Summer’s End; New Beginning

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“I can’t pick you up tomorrow baby.” Sheila heard John say over the crackly long distance phone line as she stood in the phone booth out of the chilly rain.

“Why not?” she said as a shocked shiver surged through her. How was she going to get home? She had to get home a pack for college, which she needed to be at in just a few days.

“My mom needs the car, she won’t let me use it.”

“Well then I’m stuck here. That’s just like you to not ask your mom ahead of time. I’m so sick of you being so irresponsible!” Tears were starting to flood her eyes as she slammed down the phone and stormed out of the booth.

Sheila had spent the summer working at a campground in the middle of nowhere. The only traffic through the area was tourists and the occasional trucker. The tourist season had come to a halt as summer transitioned into autumn.

She walked with fury back to her cabin, passing the campground office where Don was working. He watched the rain sting her steaming body. She was wearing cutoffs and a white tank top and the rain had made them stick to her body. He could see her light pink bra clearly through her top and her hard nipples nudging at both. He had longed for her all summer, but he knew she had a boyfriend back home that she called and wrote to all the time. Tomorrow they both would be leaving. If he wanted to tell her how he felt, he would have to do it today.

It had been such a slow day. Only one family had come in asking for directions to the nearest gas station. Don spent his time thinking about Sheila. He imagined what was underneath her pink bra. He pictured little pink nipples perched on her firm breasts. He imagined what she was doing in her cabin all by herself. She could be gently touching herself under her shorts and moaning quietly or maybe kneeling stark naked on her bunk rubbing her tits with one hand and fingering herself with the other. Don found himself tenting firmly in his bahis firmaları jeans. He looked around to see if anyone was coming and then he stroked himself through his pants. He did this for some time quite contently, but his cock eventually needed more attention, so he brought it out…no longer really caring if anyone came by…the desk was hiding him anyway. He encircled it with his hand and grippingly jacked off. He daydreamed about crawling on top of Sheila on her cot and licking, sucking and kissing her tiny nipples and then entering her wet pussy and slowly fucking her.

He told himself he would pass the day away doing this and he did until the bell on the door chimed and his eyes shot open. He tried to appear as if he had been innocently straightening pamphlets. Sheila closed the door behind her and walked toward Don.

“I need to talk to someone, you doing anything?”

‘Sort of!’ thought Don, but he said, “No. What’s up?”

“My boyfriend’s an asshole and he’s not picking me up tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” She started to well up again.

“I can take you to civilization with me tomorrow and then you can catch a bus to wherever you’re going. Where do you live anyw— Are you crying?”

“Maybe…” Sheila couldn’t handle the pain. She walked behind the counter and into Don’s arms.

Don wanted to stand and meet her embrace but he was still exposed and still very hard. He pulled her on to his knee where she would be more comfortable.

She found Don’s body so comforting. She had just needed to be held so badly. She sobbed into his neck. His manly scent wafted into her nostrils. She hadn’t smelled a man all summer and she was no longer planning on returning to her boyfriend back home, so she breathed Don in. As his scent filled her, she felt a warmness wash over her. She repositioned herself on him so that she was straddling his thigh. As she ground her groin down on kaçak iddaa his leg, she felt bare skin against her upper thigh. She looked down and discovered Don’s cock out and standing proud. She was startled, but impressed.

“What were you doing before I came in?” she asked.

“Thinking of you,” Don answered romantically.

This response sent waves through Sheila and she kissed Don with a passion she had locked up all summer long. She unleashed herself on him, riding his thigh as he clutched her tight ass with his strong hands. She sucked on his neck and bit him like a thirsty vampire, trying to take in his essence. She hadn’t realized how incredibly attractive he was. His bushman stubble that brushed her cheek like sandpaper only made her hotter…John couldn’t even grow a beard if he wanted to!

Sheila swung her head back as Don lifted her wet top and unhooked her bra. He gently removed the bra to reveal her prefect hand sized breasts. He cupped them, one in each hand and kissed her neck and chest. Then he licked his way down to her nipples; those perfect little cherries that he had been longing for. He circled one with his lips and felt its silk-soft texture with his tongue. Then he did the same with the other. Above him, Sheila moaned loudly. Don looked through the office window and round the parking lot, to make sure they were alone.

Finding that they were, he lifted Sheila off his leg and unzipped her cutoffs, giving her a light kiss below her belly button. She lowered the shorts down her long smooth legs and let them fall gently to the floor. She hadn’t been wearing panties. Seeing her perfectly trimmed cunt, he shivered with anticipation and placed her square on his hips. He allowed her to lower at her own speed down on his cock. Don expected her to lower herself slow and gentle, so he was caught off guard when she slipped her wet pussy down and around him with a force to be reckoned with! He grabbed kaçak bahis her hips and assisted her as she rode him like a wild woman. Her dark brown hair flung around, sending droplets of rain everywhere.

Sheila maneuvered her hips up, down and around, every which way they could go. She felt Don’s cock pound her cunt in its entirety. She wanted more. She wanted him in control. So, she lifted off of his lap and bent over the counter, next to the cash register. She felt her naked tits flatten on the plastic. She imagined what they must look like on the other side of the clear display case. She presented herself to Don like an animal; spreading her legs apart and pushing her hips upward.

Don looked at Sheila. She was so beautiful and seeing her like this made her even more perfect. He grabbed her hips and slipped his cock into her waiting cunt. He went in deep, deeper than he had been able to when she was on top. She cried out in delight.

Still thrusting, Don leaned forward and whispered into Sheila’s ear, “I fell in love with you this summer.”

“Really? I was too busy wasting my time on that ass. We could have been making love all summer long.”

“We can make up for it tonight if you want.”

“I want nothing more than for you to fuck me all night long; again and again and again,” she whimpered breathlessly.

With that Don held on tight and rammed Sheila over and over, faster and faster. The souvenirs in the display case toppled with each thrust and the brochures on the counter were a mess.

“Fuck me harder,” Sheila yelled out into the campground office, “make me cum. I want you to make me yours.”

Don’s heart swelled and he reached around and slapped Sheila’s clit and then circled it lovingly as he held himself deep inside her. He felt her long awaited climax tighten around him and then he came hard inside her, filling her. He rode out the orgasm through her spasming cunt and then held her close.

“Will you come stay with me at college?” Sheila asked.

“I’d love to, especially we can fuck like that every chance we get.”

“I promise. Lets go back to my cabin and start all over again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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