Summer Break

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Lisa woke alone in her hotel room bed. The morning light filled the window and a sliver of daylight glowed on her pretty face. Stretching an arm across the empty bed, she wished there was more than cool wrinkled sheets for her fingers to touch and grasp. Morning was her favorite time when thoughts were filled with desire. She caressed each nipple until the alarm clock interrupted those dreamy thoughts. Rising with another stretch she slipped off her nightgown and looked in the mirror before taking a shower. The spray of water soaked her perfect skin and trickles of water ran between perky breasts. There wouldn’t be time to linger and enjoy as workday thoughts now demanded her attention.

Dressing in casual clothing she knew the day would start with a hair stylist and makeup artist perfecting her looks. The day would be filled with attention creating the perfect look for each dress and sweater in the catalogue where she was the featured model. She enjoyed the attention and excitement of modeling and was eager to begin the day. With a final glance in the mirror she left the room to meet the crew in the hotel lobby.

Lisa had been a model for over twenty years and had her share of success and setback during those years. She never made it to the elite rung of her profession and was comfortable with that fact. Lisa never lacked for work when she wanted it, and this was a job she wanted. She was at a place in her life where the money was secondary to the sense of purpose and accomplishment that working gave her.

Her early working years came with swimsuit and lingerie modeling for small catalogues and department store chains. As the years passed by more of the work was modeling dresses, sweaters, and coats, with the occasional vacation brochure assignment wearing a one piece swimsuit and acting as the doting mom for a happy family on a beach. She understood that modeling was a young woman’s world but she wasn’t going to leave easily.

Now in her early 40’s she knew time was ticking and that gave her a sense of urgency with each new assignment. She had prepared for this job with a dedicated fitness routine that had her in fantastic shape. A daily schedule with yoga and running had sculpted her body perfectly. That attention to fitness made her slender 5’7″ frame draw more appreciative looks than women ten years younger. Her C cup breasts were still full and perky and her blonde hair had more bounce than her sexy stride. When she looked in a mirror, she knew she still had it and could tease the camera and pose for everyone behind it.

Later that morning the stylists had her looking perfect and everything was going well. During a short break Lisa was called into a meeting with the abrupt news they were going in a new direction that was fresher, younger, and more hip. She wouldn’t be needed the entire week as planned. The sting of rejection didn’t sit well. That new direction involved another model. A woman nearly half her age was going to take Lisa’s place as the featured model. Lisa smiled and accepted the decision graciously knowing another job would come along soon. Inside she seethed with jealousy, anger, and resentment knowing her replacement had youthful beauty. It was more likely her replacement had kneeled in front of the editor’s unzipped pants and used her oral talents to secure the new assignment. Lisa had faced those same choices early in her career and knew it was part of the business.

She checked out of her hotel room that morning and began the drive back home. She took comfort knowing the house would be filled with noise from her daughter Beth and son David. They’d been away at college where he was studying Anatomy and Physical Therapy and she was studying Drama and Theater. After being gone for the year they were now home on summer break. Their return home was a welcome change since Lisa’s husband Jim had been travelling frequently for work and was away on a project for several weeks.

Lisa stopped on the way home to have lunch with her friend Molly. They’d been through a lot over the years and a long lunch with Molly was sure to brighten her mood before going home. Lisa arrived at the bistro to find Molly already there with drinks waiting. Molly commanded attention whenever she entered a room. Today was no different as two handsome waiters circled closely looking after her. She dressed in a way to show off her curvy body, and her playful attitude spoke of sex without saying a word. Molly’s summer blouse was unbuttoned enough to display her ample cleavage and invite a peek from anyone eager to look. She had an allure of being sexually available and didn’t care what people thought. She was the brash and bold contrast to Lisa’s soft seductive style.

Lisa turned heads wherever she went and today she needed that validation. The staff and patrons noticed Lisa’s entrance. She was radiant and beautiful with her hair styled and makeup done perfectly. The waiters were eager to please the two ladies and gave exceptional service. Lisa flashed a satisfied smile as two waiters jockeyed for position to help illegal bahis her take a seat at the table.

