The Bridge Club Ch. 03

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Wherein the reader’s patience is finally rewarded


If I had read Carmen correctly, the expensive dinner was unnecessary. But it wasn’t entirely for her. In fact, it was for the other three girls. These four women were friends and co-workers. They would talk.

At some point, they were going to compare notes – especially once one or more of them had slept with both of us. Massimo’s style was the traditional ‘Hello, I love you, bend over’. He could turn on the charm when he had to, but he wouldn’t be able to sustain that for a year.

The other three girls knew Carmen. And by that, I mean they knew that she would probably jump my bones if I invited her to the laundromat. She was a hot wench with a ravenous appetite. But I was going to treat her like a queen. Wining, dining, and pampering.

When I arrived to pick Carmen up for our date, I almost changed my mind. She wore a black sheath dress, which clung tightly to all of her curves. It had two thin shoulder straps, which had their work cut out for them if they were going to support that magnificent bosom. And the dress had a zipper down the front!

Carmen had already unzipped the first few inches, so that she was showing a good six inches of mouth-watering cleavage. No bra. She also wore a beaten gold necklace, and large hoop earrings. Her make-up was tastefully done, accentuating her beautiful green eyes. Her lipstick was perfect: a deep red, but not too bright.

– “You look … phenomenal.” I breathed.

– “That was the reaction I was aiming for.” she admitted, with a grin.

We almost didn’t make it out of her apartment. I wanted to ravish her right there. But anticipation makes everything sweeter … and the reservation had cost me a hundred bucks.

We took a taxi, because I planned to have several drinks. The poor driver had his eyes glued to the rear-view mirror; it’s a miracle that we got to the restaurant without an accident.

The Chez Maurice lived up to its reputation. It was scandalously expensive, and the waiters acted as if they alone understood fine cuisine, so that it was painful for them to have to serve riff-raff and lowly peasants such as us.

But the decor was sumptuous, luxurious and elegant. And the food was heavenly. Carmen, normally so aggressive, seemed unsure about what to order. Or perhaps she was concerned about the strain on my budget. I put her mind at rest by ordering oysters and a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

– “Did somebody win the lottery?” she asked, with her eyebrows arched.

– “I certainly did.” I replied. “I’m here with you, aren’t I?”

– “Good answer.” she said.

– “You changed your hair.” I stated.

– “Yes, it’s a bit darker.” she admitted. “Very observant.”

I was quite proud of that achievement. With those bountiful breasts threatening to spill out of the top of that dress, it was a miracle that I could still form words. I had a mental image of pulling Carmen under the tablecloth and having my way with her.

The meal was excellent. We had another bottle of wine to accompany it, and I was feeling pleasantly buzzed. It was not part of the plan to get Carmen drunk; but alcohol, in the correct amount, does wonders for me in the sexual stamina department. With this bombshell panting at me across the table, I was going to need all the help I could get.

By mutual agreement, we skipped dessert. She was as eager to get home as I was. Once in the taxi, we were all over each other. She had her hand in my lap and her tongue halfway down my throat the moment I told the driver her address. I got that zipper down an extra few inches and finally had my hand on her magnificent tits.

She groaned into my mouth. A few seconds later, I did the same as she undid my zipper and slid her hand into my underwear.

– “Mmmm …” she moaned as her fingers encircled my rock-hard dick.

Somehow, I managed to keep my composure. It was no part of the plan to fuck her in the back of a taxi. I gently removed her hand from my pants.

canlı bahis “Awww…” she protested, half-heartedly.

– “I want you.” I whispered in her ear. “But not here. Not with an audience.” Our cab driver was being remarkably discreet, and keeping his eyes on the road – most of the time.

– “Ooh – an audience. That could be … kinky.” she said, softly.

– “Not the first time. I want you all to myself.” I whispered. Then I licked and nibbled on her ear lobe, to keep her motor running.

I think we ran from the cab to the door of her apartment building. I can’t remember that part. I do know that the driver got a healthy tip. Altogether, this evening had cost me almost $500. But it was worth every penny.

Carmen didn’t wait for the elevator door to close before she was on me. She had my zipper down and her hand in my pants within seconds. I grabbed twin handfuls of her ass and pulled her to me. She stumbled a bit, and nearly dragged me down with her. Instead I held onto her, but we both crashed into the wall of the elevator, our bodies pressed tightly together.

She giggled into my mouth as she sucked at my tongue.

Somehow, we got from the elevator to her door without tripping or losing any of our clothing. At the door, Carmen handed me her key, while she bent down and undid the straps on her high heels. As I got the door open, she stepped inside and threw her shoes into a corner. She turned and body-slammed me into the back of the door. Her lips were on mine, and her whole body glued to me.

