Spring Break Arrives

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I waited with anticipation for the arrival of spring break. That was when my daughter Susie would be home from college. I hadn’t seen her for close to six months and I was really beginning to miss her. The house seemed to get lonelier and lonelier. I needed a woman around but I hadn’t the energy to pursue any relationships after my wife had passed away. So it was always nice to have Susie home. It had been almost two years now, but the passing of my wife was still fresh in my mind. I not only missed her love, companionship and friendship but I missed the physical contact we had together. We had always seemed to just melt in to each other’s self when we made love. We really did become one and I missed it so.

Susie had e-mailed that she might be bringing a friend home with her and I replied that would be great. I expected to see her on Friday if all went well at school. I busied myself all week between my job and cleaning up the house. I made sure that the beds were made with clean sheets and all of the bathrooms had plenty of fresh towels. As I surveyed the house, I was prideful in how the house looked. Not a bad job for an old fart like me. I’m only fifty-I thought I’m not ancient! Friday was upon me so I figured I would layout from work for the day. I had plenty of vacation time on the books and besides I was taking the whole next week off, one more day wouldn’t hurt. I was in the backyard when I heard a car door slam and then another. I looked at my watch and figured they had made good time; it was almost 2:00 pm. As I came around the house my eyes fixed in on Susie and her friend. Both of the girls were in shorts and halter-tops with their hair held up in buns.

Susie came running towards me and jumped in to my arms, wrapping her legs around me. She clung to my neck and sobbed lightly.

“Daddy, I’ve missed you so much.”

I squeezed her tight and as I did I noticed that her pussy mound was hard up against my groin. This started to make my cock flinch. I finally let go but my cock was starting to flinch. Boy was her body ever hot!

Susie introduced me to her friend, Kim was her name, and boy was she a knock out. Kim had jet-black hair, large brown eyes, bronze colored skin and a body to die for. Small breasted but more than ample. She and Susie had pretty much the same body build, slim but well proportioned, just the way I liked them. Kim made her way towards me and extended her hand.

I looked at her and I said, “ This is a household that hugs. Come here and give me a hug.”

With that Kim jumped in to my arms just like Susie had done. I really wasn’t expecting that and she almost knocked me over. With her legs wrapped around me, I could feel her pussy grind in to my groin. I squeezed her gently but quickly let her down. It was really hard to hide my growing hard on now. I moved to get the girls luggage, hoping I could hide the tent in my shorts. God they looked great!

I took the girls luggage to their rooms and told them that dinner would be served around 6 o’clock. I also encouraged them to freshen up and possibly take a nap after their long drive if they were tired. Susie and Kim were on my heels down the hallway. They were giggling about something and they almost ran in to me when I stopped. They both glanced at my shorts and I looked down. I was totally embarrassed because you could see a big wet spot were my cock had been resting. I could feel the flushness come over me.

“ That’s okay daddy, we still have a washing machine don’t we?” Susie giggled.

The girls laughed once more and headed for the bedrooms. I couldn’t believe what just had happened. I asked myself, was Susie coming on to me? Why was I getting a hard on with the sight of both of these girls. They were only twenty! One was my daughter I thought, I shouldn’t be thinking this way towards her. My cock started to flinch and grow as I thought of them. Boy I needed some relief! I headed for my own bedroom.

I eased the door shut and slipped on to my bed. I slid my shorts off and just laid there for moment. My mind raced back to when both girls had jumped in to my arms with their legs wrapped around me. I really could understand how Kim made me hot but my own daughter making me hot? I started to slowly stroke my member. I didn’t have to worry about any lubricant cause of the pre cum coming from the slit in the head of my dick. I slowly worked my hand up and down, thinking of Susie and Kim and their luscious bodies. I moved one hand around to my asshole and started to massage my hole. The feeling was incredible. I didn’t hear the door open up but Susie needed to ask me something and she froze in her tracks as she saw what I was doing.

Susie closed the door behind her and quietly made her way closer to my bed. I was oblivious to her being in the room. My tempo picked up and I could feel the usual swell starting within me. I slipped a finger in my asshole and stroked faster now. Susie had gotten down on her hands and knees and made her way to the edge of the bed. canlı bahis She was only inches from my hard cock and I didn’t even know it. Susie slipped her hand in her shorts and started to rub her bald pussy lips and clit. Her pace quickened with my own. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my cock.

