She Helps Her Son-In-Law

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Dani sat in her car, her clothes soaking wet as she drove gingerly along the dark road. In the passenger seat, Wes squinted through the car window at the road signs, looking for a hotel. Dani was aware that Wes occasionally looked at her legs, her skirt having stuck to her damp thighs and almost revealing her knickers which were also damp from the rain. This was not the time to be modest, she thought. Twenty minutes ago, they had both got out of the car in the heavy rain to inspect the engine to see if they could tell where the smoke was coming from but the night sky made it difficult to see. Wes had said they shouldn’t drive much further and by the time they got back into her car they were both wet through.

Dani drove slowly and Wes looked at his phone again. “Should be a hotel here somewhere. There it is,” he said, pointing to the sign. “Turn into the driveway.”

Dani thanked god that it was a reasonable hotel, 4 stars, somewhere to dry off and get an evening meal. At the reception, her son-in-law took charge, asked about car breakdown services, restaurant meal times and room rates. Why room rates? she wondered as she went off to find the Ladies.

When Dani returned, Wes said, “Nobody can fix the car tonight in this weather so it’s best we deal with it tomorrow. They have one room left so I’ve brought our cases in.”

Dani didn’t know whether to believe him about the breakdown service or the room availability. She couldn’t care because every stitch of clothing was rain wet, her hair was a complete mess and she was cold. Wes carried the cases. The family had been to a wedding two days ago – it meant dry clothes in her bag – and Wes had opted to get a lift back home with Dani while the others shared a bigger car.

In their hotel room, a wide double bed dominated which Dani hadn’t expected but Wes was quick to provide the solution. “I’ll get some pillows to put down the middle.”

She nodded and unpacked a few things while Wes phoned his wife, Dani’s daughter. In the bathroom, she peeled off her clothes and got into the large shower cubicle. She stood under the hot shower for several minutes and surveyed her body in the glass reflection. At age 45 she was in good shape, half-oriental due to her father who was from Thailand, the reason for her dark features, dark hair and petite build. Her English mother, though, had given her teardrop breasts, full but not sagging with nipples that stood out when aroused.

As she soaped herself, her thoughts turned to Wes. The family liked him, a good mixer and a good husband for her daughter, and he would make a great dad when the time came. He was 29, while Amy was 4 years younger. Amy used to confide in Dani about how good Wes was in the ‘bedroom’ and remembered Amy saying, “he’s the best lover I’ve ever had,” and “he knows how to please,” but these snippets of information between daughter and mother had dried up. Dani imagined how Wes might turn female heads – he had this way of enlarging his eyes when talking to other women – but Dani didn’t think he would be unfaithful.

Dani used a huge fluffy towel to emerge from the bathroom. “I’ve poured us some drinks,” said Wes, “from the mini bar. Here’s your gin and tonic.”

“Gosh, I need that. Thanks.” She surveyed his chest, the wet T-shirt stuck to expose his abs. At 6 foot tall, there was no denying that Wes looked fit. Crease lines on the outside edge of his espresso coloured eyes and tousled hair down to his shoulders made him look wild.

He peeled the T-shirt over his head and said, “Turn away for a moment, Danielle.” Her full name was used by Wes occasionally when he wanted her to do something – she found it quite attractive and made her feel like a small girl. As he strolled towards the bathroom he pulled his socks off, undid his belt, dropped his wet chinos and flung his Armani briefs into the corner. Dani turned her back but watched it all from the wall mirror and couldn’t help admiring his tight bare bum before he entered the bathroom. She dried herself and kept her towel on while she made a phone call to her husband which ended just as Wes came back, having showered and wearing a small towel around his waist.

She took clothes out of her bag. “I don’t fancy getting dressed in the bathroom,” she said. “Can we agree not to look … that is you don’t watch me and I don’t watch you?”

“You’re far too beautiful to ignore, Dani. But I’ll do as you say. I don’t mind, though, you seeing me get dressed.” He laughed.

She sat on the bed with her back to him and let the towel fall so she could rapidly clip on her bra. It was the one she wore for the wedding that they had all attended. “Hope you’re not looking, Wes.” The lace of the bra showed her nipples through the white fabric.

“Best not to turn round, Dani, I’m completely starkers … trying to find clean boxers … ah, here they are.”