Then, suddenly, she stepped back. Carmen had a wild look in her eyes. She unzipped the front of her dress, and with both hands pulled it wide open.

She was naked underneath it, except for a skimpy black thong.

God in heaven, but her breasts were magnificent! They were D cups, at least, but firm. They pointed upwards, if anything. Her left breast was slightly larger, but I was not about to complain. Her nipples were not very pronounced, but the areolae were wide as tea saucers.

– “My God.” I whispered.

She grinned, and then flung herself at me again.

I picked her up – no easy feat, because she was a big girl – and carried her into the living room, our lips locked together the whole way. I put her down just beside the couch. Then I stooped, hooked my fingers into her thong, and pulled it down below her knees.

Carmen moaned. She was, to my delight, completely shaven. Her outer lips were puffy, and her pussy was so wet, it was drooling. I stood up, but only long enough to kiss her again, and toy with her tongue.

Then I kissed her neck. My hands went to her breasts, and I weighed them, before pressing them together. I grazed her areolae with my tongue, brushing by her nipples ever so lightly.

Carmen had been trying to undo the buttons on my shirt. She finally succeeded. Her hands came around my head, and she pressed my mouth into her voluptuous tits. I stayed for a few moments, but then continued to work my way downwards.

I trailed kisses down her stomach, and across her hip. I sat Carmen on the edge of her sofa. Now she wore only the necklace and earrings.

I kissed her knees, but Carmen was having none of that. She grabbed my hair and pulled me higher. I obliged, and touched the tip of my tongue to the very edge of her puffy outer lips .

Much too slow for Carmen: she thrust her pussy into my face, and seized my head with both hands to make sure it stayed there. I made the best of it, thrusting my tongue into her, and slurping noisily.

– “Ohhh … shit.” she gasped. She was trembling all over. Suspecting that she was already close, I flicked her clit with my tongue. Then I sucked it into my mouth.

That did it. Carmen howled, and ground her dripping pussy against my face. Her body shook with several powerful spasms. Then she pulled back a few inches, as her clit was suddenly too sensitive for direct contact.

I stood up, and peeled off my clothes as quickly as I could, while she panted and grinned at me from the edge bahis siteleri of the sofa. When I got my pants and shorts off, my engorged cock leapt forward and slapped my belly, it was so hard.

Carmen started to move forward, as if she was going to drop to her knees and take me in her mouth. Instead, I grabbed her by the elbows and turned her around. I pushed Carmen forward, over the edge of her own sofa. Her upper body went over, but her ass was up in the air, right in front of me.

It was a rather sizeable ass, but that was not a problem. It took only a moment to skin on a condom. Then I peeled her ass cheeks apart, and nestled the head of my straining cock between her juicy lips. With one smooth thrust, I drove all the way in.

– “Oh, fuck!” she exclaimed.

She was wet. So wet, I knew it was going to a long, glorious fuck. Thanks to the amount of wine I had consumed, and the condom, I was de-sensitized enough that I could go for ages. And I did. I cruised into her from behind at a steady, regular pace.

I fondled her large bottom as I slid back and forth between her pussy lips. Then I ground my groin into her, and reached around to play with her tits.

– “More – Harder!” she said.

I grabbed her hips, and plunged into Carmen as far as I could go. I pounded her, my pelvis slapping her ass cheeks and making them jiggle. I alternated: half a dozen deep thrusts, then a rapid-fire assault. I’m not sure how long we kept that up, but it seemed like quite a few minutes.

Carmen was thrusting her ass back at me, and also grinding her clit against the corner of the sofa. That might be why she came again, to her own surprise.

– “Ohh! Shit … I don’t – aagh!”

I fucked her right through her second climax, and kept going afterwards, just to show her that I could. Then I pulled out.

Carmen was breathing heavily, and her face was flushed. I gently helped her to sit on her couch, and leaned her back, till she was half-sitting, half-lying. I sat beside her, and let her recover. While she did, I peeled the condom from my still fully erect dick.

Carmen noticed. “What? You’re still hard? Didn’t you come yet? Holy shit – are you on Viagra, or something?”

– “Wine, I think. It affects me that way, sometimes.” I told her.

– “Holy fuck – that’s it! You, mister, are staying here tonight. I’m not done with you yet.”

I smiled. “That sounds wonderful, Carmen.”

She took my still engorged member in her mouth, and licked, kissed, and sucked it. She lavished attention on my cock, and even took my balls in her mouth. I enjoyed every minute, but I knew that I was no closer to coming.

So I moved her into a 69 position, and went back to work on those delectable, puffy pussy lips. This time, she squealed when she came.

