Teri’s Vacation Ch. 03

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Meanwhile at home, things for their mother Karen seemed to have gone back to the way they had before Thursday night. Karen had tried both nights to get Robert interested in sex, with limited success. Friday night, Robert got home after 10 o’clock and was dead tired. After she feed him and he had relaxed, Karen had almost raped him, but to no avail. Robert was just too tired to get it up. Karen even sucked his cock and then pretended she was Teri for him. Karen finger fucked herself while asking “daddy to fuck her”. She ended up finishing, finger fucking her pussy when she noticed her husband had drifted off to sleep. She had stopped thinking of play acting Teri, and thinking of David’s big cock as she had a quiet orgasm.

Saturday night while still leaving her horny and her pussy still unsatisfied, she did fuck Robert. He had gotten home at 8 o’clock this time and Karen had hopes of a better outcome. She again waited for Robert to eat, and then relax. Then Karen started to play Teri right there in the living room as she watched his cock reach full mast as she started to suck his cock.. She then straddled him and rode his cock, but he started to fall asleep again. Karen WASN’T having this, this time. She couldn’t get his cock back up, but had him lay down as she straddled his face. Her aggressiveness had him awake and he licked her to a strong orgasm. But he was falling asleep, even before she had fully come down from her orgasm. Feeling pity for him, she helped him to bed, knowing it wasn’t his fault, but still feeling frustrated. Karen cried herself to sleep that night.

Sunday morning rolled around and she was feeling better. The kids said they would be home, and maybe Robert would get home earlier then usual. On a few of the Sundays in the recent past he had made it home by 3 or 4 o’clock, while other Sundays not until 7oclock or later. Karen hoped the late hours were almost done, she needed sex badly. Karen had been catching herself these past few months of thinking of taking a lover. Recently her thoughts had heated up, but mostly for thoughts of David. Even before seeing his “gift” she had wicked thoughts of him. But after seeing him handling that lovely hunk of cock meat he had, she was thinking all day of it. She would replay the image in her mind, even when she tried to not do so. She tried not to relieve herself, trying to save it for her husband, thinking if she was horny enough she could help overcome his being tired.

So it was that when 2 o’clock rolled around and she heard Teri’s car pull up, she had been daydreaming of David and absent mindedly was rubbing her crotch through her skirt. Breaking her thoughts, she went to open the door as she watched Teri and David laughing it up as they brought their stuff inside.

“Hi Mom.” Teri said quickly hugging Karen. She then let David hug mom.

“Hi mom, miss me?” David said as he gave Karen a tight hug and ever so slightly pressed his groin into his moms. Karen heart gave a flutter as she felt David’s bulge press against her. When he broke the hug, he noticed his mom looked confused. “How were things while we were gone mom? How’s dad?

“Ok I guess, honey. Your father is fine, but still very tired all the time.” Karen said with a small sigh. “But how was the beach? Get a lot of sun?”

“It was good, we got some sun but we made some friends and spent a lot of time….getting to know them.” Teri said looking at David. “But we can talk about it later.”

“Well I’m sorry mom your weekend wasn’t great, I hope things get better soon.” David said as he leaned over and gave Karen a peak on the cheek. Karen flushed slightly when he did, thinking he wasn’t one for displays normally.

“Yeah mom, maybe things will get better soon.” Teri said with a smile, inwardly thinking, after her mom feels David’s cock in her pussy.

“I hope so Teri.” Karen said trying to smile. “You guys have any plans for tonight? I’m hoping your father will call soon.”

“Me, I’m just going to relax. Maybe watch some TV. We had a busy weekend.” Teri yawned to make that point.

“Well, I think I’ll go and run for a bit. I didn’t at the beach and should get some time in. Mom maybe afterward, you can help me with some weights?” David asked Karen. Karen looked a bit hesitate.

“Yes David, if your father isn’t home yet.” Karen replied to David’s request, part of her dreading helping her son. She always got so horny watching him, she always had to relieve herself afterward.

“Ok thanks mom. I’m going to change into some running shorts me and Teri picked up on the way home.” David said as he went up stairs with Teri.

“Make sure that you fake a muscle cramp after you start working out like we talked about in the car. She’ll have to help you with it. You know what to do then.” Teri turned and told David quietly after they reached the top of the stairs. “She’ll get so hot! I know I am now.” Teri grabbed David and quickly kissed him as she rubbed his crotch. David quickly broke the kiss.

