Summer Heat Ch. 01

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Intro: This is a total work of fiction. Any resemblance to the real world is just weird. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. Now that saved about 10,000 words and we can get into the “action” quicker. This is my first submission to Literotica. I’m testing the length and formatting. I think my stuff runs a little long. Just keep reading. It’s worth it. Enjoy, naughty people.


Jason Thomas was just finishing up the front yard. As he whirled around on the old riding mower. He saw some motion in the corner of his vision. His mom, Katherine was coming out of the front door. She had a purse and briefcase clutched in one hand and a large tumbler in the other. Jason stopped the mower near the front steps and she held the ice water out to him.

“Hey, you are out early.” She said as he took the water. Katherine turned and closed the front door.

“Yeah, trying to beat the heat.”

“It’s already starting to get warm, son. What are you and your sister doing today?”

“Probably get some lunch then go swimming somewhere, The lake or a pool somewhere”. Jason took off his straw hat and drank deeply from the water glass.

“You aren’t going to Atlanta, are you?” Katherine frowned.

“Hell no, Mom.” Jason protested. “Not interested in anything up that way with this heat.”

“Glad to hear it” Katherine knew that her adult children were mature enough to not be thrilled with a trip into the big city, but she had to act the part of mother. “I have two requests of you son. Please don’t let Shelby drink too much and make sure she wears descent swimwear. I know she lays around here in various states of nudity and I’ve told her about it. But she needs to cover up in public”.

“Mom, really. Shelby has practically stopped drinking since that girl left. I’ll do what I can in the wardrobe department. I’ll make her wear that tankini thing”.

“Send me a text later as to what you are doing.” She kissed her son’s sweaty cheek. “I’m so glad you and she have become such friends lately. It makes me very happy.”

“I know, mom. She’s really changed this year. I’m still as wonderful as ever, of course.”

Katherine laughed, “I love you, Jase.”

“I love you too, mom. Oh, by the way, you look great today.”

“Thanks, my favorite son.” With a smile Katherine climbed into her car and left for work.

Jason cranked the old mower and drove back to where he left off. He resumed his usual pattern in the side lawn and let his mind drift a little. He caught himself smiling while thinking how nice things had been with the three of them the past few months. His mom and sister had been going to a gym together. They had bonded over the time together. They had also toned up quite a bit. They were both looking fine. Shelby had toned up and developed some muscles in her shoulders. Jason always liked athletic looking girls like the ones on the track team. Shelby’s fit petite body had found its way into Jason’s thoughts and fantasies more than he had wanted. For years he kept his sister out of his spank bank, but she had quit trying to keep her beautiful little tits covered around him. And then there was Katherine’s ass. “Your mom’s ass, you perv.” He thought. Jason shook his head and pulled his straw hat down on his head.

Living with two hot bisexual chicks would be heaven for most men, but when one is your mother and one is your sister, you’re out of luck. “I’m a diabetic in a candy store”, he would often say. The truth was that none of them were dating. They could of course. As good as Katherine looked, she caught the eye of every man from eighteen to eighty, but she shied from any advances. His mom had had a girlfriend for a while. That didn’t last. Katherine wanted to keep it secret and the lady wanted to be out. His mom would never be out with her conservative family.

Shelby was working in a family buffet restaurant. She probably got hit on by men and women every shift, but she had been avoiding relationships ever since they had run her girlfriend off. (Jason had caught the girl coming out of the house with his mom’s jewelry box under her arm.) Shelby had one casual thing going with a girl that Jason called “Bitch Donna”. She was a stunning beauty but never had anything nice to say when he was around. She and Shelby had a sleepover occasionally. Shelby hadn’t been with a man since she got back from Florida. She had moved down there with a boyfriend and came back with a girlfriend. No one was surprised.

Jason had been dumped by a long-term girlfriend a few months back. He was assistant manager of a nice steak house, The Steak Pit. He had his share of attention there from women of all ages. But he was recovering from the breakup and saving his money.

Jason’s only action was a quickie with one of Shelby’s friends, Freaky Frieda. He had been home alone when Frieda came around looking for his sister. canlı bahis Frieda was all made up and probably looking for a roll with Shelby. Katherine and Shelby had gone to Atlanta for the day. After some small talk they banged unromantically, and then she left. It was the end of it as far as he was concerned but his sister had acted shitty ever since.

