Simon Says Revenge Ch. 02-04

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Chapter 2

“Ah, Mr. Avanti. Nice to meet you. Sana said that you’d be coming,” the attorney greeted me as I entered his main office after about twenty minutes or so of admiring the secretary.

I tried not to be too obvious, but hey, blondes … what could I say?

“Sana?” I asked.

“Dr. Habib. I’m Yuri Natansky and you’re Simon Avanti, the man who was her patient last night, right?” the bald, goateed divorce lawyer confirmed.

“That I am. Look … what my wife did last night … it’s not simple adultery. She drugged me, hogtied me, and forced me to watch her do things that she always denied me, get this, not because I had broken my wedding vows. That would be bad enough and still an extreme overreaction on her part, but I had slept with a friend of hers BEFORE Danielle and I got engaged. Now, you tell me if that makes sense.

“If she behaves this way just six weeks into our marriage, what else do I have to fear? I no longer feel safe alone with her, and that’s no way to go forward in my life, always jumping and flinching, walking on eggshells, etc. No thanks. The sooner I can cut my losses, the better, you know. Don’t you agree?” I asked Mr. Natansky directly now.

“Indeed, indeed, but I want you to look into another option. Annulment. If you’ve already become this disaffected this early into a marriage, it’s much easier than at a later date to go ahead and annul the union. I believe that you entered this marriage in good faith, but perhaps she did not. Best part of annulment … you don’t need her consent to annul it. You just need to get a judge to grant it.

“We can look into whether or not she withheld vital information about her mental health prior to marriage and whether or not you would have married her if you had that knowledge in the past. If that fails, of course, we can still go for the divorce,” Mr. Natansky had the look of a mad scientist in his eyes, but not a truly insane one, just one who thought something ingenious.

“That would be very nice, thank you very much. Now, regarding property settlements, there shouldn’t be a lot of marital assets, am I right, not this early into it, I would think,” I posed the obvious query about the likely fiscal hit that we’d both take.

“No, indeed not, and another factor to consider is that if she were to be, say, incarcerated for any length of time, it would give us an enormous structural advantage in terms of seeking our desired terms for a final settlement. From what I’ve heard, that seems to be a considerably high probability, which is one of the few upsides to the fact that what she did was, quite frankly, a violent felony.

“She could actually go to prison, and not necessarily for a short time, either. I don’t have to tell you, I think, that judges don’t tend to side with convicted felons in divorces. She might be lucky to have enough money for a prison commissary by the time that she finishes getting raped in such a divorce. It also helps that you don’t have kids together, either. No child support, almost no chance of alimony, best case scenario for her, she keeps the house in the divorce, maybe the car,” Mr. Natansky was thankfully ruthlessly frank with me now.

“Wow … she really screwed the pooch, didn’t she?” I reacted with amazement at how much Danielle had put herself in serious shit.

“That’s being generous to her, but yes. Fear not, you’ll get a far more favorable divorce than the average man in this state. Or annulment, best case scenario. I mean, let’s be blunt here. Her crime, kidnapping, is actually a federal offense and carries with it a possible twenty-year term. Even in one of the nicer women’s prisons out there, with no federal parole, she’ll probably hit menopause behind bars, easily.

“A fortysomething, maybe fiftysomething, ex-con with no recent job experience, she’s looking at the best years of her life gone, just like that, in a puff of smoke, all because she lost her temper and pulled a stunt like this. Maybe, if she’s likely, she gets some stupid schmuck to be her pen pal and marry her while she’s in the joint.

“Still no conjugal visits, but likely plenty of action once she gets out. She’s likely gonna have to take what she can get, some asshat who puts her to work as a glorified maid who also sucks his cock. Her life is ruined, either way. Welcome to Hell. Personally, I don’t stick my dick in crazy, but that’s just me. I’ve learned that one the hard way,” Mr. Natansky lit a cigar as he kept tossing a long discarded wedding band in the air.

There had to be a story behind that, but that was a problem for another day.

“I want a restraining order, in any case, Mr. Natansky. On grounds of fear for safety, in case she attacks me or has Ramone attack me while she’s just out of custody. If she violates that, she goes right back to jail, right?” I confirmed for the record.

