Terry Pt. 06: Andrew and His Sister

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Part 6 – In which brother Andrew learns of his sister reciprocates his desires to fuck her. Plans are made.


Andrew had been on dates before in his life. But he’d never been on a date with his sister, and that’s what this felt like. He took Laura’s proffered seat on the bed in her room later that night and passed her a beer. Some comedy show was on the TV, but it really just provided background noise for them to talk.

Six beers in, things got interesting. Laura weighed much less than his muscular two-oh-five frame, and the alcohol was hitting her hard. She danced around the room, laughing as she finished telling a story of one of her late night escapades with her friends.

“This is so much fun, Drew! We should do this again. We never really talk.”

“Sure,” he agreed, watching her tits bounce and her flat stomach flash as her arms raised above her head taking the bottom hem of her shirt up too. He swallowed over a knot in his throat and surreptitiously took another sip of his beer as he watched her.

“I broke up with my boyfriend, you know.”

That surprised him. She’d been with Jake the Asshole for over a year now. The guy was a dirt bag who treated her like shit, but Laura had always kept by him. One thing she was, as all Hamilton’s were, was loyal.

“Good to hear,” he said.

She laughed and smiled at him, one rosy cheek dimpling. “You would say that. You never liked him.”

“Yeah, well, I told you he was a piece of shit.”

“If only I had seen that side of him.” She climbed up onto the bed, getting close. There was a predatory glint in her cunning gaze. “Do you know what side of him I liked the most?”

If a woman’s whisper could spell danger, then hers certainly did.

He shook his head no, and she fell back onto the bed, mimicking sex while thrusting her hips into the air. Yeah, he was paying close attention. So was his dick.

Andrew bit his bottom lip to keep from reaching for his sister’s smooth, muscled thigh. It looked positively scrumptious—and that wasn’t a word he used often.

“He good in bed?” he found himself escort kartal asking.

“More like… I was good in bed, he just provided the dick I needed to come.” Her crooked smile enticed him to flirt back, but he was sitting in uncharted territory right now and wasn’t about to make any sudden movements.

“That all you need?”

She shrugged but avoided answering the question. “What do you like in bed? I know you’ve fucked all kinds of girls. Being Mr. Football Player gets free pussy.”

“Not free so much as easy,” he corrected.

She laughed out loud and rolled onto her stomach. He studied the globes of her tight ass in those cut-off jean shorts and felt his mouth water. A swig of brewksi helped to cool his libido… somewhat.

Who was he kidding? His cock was rock hard and if she glanced down at his zipper she’d see his bulge. Wouldn’t that be a hell of a story to try to explain to dear little sis?

“So, what do you like?” she asked, rolling on her side to face him. Her foot crept close to the outside of his thigh. He held his breath as her little toes came closer and closer. She seemed to be gauging his reaction. When he didn’t make a move, her toes slid forward and stroked the outside of his thigh with the barest of caresses.

He released a pent-up breath and so did she.

Dangerous territory, Drew, he told himself.

“I like…” fantasies about fucking you. But he couldn’t say that. So, he told half-truths instead. “Doggy style, missionary, head, anal—

“You’ve done anal?” She shot upright, her lips parted.

“Y-yeah, I have.” The previous ‘love of his life’ had enjoyed it up the ass more than vaginal sex. She always come if he fucked her ass and rather loudly at that. He hadn’t minded, naturally.

“I’ve always wanted to try anal, but Jake never wanted to.”

Andrew did a double-take. “You wanted to but he didn’t?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you. He was an asshole, but assholes grossed him out.”

Hell. Thinking about Laura’s tight, puckered asshole did not, in the least, gross Andrew out. On maltepe escort the other hand, his cock throbbed in response and he had to make a stiff readjustment in his pants without Laura noticing. He knew that would be the fantasy he jerked off to tonight when he got back to his room—coming in his sister’s hot ass.

“Since we’re being honest, can I admit something else?” Laura nibbled on her thumb nail, a habit of hers their mother used to try to break her of before finally giving up.

He had to clear his throat from the thickness in it. “Sure you can.”

Laura scooted close to him. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and put her mouth to his ear. And then she whispered her biggest secret to him. “Not only do I want to be fucked in the ass while passed out, and I want to be fucked and recoded, so I can re-watch it later.”

He stiffened noticeably.

“Just, here me out.” She tried to explain.

Andrew sat stiffly as she tried to gauge his expression. She looked ready to bolt if he so much as said the wrong thing. Little did she know what his fantasies were…

“So, Jake once sort of, might have had his way with me when I fell asleep at his place once. It was only once! But, then he showed me a video of it and—

“He took a video of it?” Andrew burst out with anger and indignation on his sister’s behalf. And, perhaps, with a touch of jealousy.

“He did, but I gave him permission to. We’d re-watch it and fuck, you know? So, anyway, one thing I’ve always wanted is to be passed out and fucked in the ass. But it needs to be recorded so I can watch my body being used. Fucked up, huh? But that’s my biggest fantasy.”

Andrew slowly closed his gaping mouth.

“What your biggest fantasy?” she countered.

A long minute of silence fell between them, growing strained and more awkward by the millisecond.

“Um, well…” He thought of something lame—sex in an elevator or something elementary like that—but his mind was drawing blanks. Except for one honest answer: He wanted to fuck his sister in the ass while she slept. Then he could pendik escort bayan finally, truly, relive the fantasy he had at finding her passed out that night when she was only 18.

“Come on, tell me!” she encouraged him, a nearly wounded look in her eyes that she’d divulged something so personal and he hadn’t reciprocated. “I told you mine.”

“It’s not that easy, sis. It’s…” She stood up, pissed off, and wouldn’t look at him. Her cheeks were red. He’d embarrassed her.

“Maybe you should go.”

He finished off his brew and wiped the excess with the back of his hand. The muscles in his shoulders were achingly stiff as he stood. “Listen, fine, I’ll tell you but…” Her eyes darted to him, listening carefully. “But if you don’t like what you hear, then you never speak a word about this to me or to anyone else, for as long as you live.”

Her eyes widened. “That serious, huh?” But she licked her lips with excitement.

“Dead serious, Laura. I mean it.”

She thought about it, even crossed her arms and rubbed her chin before nodding slowly. “Ok, no matter how fucked up, I’ll keep your secret. I told you mine and I thought that was messed up. Yours can’t be that bad. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?”

Fuck. How did he say it to her face like this?

Andrew couldn’t. So he walked over to his sister, her body stiffening as he drew near. He leaned down to her ear and whispered his dirtiest, naughtiest fantasy in the shell of her ear.

I want to fuck you while you sleep.

Her breath caught, hands found the front of his shirt and fisted the material. They were caught in a deep moment of still tension as each, with excruciating slowness, felt out the other person.

“W-what if I told you to leave,” his sister said. “And don’t take the beer so I can finish it. You know how drunk I get.” Her voice was a whisper. “Come back in an hour and take me. J-just record it for me, okay?”

With bravery in her eyes, she met his gaze, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He crashed his mouth down on hers and ate at her lips with a hungry kiss.

Her response came instantly. Eager, hungry, moaning, rubbing against him like a cat in heat. He could fuck her right here and she’d accept him. And he considered it for a moment, before he pushed away from the temptation she presented.

“I’ll be back, Laura. You be ready.”

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