Jason’s half-sister, Shelby was already cursing the heat. “Holly shit! It’s only mid-morning” she thought out loud. She had her lightly oiled body propped up in a chez lounge in her little blind spot beside the garage. It was her place to sun herself out of sight. It was also blocked from any kind of breeze coming across the yard. Shelby wore only a bikini bottom, sunglasses and two milk bottle caps for nipple covers. The hot sun bore down on her and droplets of sweat began to gather and run down her sides.

Like her brother, Shelby’s mind wandered through recent events and feelings. Jason had hooked up with a friend of hers a few weeks earlier. Frieda. Why did that bother her? She didn’t give a shit about Frieda. She treated Shelby like a whore and Shelby hated it. Frieda only came around wanting her pussy licked when the guy she was dating wouldn’t do it. Jason had joked about nailing one of Shelby’s girlfriends and then he did it. Just the one time. He hadn’t dated anyone since “fat bottomed girl” dumped him. Shelby vowed to forget the Frieda thing.

She lay there in the hot sun hardly able to breathe in the South Georgia humidity. The rise and fall of her chest matched the rise and fall of the lawn mower’s drone. Louder, quieter, louder, quieter. It was hypnotic. Then Shelby found herself thinking of things she didn’t want to. She and her mother had trimmed and shaved each other’s pubes the week before. Waxing was so painful and expensive that they had groomed each other and giggled like school girls the whole time. Shelby had become aroused during the process with her mom touching her. Katherine had ignored the river of goo that had begun to run from her daughter’s slit. “Shelby Lynn Ferelli, behave yourself!” is all she said. Then when Shelby began to work on her mom’s bush, Katherine was aroused too. Her clit and lips were swollen to twice normal size. Shelby held her mom’s lady bits to the side away from the razor making sure to press her clit firmly in the process. Katherine flinched a few times and her pussy got wet as well. They finished in silence with both women on the edge of orgasm. The thing Shelby couldn’t get out of her mind was just how beautiful and pink her mom’s full lipped pussy was. It was all she could do to keep from burying her face in there and licking her mom to orgasm.

The roar of the mower rose and fell, rose and fell. Shelby pressed her hands to her face and thought, “You mom’s pussy you perv.” She relaxed again but then her mind turned to her handsome brother. She had delighted in going topless in front of him, a playful tease. Jason had been almost as bad. She thought of the little clingy gym shorts he wore around the house. She could see the shape of the twig and the berries. Sometimes it would peek out of the leg of his smallest shorts. He acted oblivious. His cock would flop around and wiggle. He was practically nude. Shelby hadn’t been with a man in a couple of years and Jason’s fit body was sending every hetero cell left in her brain into overdrive. “Damn I need a good cum.” She thought the aloud, “What the shit?” The mower got very loud to her left.

Jason had set up this gag several times, but the timing had been off. He had spent the early morning on the back yard blowing the clippings over beside Shelby’s lounge. Today is the day. Jason put the mower in high speed with the deck raised. He drove to the back of the property and turned to run right beside Shelby. Just as he got beside her, he dropped the mower deck all the way down and showered his sister with clippings and lawn debris.

“Goddam summabitch,” she yelled and sprang up from the lawn chair.

Jason cackled with laughter with a torrent of unintelligible profanity ringing in his ears. He raised the deck, disengaged the blades and turned a hard right onto the driveway just in time to dodge a flying cup and contents his sister hurled at him. He looked back to see two raised middle fingers from his cute topless sister. He burst out laughing again. He drove into the garage and killed the engine.

To say that Shelby was annoyed doesn’t quiet cover it. She was spitting, kicking, cursing mad. She tried to dust off the clippings, but they stuck to the sweat and tanning oil like glue. She shook off her shirt and towel. She kicked over the lounge. “Damn, it’s our day and that bastard has to ruin it right from the start. I hate that pin headed bastard.” as she looked up to throw her rubber sandals against side of the garage, she noticed Jason looking out the window of the garage laughing and still reveling at his accomplishment. She flipped him another birdie, but Jason held up a tightly rolled baggie. All expression bahis siteleri on Shelby’s face softened, “I might not kill him after all.”

Jason was still chuckling under his breath as he shredded a big sticky bud with scissors. Shelby entered the garage clutching her tee shirt across her chest. She stomped over to Jason. “That weed is the only thing saving your ass right now, I was just about ready to murder you.”

