The Closet Ch. 01

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Judy hid in her nineteen year old daughters closet and waited as patiently as she could. She looked at her cell phone again, and cursed. It was still a quarter to midnight. That means Stacy still had 15 minutes left before she was due home. It was a rule that Judy had tried to enforce… as long as you live under my roof, you will be home before midnight.

Judy wasn’t always the crazy mom who hid in her daughters closet, waiting for her return. A few short weeks ago, she was a normal mother of a college student, always there when she was needed, and gone when she was not. But everything changed on what seemed like a normal Friday night.

* * * * *

Judy was pacing the floor in her silk nightgown and matching panties, wondering where Stacy could be at such an hour. Four hours ago, Stacy left with a group of friends to see the midnight showing of the new romantic comedy playing in the local theater. Now, at almost 4 am, she still hadn’t returned home. Judy tried calling her cell phone at 2:45, but it was still on silent. Not wanting to appear controlling, she didn’t call again. Judy glanced out the family room window again, just in time to see a dark car pull up in front of the house. She jumped back and ran down the hall to the kitchen, fearing Stacy would know she was up and spying. She quickly grabbed her glass of water and sipped it lazily, like she’d just woken up. But after five minutes had passed, and Stacy still hadn’t come inside, Judy slipped back into the living room and peered out the window.

The car still sat outside her house, but there was no movement coming from the car. Then, as if summoned by Judy’s thoughts, the car started to rock. Judy’s assumption that someone was moving around to get something from the back changed after the rocking continued steadily for more than a few seconds.

“Someone is having sex right outside my house!” Judy thought.

She started to get turned on at the thought of the couple fucking right in front of her. It had been years since she’d had sex, ever since her husband got a vasectomy. Vowing to stay faithful, when he’d lost his sex drive, she’d given up hers. Now, however, she couldn’t help but wish she was the one in the rocking car. As Judy watched, she got more and more aroused. Judy could feel her nipples hardening against her silk gown, which only intensified her arousal. Grabbing a chair, she sat down and started rubbing keçiören escort her clit with her silk matching panties.

“This isn’t being unfaithful… it’s just like fixing a wedgie.” She told herself as she rocked her body to the rhythm of the car. She started to moan quietly as she rubbed the silk back and forth, back and forth over her wet cunt. Soon, however, her panties weren’t good enough. Stepping away from her live porno, she rushed into the kitchen. At her bachlorette party twenty years ago, one of her girlfriends got her a dildo, with instructions to never get rid of it, and never let her husband find it.

“It will be there when your husband won’t.” Carol had told her.

Judy would have thrown it away too, if every woman at her bachlorette party hadn’t shouted, “Hear, Hear!!!” to Carol’s statement.

Now, as Judy crawled into the back of the fine china cupboard, she found the old box labeled, ‘Family recipes’ and opened it. Inside, under a stack of recipes, was the 10 inch dildo. Judy took it out for the first time, and stared at it. It looked larger than her husband’s penis looked last time they’d had sex, although she couldn’t be sure. Taking only a split second to return the box to it’s original place, Judy returned to the family room with her dildo. She peered out the window once more, just to make sure the car hadn’t driven off while she was away. It was still out there, and still rocking. Judy settled herself back on the chair, and rubbed the outside of her pussy lips with the tip of the dildo.

“This isn’t cheating… it’s not even a real penis.” Judy said in a whisper so her husband down the hall wouldn’t hear. Working her pussy back up to it’s aroused, wet state, Judy slipped the tip of her dildo inside her cunt.

“Ooh.” She moaned. It had been over three years since anything had been inside her, and now she was as tight as she was on her wedding night. She leaned back on the chair a little, and closed her eyes, imagining it was her in the car, being fucked by her husband. Slowly at first, Judy slipped the dildo into her cunt, inch by inch. It was definitely bigger than her husbands. The dildo stretched her pussy out as it slipped deeper and deeper inside her. After Judy got used to the size of the pretend cock in her hand and pussy, she started rocking her hips to the rhythm of the car outside. Erotic images flooded her mind. keçiören escort bayan Images of her husband leaning over her as he put his cock inside her pussy disappeared, and soon an imaginary lover was fucking her into an oblivion that her husband never took her to. The chair she was sitting on became the front seat of the car, and soon wasn’t enough room for Judy to fully enjoy herself.