“Precisely and that was gonna be my next point, but you were astute enough to beat me to the punch. Yes, we absolutely want it on the record you don’t feel erotik film izle safe around her. That’s gonna look really bad for her in a divorce, to put it mildly, and best of all, if she has a firearm, they can seize it for a significant length of time while she’s under that order. Nor is she allowed to buy another one during that time, either. Yeah, she’s gonna have a very rough day … even a rough week, far worse than even yours, Mr. Avanti,” Mr. Natansky clarified for me.

Anyway, as we concluded the day’s business, I turned my cell phone back on and got another voicemail from Danielle, now very desperate and very much a jailbird. I chuckled as I thought about how humiliating it must have been for her to have cops show up at her workplace and take her into custody, reading her Miranda rights.

It was that bitch’s turn to plead for mercy, and I was fresh out of it.

“Simon, please … this has gone on long enough. Okay, I get that I maybe … overreacted, but did you have to press charges? Are you really gonna make me sit in jail all fucking week or however long it is until I can post bond? Please … bail me out … pretty please … I’ll do whatever you like, be your sex slave for a week, do threesomes with fucking Michelle if you only bail me out and drop those stupid charges! Please … Simon!

“Damn it, you stupid motherfucker! Why Michelle? Why did it have to be her? Please, damn it … get me out of here! It’s insane! I miss you! I miss your dick, too, I swear! You can even do my butt and make me suck it afterward, I promise you! PLEASE! You can go fuck yourself, Simon Avanti, Jr. Burn in Hell!”

As with the other voicemail, I saved it as evidence, just in case. Then I went back to the motel, made some more adjustments to my finances to further separate myself from Danielle, and then went for a swim in the pool. I had a feeling that it was best to at least spend the day there, just in case Danielle somehow got out and went looking for me … or sent Ramone after me. She might know where Jamie lived. She wouldn’t know where I spent the week if it was a motel.

I swam about six or seven laps around the pool when I heard a voice call out to me.

“You’re a hard man to find, dude. But you didn’t count on my own resources, cousin.”

It was Ramone.

Chapter 3

“You!” I snapped at him, making my cousin back off with the venom in my voice.

“Dude … look … I don’t want no beef with you! I just … want Danielle, okay! That’s all this was about! I thought she’d just have a revenge affair for your cheating, not that she’d go nuclear like this! Damn, dude … I just coveted your wife and wanted her for myself! I even … lied to her about my sterility. I told her that I couldn’t have any kids. I can and likely made one with her last night. Be mad at me if you must, just remember that I never tied you up! That was all her!” Ramone assured me rather desperately.

“You know that she’s in jail now, right? She’s going to prison, Ramone, for what she did, and there’s a pretty good chance that so are you. If I were you, I’d stop harassing me and focus on getting a damn good lawyer, because without one, you’re gonna be fresh meat at some maximum security prison with a cellmate who wants you for his own bride. You’ll get plenty of butt sex then, but you might not enjoy it so much on the receiving end,” I observed, making Ramone cross himself now.

“Dude, what do I have to do … to stay out of prison? Fuck Danielle … she’s not worth being Bubba’s bitch! I … I can’t … I can’t do that. I’d never be able to sit down again. Please help me out here, cousin!” Ramone begged me now.

“Go to Hell, Ramone,” I chuckled and swam away.

“Damn you, cousin, how can you be so damn cold?” Ramone pleaded with me.

“I seem to recall how cold you were last night, showing no inclination to set me free, being far too busy fucking the hell out of Danielle. Well, guess what, bitch? That makes you an accessory, cousin! An accessory to kidnapping, which since that’s a federal crime, the accessory part is also a federal crime. That means no parole, moron.

“If I were you, I’d either get a really good lawyer, turn state’s evidence, or start training your cornhole for a lot more traffic in the near future. You’ll make one lovely bride for Bubba or Elroy or Jamal or Ruben or Xavier, princess! They say that being a prison wife changes a man. Like permanently. I guess that you’re about to find out if that’s true. Be a dear and put me on your visitors’ list so that you can tell me all about it,” I taunted Ramone more even as I got out of the pool, dried off a little, and called the cops.

“Hey, Detective, guess who decided to harass me at the motel swimming pool? Hey, cousin, want to take this call? I think that they really are looking for you. That’s right, Ramone … you can run, but you can’t hide. Yes, I gave you the address. I think that you’ll find that Ramone is very distinct chap. He looks like a wannabe wiseguy. Yep, film izle he’s fleeing on foot even now. Gee, I think that I scared him off. Just don’t forget to perp walk him,” I smirked while Ramone tried rather desperately to get away from the tipped-off location.

