Southern Comfort Ch. 01

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The light began to trickle onto the hardwood floor through the slightly parted curtains of the master bedroom. Ever since Ellie and Leo bought their new suburban house, they have been blessed with their windows facing west. This was a stark contrast to being rudely woken up each morning by the unforgiving South Florida sun in their eyes, too early for either to care for. It was the first weekend after they finished unpacking, so sleeping in a bit longer than usual was more than welcome.

The sanctuary theme from the Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, began to cut through the silent air. Leo hadn’t changed his morning alarm tone in at least 15 years, regardless of what phone he sported. He began to stir, shifting from his spooning position with his wife to grab the phone. He swiped right to disable the alarm they had been waiting to hear for 5 months.

“Honey…”, he whispered to Ellie’s ear. He let his eyes soak in the image of the peacefully sleeping damsel, snoring a little less elegantly than she appeared to be. Leo smiled at his wife. She was a very petite girl, just barely hitting 5 feet “short”. A sweet little boricua, slightly more fair than butterscotch complexion, with a beautifully plump ass he loved to smack every chance he had. She had perky B-cups with dark brown, silver dollar pancake areolas. Her small frame, small waist, and overall petite-ness always got him in the mood to ravage her as forcefully as he physically could. His “cute-aggression” level was quite high, and was one of the main things he loved about being with her. He just didn’t think he could ever get tired of lusting over her.

“Ughhh….” she began to mumble as Leo lightly shook her shoulder. He always found it funny that she slept with her mouth open. He kissed her forehead. “It’s time to get up baby, come on.”

A smile began to form on her soft, round face. “I know, but I’m so comfy”, she sighed breathlessly as she began to stretch out her tiny limbs. “We’ll be back in our new tempurpedic beds soon enough, honey buns”, Leo said as he finally rose from the bundle of sheets and comforter.

After brushing his teeth, Leo threw on his silky purple robe, and made his way downstairs to the kitchen. His morning ritual was always the same: prepare a pot of french press coffee, turn on Spotify to fill the morning air with liquid drum-n-bass, and start to plan his morning breakfast that never failed to include eggs.

“Blossom” by Glen E. Stone comes on the speakers.

The planning wasn’t as drawn out this morning as it normally is. They had a flight to Dallas to catch today. He already had something in mind to put together. The previously set-up bread machine sounded off as he retrieved a few eggs from the fridge. “Yasssss!”, he half-heartedly exclaimed in an exaggerated, effeminate voice.

“Onion bread, onion bread, gotta have me some onion bread”, he began to sing, improvising along with the rhythm of the song. The sounds of a shower were faintly heard behind the sounds of snares, kicks, and upright bass. Ellie was finally up.

Leo’s phone buzzed three times, in short bursts. It was his calendar notification reminding him he had 3 hours to get to Jacksonville International Airport. He swiped on his phone again, and smirked. He had been looking forward to seeing Leigh-anne in Dallas for a while.

Ellie had been friends with Leigh-anne a few years before Leo had met her. She was a beautiful porcelain country girl, with dirty blonde hair that was usually colored deep red, or auburn. In fact, few of the girls in their circle kept their natural hair color. Ellie’s was a deep sapphire color.

Leigh-anne was about 5’7″, much taller than girls Leo typically got involved with. Her fiery personality, devotion to Ellie, and overall hint of southern comfort in her demeanor attracted Leo to her. Not to mention she had deliciously long and thick legs, tattoos telling stories at every curve and crevice she flaunted, and steel blue eyes that held your soul captive if you fell victim to her ensnaring smolder. She had C-cups, with what Leo imagined were beautifully light-pink areolas, and cherry red nipples. She had a wider waist perfect for child-bearing. She barely had a shred of fat on her body, but she had a bigger build than what would be considered petite, especially compared to Ellie. The cutest little mole on her cheek somehow made her seem like an angel, but she was not at all innocent. Leigh-anne was a maneater. She knew what she wanted and she was dangerous.

Leo always had a crush on her. Ellie did too, for that matter. Ellie was a far cry from bi-sexual, but something about Leigh-anne had always given the married couple a reason to talk about exploring a threesome with her. The girls had a deep bond, so the demi-sexual in Ellie opened her thoughts to having extra-curricular activities with someone she trusted and loved. It was always hard for Leo not to think about this when they were all together. The dynamic between them had ankara eryaman escort always been electric.