She stepped into her panties of matching see-through lace and pulled them up while her towel dropped to the floor. As she moved to sit at the side desk which had a make-up mirror, the reflection anime porno showed a glimpse of him naked. Although she blushed, she had to admit the sight of his cock, limp, longer than her husbands, was to be admired. The image of that stayed as she blow-dried her hair.

When he got fully clothed, Wes sat in an armchair behind her and said, “The dinner menu looks good. Hungry?”


He read aloud the menu. She wasn’t thinking of her modesty as she stood and pulled on her thin shirt. The buttons took half a minute to do up, his conversation had stopped and she knew he was watching her. Did it really matter if her white shirt was short enough to give Wes a show of her panties? she debated. As she stepped into her skirt, she realised the makeup mirror was giving him a full frontal view of her panties, the lace exposing her dark landing-strip bush underneath the material. She hid her embarrassment by telling Wes what she wanted to eat.

The restaurant was half full and they had a table tucked away in the alcove. The rain kept up a steady assault on the windows while they ate and talked about her getting a new car. During the main course, Wes asked, “When you phoned your hubby did you say what our sleeping arrangements were?”

“I told him I had a single room.”

Wes laughed. “You lied, Danielle. You should have said we had a double bed and we were going to cosy-up!”

“I don’t think my husband would want to know his wife was sleeping with our son-in-law.” She giggled. “What did you tell Amy?”

“She didn’t ask. I don’t think she’s too bothered about that side of our marriage.”

“Oh. You two are not in trouble are you?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything, sorry.”

“What do you mean by ‘not too bothered about that side of our marriage?”

He hesitated. ‘Everything is good except one thing.” He left the detail hanging in the air.

She lowered her voice. “Has Amy lost interest in sex?” Was this why her daughter didn’t confide in her mother any more? she wondered.

He took a sip of wine. “Yes. We have a problem where I want to make love 2 or 3 times a week and Amy wants it less, much less … about once a month.”

“Men want it more often I guess.” It didn’t sound right that her daughter wanted so little sex. She joked, “You’re not getting sex outside your marriage are you?”

“There have been temptations … it shouldn’t be like that. Yes, I have been faithful.”

The conversation covered temptations at Wes’s work, his secretary. Dani also admitted she’d been tempted once by a neighbour making it plain he fancied her. Wes said, “I can’t blame the neighbour … you look terrific. Any man would … you know … with you.” He looked embarrassed.

She wacked his arm. “Now you’re being stupid. I’m too old at 45.”

“Oh really. Let me tell you the truth, Dani.” He poured the rest of the wine into their glasses and signalled for another bottle. “You have oriental blood in you which gives you that jet black hair and a petite, gorgeous body. Amy has inherited her good looks from you. Make no mistake, you’re both beautiful women.”

Dani sat back, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. A tingling sensation went through her and she crossed her legs. These were the symptoms she always got when she was aroused. She mentally pushed them aside as the waitress put the new wine bottle on the table and cleared their main course.

They talked and drank more wine during the dessert. It was clear to Dani that Amy and Wes’s marriage wasn’t a sexual romp. And yet, Wes was very handsome, had a great career and cared about Amy. It must have been the wine that caused her next question. “What do you do when you’re frustrated?”

“I do what most men do.” He bit his lower lip. “I do my own thing.”

She hushed her voice. “You mean you … um … masturbate?” Had she got it wrong? – her face flushed.

“Don’t look like that, Dani. Yes, I use masturbation to relieve the tension. I usually go to the bathroom and do it alone.”

“Oh. Must be terrible for you.” She imagined him doing it and him probably feeling bad about it. “Well, if you need to do it tonight, don’t go to our bathroom. Just do it in bed … quietly.”

He placed his hand over hers, lowered his voice. “Do YOU ever need to … get relief?”

“Oh fuck. We mustn’t go any further with this conversation. I’m your mother-in-law for goodness sake.” She had somehow turned over her hand underneath his and was now sliding her fingers, meshing them with his. His squeeze sent a reassurance signal which made her tighten her crossed legs under the table.

“Do you?” he said again. “Get relief?” He sounded like a doctor.

“Wes. No. Which means don’t ask any more questions.” She looked at his sceptical face. “Ok, I do occasionally.” She paused. “I refuse to carry on talking about me.”

“Can I still do it tonight?”

She nodded and withdrew her hand from his. To change the subject, she talked about needing to phone hubby later. Wes acted asyalı porno like a gentleman and didn’t mention sex for the rest of the meal.

