Sibling Innocence Ch. 02

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“Oh, come on, Joseph… please?” Janis looked into her brother’s eyes and pouted her lip a little. She had her arms wrapped around him and held him tight.

“I wish I could stay, Janis, but I’ve missed work the past two days already.”

She lowered her head onto his chest and faked crying. Joseph laughed and hugged her back. Janis was really sad that he had to work tonight, but she understood. Joseph had called in sick for the past few nights so he could spend more time with her, but he thought one more time might be jeopardizing his job.

“I still have an hour before I have to go… what do you want to do?”

She looked at him and pouted her bottom lip again, “Nothing,” she teased, “I don’t want to do anything!” She quickly reached down and grabbed his shorts yanking them down around his ankles.

Joseph gasped, “What the…?”

Janis jumped back and pointed at him laughing. She quickly turned and ran down the hall. Joseph bent and grabbed for his shorts trying to run after her and pull them back up at the same time.

“Oh you’re going to get it now,” he screamed as her giggles filled the house. He finally got his shorts back up and ran after her at full speed.


The past three months have been a blur to Janis and Joseph. Their lives became so much more complicated since they had first experienced each other’s love. It was tricky trying not only to find time to be alone together, but also trying to keep it secret. Their parents and everyone that knew Janis or Joseph had become suspicious, but it wasn’t a cause for alarm. They all knew Janis and Joseph had always been tight so it was not unusual for them to spend a lot of time together, but those times together have become a lot more frequent lately. Even their mother had asked Janis why she needed to spend all of her time with her brother, but Janis just shrugged her shoulders and told her mom that she had a lot of fun with Joseph.

Those times together, however, were more than fun. Janis and Joseph were very serious about being alone together. It was the time when they didn’t have to act like brother and sister for everyone. It was those times they could act like the intensely romantic couple they had become. It was not just about making love, although they both enjoyed it very much. Being alone gave them the opportunity to talk about how each other is doing, or to talk about future plans, or even just to get to know each other better than they already had.

Janis was more the playful type, though. She took chances that scared Joseph sometimes. A few days ago they went to a nice restaurant with their parents. Janis sat on Joseph’s right side with her left hand under the table caressing the inside of his thigh. Every once in a while she would gently squeeze his swollen cock through his pants. It drove Joseph nuts because she kept him constantly hard throughout the entire dinner. She knew what she was doing to him, and loved to tease him like that.

Janis lived in the clouds all the time now. She was never seen unhappy or depressed about anything and she often acted like she didn’t care if anybody knew why. Joseph matched her feelings but sometimes had to be the sensible one trying to keep their love private. Controlling Janis, however, was hard to do. He was afraid that she would eventually give them away if she didn’t calm down a bit.


Joseph finally caught up to Janis in her bedroom. She backed into the corner when she saw him. She was still laughing at him. Joseph smiled and lunged at her wrapping his arms around her thighs. She screamed when he picked her up. She laughed again and was pounding her fists on his shoulders.

“Put me down,” she yelled.

He carried her across the room and dropped her on her bed. She smiled hard and reached up to him. Joseph shook his head.


“Come here and kiss me, Joseph!” Janis reached out farther to him.

“What? I can’t be kissing my own sister!” He crossed his arms in mock disgust.

She sat up and grabbed Joseph’s shirt. “You will do what I say!” She pulled him on top of her and they both laughed.

Joseph slid his hands behind her head and pulled her up to his lips. Janis kissed him hard and reached under the back of his shirt to drag her nails along his back. He moved one of his hands from behind her head and slipped it under her shirt. Joseph felt her smooth belly and reached further up to her chest. Janis felt his groin pushing down on hers. She knew he was growing hard and couldn’t wait to touch it.

Suddenly Joseph stopped and rolled off the bed. “I’m sorry… I should probably get ready for work.” He turned and headed to her bedroom door.

“What?” Janis sat up and watched him. Joseph left her room and a few seconds later she heard the bathroom door close. She couldn’t believe he had just left. Janis jumped off her bed and angrily marched toward the closed bathroom door. She decided not to knock and just listened to what he was doing. A minute later she heard the shower running. Janis was getting glory hole secrets porno mad now and she put her hand on the doorknob. It was unlocked, so she barged in.