That said, Leigh-anne was almost never single. It wasn’t like the opportunity was always there for anything to lead to another. It didn’t help that she lived far away in Texas either. They never got comfortable enough with any of her partners to even discuss anything more than a threesome. That, alone, was already wild and out there for Ellie to ever consider.

The three friends always did manage to plan big annual adventures together, regardless of who else was involved. On one of the many music festivals they’ve attended together, the girls actually had a brief conversation on the topic of a threesome. Leigh-anne’s flavor of the year was tucked away in a tent back at the campsite away from all the action. The three were laying on a tapestry, watching one of the DJs perform. They were taking one of their breaks from all the headbanging, since 3 days of non-stop dubstep music required some pacing to survive. Despite all the molly and acid they had this weekend, they weren’t necessarily teenagers. The girls were 30 and Leo was 32.

Leo was just far enough to where he wasn’t directly part of the conversation, but was called on for a moment by Ellie to be informed that a threesome was something Leigh-anne would be open to.

It wasn’t like Ellie to bring up sexual conversations, she always seemed too shy to even talk dirty, so Leo couldn’t help but smile sheepishly and nod his head in approval at the memo while looking at an indifferent Leigh-anne. He couldn’t seem to read what was on her mind at that moment, so he always took it as him being too adamant to react, and not necessarily playing it as “cool” as he should have.

Truth be told, he knew she was just like him: a rising sign in Scorpio. Those individuals tend to be mysterious and reserved, never too forthcoming with their true emotions – great poker faces!

Leo adjusted his shorts, since he was beginning to pitch a different kind of tent being lost in his thoughts. What it must feel like to have those piercing blue eyes stare up at him while his girthy cock was fully engulfed in her mouth with her moistened thick lips at the base… a passionate tongue dancing along his frenulum as he is moments away from coating her throat with all of that aggressively built up, milky anticipation. She would hold his balls, completely commanding his cock, not wasting a single drop that she worked so hard to extract. Never breaking eye contact as she basked in the glory of conquering her prey, watching him melt before her…

She was also a bigger girl than Ellie. She could probably take a more ferocious pounding than Ellie ever could, he thought. Since Ellie was a small girl, as much as he wanted to be rough with her at times, he couldn’t ever fully bring on the intensity. It was fine, for the most part. Love-making with Ellie was more of a sweet and sensual experience, which always felt great. The chemistry was undeniable. However, there were those times he felt he could use a rough fucking. Just pure, unadulterated, primal fucking. He was a big guy after all. Leigh-anne seemed to be more “spicy” and flat-out built better to take a good, hard dicking.

Leo was a tall and broad man, 6’3″, built like a football player most told him. He had wide shoulders and big arms, which he owed to good genes and all of his years of weight training. He wasn’t insanely cut like a juice-head gorilla, but he was strongly built. With all the high intensity training he was doing nowadays, he began to slim down more, focusing his efforts on stamina and toning. He had shoulder length, jet black hair, which he always wore in a ponytail. He had a full black beard that was trimmed down to a few inches – nothing too exorbitant. He also had dark honey eyes that women always told him were intense and can truly be defined as “bedroom eyes”. He was more fair than Ellie, but not as fair as Leigh-anne. He had a gift for tanning well in the sun.

“Particles” by Flowrian and Simstah comes on.

Leo had the bacon and eggs on the griddle simultaneously, nearly done. Bread was sliced on their plates, and he was moments away from a full mug of Starbucks Gold Coast coffee.

This was it, Leo thought. This is the trip. Leigh-anne isn’t with someone at the moment.

Leo felt a slight pang of guilt, he knew it was a bit selfish to think about her solitude, but he knew there was undeniable chemistry between all of them just begging to be explored. If we could just finally have some quality 1-on-1-on-1 time, he thought, it was bound to happen, right?

The table was set, the coffee was poured, and the couple sat down to enjoy their breakfast.

“I’m looking forward to going out on the boat”, Ellie said as she spread a dollop of butter on her slice of onion bread. She had her sky-blue shower robe on, hugging all of her curves very tightly, not helping Leo’s filthy mind this morning at escort elvankent all.