Huffing from the exertion it took to masturbate with her never-used dildo, Judy got up and laid on the couch, before continuing her erotic dance with the strangers outside. She was close. Judy had never had a ‘real’ orgasm before, but the strange feeling building up inside her said she’d know soon enough. Judy picked up the pace, imagining a lover who’d fuck her plump body nice and rough. Judy was wearing sexy stilettos and a business dress in this fantasy, and her lover grew hard looking at her plain, round body, with big DD tits to match. He’d picked her up on the road, and was giving her a lift home. Unable to fight off his desire, the stranger pulled off the main road, and started seducing her in his car. His lips started at her cheeks, before moving down her neck and attaching themselves to her breasts. Her body shook in real life at the thought of a strange lover sucking and nipping on her nipples, and wanting the fantasy to be as real as possible, Judy slipped one nipple into her mouth, and sucked it herself.

Her lover soon had his hands down between her thunder thighs, caressing her until she opened up to his fingers. As he slipped one or two in, Judy put the tip of the dildo inside her pussy once again.

“Please… more.” Judy begged, and the stranger pulled her into his lap, and on top of his erect cock. Judy repositioned herself, and put the dildo between two couch cushions so she could ride it like she was doing in her fantasy. The stranger fucked her nice and good, until finally, Judy had her first real orgasm. Judy rocked back and forth over the dildo, her tension in her cunt increasing until the pressure burst, and she came all over the couch and her new best friend. She was so into her own pleasure, Judy temporarily forgot about the couple outside. In the back of her groggy mind, Judy heard a car door shut. It wasn’t until she heard the second door close however, that Judy snapped back into reality. Hurrying to the window, Judy saw Stacy and a big black escort keçiören man walking to the porch from a now motionless car. Stacy was leaning on the black man, as he practically carried her to the house. Judy rushed down the hall and slipped into the shadows of the guest bathroom located across the hall from Stacy’s room.

She had barely gotten the door shut ajar, when Stacy’s keys were in the lock, and the door opened. Judy held her breath as two figures past the bathroom door she was peering out of, and entered Stacy’s bedroom. As Stacy’s door shut quietly, Judy let out the breath she’d been holding, and waited to see when the coast would be clear. Rather than hearing the black man leave, she heard her daughter moan quietly. Judy got aroused again at the sound coming from her baby girls room. Thankful she was still holding her dildo, Judy teased herself with it again, until she was wet and ready for another orgasm. This time, to her daughters moans, Judy came fast and hard.

Picking herself up off the bathroom floor, she heard Stacy’s bedroom door open and close, and to her horror, the bathroom door open. Thinking quick, Judy stepped into the shower, praying that whoever was coming in wouldn’t turn on the light. Thankfully, it was left off. Judy peered out the shower curtain, and saw that her daughters fuck buddy was pissing in the toilet a few feet away. Judy couldn’t help but gawk at the size of his dick. No wonder Stacy needed help walking to the door after fucking him in the car! It was obvious that he was no longer erect, but his soft cock was still 7 inches long. Judy could only imagine his size when fully turned on.

As the man with the enormous black cock slipped out the door, and back out the front door, Judy couldn’t help but feel like she’s been deprived of something wonderful. She’d been a virgin on her wedding night, and the only penis she’d seen was her husbands. Naturally, she’d assumed that Stacy would follow her footsteps. It was apparent she was not. But Judy wasn’t upset that Stacy was having sex. She was a bit jealous. Sneaking back into her own bedroom, Judy finally realized that it was her daughter having sex in the car… her daughter getting fucked by a black monster in her bedroom. But what startled her the most, was that it was her daughter having sex that aroused Judy into bringing out the dildo and making herself cum. Sure, she hadn’t known it was her daughter at first, but the second time she knew, and it only made her cum harder and faster than the first time.

Feeling a bit guilty for her wanton behavior with the dildo, and her imagination, Judy rolled over and kissed her husbands cheek before rolling onto her side of the bed and falling asleep.

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