“Quit kartal escort it! You’ll get me worked up. And she might see us here.” David said as he turned to his room.

“Yea your right.” Teri said as she walked to her room. “Psst Davy!” Teri called to her brother, and quickly bent over and pulled her pants down showing her ass to David. “Tonight!” Teri entered her room with a huge grin.

“Go you fiend.” David whispered to Teri smiling, as he closed his door. He quickly got dressed in the SHORT loose gym shorts Teri had picked out at the mall before they had got home. The shorts barely went below where his cock was while soft. He thought if he got even a little hard, it would show. Then he had to chuckle, thinking about jogging in these with no underwear. Hope the neighbors don’t mind the jiggling, he thought. He tied on his shoes and went down to the kitchen. His mom heard him and turned to look at him. He noticed her eyes widen slightly.

“Umm nice shorts dear. They look good on you.” Karen said, watching the bounce in David’s new shorts as he walked. She felt her pussy start to get hot. David was just about to head out when the phone rang. Karen answered it.

“Hello. Robert……not until after 6. Robert, this is Sunday for gods sake. Well im sorry too. ::sigh:: I love you too honey. I’ll have supper ready for you when you do get home. Ok bye then Robert.” Karen said over the phone, then slowly put it back. She looked David. “Well….I guess I can help you workout tonight sweetie.” Karen said with a slight smile.

“Great mom. I wont be long running, then you can help me.” David said opening the door, and going out. Karen starred at the door for a few minutes, before turning to do some dishes. She had been doing fewer chores around the house these days, being distracted by daydreaming recently. She had just finished doing them when David came walking in the house.

“Hey, I’m back. Let me get some water then we can head to the rec room.” David said opening the fridge. Karen watched him as he moved, shirtless and tanned, covered in sweat and watching his shorts bounce. She started feeling hot herself as she caught her hand rubbing her upper chest without thought. David poured some cold fridge water and drank as he turned to his mom. She blushed and looked away when he caught her starring at him. “Ready?”

“Huh? Oh yeah.” Karen said as David headed for the rec room that was off the laundry room. He started off with working his leg muscles doing squats and other leg exercises. Then laid on the bench and started reps on his arms. Karen usually had to help David very little, mainly just being there to help if the weights slipped. As Karen was watching David lift and his body all sweaty, she saw him grimace and start to drop the weights toward his head.

“Oh God! Shit shit!” David exclaimed dropping the weights slightly. Karen held them enough for David to drop them in the holder.

“Whats wrong! David!” Karen almost screamed as she moved around to David after the weights were down. David brought his hands to his inside thigh and moaned.

“Cramp, cramp. Bad one!” David had planned on faking a cramp, I that spot in one of his legs, but he was really having one. A bad one too. At the moment thoughts of sex were far from his mind. Karen tried to massage where his hands were.

“Where David?” Karen asked seeing him still grimace and tears in his eyes. David pointed to where it hurt and Karen pressed there and massaged it.

“Oh Oh man. That hurts. But that’s it, there. Keep it up.” David said as Karen rubbed his inside right thigh. After the pain went down to a decent level, he started to think of Teri’s plan. David leaned back as his moms hands made him feel better, and he couldn’t help but notice were very close to his cock.

Karen rubbed vigorously to get the knot out. She could feel it in the muscle, a huge cramp in his leg. She saw David lay back down and knew she was making his leg feel better. She heard a soft moan from David and looked up at him, catching movement from his shorts. As she looked she saw David’s cock head peak out from his shorts. Karen gave a soft gasp, but continued massaging his leg still feeling the knot. As she watched, his cock grew quickly and she could no longer continue the massage without hitting his cock. Karen stopped for a second, but then continued massaging, knowing the knot was still there. As the back of her hand made contact with the underside of his cock, it and her hand gave a jump. She watched it flare and slide even further out.

Karen decided she had to lift his cock out of the way if she was going to continue the massage. So Karen gently wrapped her other hand around the head of his cock and lifted it a few inches off his leg. She then continued with the other hand to get the cramp loose.

“I’m sorry mom, but it seems to have a mind of its own. The cramps almost gone.” David said trying his best not to hump his moms hand. He hardly noticed maltepe escort bayan the cramp, noticing even more her hand around his cock.