“I’m sorry sis. No, wait, no I’m not! That was so funny.”

“Not to me, jackass.” Then Shelby laughed, appreciating the joke played on her. “I guess I still love you.” She gave Jason one of her quick little kisses that he had to bend over to receive. She had been kissing him a lot lately. Little sisterly kisses but she insisted on it. Kiss hello. Kiss goodnight. Jason was awkward with it at first, but he had gotten used to it. It was nice. “Remind me to kill you later” she said.

“OK, here.” Jason handed her the pipe and lighter. Shelby took a hit of the acrid smoke with some air in behind it like an expert. She handed the pipe back. “Where did you get that?”

“Crazy Eddie.” Jason replied and hit he pipe hard. After a minute they both recovered from the first inhale. Jason worked on the pipe.

“Where did you see Eddie?”

“He caught me leaving work last night. He gave me this and some money he owed me. He said it’s really strong and lasts a long time.”

“Sweet!” Shelby said as she took a big hit from the little pipe. They each got a little more off the first bowl. As Jason worked on a reload, as the magic began to sink in. Shelby forgot about holding the shirt to her chest and used it to try slapping the lawn debris from her legs. “Shit, this is itching bad. I call first on the shower.”

Jason handed her the pipe. “Hit this and we’ll go in. It’s hot as fuck out here.”

“No shit,” Shelby proclaimed. “I don’t know why you keep looking at my tits. I hardly have any.” Then she struck fire to the pipe. Then handed it back to her brother.

Jason stood there for a minute holding the pipe and looking into Shelby’s face. “OK, I’ll tell you why I look at you. You look hot! You are one of the cutest and sexiest girls I know, and I know a bunch. Since you and mom have been working out, you both look fit.”

“Oh, my god! You think your sister’s sexy! You perv!” Shelby laughed then moved in for one of her little kisses. “Thanks, bro. I love you too.”

“You’re stoned!” “You are” “No, you are” they went back and forth with that for a minute as Jason put the supplies away.

As Jason entered the basement apartment that he and Shelby shared, he expected to hear the shower running. He didn’t. Shelby was apparently in her room, door closed. He went in his room looking for clean cloths. He heard Shelby come out of her room and up the hall. But she passed the bathroom and scampered up the stairs to the main house. Jason assumed she was going to Katherine’s shower and went into theirs. The water felt great. He was high enough to put the sight of Shelby’s body out of his mind. “She’s so hot” “forget it” He concentrated on showering the dirt and sweat away but he had that little tingle in his scrotum and his cock started to swell.

Just then the shower curtain moved, and a cool draft came through the walk-in shower stall. “I called the shower first, asshole!” Shelby announced.

“I thought you went up to mom’s bathroom.” Jason was glad his cock was calming down. Shelly’s bikini bottom came flying over into the shower. Jason caught them against his chest.

“I went to get some itch crème. Rinse those for me, please.” Shelby ordered.

“Yes, dear.” Jason complied, turning to face the water and washing out the tiny garment, but not before he caught a quick sniff. His sister had a unique scent to her that was so wonderful. He washed out the panties and hung them up.

“I’m flushing” Shelby had been peeing.

“Go ahead. I’m not using much hot water.”

Shelby flushed the toilet and then stepped into the shower with her brother. “Well, you better warm it up a little. That’s too cold for me.” She now stood with him, both totally nude.

Jason tried to act like it was no big deal, but inside, his mind was blown. Weed buzz auto pilot engaged. “I’ll be done in a second then you can have It.”

“Stay here, mister. I’m wrecked out of my brain. Help me with the lawn shit you threw all over me, asshole.”

“OK, little turd”. They both giggled, and things normalized for a minute. Jason got some body wash on his hands and began washing his sister’s back and legs. He avoided here ass crack and breasts. “Shelly, you’ve got some big red splotches that look like bug bites on your butt.”


“Here and here and here.” Jason gently touched the insect bites on Shelby’s left ass cheek.

“You just wanted to touch my ass!”

“No, if I want to touch your ass, I’ll just do this.” Jason bent down and grabbed her whole left cheek. His fingers now in her crack and he firmly squeezed it. bahis şirketleri He released her ass but now they were face to face and her arm was around his neck. Without thinking, he kissed her. Not one of those little pecks but not open mouth either. Just a slow lingering, soft kiss. He raised up and away from her face. Their height difference was perfect for her to cuddle up to his chest with the water cascading over them both.