As I started to cum I moaned out and shot my first stream all the way up to my chin. I worked my finger in to my ass deeper. I squeezed my cock tighter, working slower now. Wave after wave hit me. When the last squirt oozed out of my cock I eased my finger out and let my pulsing cock rest in my hand. I laid there not being able to move. I closed my eyes and dozed off in bliss!

Susie worked on her cunt as I had started to cum. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing and how it turned her on. Her body quivered and shook as she started to cum. Her eyes were riveted on my cock as it squirted all over; seeing my finger in my ass also shocked her. This really had turned her on. She now worked on her own ass as well as her pussy. She started to thrust her fingers in and out of her hole. Susie couldn’t believe how wet and hot she was. Her pent up orgasm was erupting, her body quivered.

When her body stopped shaking and jerking she was flushed, hot and sweaty from her ordeal. She waited by the side of the bed for me to move but I didn’t. I was sound asleep. She knew she had better leave but not before she touched my cock. It was now flaccid and soft to the touch; Susie could feel the heat coming from it. She couldn’t resist the temptation that was before her. By now my hand had fallen away exposing my cock in its fullness. She lightly traced a path up and down its length, which made it stir. The sight of my growing cock mesmerized Susie.

Boldness started to overtake Susie as she moved her mouth towards my cock. Her tongue reached the bulbous head of my cock first. She could taste and smell my cum, this excited her even more and her lips slowly engulfed the head. I let out a moan and squirmed on the bed. Susie froze in her tracks hoping I wasn’t awake. She allowed my cock to rest in her mouth. Satisfied that I was still asleep she took me deeper in her mouth. When her lips reached the base of my cock she instinctively gagged which made me stir again. Susie reacted by moving her mouth back up my shaft almost letting my manhood fall from her mouth. She ever so slowly made her way back down until her mouth nibbled at the base of my cock, this time she didn’t gag. Her pace picked up and one of her hands reached between my legs and started to finger my wet asshole.

I eased my legs apart and I thought I was dreaming. It was almost automatic when I reached my hands out for her head. I moaned in my sleep and squirmed my hips. This movement pushed my cock deeper in Susie’s waiting mouth.

I was dreaming that my wife, Jane, was giving me a fantastic blowjob. Jane loved to suck cock and lick my balls. When she found out that I liked my asshole penetrated this turned her on even more. She would caress my ass and slip her finger in slowly as her mouth worked its way down my shaft. Her tempo always picked up when she knew I was close to cumming. That’s when she would insert a small dildo she kept by the bed just for occasions like this.

I grabbed Jane’s head and started to fuck her mouth deeper and deeper. My cock started to swell and I knew I was going to explode. I could feel my cum working its way up my shaft, then I buried my cock in Jane’s mouth as deep as I could go, moving down her throat. I started to see stars as my milky white stuff shot out and landed deep within her. I could feel her finger working on my ass. I almost passed out from the pleasure of it all.

Jane removed her finger but still sucked my cock until there wasn’t a drop of cum nor hardness left. When she removed her mouth I started to open my eyes but I couldn’t see anything. I started to come around and looked at my bed.

“Damn” I thought. “That sure was some fucking dream. God I miss Jane.”

I stayed focused on the side of the bed where Jane used to sleep. I caught myself caressing her side of the bed. I had to close my eyes because of the tears that weld up within me. I eased myself off the bed and headed for the shower. I glanced at my clock and knew I’d have to make dinner soon; it was now almost 5 o’clock.

When I stepped in to the shower Susie made her way out of my bedroom. She headed straight for the room where Kim was in. She opened the door and slowly closed it behind her.

The water felt so good cascading on my body. I was still kind of weak in the knees from what had just happened. I really thought that I was getting a blowjob but there wasn’t anyone there with me. My mind sure is playing tricks on me, I thought. I knew I better finish up and head for the kitchen.

As I stepped out of the shower I still thought about Kim and Susie’s young bodies. I really had to concentrate on not thinking about them. I looked down and saw my cock flinch a bit. What an bahis siteleri afternoon. I slipped on a pair of swimming trunks. They were more or less a pair of baggy shorts. I had freedom in them to let my cock and balls swing.