“Umm …no problem….I’m your mother….its natural… for it to happen.” Teri said, hardly believing the feel, the heat from his cock. Or believing she had his huge cock in her hand. Karen had to fight the impulse to start pumping it. David hated to do it, but it wasn’t the right time to go further. His father would be home in a hour or so and he didn’t want to be interrupted if things continued.

“Ok mom :::sigh::, I think it’ll be ok now.” David said, expecting his mom to stop then. But Karen didn’t stop massaging his leg….or let his cock go.

“I want….to make sure its totally gone. I don’t want it to return after I stop.” Karen said massaging his leg, but staring at his cock.

“Mooomm….I have to go. I have to….you know….take care of ….THIS.” David said, honestly trying to leave, thinking things might mess up if they went further now. Karen stopped rubbing his leg but didn’t let go of his member. She looked at David.

“I cant…..let you go off like this. I feel guilty I caused this.” Karen said looking at David and biting her lip. “Ill take care of it for you, since I caused it.” Karen couldn’t believe the words as they came out of her mouth. Neither could David, he just opened his jaw, agape. Karen started to slowly pump his cock.

“Oh god mom! Oh pump it.” David moaned out, and could hold back no longer as he started to pump his hips. Karen slid her other hand and pushed his shorts open more, exposing more of his cock. She gave a deep groan seeing, feeling, all of his cock. David was impossibly excited and was on the verge of cumming.

“Huh uh uh. Pump it mom. Umm….. im gonna come,….. im gonna cum mom!” David cried softly as Karen pumped harder.

“Oh shoot it David! Shoot it!” Karen said as she watched David tense and felt his cock jerk. Karen gasped as jism shot out of his cock and sprayed over her hands and onto his chest. She watched in awe as it shot about 10 times and then oozed out the head of it. Karen was on the verge of a orgasm just watching David come, but after he was done she felt a pressure edge away. Karen looked down at her hands and then David panting, and freaked.

Karen got up and ran from the room, holding her hands to her face as she cried, not believing what she had done. Karen entered her bedroom and shut the door and jumped on the bed and sobbed. She couldn’t believe what she had done, but more so how frustrated she was. She had wanted so bad to not just jerk her son off. Karen slowly calmed down and took deep breaths.

Only after she had calmed down did she realize she had rubbed his cum into her face and hands as she had cried. She jerked her hands to look at them and stared at them, fascinated. As she looked she saw some globs of cum still whole on her fingers and the back of her hands. Without thinking, she brought her hands to her nose and smelled his cum. Then like a hungry animal, started licking and sucking her fingers and hand. And then she felt some on her face and quickly rubbed it into her face as she laid back on the bed. She jammed a hand into her pants and down her panties as she rubbed her face and pussy. Karen’s pussy quivered as an orgasm hit her.

“Uuuhhnnn yessss!” Karen moaned as she jerked on the bed. She continued to rub her pussy as she calmed down, starting to think now that her blood had cooled somewhat.

“I just have to pretend it never happened, it never happened. Ill never mention it and David more then likely wont either. I can’t believe I did that.” Karen tried to talk to herself to make herself feel better. She got up and cleaned up, knowing she had to fix supper, but wondering how she could look at David. She would just have to bear it and act like nothing happened. Karen opened her door and headed for the kitchen.

After his mother left, David laid there stunned. Thinking it wasn’t supposed to happen quite that way. And he wasn’t expecting her response, jerking him off so, or her running out crying. He should go after her and talk but thought better of it. He figured he had better tell Teri what happened.

When he told Teri what happened, she almost had a orgasm of her own. She licked the cum off David’s chest and stomach and sucked his cock clean. But then she calmed down and started to think.

“I hope she’s ok. You don’t think she’ll do anything rash?” Teri voiced feeling concern. This wasn’t the way it should have gone she also was thinking. “You don’t think she’ll call dad or anything!” Teri spat out thinking wildly. David was quiet for a minute.

“I don’t think so. I think she just feels bad. Hey it kind of stunned me too. She probably too herself by surprise. She sure as hell did me. Wasn’t expecting something like this, this soon. But then I wasn’t expecting a real cramp either. It still hurts.” David said limping to the bed to sit. Teri sat beside him.

“Oh poor escort pendik baby.” Teri said playfully, then started to rub where her mom had rubbed.

“Stop or we’ll never figure this out.” David said in thought. “You’ll have to go down and see what she’s doing. She may not want to see me. Act like you don’t know a thing, ok.” David stated looking at Teri.