The bathroom was dimly lit because Joseph had obviously forgotten to turn on the light. Janis stomped toward the shower and threw open the curtains. Inside was Joseph, completely nude and smiling at her. Janis looked at him and saw his swollen cock pointing at her.

“I wondered if you would follow me.” Joseph grabbed his sister and pulled her into the shower. Janis screamed as she felt the warm water soak into her clothes. He held her close to him and kissed her neck.

Janis couldn’t help but laugh. “I was so mad when you left me and came in here. You probably had this in mind all along.”

“I just wanted to find a way to get you in the shower with me.”

Janis was not about to give in without a fight. “Well, Joseph. I guess I’ll be going now.” She wanted him to work for it. “Have a nice shower.”

Janis started to get out and Joseph grabbed her. “Hey… where are you going?”

“Oh… I’ll be in my room if you need me.” She grabbed his hand and pulled it off her. Once out of the shower, Janis closed the curtain. She quickly pulled off her wet clothes and tossed them aside. When she was completely naked she turned back toward the shower. She was surprised that he had not opened the curtains again. Janis had hoped he would have chased after her. He knew she was still in the bathroom, though. So she grabbed the doorknob and jiggled it to make it sound like she was leaving.

“Janis wait!” The curtains flew open again and Joseph looked out. He saw her standing there completely nude. Joseph looked into her eyes and she winked at him. “You are awful, you know that?”

“Yes I am.” Janis walked back to him and got in the shower again. She closed the curtains behind her and threw her arms around Joseph. She held and kissed him very passionately. “So… now that you have me here, what do want to do?”

“Everything.” Joseph rubbed his hands along her back feeling the smooth wetness of her skin. He loved the way her body looked and felt when she was wet. He stepped behind her and turned her to face him so that she was in the full stream of the shower. Janis closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair. The water was wonderfully warm and Joseph watched as it poured onto her hair and down the length of her body. He reached out with both hands and cupped her breasts with them. Janis moaned and put her hands on his, helping him stroke her hard nipples. Joseph leaned forward and began to suck gently on her neck. She released her hands from his and reached around his body. Janis put her hands on the lower part of his back and pulled him in closer. His throbbing hard-on was now pressing against her belly. Janis knew that if she wasn’t already wet she could probably have felt his pre-cum smearing along her stomach.

Joseph squeezed her breasts harder and Janis groaned at his touch. She leaned into him and softly bit along his shoulder and up to his neck. She did this for a minute until Joseph could no longer stand it. He slid his hands down to her waist and dropped to his knees. He moved his hands farther down to her thighs and gently spread them apart. He could now see her beautiful cunt and watched as the streams of water fell between her legs. He leaned in and started to kiss the insides of her thighs. It sent shivers through Janis’s body. Joseph kissed all around her groin trying to increase her excitement until he finally pushed into her and kissed the folds of her lips. Janis shivered and immediately put her hands behind his head. She held him there and tried to guide his kisses to where she needed them. Joseph felt her needing him more so he finally slipped out his tongue and used it to play with the enlarged nub above her slit. She shivered again and held his head tighter.

“Oh, Joseph.” She purred and ran her fingers through his hair. Janis looked down and watched him. Joseph slowly licked and sucked on her nub. She felt his hands slightly tickling the outsides of her thighs. One of his hands eventually made its way to her groin and she felt one of his fingers probing the outsides of her lips.

Joseph slowly slid his middle finger into her pussy. Janis moaned and closed her eyes again. He bit softly at her clit and Janis started to rock her hips to match the movements of his finger. Her body started to tingle as she felt the pleasure rising through her body. He continued to suck and bite on her nub while he pumped his finger into her faster. He kept going faster and faster until she could no longer stand still. Her legs went weak and Janis had to grab the showerhead to keep from falling. His tongue was fiercely stroking her clit and she felt his finger probe deep within her. It didn’t take long until the orgasm raced through her body.

Janis shrieked and involuntarily clenched his head between her legs. Waves of ecstasy shot through her veins making her grup sex dizzy with excitement. Joseph removed his finger and grabbed her backside to keep her steady. His tongue found it’s way inside her and he licked as far as he could into her cunt. Janis’ body shook under control of her orgasm that seemed endless.

