Sister-in-law backrub

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“Hello. We’re here!” Susan shouted as she walked into her parents’ house dragging her suitcase behind her. Her husband, Peter, followed with another suitcase. The sliding glass door to the patio opened, and Susan’s sister, Carol, came walking in with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi there!” she shouted from across the room. She walked over to Susan and gave her a big hug, followed by a kiss on the lips. “It seems like ages!” Then she pulled Peter into a bear hug and planted a wet kiss on his lips, too. “I’ve missed you guys.”

“Hey,” Susan said, “you’re the one who moved to New York! And we saw you three months ago at David’s wedding.”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s still too long. You should move to New York.”

“Ha, yeah,” Susan said. “Don’t hold your breath.”

“Well thank god winter break still brings us all together.”

It had been happening for years. Even after both girls got married, they always met at their parents’ house during the Christmas holiday. The girls were close, and they both missed seeing each other more often. Peter also liked Carol and his in-laws, and all of them loved him. He didn’t care too much for Carol’s husband, Ken, but he could tolerate him when necessary. All Ken really seemed to care about was money. He made a lot as a lawyer for a huge firm in New York, he bought expensive toys, and he liked to talk about how much everything cost.

“So is Ken going to grace us with his presence this trip?” Peter asked as sarcastically as possible.

“Yeah, but only for a long weekend,” Carol sighed, showing her disappointment. “He’s got to prepare for an upcoming case. He said he was lucky to even get the weekend off. Look, it’s beautiful outside. Go put on your bathing suits and let’s sit by the pool. Mom and Dad won’t be home for an hour or two.”

Susan and Peter dragged their suitcases upstairs to the bedroom they always used, and Carol went to her room on the first floor. Peter unpacked both suitcases and changed into his bathing suit. Susan put on a new, red bikini that Peter hadn’t seen before.

“Wow, sweetheart, that looks fantastic on you!” Susan was a very attractive woman who kept herself in shape by working out almost every day. She definitely looked younger than her 30 years.

“Thanks,” she said. “I was afraid it was too revealing.

Peter laughed. “Susan, I’ve seen one-piece bathing suits that showed more skin. Your boobs are totally covered and the bottoms cover everything. But it looks great on you.”

Susan smiled. “Yeah? Well you look pretty hot yourself.”

“Oh, yeah?” Peter replied. “How about I rip that suit off your body and we fuck?”

“Yeah, sure, Peter. You know we can’t do that at my parents’ house.”

Peter laughed again. “You know, it’s not like when we’d visit your parents when we were in college. We’re married. We’ve been married for eight years. Your parents know we have sex.”

“Maybe…. But we’re still not doing it in their house.”

“Wanna’ ditch your sister and go get a hotel room?” Peter asked with a smile.

“Nice try, Peter. C’mon, let’s go outside.

When they got outside, Carol was already lying on a lounger. She, too, was wearing a bikini, but as anyone who knew the girls would expect, it was definitely not as conservative as Susan’s. It was a string bikini which showed a fair amount of cleavage and a lot of thigh.

Peter smiled as he looked at the two sisters. They didn’t look like twins, but they certainly couldn’t deny they were sisters. They both had their mother’s good looks, small nose, and beautiful eyes. Carol’s breasts were slightly smaller than Susan’s, but probably still a small C. Carol was two years younger, but like Susan, she looked younger than her age. She’d been taking dancing lessons since she was a little kid, and she still took classes. Her body didn’t have an ounce of fat.

The sisters sat in the sun, chatting and laughing like two girls in high school. Peter sat in the shade, enjoying watching his wife look so happy as she caught up with her sister. After a little while, Carol turned to Peter and said, “C’mon, Peter. It’s time you earned your keep. You know we only let you into the family because you give such good back rubs.” With that, she lowered her lounger into a flat position and rolled onto her stomach. Peter smiled as he got up and walked over to her. He sat on the edge of her lounger next to her, leaned down, put one hand on each of her shoulders and dug his thumbs into her shoulder blades.

“Oh, god, that feels good!” Carol moaned. Peter slowly moved his hands down Carol’s back, pressing his thumbs into her muscles. When he got to her lower back, he rubbed his thumbs just above her bikini bottom and pressed hard on both sides of her spine. “Oh, yes”, she moaned. “Hey, Susan. You know how Peter says you only married him because of his back rubs? If that really was the only reason, I think you still made a good decision.”

