Texting Turns to Sexting Ch. 02

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My name is Robert Anthony and I’m a retired gentleman living in Pismo Beach. I’ve enjoyed many happy adventures with the local ladies living on California’s Central Coast. Last month while visiting Diamond Adult World, a neighborhood sex shop, I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous blowjob from a ‘mystery lady’. I use the term mystery lady, because I don’t know who she is or what she looks like. She sucked my cock through a glory hole in the shop’s video booth.

It turns out this lady had the shop’s Assistant Manager, Lynette, track me down and through a series of texts, we have connected. Her name is Nanette. She is married; however, her sex life is less than satisfactory. Nanette spends a fair amount of time at Diamond Adult World sampling the new vibrators and dildos in the video booth. That is how my cock ended up in her mouth.

By the way, Lynette is a good friend of mine and we have shared several happy sexual adventures together. In fact, we spent today at Avila Beach making love on the beach and out by the large rocks in the ocean. While I was cavorting with Lynette, Nan sent me a text with a picture of her tits. They are a lovely pair of round C-cups with very pink erect nipples. I responded by sending her a dick pic.

Right now, I’m back home alone and ready to respond to Nanette’s earlier texts. I don’t want to sound over eager to get together with her, but I am.

(Rob): Thank you for sharing your pictures with me. They make me even more determined to meet you in person and make love with you. Your earlier description of your boobs and pussy were very accurate. I can’t wait to have my face buried between your thighs.

(Nanette): I’ve been staring at your cock all day long. It’s just as I remember. Yes, I want your face buried between my thighs too. I think we should make that happen. My husband just told me he is going on a three-day fishing trip with a neighborhood buddy this coming weekend.

(Rob): That’s fantastic. Where can we meet, I assume you don’t want me to come to your house?”

(Nanette): No, we can’t do that. Too many nosy neighbors. The wife of his fishing buddy and I are close friends. We commiserate on how they would rather fish than fuck, but I could never let her know my true actions.

(Rob): Maybe we should include her, you never know.”

(Nanette): Sorry, I’m too greedy. I want your cock all to myself.

(Rob): I have an idea. I own a twenty-five-foot travel trailer. I could park it at the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort and you can join me there.

(Nanette): I like the idea, but I know the owners of that resort.

(Rob): How about the state campground just to the south. Surely you don’t know all the park rangers in Pismo Beach?

(Nanette): You’re too funny. No, I don’t.

(Rob): Well, I have a comfortable queen size bed in my trailer just waiting for you. We won’t have any hook-ups for electricity, so no television or microwave, but I think we can live without them.

(Nanette): And it’s close to home, so I could get back quickly if something comes up.

(Rob): The only thing that will come up will be my hard cock.

(Nanette): I like that. I must go. Bye.

And just like that she is gone. Well, things are looking very promising for me to finally meet this mystery lady who sucked my cock through the glory hole. The thought of three days of togetherness with Nanette has my cock itching. For now, I guess it will be another night of just me and my Fleshlight.

I only have to entertain myself for the next two days, I can do that. I’ll need to prep the trailer for the state park, make sure the battery is fully charged and fresh water is in the tank. I log on to to secure a site for the weekend. I decide to extend the reservation to five days just in case other opportunities arise.

Wednesday evening my phone chirps. I wonder if it’s from Nanette. Perhaps she wants an early preview. I unlock my phone and see that it’s a message from Lynette.

(Lynette): Just wanted you to know that your girlfriend came into the store today and bought a strap-on along with the eight-inch Chad Vixen cock. It’s the very same dildo that Samantha bought a couple of weeks ago. I told her that I loved my strap-on and that she’ll probably get hours of enjoyment. She smiled but didn’t offer to share it with me. It will only be a matter of time. Anyway, she asked me again if I would tell her who owns the glory hole cock. I told her she would just have to find out for herself. So, have you made any plans yet, stud?”

I texted Lynette back and told her about the upcoming rendezvous at Pismo State Beach and included the picture of my cock with her hand wrapped around my shaft. That was a memorable day at Pirates Cove.