I swam a few more laps while picturing the arrest of Ramone Divoli, my own cousin, which was only a matter of time now. I got bored, though, and headed back to my room to change. I took a quick shower, cleansing off the chlorine from my skin and drying off just seconds before I heard a knock at my door. Who the devil found me next?

I opened the door and there was Michelle, for whatever reasons were not clear to me. What the fuck did she want? If she had kept her stupid trap shut, none of this would have happened. Then again, I would have stayed married to that crazy cunt, so there was that. Michelle had kept me at arm’s length after the fling, too, not that she was overly great in the sack, either.

“Michelle, to what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked Danielle’s friend, who gave me a witchy smile.

“Um … Simon … I think that we have unfinished business, you and I,” Michelle bit her lower lips in a surprisingly charming way.

“Sorry, I don’t follow you, but come inside, if you must. Please elaborate, Michelle,” I sat on the motel bed and she on the other one.

“Oh, I think that you know what I mean. I … I meant to leave … more to do later, but we never got the chance before you got engaged to Danielle and swore off everyone else. Now that your marriage is toast, though … I can do justice to our little fling or whatever you wish to call it. I feel awful that I told her about us, too, but she got me a bit drunk and we were spilling out all of our secrets. That was when she told me about her own … secret,” Michelle had the decency to blush now.

“Secret? Do tell me this. I wasn’t aware of any such secret,” I perked up a bit.

“She’s been … sleeping with Ramone from the beginning. He’s her … boyfriend. And she wanted to get me on side … to make me … help … keep you in line. I was to keep seducing you, so that she could keep finding reasons to fuck him. I had to keep you at a distance until her first revenge affair, and then … wait until you were nice and down … and console you.

“Then you would get busted and etc. It was a really dumbass plan, even for her. She didn’t really think it through to the conclusion at all. She figured that I was no threat … too dull in her bed by her lights. Too vanilla,” Michelle at least had the grace to feel embarrassment at Danielle’s absurd conceit.

“And yet you’re here, despite her arrest … and revealing all to me now. You’re not still trying to carry out her plan, are you?” I confronted Michelle, who shook her head.

“Nope … MY plan. I was a dead lay, I’m afraid, but I don’t wish to be anymore. I could tell that you were bored with me, but that doesn’t have to be so. Please … please … let me do this for you, honey. The first step, however, is this,” Michelle pulled out some handcuffs, making me frown in exasperated disbelief.

“Do I have a ‘victim’ sign on my forehead or something, Michelle?” I assumed that she meant to cuff me.

“Nope, but see?” Michelle put the first cuff on her left wrist, followed by the other on her right.

“Those cuffs were for you, not me … wow! Why, Michelle? Why start there?” I shook my head in shock while my cock swelled up with my lust.

“Because … trust. I lost your trust and I want it back first. Also … I’m … kinda wet at being handcuffed right now, to be perfectly honest,” Michelle stunned me with that admission as she handed me the keys to her cuffs.

“Why do you care about my trust, Michelle? I’m afraid that I don’t follow you still. Why are you wet at being handcuffed and at my mercy? Why are you spilling Danielle’s secrets? I like these things, yes, but I wonder at your motivation here. I thought that you cared more for her than for me, so in any falling out, you’d side with her. What gives?” I demanded answers from Michelle, whose blushes and dimples admittedly gave her more charm now.

“Well … I … like you. A lot. Far more than I like her right now, in fact. So, how about this deal? While I’m handcuffed like this, I’m YOUR captive. You can do with me as you please. Do whatever you like with me … except scat, mutilation, that kind of thing. Those are my only restrictions, if you will. Everything else is on the table. Pussy, mouth, ass … all of the above. Whips, chains, leather, rimming, orgies, etc. Gang-bangs, daisy chains…

“I had to look half that stuff up online, in fact, but I’ll gladly do it all. I’m your slut for as long as I’m cuffed here, you see. After that, we’ll see, but I’ll make no attempt to retaliate for anything that you do to me, I swear, aside from those limits,” Michelle announced, making my boner harder still.