Later, in their bedroom, they stood by the window and looked out at the thunderstorm. A sudden lightening bang made her jump. His arm came around her waist, held her tight, she could feel his strength. “Relax,” he murmured. “Tonight I won’t do anything without your agreement.”

“Are you really saying you fancy me?” She had been pondering this question.

“Yes. And if I need to do it myself I’ll be thinking of you.”

She closed her eyes. “I’ll have to turn the other way in bed, my back to you. Maybe I should wear earplugs.” Did her giggle hide her nervousness? she wondered as she untangled herself from his arm. “I’m going to get ready for bed.” The bathroom gave her time to reflect as she took off her clothes and put on her bed shorts which were far too revealing with their loose-fitting high sides. They seemed to exaggerate the plump bum cheeks which protruded out. Dispensing with any sort of top, she covered her front with a towel and came back into the room.

He blew a soft whistle. “Aren’t I a lucky man.”

“Shush, enough of that.” It made her feel good, though, as she got into bed.

Wes went to the bathroom. Dani lay back with the duvet covering her, discarded the towel and wondered if it was ok to wear the shorts only – perhaps she should wear a top? It was too late anyway because Wes opened the bathroom door and switched out the lights before he came into view. She couldn’t see a thing as he walked to the window side. Even though the curtains were drawn shut, she could now see his outline as he peeled off his T-shirt and dropped his underpants.

He asked, “Are you ok?”

Her mouth had gone dry as she took in the outline of his cock. The previous glimpse had been quick when he’d got dressed before dinner, his cock had been limp then but longer than her husband’s. This time, Wes had got bigger, half erect, clearly in view against the lighter shade of the curtains and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Dani?” he asked again as he knelt on his side of the bed and leaned over towards her. “I can just see you in the dark.” His hand pulled away a strand of her hair as he lay on the bed close to her, his body warm and he kissed her forehead. Her heart thumped, his hand cupped her jaw and he kissed her on the lips. A gentle kiss.

Her hands were trapped below the duvet. She managed to say, “We mustn’t do this.” She kept her hands where they were, didn’t struggle, didn’t turn her head away.

“Sorry,” he twisted his mouth and kissed her again to the side of her lips, enough to scrape his rough jaw along her chin.

Her body had gone into goosebumps but she wasn’t pushing him away. “No more, Wes. We’re related and …”

“Do you have ear plugs?”

“No. Do what you need to do and keep quiet.” She couldn’t help smiling, her white teeth would have been visible as their eyes became accustomed to the dark.

He adjusted to lie on his back. It seemed odd to her that Amy wouldn’t take care of his needs. At the very least, she could wank him. Why would she risk him having an affair while all she had to do was understand what men needed? She thought about the mundane sex life she had accepted, the standard missionary position, her husband coming too quickly for any real satisfaction on her part. But at least her hubby appeared to be satisfied.

Dani looked up at the ceiling – she should turn the other way but it was fascinating to know that her son-in-law was playing with himself, close to her and no pillow in the way.

His voice rumbled, “I’m finding it difficult, Danielle.”

She turned her head towards him, his chest exposed, his hands hidden from view. She whispered, “Why?”

“Don’t know what to fantasise about yet.”

“Are you aroused?”

“Yes. I’d like to think of you but I’m sort of … you know … blocked.”

She propped her head up on her arm to look at Wes. “Embarrassed?” She wanted to help him, partly from a feeling of shame that her daughter didn’t do this for her man. “Would it help if I talked you through it?”

“I guess it might help. Thank you, Dani. Are you sure?” He sounded vulnerable.

“Pull back the duvet, Wes.” She felt that this must be an inappropriate thing to suggest and yet she wanted to do this for him.

“I’ve gone all weak.”

“No you haven’t. Here, let me pull back the cover and see you.” Her outstretched hand moved her part of the duvet and exposed her breasts which should have been an awkward moment, especially as Wes now looked at her and his eyes drifted down her body. “I’m assuming, Wes, that this is a secret between us and only us?”

“Yes, Whatever happens, stays in this room. We both have a lot to lose.”

