The Chronicles of Cordelia Pt. 02

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Introduction: If you haven’t read Part 1 of “The Chronicles of Cordelia”, then you might be a little lost, but this story can stand on its own, with a little imagination on your part.

As with the previous installation, it is told from a single-person perspective, with the adjoining dialogue (when she even allows a word in edge wise!) to be generated within your own mind.


New Character:

Angela – Paul’s 18 year old daughter and Cordelia’s best friend. Angela is just days younger than Cordelia and is an almost dead ringer for Cobie Smulders from the “Avengers” movies as Agent Maria Hill.

Part 2:

Daddy, are you awake? It’s me, Angela. I know you’re not my real father, just my step-daddy, but you’ve been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and there’s something I just have to tell you, now that I’m all grown up and a woman.

And you’ve watched me grow up… I know you’ve watched closely, daddy. Don’t deny it, I know it’s true. I’m not the only you’ve watched, either. You’ve had it bad for my best friend Cordelia for years, haven’t you? It’s OK, Daddy… you can tell me. She and I share EVERYTHING.

Mmmmm… yes, even that. Especially that.

Daddy… that was so NAUGHTY of you to kidnap her from my bed like that. What if I had woke up and no one was there to eat my pussy like she does so well?

(she laughs at my shocked face)

Oh, Daddy… you didn’t know I was bi? That’s so cute. I bet mommy isn’t bi, is she? She’s so old fashioned and BORING, isn’t she? I almost never talk to her anymore, it’s just hopeless. She doesn’t understand me at all, and I think it’d upset her too much to know the truth about her daughter.

I know mommy doesn’t do it for you anymore, does she? I bet she just lays there and takes it like a lump, doesn’t she? She doesn’t have these firm, perky tits like I do, does she? Hers are all saggy and she has to wear a bra to make them look good. See mine, Daddy?

(she pulls off her shirt)

No keçiören escort bra needed, ever! And my nipples are very, VERY sensitive. See how hard they are in the cool night air, Daddy?

And she doesn’t have these long, supple legs anymore either, does she? She’s got all wrinkles and fat and veins and… ugh! Look at my legs Daddy!

(she drops the pajama pants she was wearing)

See, Daddy? So smooth and soft and perfect to the touch. I just love running my hands over my body, and down my legs… and back up my inner thighs to my pussy.

You two never fuck anymore. Don’t lie, Daddy… I can hear you when you’re fucking her. I used to hear you two going at it all the time… but I never told. I didn’t want you to be quieter. I would touch myself… down there… the whole time you were doing it. Wishing it was me your thick, heavy Daddy cock was sliding into.

Oh, does that surprise you Daddy? It shouldn’t… I’ve been watching you as I grew up, too. You’re so tall, and handsome, and strong. Your blue-green eyes are mesmerizing, and your wavy brown hair is so soft and wonderful to run my fingers through. I know you don’t have the body you had when you were in the military, you’ve been hurt from the injuries you suffered in the service and it’s taken its toll on your workouts. But you keep at it, Daddy… I see you out there in the garage every day on your elliptical, pushing yourself through the pain.

So many times I’ve wanted to go out there to you, to rub your aching muscles and towel down your body… but I know I couldn’t, not back then. I had to wait until I was old enough so you wouldn’t get into trouble.

Now? Now I want to look into those eyes and run my hands through your hair as you lay down on top of me and make me your woman, Daddy. I want you to fill me up with that hot, thick cum you’ve been wasting on mommy and fill my tiny eighteen year old pussy until it overflows with it.

Daddy… do you have an erection from keçiören escort bayan your baby girl talking all dirty to you? Mmmm… you do, don’t you? That’s why you’re squirming so much. Let me help you with that…

(she unzips his pants and pulls them down)

Oh my god, Daddy… you’re SO much bigger than the boys at school! Those teenage boys couldn’t last 2 minutes inside me, but I bet that big fucking tool will make me cum again and again before it fills me up, won’t it Daddy?

(she pushes Daddy down on his bed)

You lay right there, Daddy. No, mommy won’t be back all weekend, she’s out of town with her family… so there’s nobody to interrupt us.

(she wraps her tiny rosebud mouth around the head)

Oh Daddy, I can’t even get the whole thing in my mouth… I guess I’ll just have to do the best I can, licking and sucking this fat, swollen, purple crown. I will suck your balls into my mouth while I jack off the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life.

Mmmmm, Daddy… my little pussy is dripping wet from thinking about having this giant beast inside me. Do you think it will fit in *here*?

(she stands up and slides her panties off)

Or how about here, Daddy?

(she turns around and bends over, opening up her tiny asshole to him)

I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we then?

(she climbs on top of him)

Oh, Daddy… I love rubbing your massive head against my delicate clit, it sends shivers throughout my entire body. I’ve got it all covered in my juice now Daddy… I think I’m ready to try and fit it inside me.

(she slowly pushes his engorged head in between her soaking wet lips, gasping)

Daddy… Daddy… oh shit, Daddy… I’ve never been stretched out like this before. Not even when Cordelia used her favorite toy on me, it wasn’t like this… your cock is so hot and throbbing inside of me, Daddy… I can feel the blood pulsing inside it, every single twitch you make is driving escort keçiören lightning bolts through my pussy… oh, Daddy…

Mmmm, Daddy… it’s all the way in. Can you feel your thick head pushing against my cervix? I bet you could fuck me all the way into my uterus, Daddy… but not right now. Right now, I’m going to slide up and down your giant fuckstick and get myself off again and again and again.

(she begins riding his cock, rubbing her clit furiously as she does)

(his hands go to pinch and pull her taut, engorged nipples)

Oh god, Daddy… I’m cumming, I’m cumming on your big Daddy cock buried inside your baby girl’s teenage pussy. I’ve never cum like this before… it just keeps happening, wave after wave crashing through my body, Daddy.

Daddy… get on top of me. Ram your Daddy dick into your little girl and make her yours forever. Do it Daddy… I can take anything you can dish out, and even if I can’t, I won’t stop you. I want you to cum inside me, Daddy. I want to watch your face as all those years of pent up lust comes flowing out of your swollen cock head and floods me, Daddy.

No, Daddy, I won’t get pregnant, I’ve been on the pill for years. You won’t ever have to put in my ass like you did to Cordelia just to avoid a baby. Of course, she’s on the pill too… oops! I wasn’t supposed to tell you she was just playing along with your little game, was I? She knew what you wanted… she knew what you were going to do… she’s been waiting for it, too.

It sucks that she’s a couple of days older than me, she got to have you when SHE turned 18 first.

Now Daddy, stop talking and start fucking! Yes, oh god yes… those deep, slow thrusts Daddy. Just like that. Feel every inch of my tight little pussy gripping your dick as it slides in and out of me, over and over. Oh, Daddy… please, please cum in me… I need to feel it, I need to see it on your face.

That’s it… yes… Yes… YES!! Oh Daddy, there’s so much, it’s going everywhere… I love it! Mmmmm, your face… Daddy, are those tears?

Oh, Daddy… I love you, too. I’ll always love you. I’ll never leave you, no matter what. And, since Cordelia and I are going to stay together forever, I guess you’ll just have to deal with both of us wanting to be fucked by our big, sexy Daddy.

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