“What kind of … timetable are we speaking of here? For this … bondage stuff? Also, seks filmi izle what about showers? Won’t you need to be uncuffed for those? Have you really thought this through, Michelle? You’re basically a sweet girl, if a bit attached to Danielle and old-fashioned, woman,” I persisted, even as I tried not to get quite so hard so fast.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. Until you give me back the keys, not until you uncuff me. Word of honor, however long that takes, I’m your private whore, in fact. I am out of work, so this is perfect for this. I get fed, housed, maybe even an allowance? However long it takes. So, what do you say? You have all of the power now. I’m entirely at your mercy. What do you say, Master?” Michelle let her inner minx come out to play and it was far convincing and enticing than I ever expected it to be.

Oh … and her eyes … damn those blue-green orbs! And those honey-blonde curls, too. There was only one thing to do, since she had me under her spell.

Put her under my thumb.

“Well, for one thing, slut, I think that you’re far too overdressed, don’t you agree? Let’s rid you of those blue jeans, okay and see what kind of panties you wear, my dear. After that, who knows? Naughty girl, kissing and telling to my wife about what happened in the past and not telling Master what said wife’s own secrets were until now,” I told Michelle as I put her on her back and unzipped her pants to slide them down.

I slipped off her sneakers and socks once I got the jeans halfway down, making it easier to remove her denim. Sweet! Michelle had white lace panties, but that would change soon enough. I could see her golden bush, too, reminding me that she was a natural blonde. I leaned in closer to sniff her crotch and sure enough, she was as wet as noodles in a saucepan. I winked at Michelle and slid her panties down with my own teeth, unhooking them to make her bottomless at last.

“Well, well, that’s a great way to gain trust … tell the truth about your arousal. You’re soaked! Let’s flip you over, shall we?” I decided, turning Michelle over onto her belly and parting her cheeks to inspect her butt-crack.

I walked toward the bathroom, ran a washcloth in the faucet, and returned to wipe the area in question before spreading her cheeks again. Then I began licking from her tailbone to her taint, especially honing in on her tasty pucker. I also slapped her buns to mix some pain in with the pleasure and frankly because she had such a spankable ass. I began fingering her asshole a bit and listening for her obvious moans of pleasure.

I did it, I told myself … I found the inner slut hiding in the demure, vanilla “good girl” Michelle. It simply lay in ambush, waiting to be drawn out into the open. I knew for a fact now that her bottom was an erogenous zone for her and that she liked being handcuffed for whatever reason. I kept it up a bit longer, making her booty nice and red, or at least a very dark or hot pink from the spanking that made her even wetter than the handcuffs did. I wanted Michelle extremely ready for what I intended for her fine ass.

It was gonna hurt … but I gathered that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for my new slut. At least she was in my handcuffs, not in jail. Between Michelle and Danielle, it was clear who got the better deal. Damn … her ass, now that it was no longer off-limits … looked even sweeter than my wife’s. Of course, it was now mine, wasn’t it? I’d take that trade-off, even as painful as it could be at times.

I was a lot happier than that fugitive Ramone, that was for sure.

Chapter 4

“Are you ready for it, babe?” I asked Michelle as I pointed my cock right at her asshole.

“Yes … please! Fuck … my ass! I’m tired of being dull and demure. I want to be your slut! I’ve wanted you for a long time, Simon! That stupid bitch Danielle didn’t know how good she had it! Fuck her!” Michelle snapped, now eager to take my prick up her tight, cherry pucker.

“Alright, here we go, then,” I eased my first few inches into Michelle’s brown eye, making my new blonde cum whore feel the loss of her anal maidenhood.

“Fuck … yeah … it hurts … but … I love … the pain! I can’t believe … I denied myself … this!” Michelle gasped as she took me deeper inside her tush.

“I can’t believe that I denied myself more of you. If I’m gonna get punished for fucking you, I should make fuller use of you, right? You really are a dish … now I recall why I was attracted to you in the first place,” I told Michelle as I went deeper and properly plowed the backfield.

“What would you do if I wanted to stay in these handcuffs for a long time?” Michelle teased me as she pressed her thick buns against my hands and welcomed my rough invasion of her big bottom.

“We can … play that by ear and deal with that … situation as it rises … oh, fuck … damn that ass of yours … so … fucking … hot, slick, and tight!” I grunted as I rammed my new blonde slut harder up her rear.

“God … yes … Master … for you … anything … Simon … oh, fuck, yeah!” Michelle really got into the sodomy by now, pushing back at me with her hips in earnest, “thank you, Master … I love it! I love being your dirty anal slut!”

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