“Yeah”, Peter agreed, “that’s about the only thing about me she likes.”

He continued moving up and down her back, massaging her muscles. He loved fake hospital hastane giving Carol backrubs. First, she was always very appreciative. Second, he liked Carol, and he liked making her feel good. And third, although he knew this probably was bad, he liked running his hands across her body. Her body was in great shape, and he’d be lying to himself if he said he never fantasized about her. But most important of those was the fact that he liked making her feel good. At least that’s what he told himself.

At one point, he started rubbing her neck and then massaged her scalp. He liked it when he got a scalp rub, so he used to assume everyone did. But his wife didn’t. Whenever he tried rubbing her head, she’d just say no. But Carol liked it. She moaned when he rubbed her scalp and then laughed as she said, “hey, Susan. Your husband gives good head.”

“Hear that, Susan?” Peter said, “I TOLD you I give good head!”

Susan rolled her eyes and said, “just keep telling yourself that.” All three of them laughed.

He rubbed her shoulders hard and pressed deeply into the knots in her muscles. Carol responded with moaning appreciation. He moved down her back again and once more pressed his thumbs low on her back. This time, his thumbs went just slightly under her bikini bottoms, moving from the middle of her back to the sides. He didn’t do it intentionally; his thumbs just slid down along her spine and ended up just under her bathing suit.

Carol felt Peter’s thumbs slide under her bikini, and she smiled to herself. She liked the thought of his hands so close to her ass. Carol always had a thing for Peter — ever since the first time Susan brought him home. She was in high school, but she was old enough to think of him sexually. It’s not like she was going to try to steal her sister’s boyfriend; she loved her sister and would never do anything to hurt her. But……… she definitely had a bit of a crush on him.

Now that his hands were underneath her bathing suit — even if only by a half inch — she suddenly had naughty thoughts running through her head. In fact, she started breathing just a little heavier and felt herself getting a little wet. If her sister hadn’t been there, she definitely would have asked him to rub her glute muscles. She liked it when her massage therapist massaged her glutes, and she wouldn’t object if Peter did it now. But she knew that wasn’t the primary reason she was thinking about his hands rubbing her ass. She felt bad that she was having thoughts like this about Peter while he was just giving her a backrub and wasn’t thinking anything sexual.

She was wrong. Peter certainly did realize where his thumbs ended up. For a very brief moment he had a picture in his mind of what it would be like to slide his entire hand under her bathing suit and caress her butt. But of course, he wasn’t going to do that; not only would it be wrong and probably piss the crap out of Carol, but his wife was lying less than 10 feet from the two of them. So he slid his hands back up her back and continued rubbing and loosening knots in Carol’s muscles. After 15 minutes, he said, “Okay, Carol, that’s it for now. I don’t want to spoil you.”

“Mmmmmm”, said Carol. “Go ahead and spoil me. If you and Susan ever split up, I’ll dump my husband and marry you just for the back rubs.”

After another hour of relaxing outside, the patio door opened, and Susan and Carol’s parents walked out. They hugged Susan and Peter and sat down to catch up with them. After a while, their parents told them they had made reservations for dinner. Peter said he wanted to take a shower, so he went inside. After a little while, Susan and Carol went inside to change for dinner.

There were lots of good restaurants in the area, but tonight they were going to everyone’s favorite. Peter thought it was interesting that they were going to their favorite on a night when Carol’s husband wasn’t there. He thought his in-laws had the same feelings about their son-in-law that he had; one could tolerate him, but you didn’t want him to be your best friend.

At the restaurant, they had drinks when they got there and wine with dinner. Everyone was feeling pretty good, although Susan’s mom only had one glass of wine; she would be driving home. Peter loved visiting his in-laws. They were loving parents who treated him like their own son. The two girls loved each other, so everyone always had a good time when they got together. And he and Carol loved teasing each other. They were all very close.

They weren’t home very long before Susan’s parents went to their room for the night. The girls said they were going to get ready for bed, but Peter clicked on the TV in the family room. Once Susan got ready for bed, she usually stayed in the bedroom, reading before falling asleep. Carol came back to the family room in her normal sleeping outfit — loose gym shorts and a long t-shirt. When she walked in, she grabbed a pillow off of the couch, threw on the floor, laid on top of it, and turned back to look at Peter. “C’mon, Peter, finish that backrub you fake taxi porno started earlier.”