Thursday evening arrives, and I head over to the storage facility to hook up the trailer and take it back to my house. I start to cool down the refrigerator and stock the pantry canlı bahis with food. As I work in the trailer, I’m reminded of all the wonderful camping adventures I’ve enjoyed, and the time spent in my queen size bed with my lady friends. I remember sharing Catherine and Denise in Sequoia National Park; and Julie up at Santa Margarita; or Helen and Harriet at Morro Bay. And who can forget my latest adventure with Karen in Big Sur.

While I’m stocking the refrigerator, my phone chirps.

(Nanette): Hi Rob. I’m looking forward to this weekend. I hope your cock is ready for me. Tell me where you’ll be, I’ll be there in the afternoon as soon as my husband leaves.

(Rob): I can’t wait to meet you. I’ll be in space 07 looking out over the dunes. Dress appropriately which means come naked. My cock is so hard just thinking about our weekend together. I was just looking at the picture of your mouthwatering tits.

(Nanette): A hard cock is just what I need, and not through a glory hole. I want it buried in my cunt and ass. I want multiple orgasms, so be prepared.

(Rob): Oh, I will. I can already taste your pussy. We may not get much sleep.

(Nanette): I’m counting on it. Gotta go, hubby’s calling.

Damn, there she goes again. One of these days, I’d like to have an extended sexting session. One where we can masturbate together as we send our messages. It reminds me of the old days in chat rooms, trading sexual vibes and cumming together.

I spend Friday morning finishing camp preparations and just waiting. I can’t check in until after noon, however at precisely one o’clock, I pull my trailer through the front gate of the North Beach Campground at Pismo State Beach. I locate my space 07 and back into my temporary home.

Space 07 is a corner location that looks out over the dunes and to the Pacific Ocean. It has a table and fire ring for those late-night rendezvous. I wonder if I can talk Nanette into some outdoor sex by the fire, or on the table. Setup is quite easy since there are no hook-ups. I place my barbecue by the fire ring and place a table cloth on the wooden table top marked with carvings and initials of previous campers. I own a ten-foot by ten-foot canopy to place over the table. I struggle to get it setup, but once in place, it provides decent shade for the table.

I move my camp chair by the fire ring looking out to the ocean and sip a beer as I await Nanette’s arrival. I run my hand up and down my semi-erect cock as I picture her prefect breasts and smooth pussy lips.

Just after 2:00PM, a blue Hyundai pulls up to space 07. I assume it’s Nanette that emerges from the backseat. She is clutching an overnight bag. I walk over to greet her and am astounded. I recognize Nanette immediately and she recognizes me.

“Oh my god, it’s you. You’re the one who whispered that a bra I was holding would look fabulous, especially paired with some crotchless panties. You were shopping with your girlfriend’s next-door neighbor. She was holding up a green corset and then you said something about, an eight-inch dildo.”

“And I told you to enjoy your shopping. That was you in the video booth?”

“And that was your fabulous cock in the glory hole?”

What a crazy coincidence. But then again, was it a coincidence that the lady with the talented mouth was also the lady I told to enjoy her shopping. Nanette drops her bag as the blue Hyundai drives away.

“I took Uber to get here and left my car at home.” I didn’t want anyone to know my whereabouts. Oh my god, I can’t believe this.”

I grab Nanette and we hug each other. I grind my cock against her thigh as we share a passionate first kiss right here in the open.

“Oh my god, you’re hard already. I remember sucking this cock like it was yesterday. Oh my god.”

We break apart and scope out each other from top to bottom. She is looking delicious wearing a burgundy crop top and tan capris. Her bare midriff is tan and svelte. Nanette looks to be about five-feet six inches tall. Her slender frame is accentuated with wide hips and a full ass. My erection is pushing against my cargo shorts. She sees me staring and does a twirl.

“Like what you see?”

“I love what I see. Nanette, let me show you around my trailer. Here, let me grab your bag.”

“Oh my god.”

I pick up her overnight case and usher her into the trailer. I place her bag on the bed.

“Well, here it is. What do think? The queen bed is just waiting for us. I have a barbecue planned for dinner and you will be dessert.

“It’s lovely Rob. Let’s have a drink to celebrate and then see where that takes us.”

It takes all my will power not to throw Nanette down on the bed and make love this instant. I grab a couple of wine coolers from the refrigerator and we step outside into the brilliant sun above a clear blue sky. We sit in the camp chairs sipping our beverage and get a little better aquatinted. We watch the waves bahis siteleri roll in as people stroll across the sand in the distance.