But Carmen saw that I still hadn’t come. She took that as a challenge.

– “Bring that fucker here.” she ordered, as she lay back on the couch. I pulled on another condom, and slid between her legs. She wasn’t quite as wet this time, and a little bit tighter. She grunted as I entered her.

– “Do it.” she said. “Fuck me.”

So I did. I pulled Carmen’s legs over my elbows, and held onto her thighs. In that position, I settled into a steady, driving rythmn. She was delectable. Her long hair was tossed on the edge of the sofa behind her head, and those magnificent breasts shimmied and jumped with every thrust.

She had a big, solid body, built for sin. I started pushing into her harder, and then slamming into her. She didn’t seem to be building to another orgasm. Instead, Carmen just wanted me to come. She encouraged me with grunts and groans, and by slipping her hips forward on every downthrust I made.

Finally, I felt that tightening in my balls. I was almost there. I started piling into her like a man possessed. She could sense it, too.

– “That’s it. Ohh, fuck, yeah.” she said.

And I erupted.

My long-delayed orgasm was intense, and enormously satisfying. I collapsed atop Carmen. She clutched me in bahis şirketleri her arms, stroking my back, and my hair. We were both drenched in sweat, but she was muttering endearments in my ear.

– “Awesome.” she said, a few minutes later. “I can’t remember a better night. Thank you for the restaurant, and the taxi, and my first orgasm …”

I started to laugh.

– “And my second orgasm … did I already tell you that you’re staying here? We’re not done yet.”

I kissed her then, with genuine affection. Carmen was a nice person, in addition to being a great fuck. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I was ahead of Massimo.



I carried Carmen to her bathroom, where we showered together. I brought her to another orgasm, with fingers and tongue. She wanted to return the favor, but I made her understand that it was very unlikely. It would have taken another hour of fucking. We were both exhausted, so we went to bed, and cuddled.

I wasn’t finished with Carmen, by any stretch of the imagination.

For one thing, I had to make this entire weekend memorable for her. It had to be spectacular enough that Carmen would tell her friends. Abigail, Christina, and Beth had to hear about this.

For another, Carmen was an incredibly hot woman. Beautiful green eyes, amazing breasts, and a juicy pussy, together with a voracious sexual appetite.

I woke before her in the morning. I nuzzled her neck, fondled her breasts, and squeezed her ass. When she was wet enough, I lifted her leg and entered her from behind. She was still half-asleep, but she moaned happily throughout. Unlike the previous night, it didn’t take me long to come. I made sure to bring her off, too, with my fingers.

She passed out again, so I showered, and then explored her kitchen. I found her coffee machine, and started preparing breakfast. She had eggs in her fridge, and some relatively fresh cheese. I found a tomato as well, and got to work.

Carmen staggered in just as the coffee was ready.

– “Look at this!” she said. “What are you doing?”

– “Breakfast.” I replied.

– “Not yet.” said Carmen.

I wasn’t dressed. I only had one of her towels around my waist. Carmen grabbed hold of it, and succeeded in pulling it off. I will admit that I only put up a token resistance. She dropped to her knees and started sucking me off in her kitchen.

It felt wonderful, but I didn’t want her to hurt her knees, so I lifted her up, and fucked her from behind, bent over the sink.


We ate breakfast, fucked on the sofa again, and then discussed our plans for the weekend. When I agreed to put myself at her disposal, Carmen called up a friend and cancelled their Saturday evening plans. I was happy to note that the friend was Beth.

Next, came a long, leisurely session of 69. It started on the sofa, before moving to the bedroom. Carmen came at least twice. I finally came in her mouth, to her satisfaction.

We had an afternoon siesta, before showering together, which led to a quick fuck in the bathroom. Carmen was insatiable, but I was also developing an addiction. I ordered food for us (Carmen was NOT a cook), and then we settled down to watch a few movies. She was an avid fan of Asian martial arts movies – go figure.

After the first film, I started playing with her wonderful breasts. I fondled them, squeezed gently, and even got her top halfway off before she noticed.

– “Hello? Movie playing here.” she said.

– “Keep watching.” I told her. “Who’s stopping you?”

– “You are.”

Carmen made it almost all the way to the end of the second film before she gave in. My tongue in her ear, while I rolled her saliva-slick nipples between my fingertips must have done the trick. She tried to deep-throat my cock, and then we fucked on the floor. Amazing.


Again, I woke before her on Sunday morning. I borrowed her keys, and let myself out. I ran a few errands, and returned to her apartment. Carmen was still asleep.

I left her flowers in a vase, and a couple of cinnamon danish, with coffee ready to go.


Thanks for being patient enough to read this far. Any comments or criticism would be appreciated.

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