I made my way down to the kitchen and I heard soft muffled moans coming from the spare bedroom. That is where I placed Kim stuff. I stopped long enough to hear what sounded like something was being slurped. I moved closer to the door and placed my ear against it. Sure enough the sound that I heard was definitely being made by someone licking on something or someone, I thought. My mind raced and all I could think of was Kim and Susie sucking each other’s pussies! I wanted to burst in on them but I’m sure I would have embarrassed them. I slowly made my way to the kitchen.

I took out two large pizzas and a salad. I loved to make my own pizzas and was pretty good at it. I moved about the kitchen like I knew what I was doing. I took plates and silver ware and headed for the porch. I knew the girls would like to eat outside.

With the pizzas done I hollered out, “Susie and Kim, dinner is ready.”

No response.

I moved closer to the hallway and hollered again.

“Hey you two, our pizza’s getting cold!”

Still nothing.

I moved quietly down the hall, the carpet muffled all the sounds I did make. As I approached the spare bedroom I placed my ear on the door. I heard nothing. I waited for a minute and then I knocked softly. Nothing. I tried the door and turned the handle, it wasn’t locked.

My heart raced a bit as I had visions of Susie and Kim lying together, locked in a compromising position. As I opened the door gently I peered in. The damn bed was empty. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I moved to the bathroom, no sounds and no one there either. I figured I better check out Susie’s room next. As I walked past the bed I saw a pair of very skimpy panties lying on the bed. I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick them up. I raised them too my nostrils and could smell the sweet aroma of Kim’s perfume along with the smell of pussy juices. The crotch of the panties was even wet.

As I was lowering them back to the bed I heard the girls coming down the hall. All of a sudden I heard Susie ask.

“What are you doing daddy? Do you see anything you like?”

I knew I was caught and my face showed it. I could feel the redness coming to my face. I mumbled something about hearing noises and waked quickly passed them. Both girls snickered.

We sat at the porch table and passed the time with small talk. I was still a bit flustered about being caught in Kim’s room. I tried to hide my emotions. When dinner was over the girls asked if I had anything to drink, like beer.

“No beer, but I do have some good wine chilling in the fridge if you would like that.” I said.

I wasn’t much of a drinker but I figured I better have a drink or two to calm my nerves down. I got up and made the girls a glass of wine while I hit the hard stuff. I mixed a double of good old Jack Daniels on the rocks with a splash of seven up. I didn’t take me but a moment and my glass was empty. I mixed another for myself and headed for the table.

As we sat and chilled, the conversation got around to sex and the girls. Both of the girls exclaimed that it was very difficult finding the right guy.

Susie piped in with, “All the guys ever want is a fast blowjob. They want to make your pussy all wet and then, bam, then pushing your head to their cocks.”

I looked over at Susie and said “You need to tone down your language young lady or I’ll turn you over my knee!”

“But daddy, it’s the truth. All the boys just want to get their nuts off and leave us girls hanging. I don’t think they even know that we cum too!” Susie remarked.

“Now Susie your mother sure wouldn’t have put up with you talking that way so I shouldn’t either. Now get over here so I can paddle your butt.” I said.

Susie looked at me with this funny look and smiled and said, “You wouldn’t dare spank my ass!”

“ Oh yes I would and I’m going to do it right now.” I replied “Now stand up and get over here now!” I barked at her.

Susie was obedient and got up. She wiggled her little butt in my direction and backed up to me. I ordered Susie to drop her sarong that was around her waist. She untied it and let it fall to the floor. She looked over her shoulder at me and said,

“Do you like what you see?”

I couldn’t hide the redness in my face because I was somewhat embarrassed by what stood before me. My daughter’s ass was completely bare except for the thin piece of material going up her crack that attached to the rest of her thong bathing suit.

I couldn’t remove my eyes from her gorgeous heart shaped ass.

“Now bend over my lap and take your medicine!” I ordered.

Susie moved to my side and lowered herself onto my lap. As she bent over, she slid her tits over my now hard cock and then slid bahis şirketleri even further resting her pussy mound on my crotch. My cock was on fire and I couldn’t believe what was going on. As I raised my hand to apply the first whack Susie turned her head to look at me.

“Go ahead daddy, spank my ass if you must.” She said this in a mocking tone of voice.