“Yea, that sounds like a good idea. Ok, Ill be back in a bit, stay here.” Teri said leaving her room, and David walked to his room and quietly closed his door. Teri headed to the kitchen and saw her mom at the kitchen. Teri thought she seemed to be peeling something over the sink. Teri guessed she was fixing supper, and figured she should test the waters.

“Hey mom, what’ya fixing for supper?” Teri asked walking behind and then up to her mom. Teri noticed her mom jump a bit when she spoke.

“Uh, just…just some stew. Peeling potatoes.” Karen said showing Teri, like she needed proof she was doing it. Teri also noticed some meat slow cooking at the stove. Her mom seemed to be ok on the whole.

“Cool, sounds good. How long before its ready?” Teri asked trying to start conversation up.

“Uhh be awhile…..Im just really starting.” Karen said finally looking at Teri. Teri could tell her mom looked a bit shaken. Teri thought she should risk a question?

“Mom are you ok? You look kind of …well pale. You getting sick?” Teri asked trying to see if her mom would reveal anything.

“Oh no Teri, Im fine, Just thinking about some things.” Karen said starting to peel again, then stopped. “Have you seen David? Is he in his room?” Karen asked feeling curious if Teri had seen anything.

“Im not sure, but I think I heard his door close a bit ago? Want me to go check?” Teri asked, seeing where this went.

“OH NO. Not necessary, I just was wondering. When supper is ready, we can get him.” Karen said shaking her head.

“Want me to help with anything mom? Need any help?” Teri offered feeling kind of sorry her mom was shaken up.

“Sure. Can you peel those other veggies for me.” Karen said. Teri then found another peeler and stood over the other sink and peeled next to her mom. Teri made sure to be close to her mom, even at times bumping hip together.

“So is dad suppose to be home soon?” Teri asked, trying another direction.

“Yes I hope so. Maybe in time for a hot meal for a change.” Karen looked at Teri and tried to smile.

“Yeah, things usually taste better hot? Don’t they mom?” Teri asked, knowing some of the things that could be implied as.

“What do you mean Teri?” Karen asked her daughter with a slight edge to her voice.

“Just that dad, like most people like to eat while something is hot.” Teri said with the most innocent face she could muster and not smile like mad. “Why what do you think I meant mom?” Teri asked back feeling tickled. Her mom gave her a funny look, and Teri’s stomach turned a bit, thinking she had gone too far.

“Teri….” Karen started then paused. “I saw what you did to your father the other night.” Karen looked hard at Teri. Teri wasn’t expecting this and gave a sharp gasp. If she meant the night she kissed dad, she had to figure out what her mother thought and knew.

“What did I do?” Teri said as subdued as possible, hardly looking at her mom.

“You know damn well what I meant! Prancing in front of him almost nude and and…. and…. then kissing him.” Karen said getting very flustered. Part of her wanted to slap Teri, but part of her was excited. Partly for exciting her husband.

“Mom I didn’t mean to do that. And…. I just meant to kiss him, and…… I didn’t mean ….for anything else to happen.” Teri said now starting to cry a bit, feeling overwhelmed thinking she had hurt her mom and now feeling confused. Karen realized Teri was probably telling the truth and she felt like an idiot for tearing into Teri for herself being upset.

“Oh Teri I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things, I’m sorry.” Karen hugged her daughter to her. And then leaned back and kissed Teri on the cheek. Teri looked up at her and was starring at her. Karen kissed her again, softly on the other cheek. Teri still starred at her mom and parted her lips and Karen leaned in and kissed those lips. Karen feeling a rush as Karen was sliding her hands over her back. And Karen ran her hands down Teri’s back and down to her butt and squeezed her daughters butt cheeks. Teri moaned and started to French kiss her mother and Karen responded in kind.

Karen rubbed her body against Teri’s, and held her daughters head as they kissed passionately. Teri slid her hand down to her mothers crotch and pressed her fingers into her mother pussy.

“Oh Teri don’t stop.” Karen said needing some release for her pent up frustrations. Teri kissed her mothers neck as she continued to rub her mother’s crotch. Karen needed to feel her daughter and slid her hand under Teri’s shirt, under her bra, and rubbed Teri’s nipple as she sought out Teri’s mouth again. Teri moaned loudly into her mothers mouth. Teri then removed her hand and slid it inside and down Karen’s pants and into her panties. Teri felt her mothers wetness, and plunged 2 fingers easily into her mothers pussy. Karen started to immediately jerk and sway.

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