“Nanette, would you like to go for a stroll down to the water?”

“Please call me Nan; and yes, I would.”

We walk hand in hand over the grass toward the ocean. There is a small wooden fence that designates the boundary of the state park. I assist Nan over the obstacle and we traverse the rolling dunes. There are many large sandy bunkers where a couple could sunbathe and be completely hidden from view. I remark that we should try sunbathing in the nude tomorrow in one of the dunes. Somebody would have to stumble right on top of us to notice. Nan squeezes my hand and nods her head in agreement.

As we approach the ocean waves that slide up the sandy slope, we kick our sandals off and test the water. It is quite tepid as ocean temperatures go, particularly at the height of summer. We chance the breakers and move out to where the water is up to our knees.

“So, tell me Nan, what prompted you to go into the video booth at Diamond Adult World? I’m certainly glad you did.”

“I was planning to test out a new vibrator. I like to watch a few movies while I slide a buzzing wand along my pussy lips. Lynette usually lets me sample some of the new arrivals. She even provides the tokens free of charge. It’s a nice gesture, since I usually purchase what I try. The bigger question is why were you sticking your cock through the glory hole?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Well dear, we have all weekend.”

“Remember the lady I was with who was looking at the green corset? Well the reason we were in the store in the first place was that she heard about the glory hole and wanted to see what it was like to suck a cock through the hole. I had the most willing cock for her purpose.”

“And I guess I beat her to the video booth?”

“In a roundabout way. She wanted to buy an eight-inch silicone cock and I wanted to buy her the green corset. We went into the back room to try both. She put on the corset and looked fabulous. Her Double-D tits spilled over the top and it was so erotic. She tested the dildo and enjoyed a wild orgasm right there. I said I would meet her in the video booths, but unfortunately, she dozed off after her climax, and never made it. But, there you were.”

“Yes, there I was. Oh my god.”

“And thank my lucky stars it was you. That was the most wonderful blowjob. And when you rubbed my shaft with that twisting motion, I thought I was in heaven.”

“I’m glad I was so accommodating. Now, didn’t I hear you say that lady was your girlfriend’s next-door neighbor? That’s quite a gesture on your girlfriend’s part, letting her neighbor suck your cock.”

“Yes, she is a dear. Her name is Catherine and we’ve been going out for over a year. We have a very open relationship. In fact, she and her neighbor are currently on a trek up the coast to the Canadian border, exploring all the nude beaches.”

“Does she know what you are doing this weekend?”

“Yes, she is a good friend of Lynette’s and I told her all about your fabulous blowjob. She was sorry Samantha missed out though. She is OK with all of my exploits, as I am with hers.”

“Catherine sounds like a real trusting person, maybe we could meet one day.”

“I think we can arrange that.”

“I hope you don’t think less of me that I am stepping out on my husband? My sex drive is so much stronger than his. I usually satisfy myself with a host of vibrators, but after sucking your cock, I knew I had to have more of you.”

“No, I don’t judge others. You have to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy and self-fulfilled. I know what would make me happy right now; making love with you Nan.”

“That would make me very happy Rob. Let’s go use that queen size bed, oh my god.”

We grab our flip flops and head back to the North Beach campground. Nan literally pulls me back to space 07. I help her cross the wooden fence, but then she high steps it to my trailer with me in tow.

“Rob, let’s live dangerously. Let’s keep the trailer door open to allow the sea breeze to flow through the trailer. So what if another camper hears us, let them be the jealous one. Oh my god.”

Once inside, I sit on the bed and ask Nan to strip for me. I want to see her best moves. She begins to gyrate and lifts her crop top above her head. She is wearing a push-up bra. I recognize it as the very one she was holding up at Lynette’s store. Her alabaster breasts are lovely and overflow the demi-cups. She reaches behind her back and unclasps the silk garment. Her pink nipples are unveiled and are extremely erect. Hard little points just begging to be sucked.

Nan tosses her brassiere to me. I hold the soft cups to my cheek. She goes into her best Gypsy Rose Lee impression as she unsnaps her capris pants and slips them down her thighs. A pair of lace crotchless panties adorn bahis şirketleri her hips and frame the loveliest pussy lips I have seen in quite a while; or at least since Wednesday with Lynette. Nan’s small triangle of golden brown pubic hair adorns her Mound of Venus.

