The Bracelet

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I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I got up at eleven after a night out on the town. My mother has been nagging me the last few hours to get up and finish up. She wanted to go and visit my grandfather in hospital. My grandpa was very sick and wasn’t going to be with us much longer. For that reason I decided to go along and see the old man, maybe the last time I might see him alive.

After arriving at the hospital the nurse told us that only one person can visit him at a time. I said that I will be first to see him and get it over with. As I entered the room the nurse was just finished giving him an injection for the pain. I could see that he was not looking good and was glad I came to see him.

He lifted his hand and waved to me to come closer to him. I went closer and sat next to him on the bed. We talked a little bit and then something happened that was to change my life forever. He asked me to take off the bracelet that was hanging around his neck. After I did that he said to me that I was holding the key of great pleasure in my hand. Not knowing what exactly he meant by it I just nodded in agreement. He explained to me that the key opens a hidden compartment in his dresser room drawer. He also asked me to promise him that I will destroy all the photos and videos that were in the box. He said to that inside I would find a gold bracelet and I must use its power in any way that I wanted. After our conversation he asked for my mother to come in and talk to him.

I was still confused as to what had just happened. I decided to see if my grandpa has gone insane or not. I said to my mother that I will walk home and that I wanted to visit my grandmother and see if she was doing okay.

I arrived at my grandparent’s house etlik escort to find that my granny left for the hospital. I quickly found the hidden key and entered the house. I made my way to their bedroom. It didn’t take me long to find the hidden drawer and proceeded to open it. Inside there was a shoebox. I took the shoebox and placed it next to me on the bed. As I opened it I found a lot of photos of my grandpa fucking a lot of different woman. I was shocked but at the same time enticed by the power of the bracelet.

I came to the conclusion that the bracelet was some kind of hypnotizer. I destroyed all the photos but kept one video to view at home.

As soon as I got home I started watching the movie. In the first scene my grandfather was sitting next to Tracy his secretary on the sofa in his old office. He gave the bracelet a rub. It started to glow. After the glowing subsided he ordered her to get undressed and to bend over the office chair. Tracy was a 24 year old brunette; she was tall and had a very nice looking ass on her. After getting rid of all her clothes she went over to the chair without hesitation. My grandpa got up from the sofa and took out his 7 inch penis. He walked over to her and without warning entered her pussy from behind. He started fucking her with a steady rhythm. It wasn’t long before both of them started to climax.

In the next scene my granddad was at home and fucking a very familiar girl on their bed. I soon realized that it was my favourite 23 year old niece from Alabama who I didn’t see for almost five years and had a big crush on since I can remember. She is 3 years older than me.Seeing her perfect body on top of my grandfather I got the biggest hard on in years. She had the etlik escort bayan perfect set of tits. Not too big for her small frame. I realized that I had to taste her for myself.

As I was about to switch off the video my irritable 19 year old younger sister Rentia came into my room. She was shocked by what she saw on the television. She ran to her room and slammed close the door.

I decided that it was time to test the power of the bracelet. I walked to her room and opened the door. She was lying on her bed crying. I went and sat next to her. After rubbing the bracelet it started to glow. I touched her on her shoulder just like my grandfather did. The glowing subsided and Rentia suddenly sat upright. I asked her a few questions about how she felt. I wanted to see how the power worked. I asked my sister to remove her top. From the day I accidentally saw my sister naked I dreamt of her. She had the perfect body, small heart shaped ass, long legs and long black hair.She had a nice set of tits on her with big puffy nipples.

My sister surprised me by taking of her top without any questions. She had no bra on and her tits were hanging freely. For an nineteen year old she had a fine set of tits on her. I had to taste them. I asked her to come closer to me and said to her that everything that was about to happen was natural and she won’t feel uncomfortable.

I took her hand and proceeded to the bed. I lay next to her and started to suck on her big nipples. She must have loved the attention her tits was getting because she took her hand and started to rub her pussy through her denim pants. I slowly kissed her tits and sucked on her nipples. I gave her a kiss on the mouth and she kissed me back with passion. escort etlik I quickly got undressed and got back on the bed with her. I helped her out of her denim pants and lacy panties. I couldn’t believe my luck, my beautiful sister lying naked beneath me willing to anything. I was surprised to see that her pussy was completely shaven. After asking she said to me that her boyfriend in college liked her shaven. I said to her that I liked it as well. She opened her legs wider so that I had great access to her. I bent over and started to lick her wet slit. I loved her big pussy lips. I concentrated more and more on her clit which was poking out between her lips. She must have loved it because she took my head and pushed it deeper into her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. She came and sprayed my face with her love juices.

I pushed her off of my face and climbed on top of her. I had to fuck her. I positioned my cock at her entrance and started to push forward. It was an amazing feeling. I had a hard time getting my 8 inches of cock inside her but eventually I managed it. Her pussy was so warm inside. I was glad to see that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. I started to fuck her slowly. I started to fuck her harder and harder till my balls was slapping against her ass. I started to massage her clit with my left hand and played with her tits with my other hand. It didn’t take long for me to fill her up with cum. As she felt me cumin she started to tighten up around my shaft and had an intense orgasm.

We lied on the bed for a while. I told her that as soon as I leave her room she will forget everything that has happened since I came into her room and that she saw the tape of granddad. She will go and have a shower and wash away all the evidence of us having sex.

I left and went to my room, feeling very surprised at how good the bracelet was working. While I was destroying the video tape I saw the neighbor’s daughter climbing out of her car. I decided that she will be my second test subject.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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