Snowed In Ch. 03

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It took a moment for my mind to register the fact that the door had opened and mom and dad had walked in. In that millisecond of time, I felt like I was hallucinating. As the first powerful jettison of my spunk leapt from my cock, it literally robbed me of all thought, all reason. For a second. After that, everything seemed to happen in slow motion for some reason. Perhaps the shock, the inability to initially react as I stood there, watching that first spurt so gloriously arching upwards into the air. Mandy and Collette still connected together with mom’s toy. Somehow I was able to see their faces as they knelt there still fucking, looking towards me. All of us… watching this magnificent streamer of sperm as it defied gravity for a moment before crashing down to land almost perfectly on Mandy’s ass. I knew a second, equally powerful squirt was on the way too, but that one I never felt. Reality came rushing back, speeding up time once again back to normal as Collette’s cry of pleasure resealed the rift in the void that had for a moment been torn asunder.

“Oh yeah baby! Squirt it! Squirt it! Shoot that hot fucking juice all over us!” She screamed out deliriously.

And I said, “Mom? Dad?”

Hearing what I said brought about several interesting responses and reactions, each one uniquely different in its own way. It was like watching a skit on stage, the actors suddenly forgetting their lines, or reacting to the scene in a totally unexpected way. Whereas Mandy looked initially confused as she looked towards me, hearing me, she suddenly whipped her head about facing forward again. As she did that, she also stood up right there on the bed. Perhaps it was the sudden realization that mom and dad were really there caused her pussy to tighten, to clench around the toy which at the moment was deeply embedded inside her. As she stood, she literally ripped the toy out of her sister, though it remained inside her own cunt. Subconsciously perhaps, I watched her as she reached down, grabbing her long thick phallus as though it were actually a cock, holding it in her hand. There on the bed she stood momentarily suspended in time, Mandy’s new prick pointing directly towards mom, obscenely so.

Collette on the other hand merely rolled over. I’d shared with her that fractionary moment as our eyes briefly locked, a thousand words spoken between us at once. But oddly enough, I saw a smile on her face just before she did roll over looking at our parents and then laughed, giggling hysterically.

When she did that, it afforded me the moment to look down at myself, only then feeling what had apparently been my continued climax though after the first squirt I’d pretty much lost all sense of the fact that I was.

I didn’t even know it was possible to ejaculate with an almost flaccid dick. Looking down at myself, I was shocked, well…still in a state of shock I guess, seeing my prick, which had almost miraculously shriveled down to nothingness, as though trying to find a place to hide. My cum however, had nowhere else to go except for out, and though I was obviously at the tail end of what would otherwise have been one of the most explosive climatic moments of my entire life, I simply stood there with long streamers of cum-drool hanging from my dick, splatters of which were now hitting the floor below me.

Back to mom and dad.

As all this happened almost simultaneously, mom’s expression really never changed. She too was shocked, though perhaps more surprised at what she saw as she stood there still in her heavy coat, fresh new snow clinging to both hers and dads almost everywhere. Dad in fact looked a little like an abdominal snowman or something, covered in it even more than mom was, still wearing his hooded arctic coat, snow clinging to it, his hands still raised, caught in motion for a moment as he’d been just about to remove the hood freezing in place as he saw us. So there he stood, his hands still up on either side of his head, once again giving the scene a surrealistic feel to it, his eyes wide as he took all this in.

Mandy still standing full up on the couch bed, holding her dick. Collette now lying on her side facing towards mom and dad, her balled fist in her mouth as she tried to control a hysterical giggle. Me…dripping dick, a long streamer of white spunk clinging to it reaching all the way to the floor like glue unable to move as though glued there myself.

Mom finally reached up removing the wrapped scarf from about her neck, snow falling off it as she did so, dad too finally lowering his hood, shaking it off, more fully revealing his face. There was a smirky, almost quirky smile on his face however, giving a bit of comedic relief to this bizarre little play we were all in. His eyes now focused on Collette as he too fought to stifle a laugh. I’d expected something else perhaps, a ranting rage, some sort of explosion, his words not matching the movie playing inside my head as he spoke. It was like someone had dubbed the words of the actors, their lips moving in the wrong czech first video porno way even though you understood what was being said.

