Taking a Detour on the Ski Slopes

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Female Ejaculation

So we’ve had a great morning on the slopes. Heaps of runs and for once not a lot of others sharing the slopes. Powder under ski, I’ve been following you down most runs deliberately lagging behind so I can check out your arse. Now we’re in the chair lift I glance over and notice your straining breasts against your ski jacket, looking like they’re bursting to get out. My cock starts to shift in my ski pants.

We ski off the lift at the top and turn down slope. Some long winding runs, but you decide to take a run through the trees. I follow. Navigating the snow gums we come to somewhat of a dead end. Stopping to catch our breath I notice those breasts of yours heaving again. Straining. I look around and the passing traffic seems well away on the slopes. Surely there is enough time before a chance discovery.

I kick my skis off and you follow suit. Before you have time to steady yourself again I kiss you hard. Hands roaming against your warm ski jacket. Your tits feel huge underneath. I can already feel your hardening nipples.

Our tongues dance. Your breath is heavy as your hands move to my crotch and you feel my hardening cock against the fabric.

I unzip your jacket, your tits are straining against your top. Hastily I pull your top out of your pants and lift it up. You have worn your sexy red bra. The tops of your breasts are bulging. Straining.

I reach round and unclasp … they spring forward. Finally free. The cool air hits your nipples and they harden. Rubbery, sensitive nubs. I roughly knead your tits. They feel full. Heavy. Firm. All the while continuing to kiss you. Running my tongue around your mouth. Holding you firmly against me as I continue to work your huge breasts over.

My cock is now tenting my ski pants. You reach down and unzip me. canlı bahis şirketleri Time to get it out.

You feel it in your hand. Its hard. Thick. Long. And very warm against your cool hand. You work it up and down with you hand. Trying to get it harder. Thicker.

I turn you around and undo your ski pants. I push them down just far enough. You lean up against a horizontal branch of a snow gum. Your tits are hanging down deliciously.

I have you were I want you. Your pussy peeks at me. Just a few wisps of blonde hair from my angle. It looks inviting. Pink. Wet. I slide my finger inside. You gasp and then bite your lip. My finger onfirms it is ready. Slippery and warm. I remove my finger and place it slowly in my mouth. Wanting to lick your juices off. Your hips are moving with anticipation

I reach around and cup your tits, knead them. The nipples are hard. Breasts are full.

I slide my pants down just enough. Now free my cock stick straight out. Thick. Long. Hard. Almost menacing. It’s looking for a nice tight, warm place. Your hips are delectable. My cock twitches more.

I slide the head up and down your pussy lips. It glistens with your wetness. You moan.

You wiggle your hips. Trying to get me to slide it in.

You moan more. You clasp the tree branch. I see your manicured hands, lovely red nails. Holding tight. You’re biting your lip. Desperate for me to sink myself into you.

I give you an inch and you think the suspense will be over. But I hold it there. Make you wait.

You plead — “Please fuck me.” “Push it all the way in.”

I wait. And withdraw till just the tip is lodged inside you.

You desperately want me to take you. To give you the full length.

You turn to me. Need in your eyes.

“Please fuck canlı kaçak iddaa me?”

It is time. I hold onto your hips for leverage and push all the way forward. Inch after inch of delicious cock flesh sinks into you. Your moan is deep and long.

Inch after inch of my ten-inch cock slides into your tight pussy. You can feel every vein. Nerves alight as it slides in, scratching an itch inside your pussy that only a cock can.

I wait. Savouring your depths. Letting my cock soak in your tight warm pussy. You move your hips again. Circle them trying to get me to start my assault in and out. I squeeze your hanging breasts. Tweak your nipples. You moan again. Then beg me to fuck you.

Happy to now satisfy you I start to slowly slide in and out. Giving you the full length with each stroke. I hold onto your hips. My balls rest against the tops of your thighs with each down stroke. I start to move faster now.

Your breasts shake with each thrust. I alternate between holding your hips tightly and moving my hands to those dangling orbs to knead and twist at your nipples. You moan louder as I do, but bite your lip to try to keep quiet in the trees… other skiers sliding past us barely metres away. Little do they know you are getting fucked hard and fast just a short distance away.

now have a fast rhythm going. Your breasts juggle with each thrust — flying every which way as I pound into you. Your delicious wet pussy sucks me inside each time. Urging me to go deeper. You can feel your climax beginning to rise within you. You feel so full with my cock. Every nerve is being teased. It builds from deep inside. The red rises at the tops of your breasts. Skin tingling pink. It rises further up your neck. You hold the branch tighter as I fuck into you harder. “Deeper!”. canlı kaçak bahis “Harder!”. You urge me on. “Don’t stop!”

Your toes start to curl inside your boots. Your orgasm is close. I continue to pound into you. It rises from deep inside your womb. Travels along your pussy. You can feel it in your clit now. You moan loudly. I place my hand across your mouth to muffle your moans. You hold your breath. Grip tighter. I fuck harder. Deeper. Faster. Then finally it overwhelms you. Wave after wave sweeps through you. Your pussy spasms. Your breasts shake. You feel a wonderful shudder across your whole body as the waves of pleasure wash over you.

You move to another realm in ecstasy. Savouring the ride of pleasure. Until it slowly starts to dissipate. You return to your senses and realise that my pace has quickened even further. Now I’m close. I’m pumping into you harder and harder. My balls slap into you now on each down stroke. I’m getting close but you know how to push me over. You reach between your legs, using your manicured hands, brightly coloured nails and reach for my balls… full of sperm. You want all that delicious cum inside you don’t you?

You lightly scratch my sack. You can feel the cum boiling in them. Tickly and weighing my balls pushes me over the top. I bury myself to the hilt. A loud moan escapes my mouth as jet after jet of sperm pumps from my cock into your depths. You can feel it hit your pussy wall as wave after wave of cum spurts into your pussy. I reset and sink myself in even deeper. Earnestly trying to get every drop deep inside you as nature intended. You can feel it warm. Deep inside you. My cock continues to pulse its load into your tight wet pussy.

Finally, it slows … but so much has been pumped inside you that a drop or two seeps out around my cock as it escapes your pussy.

I hold myself inside. Playing with your beautiful dangling breasts as I come back to earth.

You turn around and look at me… blue eyes satiated … “Are you ready for another… umm run?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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