Whack the first pop cam down hard on her ass cheek.

Susie yelped as I did it again and again.

“Daddy you really are spanking me.” She exclaimed. “It hurts like hell. Please stop daddy!”

I made sure that both cheeks got their equal share. Now they both looked up at me with a “red glow!” I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was getting. I was turned on like more than I could ever remember. It was fantastic.

“Have you had enough Susie?” I asked, “Have you learned your lesson?”

Between her light sobs she muttered that she was sorry. With her reply came my response of telling her that I was going to massage her cheeks to make them feel better.

I started to lightly rub my hands across her ass cheeks. The warmth from the spanking I gave her seemed to penetrate my palms. I worked my hands closer to the bottom of each cheek when all of a sudden Susie parted her legs.

I had a good view of her wet pussy lips. The little bit of material had worked its way in between her lips, making them poke out. The sight of her lying in my lap mesmerized me. I slipped one hand further down and just grazed her pussy. It was so soft to touch, but unbelievably wet. Susie let out a soft moan as I brushed her pussy.

“Okayyy your done now.” I stuttered.

Susie pushed herself off of my lap and her legs were wobbly. I had to steady her so she wouldn’t fall. Susie bent right over in front of me as she picked up her sarong, exposing her pussy in all its glory. I watched as she headed for the hot tub. Her little buns were a bright pink from the spanking I gave her. God she was beautiful!

My eyes were fixed on Susie but I was quickly jolted back to my senses by,

“Mr. Smith, your shorts are so wet from Susie’s pussy dripping all over you!” Kim hollered out.

I turned my head and I shot a glance towards Kim.

“If you continue to talk like that you’ll get some of the same.” I told Kim.

Kim looked at me and said, “There’s no fucking way you’ll lay a hand on my ass!”

“Just keep it up Kim and you’ll be on my lap sooner than you think.”

Kim kind of glared at me with this defiant look. I could see she was trying to come up with some smart-ass remark for me. Kim shot up from her seat and said,

“Your just like all the other men I’ve known. All you want to do is look at my ass and puss…” Before she could finish her statement I had a hold of her arm and was dragging her to my seat. Kim fought me in more of a playful mood than anything else.

“Go ahead Kim, fight him off of you!” Susie hollered out.

I glanced over at Susie. She was leaning out of the tub with this big grin on her face.

I lowered Kim to my lap; my cock was about to burst at the seams of my shorts. She fought me the whole way. The more she squirmed the harder I got. I had to place Kim between my legs and trap her there. My left arm was holding her in position while I lifted her sarong.

I almost shot my load because once again here was a perfect ass staring up at me, bare to the bone! I rubbed her cheeks and then I lifted my hand and let it fly. Whack, Whack and Whack. I think I shocked Kim with the first blow, it wasn’t a hard slap but I knew it stung because of the redness that came from her cheeks.

“Oh, fuck Mr. Smith. It hurts like hell. Please stop I’ll do anything you want, just stop.” Kim said as she gasped for air.

“I’ll have to give you a couple of more pops just to let you know I’m not fooling around,” I said.

The last few whacks were rather light but still hard enough to make Kim flinch.

“Just lay here for a minute Kim and think about what comes out of your mouth.”

I took my hand and slowly ran it across both of her cheeks. I then started to run my fingers from the top of her crack downwards. When I approached her asshole I wiggled my finger in a bit. Kim let out a moan and pushed upwards. I slipped my finger further down and found her waiting cunt lips wide open. I slipped a couple of fingers in and got them good and wet. I then worked back up to her brown eye. It was now easier to slip in.

Kim started to buck up and down making my finger slide in past the first knuckle. All of a sudden Kim started to shake and quiver and her ass cheeks clamped down on my finger. I had a good feeling that she had an orgasm by the way she moved about my lap.

“Are you alright Kim?” I asked as her shaken and quivering stopped.

“Oh, yesss I’m alright. How about letting me up now or do I get more?” she said.

“Nope, looks like you’re done for now Kim. Let me help you up.” I replied.

I helped her off my lap and she headed for the hot tub. I glanced down at my crotch and couldn’t believe how much pussy juice and pre cum were on my shorts. All I could smell was sex. It was all over me and I hadn’t even gotten my rocks off!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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