Peter smiled as he got up off the couch. As usual when he gave Carol a backrub (if she wasn’t wearing a bathing suit), she pulled her t-shirt halfway up her back so Peter could rub her skin directly. He sat on her butt and started pushing long, firm strokes from Carol’s lower back up to her shoulders. Then he used his thumbs to really press into her muscles. She alternated between letting out groans of mild pain (which she claimed were “a good kind of pain”) and groans of satisfaction when a muscle suddenly loosened up from the manipulation. He continued working his thumbs and palms firmly into her shoulders, upper back and lower back. She had her hands under her head so the sides of her torso were exposed, but he was very careful to keep his hands far away from any side-boob that might have been available under her t-shirt.

As the back rub continued, Carol started thinking about their time earlier by the pool. Again, she started thinking about how good his hands felt on her body — and not just because he was rubbing her muscles. At one point when his hands were toward the top of her back but below her shoulders, she gave in to her temptations. Just as Peter’s hands moved a little toward the edges of her back, she lifted up her torso and rested her weight on her elbows. Though her breasts were still covered by her shirt, they were hanging freely and very available for Peter’s hands.

When Peter saw her lift up her body, a million thoughts flew through his head. Is she just stretching her body? Is she offering her tits to me? She CAN’T be offering her tits to me, can she? Okay, I need to deal with this carefully. I can tell her, “I’d like to, but you know I can’t.” Or I can say, “Carol, stop that! It’s not appropriate.” All these thoughts took less than half a second. And while he was trying to decide what to say, a different part of his brain took over. He reached around both sides of her body and placed his hands on her breasts. They both let out soft moans. Peter massaged both breasts and pinched her very hard nipples. He loved feeling her breasts. He’d cup them and massage them for a few seconds and then use his thumb and index finger to pinch her nipples. Both of them were breathing a little harder.

Suddenly Carol rotated her body slightly. She leaned more on her left elbow as she slid her right hand under her body, into her shorts, and into her pussy. As Peter rubbed her tits, Carol was masturbating. Peter could not believe this was happening, but he wasn’t about to complain. As she fingered herself and rubbed her clit, she started whimpering a little, clearly trying to control herself so she didn’t get too loud. Peter continued touching every inch of her tits and rolling and pinching her nipples as she started moving her hand faster and faster. After a few minutes, Carol started gasping and Peter, who was still sitting mostly on her butt, could feel her body jerking. She almost lifted him up with a few of her spasms as she let out a soft, long cry. Then she collapsed, her torso falling to the floor with Peter’s hands trapped between the floor and her tits. She pulled her right hand out of pants and returned it to the original position beneath her head.

They both were still for a few minutes. Finally, Carol lifted her body a little, and Peter pulled his hands out from beneath her breasts. He pulled her shirt down as he got off of her and sat back on the couch. Carol stayed on the floor for a few more minutes with a big smile on her face. When she finally got up, she put the pillow back on the couch, looked at Peter, and leaned down to give him a kiss on the lips. No open mouth, but more than a peck. It was a “you’re my brother-in-law but I love you” kiss. When she pulled away, she said “Thank you.” And then she went off to her room.

Peter sat on the couch motionless, replaying in his mind what just happened. What the hell was he thinking? What the hell was Carol thinking? But then a smile worked its way onto his mouth. Shit, he thought, that was hot!

The next morning, Peter woke up to the smell of bacon. He shuffled downstairs and into the kitchen, where Carol and Susan were working the stove. All three sat down to French Toast and bacon, and Susan turned toward Peter.

“You’re on your own today. Carol and I are going to a spin class and maybe a dance class. Then we’re meeting some old friends for lunch. Can you survive by yourself?”

“Gee, I don’t know. I’m a guy. Can I do ANYTHING by myself?”

Carol said, “Yeah, we know what guys do by themselves. Please change the sheets when you’re done.” Carol and Susan both started laughing. Peter just rolled his eyes, but inside he was smiling to himself.

After breakfast, the girls headed to the gym and Peter went for a long run. After he got back, he showered and read by the pool. The girls came home late afternoon, and everyone went out for a light dinner.

When they got home, everyone watched TV for a little while. The girls’ parents eventually went family stroke porno to sleep, and the remaining three indulged themselves with ice cream sundaes – with whipped cream…. and a cherry on top.

