, you know you do or you wouldn’t have let me finger you. You cummed on my fingers. So let’s do the rest. Take me to your bedroom.”

Pam stared at him for a long moment, then slowly headed across the kitchen. She lead him down the hall to her bedroom. When they got there Jim closed the door, turned to her, took hold of the lower hem of her top and pulled it up and off. He stepped closer, reached around and with a flip of his wrist had her bra unfastened. He pulled it off her arms, dropped it on the floor then took one large breast in each hand.

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