Sorority Ch. 11

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Chapter 11

Tensions Rise

Kate hustled down the stairs and practically flew out of the door on Monday morning. Dawson, coffee in hand and still in her pajamas, just caught her as her hand was on the handle.

“Why are you in such a hurry this morning?”

“Ah, I forgot I needed a certain book for my Law class today. Gotta run to the book store quickly before class,” Kate responded, “Later.”

Kate hurried across campus to Free Ones Used Book Store and Coffee Shop to find the book she needed. Luckily there was one copy left. She grabbed it from the shelf and wandered over to the coffee counter to pick up a mochachino.

After she was handed her coffee, she was approached by a girl with shoulder-length, straight blonde hair, a long, angular face, and big brown eyes. She had a small frame with a medium bust and carried around on of those cute-girl-next-door looks.

“Kate, right? I’m Karen. I was wondering if I could talk to you about something,” she introduced herself nervously.

“Yeah, I recognize you. You’re one of Katie’s girls, right? A Lambda,” Kate said coldly.

“Yes, well, that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about,” Karen went on, “I don’t want to be a Lambda anymore. I want to join Sigma Delta.”

Eileen and her boyfriend Jeff were walking through campus to class that morning, when Jeff’s best friend Kyle caught up to them. Kyle was also in the Alpha fraternity, but he and Jeff had known each other since before college.

“Hey Kyle,” Eileen said.

“Hey guys,” he said, “Man, I hate to bring this up, but you two were, well, really loud last night,” he confessed.

“Sorry man, but that’s how it goes. Don’t rag on us cause you’re jealous,” Jeff joked.

“Whatever,” Kyle blushed.

“Aww, does Kyle need a girlfriend?” Eileen said in a baby voice, “Don’t worry. I can probably hook you up with one of my Sigma girls, if you want.”

Kate sat with the Lambda girl Karen at a small, round coffee table in the bookstore. Kate looked Karen over as though she was inspecting her to pass some sort of test.

“So, explain this to me again,” Kate demanded as she stirred more sugar into her coffee.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Sigma girl. And I don’t like it over there. Katie’s a bitch, Sandy’s just as bad, and the new girls, yikes,” Karen complained, “I need to get out of there. And I want so desperately to be a Sigma.”


“You girls always look so tight, always having fun. I’m jealous whenever I see any of you. I’ve decided to finally do something about it.”

“So you want to defect?” Kate said incredulously, “This isn’t the bloody Cold War. Sororities just don’t work like that.”

“Why can’t they? I don’t see any reason why not,” Karen pleaded.

Kate looked at the sad face of the girl who was supposed to be her enemy, feeling a tinge of pity. “I don’t get why you hate it there so much, but I’m not sure I can do anything about it. I’ll look into it though, see what I can do.”

“Your latest test is being handed back to you now,” Professor North informed Dawson’s Psychology class, “Some of you did not do well at all. I suggest to those people that they work extra hard over the remainder of this class or they will not pass.”

Dawson’s test was handed back to her and she cried “Fuck!” under her breath as she looked down at the 42% written in red at the top of her test paper.

Nikki and Colin sat together on one of the benches in the student building on campus. The student building was the primary hub of traffic for students wandering to and from their classes and made for a great spot for person-watching.

“So is it weird between you and Raven?” Colin asked. It was only a few days since the threesome and the two of them hadn’t really talked about it at all yet.

“Surprisingly, no,” Nikki said, her reddish brown hair flattened today instead of her usual curly style, “It’s pretty much the same as usual between us, which is a big relief.”

“Yeah. Speaking of…” Colin sat up straighter as he nodded to the direction of Raven walking their way. He watched her hips sway to and fro with each step as she came closer, mesmerized. Ever since he had spent that night with her and Nikki, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Try as he might, Colin couldn’t get Raven out of his head.

“Hey Colin. How’s it going? You two got class?” Raven made conversation, though her attempt to not sound awkward in front of both of them wasn’t working too well.

“Yeah, I do,” Nikki said, “I can walk with you.”

“I have to run back to the, um, the frat house,” Colin stumbled.

As Raven and Nikki walked away, Colin stared back after them. But his focus was not on his girlfriend, but rather on the bronzed Raven. He stared lustily at her tight, round ass as the two of them melted into the crowd.