After picking a chair that allowed a view of the other tables, Lisa clinked her glass against Molly’s and rolled her eyes saying she needed a few more to drown her sorrows. Molly listened to her talk about work frustrations as lunch was ordered and served. The interruptions from the attentive waiters gave Molly an opportunity to flirt and leer at the young men. Half way through a second drink Lisa’s mood was improved. Molly had let her talk while peppering each reply with sexual innuendo and recommending a good screw as the best cure for everything. Slowly their talk turned to family and better times. Molly wanted to know all about Dave and Beth.

“That Dave is turning into quite a hunk. He is a younger version of Jim with a better tan and bigger muscles. What’s he doing this summer anyway? And Beth, she must leave a wake of broken hearts behind her wherever she goes. Who are they seeing now anyway?”

“Neither of them are dating anyone seriously. You know how secretive they are at times. They’re both happy to be free for the summer. They’ve looked for work but they both have full time jobs texting, tanning, and teasing each other.”

Molly was quick to reply with a joke.

“You let Dave know I am available if he needs a cabana girl to help him with that tan.”

They laughed and talked while enjoying the unhurried lunch. Molly reassured her a better job was waiting and she still had the looks to pose for lingerie modeling. They were finishing their drinks when the waiter appeared at the table asking if he could wrap up their remaining lunch to go. Molly leveled her reply while placing her hand on his arm.

“Only if you’re going to deliver it personally. If not we’ll just take the check.”

The waiter laughed and shook his head saying he had a full shift ahead that wouldn’t allow for special delivery.

After the waiter walked away Lisa slapped Molly’s arm.

“You’re so bad teasing him that way. He’s probably the same age as your son.”

Molly’s eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Yes and he’s probably ringing up our check right now and thinking about quitting his job to make that special delivery. I saw him eyeing us for the past hour. Besides, my son or yours would leap at that offer.”

Lisa was feeling relaxed and replied without thinking.

“Now that would be a sight. The boys making a special delivery for us.”

Molly looked surprised but wouldn’t let the opening pass.

“What wicked thoughts are racing around your head? I’m usually the naughty one. Are they making a special delivery to us both? At least tell me I can have some of Dave’s attention on that special delivery. You’re not going to keep him all to yourself are you? I promise to bring him home in a month or two.”

Lisa blushed and shook her head while laughing.

“I should get out of here before you get me into trouble. I better not hear of you coming back here when that waiters shift ends, unless you’re going share all the juicy details.”

Lisa and Molly left together in good spirits saying their goodbyes with a promise to meet again soon. Lisa drove the final distance home feeling happy and looking forward to another modeling assignment. The job loss was a small setback and she had faced bigger challenges during her life. Following the curving country road she reflected on the past twenty years of her life.

Her adult life started with an unplanned and hurried wedding when she was 19 followed by the birth of her son and daughter five months after the wedding. Those circumstances didn’t allow her to enjoy all the experiences her friends enjoyed in their youth. She and her husband Jim struggled at times to make the marriage work while building a better life. The marriage hadn’t been all wine and roses but they kept it together any way they could. Their hard work brought them that better life and she was proud of her family and their spacious home. She was happy that Beth and Dave could attend college and were enjoying a carefree summer break. They were doing the things she missed at that age. Feeling positive and confident that better days were ahead, she turned the car onto their private lane. The car rolled to a stop without a sound. Lisa grabbed her bag and walked toward the front door.


Beth and David were twins that shared similar interests most of their lives. Those shared interests kept them close even before they started on a forbidden journey. They knew each others friends, went to the same parties, and heard the same rumors about each other. Their sibling rivalry with the usual teasing and taunting was amplified from being twins. They didn’t have the buffer of age to separate them at school and with friends.

Their rivalry took a turn along as they grew older. The taunts about appearance, clothing, and popularity were replaced with teasing about sexual skill, dateless nights, and mock offers of pity sex. The two of them raced down a slippery slope where illegal bahis siteleri curiosity was masked as playful teasing, and teasing became taunting. Those taunts soon became dares tempting them to venture further down the forbidden path. It wasn’t long before their growing sexual tension surrendered to lust one night when they were home alone.