“Aren’t you guys a little cold?”

The moment he said that, Collette really lost it, barking out even more laughter, finally finding her own voice, which even as she spoke sounded distant, far way, just like I wanted to be.

“Actually, it was just starting to get hot in here,” she answered now sitting up, tears falling down her face, still laughing between words. I thought my sister had lost her mind, maybe she had. Maybe I had. I still hadn’t moved a single inch.

Almost magically, mom had somehow gotten her coat off, even going so far as to hang it up on the hook on the wall behind her. She then turned actually walking over towards the bed, reaching out, taking hold of Mandy’s dick taking it out. That action causing my sister to collapse back onto the bed in a heap, though she sat shame-faced, stunned.

“I don’t mind you playing with my toys,” mom told her, told us all. “But next time, at least have the courtesy to ask first!” Her stern words, demeanor, where more along the lines of what I’d been expecting to hear. But once again the words and tone didn’t quite match the expression on her face either. She too was trying to keep from laughing. Especially as she now stood there, this enormous double-headed dick held in her hand as it drooped over pathetically, as though it too were spent, and now shamed of its less than majestic appearance.

“As for you Brian,” she said looking towards me. “I’d appreciate it…when you’re uh…finished coming there, if you wouldn’t mind cleaning up your mess. I just did these floors last week.”

I now looked into dad’s eyes as he tore my attention away from my mother. “And as soon as you’ve done that, if you wouldn’t mind coming outside with me, we’ve got a generator I’d appreciate getting some help with.” He then turned towards my two naked sisters, “And you girls could help bringing in the rest of the groceries and supplies. After that, I think perhaps we all need to have a little sit down and chat.”

In a flurry, the three of us were sent scrambling. Me, flying by mom straight into the kitchen for the paper towels, still naked, her hand coming out to leave a resounding slap on my ass as I passed her on my way in there. Mandy too bounded off the couch bed, locating her flannels, which she immediately slipped on once again. Collette however calmly and serenely sat up, slipped into her snow boots, which stood by the door, and then slipped into her knee-length heavy coat, still totally naked beneath it. Mandy soon joined her as they headed outside behind my father to carry in the groceries. I reappeared, roll of paper towels in hand, kneeling down on the hardwood floor, mom still standing nearby watching me.

“What the hell?”

I turned looking up at her over my shoulder. She was staring at the bed.

“What?” I actually asked her.

“What did you guys do? Dump a gallon of water on the bed?” she asked. “It’s soaked! How can you possibly sleep on that?” She walked over, looking down, once again turning towards me as though seeking some sort of explanation.

“Ah…that’s Collette’s fault. She ah…she ah…squirted,” was all I could think of to say.

“Squirted?” Mom said in surprise, her eyes widening. “Oh really! I wish I’d been there to see that!”

I almost fell over.

“Hurry up now Brian, I’m sure your dad’s waiting. I’ll finish up there, and get some clean dry sheets,” she added, suddenly in a busy little flurry herself as I scrambled back into my own clothing, sans shirt, just throwing on my winter parka and went outside into the now full blown blizzard to help dad with the new generator.


It took the better part of an hour to get it hooked up as the girls helped mom putting things away. Shortly thereafter however, we had power again, though we limited the use of the lights even then, only using what we needed to, and then only sparingly. I soon after re-stoked the fire, nervously stacking even more wood than we needed as mom made coffee in preparation for what we all knew was going to be a very interesting family chat, and more than likely a very long evening, especially as it was early yet.

By now Collette had at least put on my old football jersey, which was another reminder of the first time we’d all fooled around together. I still hadn’t put a shirt on, but with the fire going, along with the heater for the house, I was toasty warm, if not almost too much. But I also think my nerves were adding to the rise in temperature too. And though mom and dad’s reaction wasn’t at all what I might have expected, I was still waiting for the proverbial, “other shoe to fall,” as I sat there fidgeting in my seat. Mom calmly and patiently poured us all a little coffee, even adding a splash of Irish cream to it while we waited on Mandy to join us. For some reason, she’d opted to actually dress, reappearing czech gangbang porno in a pair of jeans along with a very modest looking blouse, which included a bra on beneath it.