“Me too”, Leo agreed with half of a bacon strip in his mouth. “It’ll be the first time we get to do that on her home turf. Not sure how it will compare to the Intercoastal, though.” Ellie shrugged in response, taking a healthy bite of the warm, buttery bread.

“I should probably prepare another vat of Sangria”, Leo chuckled, remembering the last boat adventure they had where they got lost on the waters from being too far gone. “Oh god… that was a crazy time”, Ellie responded, remembering all too clearly the pain in her throat from vomiting that night. “We just have to make sure we’re properly hydrated, that’s all”, Leo reasoned, noticing the pained look on her face.

It wasn’t long before his mind wandered off into the gutter once more, thinking about that boat trip. He remembered both girls dancing around in their bikinis, drinks in hand, all smiles and laughter. He always loved seeing them happy together, their beaming faces, the loving embraces. They always looked so damn delicious in their tight, brightly-colored, ruffled scrunch bikini bottoms that accentuated the juicy pair of vanilla and caramel asses he could never take his eyes off of.

“Are you gonna bring that teal swimsuit I love?” he smirked as he peered into his wife’s cocoa eyes. She shook her head with a flattered smile, and let out an exaggerated sigh. “You dirty boy…” she giggled. “I did pack it, actually.”

“Magnificent!” he exclaimed in a mocking, theatrical voice. She rolled her eyes and began picking up the dishes. “Go shower, I’ll take care of the cleanup.”

“Epigenic” by SMRD begins to play.

Leo watched her ass sway back and forth as she walked away from him, heading towards the kitchen sink with the last bite of bread in her mouth.

He immediately had a devious idea.

Leo stood up, and began to follow closely behind her. She didn’t immediately notice since the music concealed the sounds of his movements. He gave her a nice, healthy smack on her left ass cheek.

“Hey!” she muffled playfully, finishing the remaining bites of her bread. She always knew there was a chance an ass-smack was coming, it was a daily action that seemed to happen every time she let her guard down.

“I want that booty!” Leo said playfully, now caressing her pulsing cheek.

Ellie took a sip from her coffee, did her smiling head shake once again, and half-heartedly tried to turn him down. “You have to start getting ready.”

“We have time, honey. We still have at least a full hour before we even have to worry about bringing the bags down”, Leo pleaded. He began to wrap her in his big, long arms into a hearty embrace, kissing her on the neck and ear.

This was always her weakness, and he knew that. She loved the way his facial hair would gently graze her neck, ears, and shoulder as he kissed her lightly. He would always lick her neck at random times to make her giggle too. He was a very playful lover, and she always loved that about him. He knew when and how to be sweet, despite his underlying, primal urges.

He slowly dropped his hands from a hug to grab her waist. “You’re never quick though…” she said with more husk in her voice, slowly submitting to her husband’s advances.

Leo was always pleased to know he wasn’t a “minute-man”, as Missy Elliot would say. That didn’t always work in his favor, though. Ellie would get tired out and beg him to finish at times. “I’ll try as best as I can to be quick”, he said in a whisper, lifting her robe up to expose her black-laced panties that could never hope to contain her plump, Puerto Rican ass. He took his index fingers to each side of the panty, hooked it around the band, and slowly pulled it down. She let out a quivering sigh, now fully resigned to letting her man take her body and use it for his own pleasure.

He continued kissing her cheek and neck as his right hand began exploring her moistening womanhood from behind. Ellie rested her tiny hands on the side of the sink, closed her eyes, and basked in the sensuality of his touch. He rubbed her natural lubrication all around her hot, shaved opening, occasionally rubbing her clit in slow circles, returning up and down her welcoming slit. She let out a small, husky moan. “Oh, daddy…”

He was a predator attacking his prey. He knew how to make his sweet little girl submit to his needs when he was given the chance. Being the good girl that she is, she rose up on her toes, pushing her ass further out so that he had more access to her aching crevice.

He decided now was the time to shove his middle finger into his favorite breeding hole. The first knuckle slid in with ease. She gasped, her slit clenching tight onto his invading finger. He slowly moved it in and out, rotating, feeling the ridges of her inner walls graze along his knuckle. Ever so slightly, he picked up his speed.

