Sisters of Mercy

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Only once in my life have I been lucky enough to have sex with more than one woman at once, a threesome to be exact, and that came about by accident, or at least the design was not on my part but on theirs.

I had been going out for a few weeks with a girl called Anne, who was absolutely gorgeous. She had long curly dark hair, green eyes, soft skin, a figure and legs to die for, and I was sexually besotted with her.

The problem was, she didn’t seem to have any real sexual interest in me. I found out later that she was determined to save herself for her wedding night, but she never explained that to me at the time. Although she would kiss passionately, she wouldn’t let me go any further, any attempt to pet her or feel her breasts even was met with a friendly but determined refusal, and after 3 weeks I was going crazy.

Now, Anne had a sister called Kathy, who was nowhere near as good looking. She wasn’t ugly, but she was short and dumpy with mousy hair and a round face.

What Kathy lacked in looks, however, she more than made up for in personality, she was always bouncing around, bubbling and smiling, and she often looked at me with a glint in her eye that I was sure meant sexual interest but which puzzled me as the two girls were very close and I never expected that either would make a play for the other’s boyfriend. What I didn’t know was that they had their own plans.

One afternoon, when I was free, I was round at their house by invitation, their parents both being away. Both girls were in, and we sat on the couch, me in the middle, Anne on my right and Kathy on my left. We chatted and drank some wine, joking and laughing, then suddenly Anne snuggled up to me and twisting round, kissed me lingeringly.

Well, I knew that she wouldn’t go further, even if we’d been alone, but I kissed her back, thinking that it was a bit impolite of her to be doing this in front of her sister. Kathy was not going out with anyone at the time, so I felt a little embarrassed.

Suddenly, naughty america porno I felt a hand resting on my left thigh. I knew that it couldn’t be Anne’s, she was in the wrong position, so it had to be Kath. I didn’t quite know how to react, and before I could really think about it, the hand began to stroke my leg, slowly and sensually.

I guess I froze, but to my surprise Anne stroked my face gently and whispered “Just relax, it’s OK.” Then she began to kiss me again, her tongue flicking into my mouth in a very sensual way.

I felt Kath’s hand stroke higher and higher up my thigh, until she cupped my balls through my pants and began to massage them gently. My eyes must have almost popped out at that, because Anne pulled away and whispered again “Just relax and enjoy it, everything’s fine.” Then she went back to the languorous kissing.

So I did just that. I realised then that whatever Kath was doing it was with Anne’s blessing, so I just kissed Anne back and waited to see where it was going. To be honest, I thought that it had probably gone as far as it would, Kath copping a feel through my clothes, but boy was I wrong. As she stroked, I could feel myself stiffening, I was young then and it didn’t take much believe me. As she felt my cock harden under the cloth I heard her breath catch slightly, then she began to rub me faster, concentrating on the thickening cock under her palm. Suddenly, I felt her tug my zip down, and her hand slipped inside my open fly, and wriggled its way down inside my underwear until she found my throbbing dick and began to stroke it with nimble fingers.

Now at that time, in my early twenties, I think my cock had more nerve endings than the rest of my entire body. I just loved it being teased and fingered, and I still do, so as Kath worked on me I couldn’t help but make little moaning sounds through my kisses with Anne. This seemed to act like some sort of signal to the two girls. Kath drew her hand out of nubiles porno my clothes and I felt her fumbling with my belt until it was undone, then the button on my trousers was unfastened. At the same time Anne gave me a last tongue swirling kiss then slid along the couch to the end, a smile on her face.

Kathy eased herself off the couch and kneeled on the floor in front of me. She took hold of my pants, and said “Lift up.” So I obligingly raised my hips off the seat and she slid my pants and undies over my hips and down my thighs and legs right to my ankles. My cock was still hard from her fondling, and both girls gazed at it with wide eyes for a moment, then Kathy began to pet me again, running the fingers of one hand slowly up and down my cock while with the other hand she stroked and tickled my balls. I was a more selfish type when it came to sex in those days, so I just lay back and let her do her thing, and she really made me gasp and moan with pleasure as she played with me.

Suddenly Kath stood up, slipped her hands under her short skirt, hooked her thumbs into the top of her knickers and slid them down her legs and off. She kneeled back down and started stroking my cock and balls again, but this time with just one hand, the other she slipped under her skirt and from the way her arm was working I knew that she was fingering her cunt, getting herself excited. I’d never seen a girl do this to herself before and it got me really hot and with that, and her teasing, my cock was bigger and harder than I had ever seen it.

Kath worked on me for a few minutes, her eyes fixed on my cock and her tongue sticking through her lips slightly, then she looked at Anne and said “Have you got it?”

Anne fished in her jeans pocket, then handed Kath a small foil packet that I recognised as a condom, we called them rubber johnnys in those days. Kath tore the packet open, then she stretched the rubber over the head of my dick and slowly rolled it all the way down to the base. olgun porno Some guys don’t like rubbers, but I always enjoyed the tight feel of one on my dick, so I was quite happy for her to do this.

Kath stood up and clambered onto the couch, her plump legs straddling my hips, then steadying herself with one hand on the back, she put the other one under her skirt, took hold of my cock, guided it to her entrance and slowly lowered herself so that I slid deep into her. She paused for a moment then began to raise and lower herself on me with slow movements. I put my hands under her skirt and held her broad hips. My wrists pushed the skirt up and I could see that my thick cock had spread her cunt lips wide under her bush. She kept up the slow strokes for a while, and it was strange being fucked by my girlfriend’s sister with the girlfriend watching, but after a while it just seemed OK. Anne watched us all the time, smiling at me if I caught her eye.

Kath suddenly leaned forward, her head on my shoulder and her arms around my neck, and began to bounce on me faster and faster. I put my arms round her and grasped her chubby ass cheeks and thrust up into her as she moved until I couldn’t hold off any longer and I came inside her and it felt incredible even though she wasn’t exactly Miss World. I guess technique has a lot to do with it too. It was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had, and the only one where I had an audience.

The girls told me afterwards that it had all been Anne’s idea. She knew how frustrated I was getting and Kath had mentioned that she found me sexy, so Anne has suggested Kath give me a mercy fuck. As I said, the two sisters were very close.

The girls never repeated this little treat, though I lived in hope for a while. Anne and I parted company eventually, and I never did get to part her legs. I ran into Kath years later, and by that time she was married and divorced twice. She admitted quite happily that the break ups had been her fault because she just couldn’t keep her fanny out of other mens’ beds. I guess she was just a cock hungry little minx all her life. A complete contrast to her sister.

Still, what they did left an impression on me. It was, as I said, one of the best fucks of my life, and never to be forgotten.

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