“Well now, obviously…I think we have a few things to discuss,” mom began looking over towards dad receiving a nod of the head from him as she did so. Obviously, he’d given over the role to mom to start things off, though I kept expecting him to jump in and take over any moment now. “I think it’s important that we clear the air here, lay all the cards out on the table,” mom went on using metaphors as she was prone to do whenever she had something she felt was important to say. “But most importantly, I think we all need to be up front and honest with one another about things, especially after what’s happened. And particularly, because we’re all apt to be holed up inside the house now for the next several days.”

Before we’d really gotten down to business and while still waiting for Mandy to reappear, dad had told us about what they’d found out and heard about the storm, along with their decision to head back when they did. Dad told us that the weather service had in fact declared this as the worse storm on record for this region in over forty years. They’d seen some satellite images of it while in town, looking a little like a hurricane, the eye of it just then starting to edge over where we lived. It had been for that reason that dad had decided it was now or never…so he and mom had decided to head for home while they still could.

The airport was shut down, though it was over two hours away, and not that any of us needed to worry about that yet for the better part of another week, it would have been far too risky to even consider under the circumstances. Already several people were stranded, with hotels and motels suddenly filled up, another reason mom and dad had decided to head home. It was most likely they wouldn’t have even been able to get a room.

“Anyway, that’s why we came back….early,” dad said once again trying to hide a smile. “And it looks like, we’re going to be pretty much snowed in by the looks of it, for the next several days at least. So we might as well get used to the idea, and make the best of things,” he’d added, after which he’d pretty much given the floor over to mom once Mandy had rejoined us, now dressed and with dad still trying to look somewhat serious, though still hiding a smile.

Good old Mandy was the one that cut right to the chase. “So…are we in trouble?” she asked, sounding more like the young girl she once used to be so long ago, that same girl that so mischievously got her way and somehow managed to stay out of trouble though she always seemed to be getting into it. Whereas I on the other hand, actually tried to behave myself and be a good kid, but was somehow found out for every minor incident I was ever involved in.

“I guess that depends on the way you look at things,” mom began. “Let’s be honest here,” she told her looking at her directly, and then at the two of us. “You’ve opened a door…walked through it to the other side, it’s not one that’s going to be so easy walking back through again after that, or in closing it,” she informed us. And I knew as she said that, she was right. It wouldn’t be. “So the only trouble is as I see it, is how you’re going to deal with that going forward. If you’re worried about being in trouble with us as far as we see it? No…you’re not.”

Mandy and I both were a bit surprised by that, though Collette as usual seemed to be taking all this in on a much higher level than we were. Maybe perhaps because she was older, a bit wiser, and wasn’t seeing herself as a kid again the same way that I think Mandy and I were.

“Frankly, your father and I are surprised this hasn’t happened before now. We both felt and have always believed it was inevitable. You’re all well aware that we’ve never frowned on nudity around the house. We certainly never went out of the way to encourage it, but we never discouraged it either. We both felt early on that it was far better to raise all of you in an open-minded environment, answer whatever questions you might have when you asked them…appropriately so,” she added. “But basically, try and raise you in such a way that you weren’t ashamed, embarrassed or ever feel guilty about your sexuality or your curiosities. It was only normal, and natural that each one of you would from time to time be curious about one another, and also from time to time, walk in on, or in Brian’s case, purposely find a way to spy on his sisters, or even me while we were dressing.”

“Hey!” I said in my own defense, though one look from mom quieted that.

“And your father and I aren’t exactly innocent in that respect either,” she suddenly admitted. “It’s been interesting for us too, seeing you all grow up, mature and come into yourselves as adults. When you did, and when your father and I both quit seeing you all as kids, but as adults, we then allowed ourselves brazzers porno to treat you as equals in many ways, perhaps more so than we should have in some respects. Especially when it came to sex. But…we did. And neither one of us has any regrets or guilt feelings because of it either,” she now added. “There have been a couple of instances, such as the time Collette and I sat in the bathroom together, though I’m willing to bet that she’s already told you that story, along with one or two more. So like I said, your dad and I aren’t exactly innocent in our own curiosities of the three of you either.” She now looked at Mandy, actually grinning. “I never did tell your dad about salad night,” she said grinning even wider at her.