They had no illusions about romance and a committed relationship. They told themselves it was a casual hook up without the expectation of couple status. They shared a bond and a trust without the worry of impressing each other like new lovers. That combination afforded them freedom to experiment and indulge every erotic pleasure they desired. They kept it secret and enjoyed each other whenever possible. They went on dates with others as a fun diversion, but returned to each other with a growing passion after each absence.

Their passion had grown to the point they were no longer content with an urgent fuck when feeling horny. They were both athletic and insatiable if not obsessed. Their obsession motivated them to prolong the enjoyment during their forbidden pleasures. Exploring new erotic thrills and ways to make each other quiver with delight added to their lust. They explored with massage oils, lotions, toys, blindfolds, and handcuffs. Secret desires and fantasies were shared with whispers in the dark. One of the fantasies they both wanted was a three-way or a group experience. They were both confident about sex, but unsure how others would react to them being siblings. Neither of them wanted to enjoy their fantasy anonymously with random strangers.

Summer break from college was a liberation from writing papers, taking tests, and reading assignments. It was their time to indulge the physical and sensual. Today was a celebration for Dave and Beth. They had the house to themselves with complete freedom to enjoy however and wherever they wanted. Their dad was away on an extended business trip and mom was gone for a week with her modeling work. Their fun spilled out of Dave’s bedroom for an afternoon outside on the pool deck. They enjoyed sunbathing and swimming nude. Both were proud of their beautiful bodies that glowed with a perfect tan. The private backyard was surrounded by a high fence offering the freedom to enjoy anything they wanted under the sun.

Their clothes were left in Dave’s room where they undressed each other the previous night. Naked and carefree they walked down the stairs and out to the pool carrying cherry flavored massage oil, a blindfold, and padded handcuffs. Their tanned and toned bodies glowed under the afternoon sun a they settled onto a chair. Beth teased her brother and handcuffed him to a poolside lounge chair with his hands secured above his head. His restraint in handcuffs and everything that followed was payment on a bedroom bet from the night before. Some of those bets he won, others he lost. Playing the game mattered more than the score.

Once he was restrained Beth began a slow erotic tease. Her hands were oiled with the cherry flavored massage oil. She rubbed her slippery fingertips around her nipples and put on a show before turning her knowing touch to his cock. Her eyes twinkled with delight watching his hips thrust upward trying to press his shaft into her hand. His body strained against the handcuffs and Beth knew the more she teased the hotter it would be in the end. It didn’t take long for his young eager cock to become fully erect. Beth stroked her brothers shaft with an oiled hand until his prick glistened in the afternoon sunlight.

After a few minutes of slow sensual stroking, she leaned over with her mouth open wide. Dave groaned and pulled against his restraints expecting her soft wet tongue to slide down his shaft. Instead, Beth pursed her lips and blew a slow steady wisp of warm air against his shaft and balls. Her lips were an inch away from his needy prick and her hot breath caressed his cock with a pleasing sensation. Beth was going to enjoy the afternoon immensely with all the teasing she had planned.

After several minutes she crouched over him rubbing her oiled nipples on his shaft. She rocked her hips dragging her nipples over his cock before straddling him. Her nipples pressed against his chest when she leaned in for a kiss. Their tongues met and she sucked his lower lip into her mouth. Dave thrust his cock toward her wet slit. Their wet lingering kiss ended with Beth sliding lower until her wet pussy touched the tip of his cock.

“Does my brother want to fuck me again? Do you want to slide your big hard cock in me right now? That would feel so good if I were just to sit back and let you push that big cock deep inside me and we have a slow hot fuck out here in the sun. Would you like that?”

Dave groaned and pulled on the handcuffs. He looked up testing the restraints.

“You know you want it more than me sis. Admit it, you cant resist my cock. Besides you’re going to lose the next bet and there will be payback. So yeah, why don’t you sit back and ride that prick until you gush.”

