Stepdaughter Surprise

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Daughter joins mum and I

I remember Lynne walking in on us one night, we were both stark naked on top of bed, Sandra was sat on my cock facing away from me towards the door that Lynne walked through. We were being a bit noisy as it was one of her favourite positions, Lynne must have been woken by us and had a good view of my stiff cock as her mum got off.

Lynne got into bed with us, we all snuggled up on our right hand sides, with Sandra in the middle, I got a bit touchy feely as Sandra was obviously still aroused and she let me enter her from behind.

Lynne just had her short nightie on and was pushed back into her mum. I had my left hand over them both resting on Lynne’s tummy and my right arm under both of their heads. Sandra had put her left hand back and guided my cock, which was very stiff and sticky from earlier penetration, into her then put it back round my bum and pulled me in. I was gently, slowly pushing in and out, kissing her neck and rubbing Lynne’s tummy at the same time. I couldn’ t thrust in case she got scared at the movement so I was very gentle. My cock was really canlı bahis thick and feeling like he was being sucked hard by her, the neck of her pussy tightened like a rubber band round the base of him.

Sandra’s hand came back and rested on top of mine which I let lazily rub up and down Lynne’s tummy in time with my short thrusts. I was able to gradually feel her boobs and was just grazing over her nipples, returning to her tummy so as not to make it too obvious. I could feel Sandra contracting her bum to squeeze me and also sensed she was getting agitated and frustrated.

I let my hand drift downwards onto Lynnes bare thigh gently moving it back up bringing the edge of her nightie with it. Left it there for a few moments in case either resisted, Sandra’s hand was still on top of mine, our fingers intertwined, she squeezed my hand as I slid up under the edge of the nightie onto Lynne’s bare tummy.

I let it rest again and concentrated on my cock inside her, I was flicking it upwards, wiggling it inside her, rather than thrusting, letting it grow. It was pushed down at an odd angle because bahis siteleri of the cuddling so was hitting her front wall consistently which had Lynnes bum snuggled tightly up against it the other side. It felt really thick and she was the tightest I had ever known her almost painfully strangling the base of him. She was struggling to contain herself just squeezing and clenching, I think she felt really content and safe with Lynne in her arms.

My left hand started to explore again but this time under her nightie moving upwards towards the curve of her buds. They were blossoming by now and my hand cupped one gently the nipple protruding between mine and Sandra’s fingers. She hardly stirred being really sleepy and comfortable but I withdrew it again so as not to make it too obvious.

I was getting to the point where my orgasm was building and I was getting turned on by Sandra’s insistent squeezing and wiggling against him and the gentleness of us both caressing Lynne. I allowed our fingers to trace down her tummy again the tips of them reached the extreme of her pubic hair which was thick and bahis şirketleri luxurious. I gently twirled our finger tips into it but stayed there for a moment to concentrate on thrusting short insistent strokes into Sandra, rolling up hard against her bum. She lifted her left leg up back over mine letting me in deeper, opening the angle to her pussy. This also had the effect of rolling Lynne back slightly allowing my fingers to delve more easily onto her mound.

Lynne’s left arm was up as if she was suckling her thumb allowing us to rub her tummy but as I carefully moved downwards I found her right hand was buried between her thighs, clasping her pussy. Whether it was deliberate or habit I don’t know, Sandra didn’t seem shocked by it and didn’t attempt to pull back but I gently returned to rubbing her little plump tummy and concentrated on emptying my aching balls which had been aroused for ages.

To get the angle I needed to orgasm I let go of them both leaning my body away from them pushing Sandra forward against Lynne with my thrusting, finally expelling my cum deep into a sucking throbbing pussy. This made me exhale loudly, something which I had been supressing during the whole event Lynne stirred and turned over to cuddle into her Mum’s bare body as I recovered before drifting off into a deep satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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