Slavery Prep by Mom

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James, or Jamie as his mom and friends called him, had turned 18 and graduated from the national high school program. Under federal law, within six months of graduation all males were legally required to enter a higher education program, secure employment, or enter military service.

Jamie had been unable to succeed at obtaining any of these mandated requirements. His physical stature was much smaller than most young men of his age. At 5’6″ he was considered short, lean and skinny, and lacked much muscular strength. He lacked the minimum physical requirements to enter military service and was rejected due to his small stature. Results of his academic test scores eliminated him from entering the highly competitive collegiate programs. Due to the shortage of jobs that didn’t require physical labor and strength his job prospects were nonexistent.

Federal law required any male who could not secure one of these three roles was required to submit to the federal slavery program. Under this program, the individual would pay the family a base stipend for the family member’s entry into servitude and a percentage of the sale once a private party purchased him from the government.

Jamie had no choice. His mom, Emily, was a single mom who had raised him alone from an infant. His dad had been killed in one of the many international wars fought in recent years. It saddened him that his mom would be left alone once he was gone, but the stipend she would receive as a result of his enslavement would make life easier on her. Her job as a house cleaner for richer, elite citizens was a difficult one. A small windfall of money would allow her to cut back her hours or pursue other opportunities.

Following the law as required, Jamie submitted is paperwork and application. Shortly afterwards, he received a package that contained information that he was required to learn about his upcoming life. Included in the materials were federally approved pornography videos of sexual activities. These ensured all slaves were exposed to basic sex education and forms of erotic pleasure that they might be expected to perform for their masters. Information on slave poses to learn, proper etiquette, and expected behavior were also required learning.

The aspects of slavery that he dreaded most were the uncertainty of what he would be expected to do. It was an accepted fact that slaves were used sexually in their roles of servitude. Slaves also were never allowed to wear clothing by law. Only the collar placed on them by the government during initial processing was the only covering article allowed. He also knew that he would never father any children. Slaves were immediately sterilized upon entering servitude by the government. Each of his testicles would be injected with a medicine that would permanently inhibit sperm production while preserving testosterone production. Ejaculatory function and volume would not be adversely affected.

The day prior to his surrender, Jamie was required to perform final body preparations stipulated in the instructions. He had to be totally hairless from the neck down. He had successfully shaved his arms, legs, armpits, and what little chest hair he had. Normally a teach that-bitch porno father would assist a son in performing this activity in locations unreachable. Jamie’s mom would be the one to complete this task for him, and he dreaded being naked in front of her.

They both knew what had to be done. Reluctantly Jamie stripped of all his clothing in his bedroom and walked meekly into the small living room. His mom had spread a large towel on the floor, and nearby were a razor, shaving cream, a basin of hot water, and a washrag.

She hugged him and tried to hold back the tears of losing him forever, and then composed herself and instructed him on what to do.

Jamie got down on to his hands and knees on the towel, and then lowered himself onto his forearms so that is butt was sticking up in the air. His mom sat down behind him, breathed a long breath of uncertainty, and then proceeded to perform the activities of hair removal.

Spreading his buttocks with one hand, she applied shaving cream all along the inside of his buttocks and around his anus. Although Jamie had matured into a small young man, his secondary sexual characteristics had developed and he had ample hair in his private regions. The touch of his mother’s fingers across his anus was an unfamiliar, yet exhilarating feeling for Jamie. She shaved the lathered hair off slowly and carefully, and then wiped the area clean with the moistened washrag.

She then instructed him to get on his back, spread his legs, and bend his knees. The act of exposing himself to his mom was humiliating, but she proceeded to lather, shave, and wipe clean every hair present around his penis, on his scrotum, and behind his scrotum on his perineum. His penis remained shriveled and showed no sign of sexual stimulation. While flaccid, he had no length to speak of whatsoever – only the head of his penis was visible.

Once she had completed shaving him they both remained motionless and quiet. Jamie was still on his back, legs spread, while his mom sat between his thighs.

Jamie’s eyes were closed and he began to feel the tips of his mother’s fingers caress his scrotum and testicles. He looked down at her and saw her staring down blankly at his pelvic area. She continued her light touches and caresses of his testicles, and then moved upward toward the head of his cock. He watched her as she continued to stare at his manhood, and unable to withstand the pleasure of his mother’s unfamiliar touch he began to achieve an erection.

Once erect, Emily realized that Jamie’s cock was only three inches long. His testicles, while now fully mature, were only the size of large grapes.

“I wish your genitals were larger,” she broke the silence.

He remained silent for many long seconds, and then responded, “Why mom?”

She looked him thoughtfully in the eyes, continued to gently caress his genitals, and said, “I hate to tell you sweetie, but you’ll never be able to pleasure a woman with what you’re endowed with. I’m so, so sorry. Your father was large… so large. I wish you had inherited his penis. I really do…” Her voice trailed off, lost in the memory of her husband’s large cock and teamskeet porno the pleasure it used to bring her.

Jamie felt shattered inside. He knew he was much smaller than all of the other men his age. He knew by watching the state-approved pornography videos that the size of his penis and testicles paled in comparison to those men portrayed in the sex acts. Now his insecurities had been substantiated by his own mother.