Nan stands close to me and pushes me back onto the mattress. She loosens my belt and pulls my cargo shorts completely off. My cock snaps to attention, ready and willing to satisfy my lust crazed friend. I slide up the mattress while Nan grabs my seven-inches at the base and stares at her throbbing prize. Her right-hand cups my balls.

“At last. Oh my god.”

Nan lowers her head and opens her mouth as wide as she can. She sucks my spongy glans for several moments and then bobs her head further taking several inches of my hard shaft between her lips. As she pulls her lips up, Nan applies an incredible suction. Her hand strokes what she can’t suck. Her hand rotates around my cock adding to the intense pleasure.

“I just can’t get enough of this cock.”

Nan moves her hand back to the base of my shaft as she licks up, down and all around. Her spit covers my cock. She opens her mouth and gobbles up five inches before pulling back and releasing me with a pop. Nan is determined to make me cum. Just like through the glory hole, she grips my shaft with both hands and twists in opposite direction. The friction is enough to make me blow my load right here.

She jacks me off with her hands moving quickly up and down, twisting and squeezing. I am at the edge and Nan knows it. She has her lips glued around my tip as she masturbates me to climax. My thighs tremble. I push my hips up from the mattress and release several solid ropes of cum into her mouth. Nan swallows my load and never releases her suction from my glans. She sucks my sensitive tip while her hand continues to pump, drawing even more cum from my balls.

I drop back to the mattress completely drained. My cock slides from Nan’s mouth and she wipes her chin with the back of her hand. She wipes a tear from her eye and climbs up beside me. We turn to face each other and share a post orgasmic kiss. Nan slides her tongue between my lips and shares some of my remaining cum. I move my hands to her soft tits and massage them as we continue to kiss. What an incredible first climax.

“Nan, move up and sit on my face, I want to taste your pussy”

“Oh my god”

My request is granted as Nan sits up and slides her body up and over me. She moves forward, inching her cunt closer to my lips. Her smooth labia presents itself between the crotchless panties and I get my first taste of her sweet essence. Her inner lips are moist and tasty. I slide my tongue back and forth along her pink slit. I press my lips to hers and suck on her inner flaps. I move my tongue around the soft skin. Her clit hardens and emerges from its protective hood. Her large pearl grows harder and longer as I apply more pressure. I suck on her clitoris and use my tongue to flick it back and forth and up and down. I concentrate my effort on her clit which brings her to the brink of orgasm.

“Your tongue feels so good Rob, but I want your cock buried in my pussy.”

Nan moves back down my chest, sits up and straddles my hips. Her pussy traps my shaft as she grinds down on my cock. The lace crotchless panties frames her cunt; her soft triangle of hair is clearly visible. I reach up and palm her pink nipples as she slides back and forth over my shaft. Her juices lubricate my cock so I can slide in and out rather easily.

Nan lifts, grabs my shaft and centers my spongy glans along her pink labia. With a slight adjustment I slide right in. Her hot flesh surrounds my cock. Nan grinds her hips into me and completely engulfs my shaft. Pussy juice drips down onto my shaved balls. I continue to play with her hard nipples while she lifts and slides down. Her pussy grips me like a vice. Nan maintains a constant rhythm, fucking me for the first time

“You feel so good, Nan. Fuck me baby.”

“Oh my god”

Nan bends down and our lips touch. She moves her hips while her tongue slides into my mouth. She straightens up and places her hands on my chest for balance. Nan’s hips move faster and as our bodies slap together creating a sensual sound. I wonder if any other campers can hear us since the trailer door is wide open.

“My clit is throbbing, it feels so good. I’m so close baby, I’m going to cum.”

I slide my cock into her cunt as Nanette leans on me. I feel her body begin to tremble. Her pussy pulses around my shaft. I reach around and spread her ass cheeks while I pump my cock into her cunt. Her pink erect nipples press into my chest.

“Oh my god, there it is Rob. I’m cumming, I’m cumming baby. Keep fucking me, don’t stop. Oh my god.”

I wrap my arms around Nan and hold her tight allowing her to ride through her climax. She shakes her head back and forth as the feelings rumble through her body. Nan drops her head and starts kissing my lips, my eyelids, my cheeks and my chin. She moves back to my lips and grinds hers against mine. Her tongue presses deep into my mouth and flails around.

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