She began to ball her fists up as he etimesgut escort bayan inserted the second knuckle inside her. She opened her fluttering eyes and looked into his own intently. Her eyes told him that daddy had her at his mercy. He loved that look, resembling someone who knew they were in trouble and did not know which way to turn. A hint of desperation. Submissiveness. It was the look he always defined as the “good girl” look.

He shoved his finger all the way in. She closed her eyes once more and let out a more passionate moan. He picked up his pace as his finger bottomed out over and over. He teased with the “come hither” motion. Ellie whimpered with more desperation in her voice. He continued to fuck her with his middle finger, preparing her tight hole to slowly begin expanding as the main event was arriving soon.

Leo let his finger slide out of her, returning to his slow circles around her hooded clit, which was now a protruding, moist sphere. His ring finger decided to greet her clit too, joining the party. He began caressing her with more pressure and purpose now that both fingers were involved. He rubbed her natural honey all over, then up her light brown lips.

His cock was bulging out, crying for an escape from its cotton prison. He’s been pent up all morning and started to get that familiar, ravenous feeling. She sensed this, and lowered her left hand from the sink to begin rubbing his bulge. He let out a faint, exasperated sigh.

Ellie grabbed Leo’s cock with a little more purpose, but wasn’t prepared to feel the two dancing fingers shoved inside her dripping pussy with conviction at the same time. She gasped and opened her eyes wildly, holding on to the hardening cock for dear life. Her tight hole barely allowed the two intruders up to their first knuckles.

He started finger-fucking her with a little more intensity, her pussy slowly allowing the rest of his fingers to enter, bit by bit. The resistance of her tight pussy never failed to excite Leo. He had to work her up over time because she was so compact. He couldn’t wait to feel that around his throbbing meat.

She rubbed his cock through his boxers a little more rigorously. A fire was burning in the pit of her stomach. She was close to the edge already, and she now needed to feel him inside her. She pulled the band of his boxers down with her left hand, and freed the pleading member from its cage. A long sigh of relief filled the air. At last, she was going to wrap her small, dainty hands on his gallant phallus.

Ellie clutched the two-toned, circumcised member at the heart of the shaft. She began stroking the cock she married as she quivered more and more. He was starting to bottom out with both his fingers now. With his large hands, it felt like heaven to her insides. She always loved those fingers of his. All those years of playing the piano really made her happy with his dexterity.

The ridges of his knuckles rubbed her upper wall. He pulled out as he realized he just couldn’t take the anticipation any more. “Wet me up baby”, he said, as collected as he possibly could. It took everything in him not to outright thrash her viciously.

She moaned when his fingers left the warm comforts of her gripping cocksleeve, and she immediately bent down to fully insert his hard cock into her tiny throat. She could never get it fully down, but that didn’t take away from the pleasure he felt as he finally felt some warm moisture on his second head.

She bobbed up and down his shaft, coating his cock with as much saliva as she could muster. Ellie was passionate and fully committed to this moment now. She could think of nothing more than to be ravaged by what was brushing up against her vocal cords. Leo moaned in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck… right there”, he gasped out, relishing in the feeling of his life partner’s tongue massaging his upper shaft.

She released his member from her mouth, and peered into his eyes. No words needed to be exchanged. It was time to make her his woman again.

Leo got behind his wife in a half-squatting position. She was back on her tippy toes in desperate anticipation. She positioned her luscious ass as high as she could. She looked at the cherrywood tile kitchen backsplash, intoxicated by lust. She closed her eyes as he began to rub his general’s helmet along her dripping pussy and clit.

She nearly swallowed his cock whole in the first thrust. She came immediately. Her whimpers of pleasure almost sounded pained as she felt his invading member rock back and forth towards her uterus. The squelching sounds of her delicate flower reverberated. Leo grabbed her waist to shove her back into him as he groaned from libidinous pleasure. How can she always be so damn tight?

He fucked her as hard as he could without hurting her. The smacks of thigh, balls, and ass, filled the air around them, covering the sounds of Utah Jazz’s “Do My Thing”. He was finally drenched in her natural juices, feeling the warmth radiating from her tiny, helpless body. She was starting to lose her balance. Ellie came so hard that she was becoming limp, and fully succumbing to Leo’s will. She was already on deck for a second orgasm, too.

“I’m almost there”, he grunted like a wounded beast.

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