Dani got into a better position by kneeling next to him. It was ok for Wes to look at her, to encourage him to start his release and her skin tingled with the way his eyes stared at her full, hardening backroom casting porno nipples. Pulling the duvet slowly back revealed his erection. “I’m glad to see you’re fully grown.” His hands were by his side. She said, “Stroke yourself and play with your balls.” It seemed astonishing to her that she’d become so forward but she rationalised by knowing this little act was both natural and would never be spoken of again. After a while watching him caressing his cock, she whispered, “Close your eyes and tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking of having sex with you, making love to you.” He closed his eyes.

That made her heart miss a beat. “How do you start?”

“It’s too private, Dani. I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” She was curious. “How do you start with me?”

His body shivered. “Don’t be angry, Danielle. I imagine you lying with your back upright against the bed headboard. I’m kneeling in front of you, my legs either side of you, my groin up against your face … I can’t go on … I can’t tell you.”

“Yes you can.” Without realising her fingers had crept inside her shorts, the dampness between her pussy lips a surprise. Was she losing control? she asked herself. “Tell me what you do to me.”

After hesitating and continuing to stroke himself, he said, “I place my cock into your mouth, easing it in … you can guess the rest.”

“No, I can’t. Talk to me. It’ll help you masturbate.” She watched him open his eyes and look down her body to her waist, her kneeling position with her legs pushed apart. She stopped playing with herself in the hope that he hadn’t seen.

His voice was hardly audible, “I imagine you would prepare me by sucking me, as I slowly fuck your mouth.” His breathing hitched. “It would help if I could do that now … you sitting like that … against the back of the bed.”

“No. No. I’m helping you by talking, not actually touching each other.”

“I wouldn’t come in your mouth. You don’t even have to handle me. I’d be very gentle.” He continued to draw his hand up and down his cock.

“You’re too big, Wes. Besides, I haven’t done anything like that before.”

“Have you not given head?”

“A little licking but certainly not all the way.”

“I’m not saying all the way. I know you want to.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you were masturbating yourself.” They fell silent.

“I was checking myself. That’s all.”

“I’m saying my mother-in-law wants to help save my marriage.”

She bit her lip. He was right but not in that way, in the way he wanted. On the other hand, what did it matter? This was all secret, their secret, a one-off. She took a deep breath and moved up to her side of the headboard, placed a pillow to support her back, propped herself against it with her legs spread out and looked at Wes. “You stop when I say. Agreed?”

He manoeuvred over to her side. While doing that, he kissed her, hard and she responded. Suddenly they were touching tongues, exploring each other’s mouths, love-biting lips. She couldn’t stop herself at first until Dani breathed, “Wait. It mustn’t be like this. The kissing. I’m helping you achieve your own release – that’s all.” Her words sounded firm.

When Wes knelt either side of her hips, he was just the right height with his cock inches from her mouth. The desire to play with her clit was taken away by Wes who took her hands in a surrender pose, placed them up against the headboard, their fingers entwined. “Squeeze my fingers,” he said, “if it gets too much for you.”

To Dani, his cock looked bigger when close up. Her lips tasted the pre-cum, slightly salty. She looked up at him and licked his tip, opened her mouth a little to let his head in. The bulbous head was definitely bigger than her hubby, but she opened some more as Wes gently pushed in. Her eyes moved to examine the length of him and she was sure she couldn’t fit all of it in. Opening wide, she let him in to touch the back of her tongue.

“Did I ever tell you, Danielle, I love you. You’re such a good person, so caring.” Wes came back out of her mouth to let her speak.

Only he called her by her full first name – it gave her a thrill to feel like a girl doing something naughty. “It’s Amy you must love the most. I’m doing this in her place. It’s something she should do.” His cock stroked her lips and she opened again. This time he went deeper, then pulled back to nearly come out but not quite as he rested with the head of his cock between her lips.

He said, “Suck, baby.” After a minute he instructed, “Now open … that’s it, wider, yes.”

His cock head touched the back of her throat to block her swallowing. Her fingers squeezed his and he quickly withdrew. “How can I breathe?” she licked pre-cum from the side of her mouth.

“Breathe through your nose and relax your jaw.”

It was ok this time for her as he held his cock inside touching the very back of her throat. By breathing through her nose, she held the position while he rocked carefully back and forth.

“I’m going to come. I’ll take my cock out so I can finish myself off.” He withdrew completely and sat back.

“Don’t.” Her gasp was more of an impulsive reaction as she sought to make sense of it. She clambered off the bed and stood, her breasts swayed, her nipples hard. “I need a drink.”

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