With canlı bahis siteleri a playful giggle she rolled her hips side to side and teased his shaft for a moment before moving lower. Kisses and bites to the neck were followed by licks and bites to his nipples. She sucked both nipples and moved lower until his cock nestled between her firm oiled tits. Her tongue slipped into his belly button before travelling lower and reaching the small patch of pubic hair she left when shaving him the previous week. Moving lower again Beth gripped his shaft and pumped it in her oiled hand. She pressed it to her cheek and opened her mouth. Looking up into his eyes she teased.

“This cock looks so tasty. Do you want to watch me suck your cock out here on the patio? I could slide it in my mouth and suck until your sweet cum fills my mouth. Do you want to fuck my mouth?”

She gave his shaft a few long wet licks. Her tongue slid from balls to the tip and then circled around the head before sliding down the side. All the while their eyes were locked. He was twitching and groaning in pleasure when she stopped.

“I think you’ll like it more if you cant see. You wont know what’s going to happen next and you can imagine whatever you want. You can imagine its me and one of my hot girlfriends. I know you have the most delicious perverted imagination. It’s even better than mine.”

Beth stood up from straddling him on the lounge chair. His cock stood straight up with a droplet of pre-cum oozing from the tip. She reached for the blindfold and held it up before slipping it in place. Once his eyes were covered, she leaned in and pressed a nipple against his lips. His tongue darted out and circled the succulent nipple. She purred with pleasure before pulling back leaving him wanting to suckle. Taking a seat beside him she ran fingertips up and down his shaft watching it twitch and pulse with her touch. Beth toyed with her brothers cock while planning the next tease. She looked at him stretched out blindfolded and handcuffed while admiring his body and seeing small beads of sweat on his golden skin.

Beth enjoyed contrasting sensations and they were exploring every erotic sensation. She decided a bowl of ice cubes would be fun on this hot summer day and pictured his reaction to an ice cube sliding along his pulsing cock without warning. Ice cubes on her nipples or clit drove her crazy, so the fun would be shared. Without a word she quietly went inside to the freezer leaving Dave waiting for the next tease.

A bowl of ice cubes was filled and sitting on the counter. Beth closed the freezer door and looked out the front window just as her mom approached the front door. She’d be inside the house in a few short seconds. There was no time to remove Dave’s handcuffs and for them to get dressed. In a panic, she ran for the side door leaving her brother to be discovered. On the way out the door she grabbed a running jacket and warm up pants that were hanging on a wall hook. She knew Dave could explain his situation with a lie. If they were found like this together their secret would be discovered. Outside she slipped on the pants and jacket and ran from the house staying hidden among the trees. As one door closed, another door opened.

Lisa came through the front door expecting to hear loud music or a video game playing on the TV. The house was quiet as she dropped her suitcase by the door. She kicked off her shoes and checked her looks in the mirror before looking around for Beth and Dave. She noticed the back door was open and stepped outside seeing Dave on the lounge chair. She took a few more steps before realizing her son was nude and fully erect. The sight was both surprising and amusing. Her attention was drawn to his hard cock without noticing the handcuffs and blindfold. He lay still and she assumed he was asleep having an erotic dream.

She took a silent step closer while admiring his body and noticing his biceps weren’t the only part that was well developed. There was little doubt he was bigger than his father. Her gaze lingered on his impressive manhood as Molly’s words burned in her guilty thoughts. He is turning into quite a hunk. It was then she noticed the handcuffs, the blindfold, and the massage oil on the table. She realized he wasn’t alone and in the middle of an erotic dream.

Lisa stepped back in the house and looked around for her son’s mystery date. The house was empty with no sign of anyone except for a bowl of ice cubes on the counter. Her intrigue and amusement grew as she stepped outside once again to see him laying there silently with his proud cock oiled and glistening and still fully erect. She watched him for a moment and then moved closer with a wicked grin. It may have been the lunch drinks, or the teasing from Molly, but she thought one little tickle couldn’t be so bad.

Lisa stood beside the chair and slid the tip of her index finger along the underside of his shaft until it twitched at the pleasing touch. Her finger slid the entire length until reaching the tip where her long manicured nail raked the head with light touch. Dave groaned in pleasure thrusting his shaft upward toward the touch. Every muscle rippled as his body tensed like a coiled spring. Lisa’s heart raced feeling a forbidden arousal swelling up inside her.

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