Finally Joseph slowed his tongue and he tasted the outsides of her pussy. Janis felt really dizzy once her ecstasy subsided. She released her grasp from the showerhead but unfortunately her legs couldn’t hold her. Joseph fell backwards into the tub as Janis collapsed onto him. He caught her and wrapped his arms around her. Janis rested her head on his chest and tried to speak but couldn’t; she needed to catch her breath first.

Joseph massaged her back while she laid on him. Janis was breathing hard and her ears were ringing. She decided to lay there on Joseph for a while to try and savor the moment as long as she could.

The tub was too small for Joseph to spread out in so he had to prop his feet up on the edge. Janis was starting to relax finally and he reached his hand up to stroke her hair. She surprised him by finally speaking.

“I’m going to marry you someday, Joseph. You know that?”

Joseph couldn’t believe what he heard. “What?”

Janis raised her head off his chest to look at him. “I said that I want to marry you.” She was almost as surprised as he was to hear the words coming out of her mouth.

“I don’t think we’re allowed to do that, Janis.”

“I don’t want to live the rest of our lives as just brother and sister. There has to be a way we can do it.”

Janis’ eyes conveyed the seriousness of her words. Joseph, however, was speechless. Did his own sister just ask him to marry her? He almost passed out at the thought.

“I…” he tried to speak but couldn’t find the words.

Janis lifted herself up a little and slid her hand down his chest to his groin. She found his hardened cock and stroked it softly. Joseph found it hard to concentrate on what she had just said to him. His cock twitched under the touch of her soft hand. He looked at her face and she flashed him that sweet sexy smile that always melted his heart. Janis moved herself lower and released her hand from his penis. She lowered more and felt his tip slightly parting the folds of her pussy. She teased him for a minute gently pushing herself down until just the tip of his cock was in her. She then lifted back up letting the tip slip out. She repeated this a few more times and Joseph had put his hands on her hips trying to force him farther in to her. Janis smiled at him again and finally rested herself on him and his cock slid deep inside. Joseph held his breath as he felt the warmth of her. He pushed himself up slightly and into her further. Janis was motionless and just felt him slowly pump himself into her. The shower was starting to loose it’s heat but neither cared at this point.

Janis started to push herself down on his cock. She tried to synchronize with his thrusts. Her cunt itched as she felt his groin slide along her clit. Joseph held her body against his while the shower slowly turned colder. The cold water caused them to hold each other tighter. Janis shivered from the cold yet it excited her more. Joseph began to shiver too; his love making intensified the colder it became. Soon the water was almost freezing and Janis and Joseph powerfully thrashed against each other. Their mouths pressed tightly together and all of their hands quickly searched every inch of each other’s body. The wetness caused sucking sounds as they released and collided their hips together.

Joseph felt the burn in his cock and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Janis wasn’t far behind; her body shook and she couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or from the electrified pleasure Joseph’s lovemaking sent through her body. After a few seconds Joseph grabbed at her ass and pushed himself hard up into her. He stopped his movements and held onto her with his cock buried as far as it would go. Joseph gasped as he felt his penis swell with his juices.

Janis continued to grind her clit along his groin when she felt the hot cum burst inside her. She screamed when she felt her own pussy convulse around his cock. Joseph looked into her eyes while his cock filled her with his cum. Janis moaned, “I love you,” to Joseph when she felt the shock wave of her own orgasm. She stopped moving and felt her pussy squeeze around his cock. Joseph began to relax, but his cum still pulsed inside her. She laid her head back on his chest and held his head with her hands. Joseph felt his penis release the last of it’s load and he wrapped his arms around her. He held her tight and stroked her hair.

Janis felt very cold suddenly and lifted up to turn off the shower. Once it was no longer running she fell back into his arms. She felt she could fall asleep in the shower lying on him if she wanted to.

They laid together for a few minutes, neither said anything. Eventually Janis lifted hd porno her head from his chest and kissed him sweetly. She suddenly spoke.

“I’ll be yours forever, Joseph… if you want me.”

Joseph didn’t hesitate to respond, “Of course I want you, but I’m…” he couldn’t find the right words.