That evening, Kate met with the senior girls of the sorority in Brandi’s bedroom and told them about what had happened at the coffee shop.

“She is a junior, and she wants to switch sororities?” pendik escort Nikki was flabbergasted.

“Yeah, it’s strange. I don’t really know what her angle is,” Kate said.

“I don’t like it,” Brandi announced, “It’s like Katie is trying to plant a spy in our house or something.”

“Yeah, that was my first thought,” Kate said, “But I told her I would bring it up.”

“Well…,” Brandi thought about it a little more, “Perhaps we can also use her for those purposes. Don’t say no to her just yet. Let’s tow her along for now. If Katie is up to something, I’d like to find out what it is.”

Eileen spent that night with Jeff that night at the Alpha frat house once again. The next morning she woke up but did not see Jeff in the bed beside her. He had obviously gotten up already, so she decided to go have a quick shower.

It was still quite early and very quiet for a frat house, but Eileen could hear the shower in the bathroom next door going and figured it must be Jeff. Eileen grabbed a towel from his dresser and took off her blue nightie. She covered up her creamy body and bouncing tits with the towel and snuck through the hallway and into the bathroom stealthily.

With the door closed behind her, Eileen slipped her towel off and she tiptoed towards the shower. But as she threw open the curtains they both got a surprise, for it wasn’t Jeff in the shower. It was Kyle.

They both paused in shock for a moment, each staring at the others’ naked body. Kyle gawked at Eileen’s busty, hourglass figure while Eileen couldn’t pull her eyes away from Kyle’s well-built abs and long-hanging penis.

Then the initial shock dropped off and they both realized what happened.

“Oh fuck, I- I’m sorry Kyle,” Eileen stammered wrapping herself up with her towel again, “I thought you were Jeff.”

“I- shit yeah. Okay. Sorry,” he said as he pulled the curtains back. Eileen slipped back out of the bathroom and hurried back into Jeff’s bedroom.

At lunch that day, some of the Sigma girls met up with each other for lunch at the Young Leafs campus pub. The pub tended to be rather busy at lunch hour, but the Sigma Delta sorority always had their own table. It was one of the perks of sorority life in Jameson College.

Eileen, Anne, Dawson, Faith and Alison had all met at their usual table and had ordered their food. While they were waiting, Eileen told them the story of what had happened that morning.

“So you two saw each other naked. What’s the big deal?” Dawson wondered.

“Well, now I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t think I’m going to get that image of him naked out of my head. Unless…”

“Unless you fuck him? That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it?” Faith hit the nail on the head, “Eileen, he’s your boyfriend’s best friend.”

I know that. I know,” she said, “I mean, it’s not like I’ve never cheated on Jeff before,” the other girls snickered, knowing that it’s been many times before, “But this is different. Isn’t it? But fuck, I really want to.”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this…” the shy little Anne piped up, “But he’s actually really good in bed too.”

“Oh wait!” Dawson caught on, “Is this the same guy you slept with at the Christmas party?”

Anne nodded and Eileen responded, “Well thanks Anne. I really didn’t need to know that. But anyways, speaking of good in bed, how are things going with this Matt guy Dawson?”

“Well, still no sex. He’s been really good about it too. I want to do something for him, like a reward or something, for being so good about this waiting it out thing.”

“You can always just give him a blowjob,” Alison suggested.

“Yeah, but, well, he could get a blowjob from any bitch at any party,” Dawson sighed.

“Wait a minute,” Alison got an idea, “You said you had never swallowed before. Well, that’s what you can do. Swallow for him, your first time. Let him know it’s your first time though. Guys always like to be cherry poppers, even if it’s something like that.”

“That’s a good idea. I think I’ll do that actually.’

Well, I’m going to get a paralyzer. Who wants another drink?” Anne offered, taking the orders and running up to the bar.

While she was away from the group, Anne was visited by an unwanted guest: Darren, the creep who she was sure had slipped her a roofie before Christmas.

“Hi Anne,” he said with his leering brown eyes slanted towards her.

“Get the fuck away from me Darren,” Anne said as her usual nice-girl demeanor faded away, “I am just getting over what you did to me. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

Darren sighed. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that it wasn’t me. I gave you space the last few months hoping that you would come to realize that. I guess you haven’t yet.”