“Mom,” Jamie spoke, “What will happen to me since I’m so small? Will no one buy me as a slave?”

She paused for a moment, looked away, and then finally looked back at him.

“Jamie, I fear that a man will purchase you. I fear that you will be forced into a life of oral servitude, made to suck his cock and swallow his semen. There are many men out there who obtain arousal by sexually dominating physically smaller and less endowed men.” Her voice trailed off and then she continued, “Up until now I had hoped you were well endowed so that a woman would purchase you to pleasure her. I truly don’t think that will be the case now.”

The idea of having to suck another man’s cock as a slave somehow fascinated Jamie. He had never really had any bisexual urges, but the thought of submitting to another man and being forced to sexually pleasure him somehow created a twinge of excitement inside him.

“Mom, what else would a man do to me?”

His mom considered his question, continued to slowly massage his genitals, and then moved her finger down toward his anus and pressed her fingertip against it.

“He’ll want to penetrate you here,” she responded as she applied light pressure to his anal opening. “He’ll want to slide his erect cock inside you like he would a woman’s vagina, and ejaculate his seed inside of you. You’re much smaller than most men, so you will be physically dominated by a male master. Penetrating you anally will be one act that he performs to assert that dominance.”

Emily’s next words reassured Jamie.

“If and when he wishes to penetrate you, be receptive to it. Submit to his lust and desires. Even if it is uncomfortable at first, moan like you’re moaning in pleasure and squeeze his cock with your anus as tightly as you can. That will help expedite his orgasm inside you. Be sure that he knows you acknowledge that he is the dominant one, the master, and that you submit to his will.”

Jamie’s cock twitched at the visual image that description produced. His mother resumed her massage of his testicles and penis, spreading the precum along his small shaft that was now freely flowing.

Being a virgin, Jamie had never experienced the touch of another woman. Emily’s erotic touch quickly became too much for him to handle. She sensed his testicles begin to draw up against his body and the head of his cock slightly swell. She knew what was about to happen. She quickly placed a finger from her other hand against his anus and begin to firmly massage the opening.

They looked each other in the eyes as the first eruption of semen flew out of Jamie’s small cock. It easily flew past his chest, over his head, and onto the floor past him. The subsequent ejaculations landed as long ropes up the length of his tecavuz porno belly and chest. She counted eight large cumshots onto his body, but he was still ejaculating and additional quantities of cum freely flowed down the shaft of his cock, pooling around its base.

His mom was shocked at the quantity of semen that her son had produced. She had never seen so much in her life.

“Jamie, do you always produce this much semen? Is there always this much when you… masturbate?”

He blushed in post-orgasmic shame, but answered her question, “Yes. It’s embarrassing, I know.”

She continued looking him in the eye, and raised her cum-covered hand and began to lick the thick ejaculate from her coated fingers.

Jamie’s eyes widened in shock.

“Sweetie, your seed is delicious, and there’s a lot of it! We have to make note of this on your slave application. This will put you in higher demand as a slave with women who enjoy the taste of semen.”

She scooped a liberal amount of semen off his chest and then crawled above him and brought her fingers to his mouth.

“Taste it. Swallow it. Do it for me, sweetie.”

Jamie obediently opened his mouth and licked her fingers clean.

“Have you tasted your own semen before?”

Jamie hesitated at first, then decided to truthfully answer, “Yes mom. I’ve tasted it for a very long time. For some reason I like the taste of it. I always have.”

Emily smiled. She scooped another thick rope of ejaculate from his chest and sucked her finger clean of it.

“Sweetie, you’re probably going to be tasting semen a lot as a slave. If a man purchases you as I expect, this is what I want you to do. Become an expert at sucking his cock. Compliment him on how big it is. Worship his testicles with your mouth and tongue. Discover what he likes most and what sends him over the edge. Beg him to suck it, and be eager to wrap your lips around it when he lets you.”

She continued swirling her finger in the cum on his chest, alternating between sucking it off her own finger and then offering it to him to suck clean between each sentence. “Tasting and swallowing his cum will probably be something you will do daily. I’m glad you’re already accustomed to the taste. Savor it. Enjoy it. Experiencing a man ejaculate in your mouth can be one of the most erotic, wonderful things in the world. Tell him how delicious his seed is, and thank him for allowing you to taste and swallow it.”

As a final gift to Jamie, Emily lowered her head onto his now flaccid cock and slowly, lovingly, began to clean all of the remnants of cum from his genitals with her mouth, licking and swallowing every drop of his youthful seed. She sucked each of his testicles into her mouth, knowing they would never be used to sire her a grandchild. Her tongue ventured down to his perineum and anus to reach any remnants that might have trickled down. Emily then moved up his body, cleaning all remnants of his orgasm that was left on his skin with slow licks and kisses. Then she crawled beside him and hugged him, committing to her memory the taste of her son’s seed so that she would remember the rest of her life.

Jamie now knew what it was like to be pleasured by a woman. It might be something he would never experience again as a slave.

They fell asleep beside each other on the floor, each knowing that the next day he would be leaving her for a lifetime of slavery and sexual servitude, never to see each other again.

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