Thanks, Mom.

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The doorbell rings to my apartment. Strange, I’m not expecting anyone. I walk out of the doorway from my room, and into the small living room. I quickly walk towards the door, still pondering who’s at my door. I unlock the top lock, and I turn the door knob. I open the door to find my mom standing there.

“Hey, mom. It’s almost 9PM, is everything alright?” I ask, further opening the door, and swinging my arm to invite her in.

“Yes, everything’s fine, sweetheart.” She answers, quickly walking into the living room.

I observe what she’s wearing. She got on blue jeans, that go just below her ankles. Her black flip-flops clack as she walks in. Her purple T-shirt ripples as the wind hits it while I shut the door. Her brown hair is up in a ponytail. As usual, she looks good. She was here yesterday for my 18th B-Day celebration.

“Oh.” I say. She sits down in the only one-seater I have. I sit on the left side of the couch, catty corner to her.

“I just… wanted to say how proud I am of you.” She says quietly. I get a whiff of alcohol on her breath, which surprised me, because she’s never much of a drinker. She looks surprisingly good for being 36, having only had me when she was 18. My dad took off shortly after I was born, and left my mom with me. Somehow, we both got through it all. She works as the manager for the huge mall thats only about 5 miles from me.

“Well, thanks mom.” I say back. She leans closer to me, and places her right hand on my knee. Her purse falls off the arm of her chair.

“You are the only good man I’ve known in my life.” She says back.

“Thanks again.” I answer. She is definitely drunk.

“Mom, have you been drinking?” I ask. She perks up a little.

“I had a few shots with couple of my friends.” She answers. We sit in silence for a couple minutes. She gently squeezes my knee.

“I’m so proud of you.” She tells me again.

“I know, thanks.” I reach up and readjust my hat. Her fingers rub the black denim on my knee. I look at her face, her greenish-blue eyes.

In her drunken stupor, she quickly slides her hand up to my crotch, to which in response I quickly move her hand away.

“Mom, are you sure you’re okay?” I ask, with my face turning red. She doesn’t answer, she just slides down in front of me, between my open legs. A little smile grazes her face. I uncomfortably shift in my seat, not knowing what else to do. I’ve never really had that much of an attraction towards my mom. She is still incredibly sexy and and if I’m honest, kinda hot, now that I think about it.

Her eyes look into mine as she unzips my pants.

“When was the last time my baby came?” She asks, pulling my pants down along my legs.

“Uhm I don’t… know.” I say with a twinge as she grips my cock through my boxers.

“Oh come on, trust your mother.” She says gently squeezing my cock as it becomes harder and harder with each passing second.

“Uh like, I don’t know… a little over a week?” I say. Her eyes widen a escort kartal little.

“A week?! Well my baby’s gonna have a big load then, huh?” My moms words and sudden change of personality have stunned me. She’s never shown any sort of attraction towards me, nor have I.

She yanks my boxers down, and my cock slaps her in the face. I’m not large downstairs, I’m only about 7 inches in length, but my girth is pretty damn impressive. I’ve had numerous girls tell me that.

Her eyes widen again, and her mouth opens wide in a drunken smile.

“Woooow. My son is so… BIG!” She exclaims. She softly wraps her right hand around my girth, but her hand can’t get completely around it. Told ya it was impressive.

She slowly jerks my cock, smiling as she does so.

“Mommy’s horny.” She whispers. “Can you help mommy out?” She asks. I’m still stunned, and almost at a loss for words. She grins and stands up, letting go of my now fully erect dick.

“Go to the bedroom.” She directs, resting her hands on her hips. I slowly stand up, not taking my eyes off her, still waiting for her to snap out of her mind state. (She doesn’t)

I walk to my bedroom, and slide my boxers off. I pull my shirt off over my head, and toss it into the hamper.

I guess I’m gonna do this.

I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to this. I’m not excited about the concept of ‘sex with my mom’ but something about just feels good.

As soon as I lay down on my queen sized bed, my mom appears in the doorway, naked. Her small breasts greet me. She’s not very big, about 5 foot 3, 100 pounds.

Her nipples are almost as erect as me. I stare at the landing strip constructed of dark hair. She walks over to me, and jumps on bed, then quickly shuffles between my legs.

Without warning, she slides my dick into her wet mouth. She grins, and sucks the tip while jerking the rest of me.

“Shit, mom.” I say, just as my right leg twitches. Her left hand gently squeezes and plays with my balls. She slides most of the way down, gags, then comes back up, leaving a string of saliva hanging from her mouth and my dick. She climbs up on top of me, cowgirl, and hovers herself just over my dick, using her right hand to keep my tip just in the dripping wet entrance of her red-hot pussy.

“Want this?” She asks with a grin. I stare at her, then look back down at her pussy, just in time to see a little strand of her juice drip down along the side of my penis.

She lowers herself, and I feel my dick begin to slide slowly into her tight pussy. I fight back a moan, but she doesn’t.

“Uhh.” She whispers. Her pussy hugs me tight as she slides down.

She stops halfway, takes a breath, then her pussy eats all but one inch of my raging cock. She sits there for a moment, then shifts her position. Her knees dig into the bed on each side of my hips. I grab her waist, and pull her up. My dick slides out, then she slides back down again, and we develop a sort of system. I reach down with maltepe escort my right hand and start pressing on her clit with my palm. Her eyes cross, and a moan echoes from deep within her throat.