“I’m not stupid. I know that you drugged me and did who knows what to me,” Anne’s anger rose, tears welling in her eyes, while she tried to keep her voice down so as not to make a scene, “You more or less ruined my first year of college, which maltepe escort is supposed to be a free and exciting time for a girl. I hate you. Understand? Do not come near me again.”

Anne stormed off back to the table and Darren watched her go, whispering to himself when she was gone, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

That evening Alison and Lana were alone in Alison’s room making out with their hands all over each other’s bodies. Their hands were slowly creeping up their shirts and Alison’s occasionally reached down to unbutton the fly on Lana’s pants.

“I have an idea,” Alison breathed as their lips broke away for a moment, “Why don’t I wear the strap-on this time?”

“Right now?”

“Why not?”

Lana’s only response was to start stripping her clothes off as quickly as she could. Alison followed suit until they were both stark naked.

“It doesn’t feel weird?” Lana asked as she waited crouched on all fours while Alison dug out the strap-on from under the bed.

“Not really. It feels good,” Alison assured her as the strapped the dido around her waist.

As Alison moved into position behind her, Lana propped herself up so that her soft, squeezable ass was in the air. Alison stood on her knees as she guided the dildo underneath Lana’s butt cheeks and into the slit of her pussy.

Dawson was lying back against the headboard in her room, thinking about Matt. She realized that she wanted to talk to someone about him really bad. She decided to get up and go talk to Alison. Her best friend was always up for a talk about Dawson’s love life.

Dawson didn’t bother as she walked straight into Alison’s bedroom, stopping dead in her tracks by the view inside. Lana was on the bed on her hands and knees, head down in a pillow to muffle her moans. Alison was behind Alison, hands on her hips, pumping away with a blue dildo strapped to her own hips.

It took a moment for the two lovers to notice that Dawson was in the room, but once they did, Alison immediately pulled out while Lana squirmed around in a panic to try to somehow cover up what they were doing.

“I… I’m sorry. Sorry to bother you,” Dawson stammered quickly leaving the room and closing the door in embarrassment.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” Lana chanted as she shook her head, “Why the hell didn’t you lock the door?!”

“I’m sorry,” Alison said with a rise of panic in her voice, “But it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

No?” Lana looked at her incredulously, “We’ve just been caught! When Brandi finds out we’re out of the sorority!”

“It’s okay,” Alison assured her as she took the strap-on off, “Dawson already knows about us. She’s not going to tell anyone.”

Lana paused for a moment as she glared at her girlfriend. “You told Dawson? Without asking me? Without even telling me about it?”

Before Alison could respond, Lana was off the bed hurrying to put her clothes back on.

“Lan, I’m sorry!” Alison pleaded, “It just came out one day!”

“Whatever,” Lana said after she was fully dressed again and left the room.

Raven sat at her desk, which was littered with clothes and make-up, and worked on her chemistry assignment in her room on the top floor. She heard nothing of the commotion on the floor below her, but she did hear the knock at her door.

To Raven’s surprise and dismay, it was Colin who stood there when she opened her door.

“Colin. Nikki’s not around you know. She has volleyball practice I think.”

“I know, I’m actually here to see you,” Colin said as he let himself into her room.

“Colin listen. I know what this is about-“

“Please Raven, hear me out,” he cut her off, “I just… I can’t stop thinking about you. Ever since that night. I just…”

His thoughts drifted off as his eye line moved up her slender body towards her inviting and confident facial features. Suddenly, with a lighting-quick move, he came into towards her and kissed her.

The kiss lasted a few moments as Raven recovered from the shock, then she pushed him away.

“Colin! What are you thinking??”

“I have to have you Raven. I just have to!”

“Colin, you are my best friend’s boyfriend. You know we can’t do this. And not only that, but now, since you’re such an idiot, I have to tell her about this.”

“Raven, you can’t,” he started to panic, “She never has to know about us. Really.”

Raven sighed. He just wasn’t getting it. “There’s no ‘us’ Colin. And I do have to tell her.”

“She won’t believe you. And even if she does, she will blame you too. No good will come of telling her.”

Raven thought for a moment about this. Chances are Nikki would be mad and blame both of them. She probably wouldn’t be logical about it. Perhaps they should just keep it a secret….

But no, Raven concluded, it didn’t matter. She was Nikki’s friend and Nikki trusted her.

“Colin, you had better leave. Now.”

