The Dangers of Divorce

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Since my wife left me for another guy and took our kids with her. I’ve been distrustful of courts and long term relationships with woman in general to the extent of not want to get married again.

Why should I, my business is doing well, and I have a good night life with the different ladies that come I came across, ‘sorry, wrong choice of words.’

For years, I hadn’t wanted a wife, that is until I met this one special woman. I worried that she was just a little too young for me. She didn’t mind about it, ‘and we did fit together very well.’

In fact we were so well matched I didn’t need to do the things I had to do with other women, not that I minded doing them. But when we got together it was so satisfyingly intense, we needed nothing else to help us, if you know what I mean.

It wasn’t always that way with us, well not for me anyway, because I hadn’t felt the same about women in general. Not since the ex wife took my kids away to live with some French guy who moved back to France with them.

So you’ll understand what I mean when I tell you I had only one reason that I wanted this girl in the first place. She was pretty but ‘French,’ as soon as she opened her mouth there was only one thing I wanted from her.

That was to get in her knickers, leave a deposit, and get out and away from her as quickly as possible.

Never did I expect to feel about her the way I did, after that first night. It was true love, it was like we were eryaman escort meant for each other, and it wasn’t just me either, she felt the same way.

It’s now been three years since we’ve been together, I haven’t even so much as looked at another woman, she gives me all, and more than I can handle.

‘I mean,’ she is after me, just as much as I am after her, we’re always ready for each other.

She found out three months ago she was pregnant. I was so happy about it, I popped the question, and asked her to marry me. She said yes, but not until after I had met with her parents.

That meant a trip over to France, ‘and you know how I feel about that,’ but I said, ‘for her,’ I would make the trip.

We hadn’t really got to talk about our respective families, I knew, obviously that hers lived in France and I’d told her I’d been divorced already with two children I never got to see. She had also told me, that her family were naturist, I just thought she meant they lived in a wooded area or something. When I told her that she had already told me, she asked me if I was comfortable with it.

“Why wouldn’t I be,” I said.

“I love to take evening walks in a forest as long as there were no dangerous animals lurking around at the time,” I joked.

She nearly fell off her chair laughing at me. “What the hell are you talking about,” she asked still laughing.

Confused by her reaction, I told her that escort eryaman she’d already told me that they lived in a natural society. “What could be more natural than a forest.”

I’d always loved to watch her laugh, but not when it was at me, and she was laughing at me now. She couldn’t say anything, because she was laughing so hard. I had to wait until she stopped, or at least, nearly stopped anyway, so she could correct my mistake.

In a thick French accent, putting it on a bit, she said.

“No, no, no, me not say natural, me sorry, bad English,” she said.

“Me say naturalist, you know, how you say, in the nude.”

“Oh…Oh…OOHH,” I said finally realizing what she meant.

She couldn’t help it, ‘bless her heart,’ she tried holding it back, but it all just came out. She burst out into fits of laughter again, which also had me joining in, this time as I stood up and stripped of.

“What do you think,” I said with my erection sticking out in front of me.

We had sex all night and the following day we made arrangements to visit with her family in France.

If I said I wasn’t nervous as I stripped of in the club house, I’d be telling a lie.

Not only was I going to meet with her family for the first time, ‘which was bad enough for a guy my age.’ But I would be meeting them all in the nude, ‘as naked as the day I was born.’

God help me if I reacted to seeing my women nude as eryaman escort bayan I normally do.

It’s one thing for them to see me nude for the first time.

But to see me with a hard on for their daughter would be quite a different matter.

Even before I was out of the changing room, I had a feeling something was wrong as chills ran down my spine.

I shook it off as just nerves and being in France, until I saw her, I could tell it was her even though she had her back to me. I had a cold shiver running up and down my spine, and hatred in my heart for her. All I could do was turn away before she saw me.

I didn’t want to be making a bad scene at the club, where I was to meet her family for the first time.

But my girl saw me, and the way I looked, she was worried as she followed me back to the changing room calling after me.

I didn’t really want to tell her that I’d just seen my ex-wife, and how it had made me feel. I didn’t want to spoil it for her either even though I knew it would be doing. So I told her I couldn’t do it, that I had to go.

“It’s okay, some people can’t do it,” she said hugging me.

Even the feeling of her pressing herself against me had no effect on me the way it usually did.

“but their just stood over there waiting for you,” she said.

I looked to where she was pointing, and was shocked to see who she was pointing at.

I looked back at her seriously, and asked her what her real name was.

She told me again, I said no, what’s your real name,

“How do you know that,” she asked.

“Just tell me,” I shouted at her, she told alright.

All this time, and without knowing, I had been with my own baby daughter, and now she was having my child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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