Damn, if ignorance is bliss, then don’t wake me the fuck up.

“Oh baby.” She whispers. The wet walls of her pussy squeeze tightly on my dick. I’ve had sex before but this just feels… better. I feel so attracted to my mom, yet I feel guilty about it. What if-

A warm stream of something splashes onto my belly and chest, interrupting my thoughts. I snap out of my thought, and watch as my mom yelps, and quickly sits up, then drops down into her own cum. I feel her breathing. My dick still raging inside her, I move my hips, slowly sliding my dick in and out of her pussy, and with each time I feel her wince. Her arms come up and squeeze my head, while breathing through her mouth. I want so bad to just thrust as hard as I can into her, but I won’t in fear of hurting her, so I keep the pace slow. I reach around her and hold her firm ass. She sits up, and rolls off me to my left. She lays on the bed, staring at the ceiling and breathing.

She looks at me, then rolls over on to her stomach. She positions her arms under chin.

“Put it in my butt.”

She whispers. Anal? I’ve never done butt stuff with anyone.

“Are you sure?” I ask. She nods her head.

I sit up, and crawl over to her. I close her legs, then throw my own right leg over her. I stare for a moment at her ass. I never noticed the fact that my mom has an ass like a nectarine. I jiggle it for a second, and she giggles, which causes her ass to jiggle, which causes my cock to flex. I cock is still plenty lubed, but she spits onto her fingers then reaches around and lubes her ass. I reach down, and separate her cheeks. Her tiny asshole greets me.

“You sure?” I ask again.

“Yeah.” She whispers. Her hands reach around to spread her cheeks. I lean in closer, and I direct my rock hard dick to the entrance of her ass. I worry I might hurt her, because as I said before, I have a crazy girth. I sit on my knees, on each of her hips.

I force the tip into her ass, and I feel her muscles tighten. Her eyes shut tightly.

I can’t help it, and I ram the rest of it into her tight asshole. She shrieks.

“Eiiht.” She mutters. My dick completely inside my mom’s asshole. I feel her ass muscles contract. She lets go of her ass cheeks, and reaches down under her to rub her clit. I’ve seen how she masturbates. She uses as many fingers as she can to press on her clit, and then quickly move her clit up and down.

The feeling of her ass engulfing my cock is just amazing.

“Just… hold right there, don’t move.” She painfully whispers.

I oblige, and sit still. She breathes heavily. Well, it’s a mix of moans and breaths.

“Stay right there baby.” She whispers. I feel the movements of her arms and hands. I can feel her legs tighten and release.

Her ass is so tight.

I pendik escort bayan very slowly move my hips back, and she gasps. I slowly slide back in, then out, then it, then out. She seems to be getting more comfortable. I start pumping with a slow rhythm. Her breathing is choppy. I watch her facial expressions. Her eyes shut tight.

I pick up the speed. Her arms come up, and her hands cover her mouth. She moans from deep within her throat. I start pumping with more speed, and she seems to enjoy it.

I slide my whole dick into her ass, and hold it there. Her ass cheeks smooshed against my pelvis is amazing. I come up, and start thrusting how I usually would.

I reach my hand down, and cup her pussy. I flatten my hand, and as I pump, she grinds my hand. Her hips moving up and down to pleasure her pussy with her sons hand causes her ass cheeks to flex, which somehow makes everything feel even better.


She stares wide into my eyes as I ram her tight pussy. I’ve got her positioned on the edge of my bed, myself standing up in front of her, her feet up in the air. Her moans are starting to drive me mad. I look up for something to squeeze, and find her little feet. I reach up and grab her ankles, and bring her feet down in front of my face. I’m fucking her so hard the bedside table is shaking, which is making the lamp violently rattle. I’m sure my neighbors can hear us.

I plant my lips on soft, cold sole of her left foot.

“Suck my toes. Please. Mommy likes her toes sucked.”

I oblige, and stick a couple of the toes on her left foot into my mouth. Her toes are small, and capped with a light blue color. I feel her pussy hug my dick hard, and her head goes back. I see a small amount of a white liquid seep out around my dick. Her clit is contracting, slowly moving up and down.

Mom just came. The fact that my mom just came drives me. I pump with all I’ve got.

Her pussy makes smacking noises as I drill her bald pussy. Her eyes widen with shock and pleasure. I feel my balls tighten, and I know right then I’m about to cum.

“I’m gonna cum.” I utter. My dick starts getting sensitive, it almost hurts to thrust.

We both jump off the bed, and mom quickly gets on her knees. I stand over her, and start vigorously jerking my dick, which is soaking wet from my moms juices.

I get goosebumps, then I go numb, as my dick turns dark red. I grunt, then shoot a white rope of hot cum grazing across her face, covering her right eye. The second rope is much larger, and basically covers one whole half of her face. She smiles wide with her mouth open, and I continue to completely cover her face in my cum. My orgasm is so intense I almost get tunnel vision. I see my cum filling her greedy mouth. My orgasm slows, and I watch as she swallows the cum in her mouth, then starts wiping the cum off from her face. She licks her fingers. I grin a little, and she slides my dick into the back of her throat. I twitch and jerk, but she literally sucks my dick, ensuring every last drop is taken from me. She grins.

“Thanks hun. You’ve made mommy, and mommy’s pussy very happy.” She whispers, slowly squeezing my cock with her hand.

“It was my… PLEASURE!” I say sarcastically.

I know I know, bad joke.

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