Colin paused for a moment, looking as though he couldn’t decide to let anger or heartbreak take over. Then without kartal escort saying anything, he slunk off out of the house.

Later that evening, Dawson was on her date with Matt. She had been worrying about causing a possible rift between Alison and Lana, but once she was with Matt, her worries melted away. The two of them went to play pool for a while then went back to the Alpha house to watch a movie in Matt’s room.

As Dawson cuddled up to her new boyfriend on his bed, she thought about how lucky she was and how good he was to her. He had not yet began complaining about them not having sex yet, and he was even willing to watch The Notebook with her right now!

Halfway through the movie she decided it was time to take things up a notch. She turned her body more towards Matt and said, “Matt, you’ve been so good to me. All of this waiting can’t be easy I know. But I want to give you a little something that may make it easier.”

Dawson quickly made her intentions known as she slid herself down the length of his body and reached with her hand to unbutton his fly. She positioned herself squarely between his legs as she pulled his jeans out.

“Dawson, you really don’t have to do this,” Matt said, even though his voice betrayed him and gave no resistance.

“It’s okay, you deserve it,” she said and she now removed his boxer shorts, “And I’m going to do something for you I have never done for anyone else before. You know, at the end.”

Matt smiled as he understood her meaning, and leaned back to relax. Hearing her intentions was making his cock stiffer already as she took it in her hand and lowered her mouth towards it.

She felt Matt’s penis get bigger and stiffer while she held it inside her mouth until it was standing at full attention. Her moistened lips ran down its length and back up again lubricating his shaft. She held the base of his cock with her right hand, using her thumb and forefinger like a ring while her mouth danced around the head.

Dawson would switch between bobbing her head up and down and stopping to lick the tip and shaft with her tongue which caused Matt to shiver with pleasure more than once. She was really enjoying being able to feel his cock pulse inside her mouth and her excitement for the finish was even starting to grow. She was becoming less and less afraid of what she was going to do.

Dawson had being sucking Matt’s dick for almost ten minutes when he really began to tense up and moan. Dawson knew what would be coming. She kept a steady pace of bobbing up and down, running her mouth along his shaft, working up the pressure. The pulsations of his dick against the inside of her cheeks were overwhelming. Then a loud, long moan escaped Matt’s mouth and he finally popped.

Warmth was the first thing she felt as the cum poured out of his dick and inside her mouth. His semen was warm and oily as it filled the cavity of her mouth so full that it began to leak out of the sides of her lips, dripping slowly down her chin. Dawson knew he must have had a big load to shoot because it was almost filling her mouth entirely.

She savoured the taste of the salty, warm cum for a moment then went for the full swallow. She let the built-up, milky fluid slide to the back of her throat and then all the way down. There was something about drinking in Matt’s essence that Dawson found that she loved. It was like taking in a part of him inside herself, but in a different way than with sex.

Her throat still felt like it was coated in cum as she quickly jerked his dick to get out every last drop, letting it drip onto her tongue. She wrapped the tongue around the outside of her mouth, catching all of the cum running from her lips and swallowed it all back. She winced a little at the taste, but found that it really wasn’t that bad. She could definitely get used to it.

She had swallowed for the first time, and she liked it. She felt dirty, but in a way that excited her. She raised her head up from between Matt’s legs and smiled at him.

The next morning the Sigma girls were slowly and groggily gathering in the kitchen for breakfast. Dawson wandered in wearing her white t-shirt and panties and a smile on her face. But everyone else seemed either too grumpy or bleary to ask her how it went last night.

Alison and Lana were seated at opposite ends of the kitchen and Dawson noticed some furtive, cold glances pass between the two. Even though they weren’t saying anything, and no one else in the house knew about them, their tension still seemed to fill the room.

Kate walked in wearing only a black bra from the waist up and her blue pajama pants below. She had some mail in her hand and an angry look on her face.

“For fuck’s sake Brandi, did you not pay the house bills yet?”

“Oy, good morning to you too, Kate,” Brandi said sarcastically as she poured herself another cup of coffee, “I’ll get to it.”

Then Raven walked in, her normally bronze skin looking quite pale, her face blank and expressionless. She didn’t say anything as she walked in towards Nikki who was wearing her full flannel pajamas and eating her cereal in one of the corners of the room.

“Hey Niks, can I, um,” she mumbled awkwardly, “I need to talk to you for a second. Privately.”

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