“That was a nice kiss, Jase. Thank you” She said turning to look up. But the water hit her in the face. She backed up and Jason went with her, both laughing. They held each other close and Jason became aware of his cock bumping into her hip. He didn’t pull away. Shelby looked up and pulled him down to her. They kissed again the same way only longer. Jason felt her mouth opening and pulled away. Shelby looked up at him. She placed her hand behind his head “Please Jase. Kiss me right. Kiss me like a girlfriend.” She gently pulled them together.

Shelby looked at her brother’s face for a second before he cradled her face in his hands and began to gently kiss her full lips. They moved in synchronized motion as if they had kissed a hundred times. Jason made love to her mouth with his pressing his tongue against hers and swirling it slowly around. They broke away with a few soft gentle kisses. Shelby laid her head against Jason’s chest and hugged his waist.

“Goddamn, bro! Where did you learn to kiss like that?” Jason just smiled and hugged her against him. “Why did you hesitate?” she asked.

“I was trying to think up something cute to say.” They both laughed. “God, I’m buzzed.”

He gave up trying to keep his cock down as it had risen and engorged almost to full size. Shelby looked down at it. “Damn, little brother, I’m impressed. When we bathed together as kids, it was only this big.” Holding her fingers a scant few millimeters apart. She laughed.

“It was bigger than that” Jason protested, snickering.

“OK, maybe this big” Shelby moved her fingers slightly wider.

“That’s about right.” They both laughed. His cock relaxed a little bit.

“Can I touch it?” She asked.

Jason blushed and said, “I guess. If you want to.” He moved to kiss her again as Shelby cradled his cock in her small hand. As they passionately kissed, Shelby squeezed and pulled on her brother’s penis. She slowly stroked it toward her.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to see it hard, all the way hard.” She giggled. Shelby stroked the cock as it quickly became rock hard and pointed up at her. She slowly pulled the foreskin down and squeezed it purple. “Damn Bro! That’s nice.” She marveled at pink member she had thought about for months. They began to kiss again. Shelby took Jason’s hand and moved it onto her small breasts.

Jason felt electric as his hand slid smoothly over the beautiful chest he had lusted after for, so long. Shelby’s nipples swelled to puffy pillows on her breasts. They popped up between his fingers. Jason massaged her tits as she stroked his hard cock. Kissing put Jason at a level to reach down Shelby’s back with his long arm. He began to rub her firm little ass. They kissed with more passion. Jason slid his down her crack and moved his fingers up under her from behind. Shelby moved her legs apart to accommodate. Jason intended to just rub her and feel her pussy, but Shelby was so wet that with the slightest pressure his middle finger seemed to fall upward into her wet hole. Shelby gasped, and her mouth fell open. Jason swirled his finger around inside her then withdrew. They eased apart, both shocked at how far they had gone so fast. They hugged and then rinsed off.

“Let’s get out and dry off. We need to think about this. I’m so baked!” Jason trying to pump the brakes.

“Thinking is bad for you.” They laughed. “What are you going to do with that?” Shelby asked, pointing at Jason’s erection.

It was still standing out. “I’ll just treat it like a stray cat.” Jason answered.

“What? What the fuck did you say?” Shelby began to laugh hysterically. “What do you mean ‘a stray cat’?”

Jason laughed with her. “Boners are like stray cats. Ignore them and they will go away. Just don’t pet and them or you’re stuck with them…” He laughed.

Shelby began laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. She parked her ass on the throne laughing. A little bit of piss dribbled out of her. She tried to compose herself. Wiping herself with paper she discovered that her pussy was pouring wet. Sitting with her brother standing in front of her, she noticed his dick was settling down. “Looks like that stray cat is leaving.” She started up laughing again.

Shelby stood beside her taller half-brother in front of a fogged mirror hiding their nudity. Jason had loaded toothpaste onto their brushes. He handed Shelby hers. “Here. You got bong breath.”

“You do too, asshole.” She quipped. “Your eyes are red as hell.” She turned to Jason. “Are mine?

He chuckled. “Looks like you could bleed to death.” “Geeze, I’m baked.”

“Eddie was right. That stuff is wicked. How long since we smoked it?”

Jason looked at the wall clock as they both brushed. “Bout tinny fie mimmits.” He mumbled with a mouth full of minty foam.

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