As the night grew late, Susan said she was going to sleep. Carol walked out talking to her as Peter flipped on the TV. After 15 minutes, Carol reappeared in her standard sleep outfit, though this t-shirt was longer than usual. As she walked in, she said, “Peter, help me out. I overdid it at my dance class today, and I’m really sore. Can I get a PSBR?”

Peter looked at her with a confused expression. “A what?”

“A PSBR. A Peter Special Back Rub.”

Peter chuckled but then remembered last night. On the one hand, he’d be happy to fondle Carol again, and she was more than welcome to masturbate while he touched her. But on the other hand, he knew it was not a good idea. Not only was he touching a woman who wasn’t his wife, but it was her sister! He looked at her for a couple of seconds before responding. “Uh, you think that’s a good idea?”

“Hell yeah. I think it’s a GREAT idea!” She gave an adorable smile followed by a pouty face. “C’mon, Peter. Please?”

Throwing caution to the wind, he agreed. He turned off the TV as Carol threw some pillows on the floor so she could lay down. As in the past, as she laid down, she pulled her t-shirt up halfway so Peter could access her lower back. She was facedown so she couldn’t see Peter’s face, but if she could, she would have seen an expression which combined shock, excitement, and a little fear. Carol wasn’t wearing her usual gym shorts; she only had on a pair of thong panties. They had a narrow, lavender-colored lace waistband. There was a thin piece of material that disappeared between the cheeks of her butt, leaving her beautiful ass completely exposed. After a not-so-slight hesitation, Peter climbed off the couch and sat on her butt, as he had done the night before, and started rubbing her back.

He slid his hands under her t-shirt, put his hands over her shoulders, and pressed his thumbs into her shoulder blades. Carol let out a moan as he rubbed her sore muscles. As he moved his hands slowly down her back, he would occasionally feel knots in her muscles. He would push his thumb into the knot, hold it for 20 seconds (with Carol sometimes whimpering), and then he would release the pressure. This always brought a loud sigh from Carol.

When he got to her lower back, he placed one thumb on each side of spine and pushed hard. Then he would slowly drag his thumbs to the outside of her back, keeping up the pressure across the way. Sometimes he’d dig his palms into her lower back, trying to find different ways to apply pressure to make her feel good.

After a while, Carol said, “God, that feels great! Can you move back further and rub my glutes, please?”

Peter moved back onto her thighs, but Carol yelled. “Ouch. That hurts. Wait, get off.”

Peter moved off of her. Carol smiled to herself. Then she spread her legs and said, “Kneel between my legs. Then you can apply good pressure to my glutes.”

Peter repositioned himself on his knees between her legs. He was now staring at the lavender panties where they covered her pussy. Just beyond that were her beautiful ass cheeks. Knowing she couldn’t see him, he let himself smile as he took in the beautiful sight. He put both of his hands on her right cheek and pressed his thumbs into her glute muscles. Carol let out another moan. Peter moved his hand all around her cheek, theoretically massaging her muscles but also enjoying having his hands on her butt.

He switched over to the other cheek and repeated his actions. Again, Carol moaned each time he applied pressure directly on the muscles. This went on for 10 minutes, with both of them enjoying it. On the next cycle of rubs, Peter had one hand on each cheek, pushing his thumbs into her as he walked his hands across her butt from the outside toward the middle. As his thumbs approached her crack, he went a little lower, and his thumbs ended up very close to her lips. He pulled his thumbs outward, basically exposing her panty-covered pussy. He got very excited by this, as did Carol, so he repeated this action. The next time, as his thumbs moved toward the middle, he continued until his thumbs stroked the outside of her lips. Carol let out a quiet gasp, and she didn’t want him to stop. When he repeated this action, he noticed her panties had a dark wet spot.

Carol was breathing more quickly than usual, and her head was spinning. Peter was hard as a rock, and he contemplated what to do. Before he could talk himself out of it, he placed his right thumb directly on the wet spot of her panties and rubbed them. Carol let out an approving moan, giving Peter more encouragement. He hooked his left index finger under her panties and pulled them to the side, finally exposing her pussy. He stuck his right thumb in his mouth and then rubbed it along her pussy. Carol was trying hard not to be too loud, but she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. Carol’s lips were engorged and pushing out. Peter stuck his middle finger in his mouth to get it as wet as possible, and then he slipped it in Carol’s pussy. Both of them let out a moan that was louder than either of them wanted, but they couldn’t control themselves. Carol was soaking, and Peter was as hard as a metal pipe.

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