“Salad night?” Dad asked.

“MOM!” Mandy said once again as Collette burst out into another giggle. Even I was smiling at hearing that one, though it was Collette who now came to Mandy’s rescue.

“Yeah, suffice it to say we’ve all shared a few stories about things we do know about, and since as you said it, we’re all here to lay the cards out on the table so to speak, how about the two of you fill us in on where you’re at with all this? And what else have you done, thought about, that maybe the three of us aren’t aware of?” she now asked.

It was interesting to see the sudden shift in things as now mom looked guiltier than the three of us, though perhaps guilty wasn’t exactly the right word. Her face was flushed, that much was sure, but if anything…and if I didn’t know any better, she actually looked aroused. Even dad shifted in his chair a little trying to get a bit more comfortable, but he again nodded his head, urging her to continue.

“Like I said, your dad and I have been watching you, observing you all from time to time, seeing how you interact with one another whenever you’re together. Quite naturally, it went from spying,” she said looking directly at me. “To teasing, to flirting, to even playing a little, and finally…to this. Long ago your dad and I made the decision to just see how things went, let nature take its course and not steer anything in one direction or another, so we didn’t. It’s not to say we didn’t sit on the sidelines, watching and even from time to time enjoying what we saw, because we did. But that’s something else your father and I were always open with one another about too. No secrets between us, about anything. Not about what we felt, saw, or occasionally even did.”

“Like what?” Mandy asked curiously.

“Before I tell you…or say anything more. Can we right now, right here at least agree to speak freely without any repercussions or judgments? Obviously, your dad and I didn’t judge any of you tonight when we got home, so we’re asking for the same kind of consideration, would you be willing to do that for us as well?”

I certainly had no problem with doing that, nor did Collette who I knew wouldn’t. As soon as Mandy got that sort of acknowledged agreement from the two of us, she was more than willing to go along with that too.

“Just be honest with us then, no matter what,” she now asked.

“Then I will be,” mom told her. “Even if you’re at first shocked, or maybe even disappointed, or offended by anything you might hear, all I ask is that you keep an open-mind, the same way we’ve done for you before jumping to any conclusions about us. We’re still the same people we’ve always been. Your mom and dad, though after this, you might not see either one of us in quite the same light as before.”

“You’ll always be mom and dad, no matter what,” Mandy assured them both, speaking for each of us as she did so, though now…I was admittedly curious as to what all we were about to learn here regarding our parents.

“Ok, then I’ll begin. But before I actually do that, are you willing to concede the point that all three of you have gotten aroused by some of the things you yourselves have seen or done even before now, when it involved the three of you, or even a time or two as your dad and I certainly know…when that also included us?”

Once again all three of us looked at one another, shaking our heads yes.

“Good, then hopefully you can accept and understand, your dad and I are no different in that regard than any of you. We might be mom and dad, but we’re also people. People who’ve raised you with the exact same curiosities, desires and feelings that the three of you have. And because of that, we are also just as sexual in nature as any one of you are. We get horny…same as you. We sometimes act on our desires and fantasies, same as you, though we’ve only done so, provided no one is ever hurt or offended because of them. And…we’ve very often enjoyed the pleasures of watching the three of you too. Sometimes…without your knowledge.”

It was Collette who now spoke, doing so for all three of us in a way as she asked the question I had already asked myself though not speaking it out loud.

“I’d like to hear some of them,” she told her candidly, smiling. “And don’t leave anything out either, don’t white-wash it. You saw us tonight, you saw us being quite vulnerable, quite free with one another, no sense denying we weren’t being that way. So…as long as we’re all trying to think and act like adults here, I’d like to hear some of these instances, in plain, explicit detail if you wouldn’t mind sharing.”

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