Janis, boldly, asked her question again. “Joseph, will you marry me?”

This time he did hesitate. Janis thought she knew why, but couldn’t help to be a little disappointed at his lack of response. Finally Joseph opened his mouth as though he was about to speak. Janis quickly got off of him and stood to open the shower curtains. She was hurt and she knew she didn’t want to hear what he was about to say.

Joseph had lifted up on his elbows. His mouth was still open as he watched her open the curtains and step out.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m drying off.” Her tone wasn’t good.

“Janis… I,”

She cut him off, “Joseph, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t hurry.”

He stood to his feet and stepped out of the shower. Joseph stood there for a moment and watched his sister dry herself. The wetness and the light through the bathroom window caused her skin to shine. He watched the towel gently stroke her smooth body. He knew he had hurt her and felt his heart sink to his stomach. Joseph stepped toward her and took her hand. She looked at him with tearful eyes.

A knock on the door startled them. Janis’ eyes grew wide suddenly.

“Hey Joseph, are you in there?” It was their mother.

“Joseph?” Janis whispered, fear in her face. She wondered what her mom was doing home.

Joseph panicked and threw a towel around his body. “What do we do?” His voice was too loud.

“Shut up.” Janis whispered again, but this time her mother heard the second voice through the door.

“Joseph!” Their mother had an angry voice. “Who is in there with you?!”

“Be out in a minute!” Joseph screamed at the door.

“Open this door now!” She pounded her fists against the locked bathroom door.

“Just a minute, mom!”

“Joseph, you better not have some girl in there with you!”

“What’s going on?” Janis and Joseph heard their father’s voice farther away. Neither of them could figure out why both of their parents were home so soon. They listened to their father’s footsteps come closer to the bathroom, then mumbling as their parents talked to each other. Janis had managed to gather some of her clothes and had slid her bra and panties on. Joseph stood still with the towel around his waist.

More banging on the door by their father now, “Open this door, Joseph!”

Joseph walked to the door and put his hand on the knob.

“Wait Joseph!” Janis stepped back into the shower and closed the curtains. There was just no other place to hide.

Joseph watched his sister disappear behind the curtains and finally opened the door.

“What do you want?” he couldn’t control his nervous shaking as he suddenly faced his parents.

“Who the hell is in there?” His father looked at him with piercing eyes.

“Nobody, just me.” Joseph stepped out of the bathroom suddenly causing his parents to step back out of the way. He tried to close the door behind him but his mother threw her foot in the way. His father punched the door back open with the palm of his hand. Joseph was pushed out of the way as his parents stormed into the bathroom.

His mother was the first to speak. “I know what’s going on in here… where is she?!” She looked at Joseph with an angry glance.

His father stomped over to the shower, “I wonder where she could be?” he threw open the curtains. Neither parent was prepared for what hid behind and both had to take a step back.

“Jan!” Their mother cupped her hands over her mouth as she stared at her half naked daughter.

“Joseph!” Their father glanced back and forth between Janis and Joseph , unable to comprehend what was going on. His eyes finally stopped on Joseph, “What the hell is going on?!”

“I…” Joseph was terrified and unable to speak. He looked at Janis hopping she would be able to explain this all away.

Janis looked at her brother and saw the fear and confusion in his face. She knew she was going to have to be strong for both of them. She moved her gaze back to her mother’s angry face.

“Joseph and I are in love!”

“Oh no…” Joseph turned away and looked at the floor. That wasn’t exactly the explanation he was hoping Janis would give. He couldn’t believe she just told them.

“What are you talking about?!” Her father fixed his gaze back on Janis.

Janis stepped out of the shower and spoke again to her mother, “ Joseph and I love each other… that’s the only thing I can say.”

“I don’t believe this.” Their mother stepped away from Janis and turned to look at Joseph. “Have you two been having sex, Joseph?”

“I guess so.” He didn’t even look up.

His father snapped at Janis, “How could you do that to Joseph?! To your own brother?!”

“I didn’t do anything he didn’t want!” Janis’ voice quivered, she looked at Joseph for support, but he was quiet. “If we love each other it can’t be wrong!”

Their mother lowered her head and started to cry. “I can’t believe what is happening. Don’t you kids realize what you’re doing?”

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