The Eavesdropping Mother

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There was this movie I just had to see. I mean, all the reviews were good, Robert Redford was starring, and It looked really appealing, so I made plans to go. I had to get used to the idea of going out alone after my divorce and my daughter rarely wanted to accompany me so…so I would just go alone and enjoy the movie.

Cindy, now 18, was entertaining her boyfriend Johnny at our small suburban condo and, of course, I playfully admonished them to “Behave!” I knew I had nothing to worry about. My daughter is very mature for her age and I was sure there wouldn’t be any shenanigans after I left.

It turned out that I’d misread the movie ad and the film wasn’t due to start it’s run until the following night. Darn! I considered seeing another show but I really had my heart set on that Robert Redford movie so I decided to wait.

When I got back to the condo the TV was still on in the living room but Cindy and Johnny were nowhere to be seen. The door to Cindy’s bedroom was closed…a “no no” in our household when she is entertaining a young man and I was ready to knock and remind her of this when I heard her voice from inside the room.

“Johnny No!” I heard my daughter cry, “Don’t touch my panties!”

I was startled to say the least! I couldn’t hear Johnny’s response but I assume he didn’t give up as Cindy moaned in despair. “Oh…No! Johnny… don’t pull down my panties! Please don’t!”

Then I heard Johnny’s voice: “C’mon Cin…we won’t do anything more. I just want to look for a second. We’ve been going together for three weeks now. Please?”

It was quiet for a moment as my daughter apparently thought it over. Then I heard her sweet voice once again.

“Johnny I don’t want to get in trouble! If I let you take off my panties, well, anything could happen!”

“Well could I just see…see your pussy for a second? Please Cind?”

I probably should have just barged in right on the spot and interrupted these hormone crazed youngsters but, for some reason, I didn’t. Then my daughter spoke quietly.

“I’ll…i’ll show you Johnny, if you promise not to try anything more.”

There was no response from Johnny but I heard some rustling of clothing and then Cindy said quietly: “Promise not to tell anyone about this Johnny?”

“I promise Cin.” He said, his voice trembling with anticipation. I felt anger rising in me as my precious little daughter prepared to show this gum chewing high school boy her virgin pussy. She wouldn’t really do it…would she?

Then I heard a gasp from Johnny as, apparently, my daughter pulled the legband to one side and showed her untouched virgin pussy to him.

“Wow Cin!” He exclaimed, “It’s so perfect! What happened to the hair?”

“I…I shaved my pussy for you Johnny!” I heard my daughter say. “I thought you would like it all bare.”

“I sure do honey. Maybe you should tell your Mom about shaving. She sure was showing some curly black hair last Saturday at the pool!” Johnny was laughing as he said it.

“Johnny!” Cindy said sharply. “You just leave my Mom out of this! Honestly!”

“Hey, I wasn’t the only one who noticed Cin. She wears that black bikini that probably used to fit her ten years ago but now, well, she’s got a little more to show off! Bruce and Kenny were admiring her butt too.”

Well, now I should have burst into the room and slapped that young man’s face for making such a disgusting comment. Still, I had to wonder if he was telling the truth. I admit I haven’t the money to buy clothes like I did when I was married. Haven’t bought a swim suit in years. And, OK, yes I try to maintain my figure and am not ashamed to wear a bikini to the community pool at the condo. After all, it’s MY pool the way I see it.

“Please Johnny!” Cindy’s voice interrupted my thoughts, “Don’t tease me about my Mom. I’m…I’m showing you my pussy! Isn’t that enough to excite you?”

“Sho’ nuf Cindy.” He replied. “But I wouldn’t mind seeing your Mom’s pussy if the opportunity presented itself. Ha Ha!”

He was trying to make a joke out of it but I could tell my daughter was upset .

“I love your pussy Cindy.” Johnny had lowered his voice now. “May I…May I kiss it sweetheart?”

“Oh Johnny that’s so nasty!” Cindy hissed. She didn’t, however, say NO! I heard more rustling and then the unmistakable sound of my daughter beginning to moan in pleasure as her teen aged boyfriend began to lick her never before touched young pussy!

It was wrong to listen like this. I should have just left and found some other movie to go see. I could go down to the corner and use the pay phone to call the condo. Maybe that would be enough of an interruption to save little Cindy’s virginity.

But maybe Cindy didn’t want her virginity saved! I heard my daughter gasping now, and then her voice came through the door anew: “Oh Johnny, that’s so good honey! Keep licking my bare pussy! Do you…do you want to take off my panties?”

Then, more rustling of clothing and the sound demetevler escort of a zipper being undone. Now Johnny was undressing too. The two teenagers were heading into dangerous territory now. It was time for me to just knock loudly on Cindy’s bedroom door and put an end to this salacious session once and for all!

But then I heard Johnny’s voice…”Oh that’s it Cindy! Use your little panties to stroke my cock! That feels real good honey…keep your legs open so I can see your little pussy while you jerk me off. Oh…Oh…a little faster Cin…I’m gonna come real soon!”

My God! Where did these high school seniors learn such behavior? My own little daughter, completely inexperienced as far as I knew, using her panties to lewdly masturbate her boyfriend after he’d licked her hairless young pussy!

I must confess at this point I knew I wasn’t going to go barging into the room. And I wasn’t going to leave either. No, I was going to hear the disgusting finale to this lewd sexual escapade.

And I figured I wouldn’t have to wait very long to hear it.

“Oh Johnny, am I doing it right?” My daughter asked. “Does it feel good when I stroke your cock with my little white panties?”

“Oh baby yeah!” He was almost choking on his words now. “It feels real good! Here…I’ll touch your bare pussy while you jerk me off! Then we can both come together.”

The small suburban bedroom was now filled with moans of ecstasy as both participant’s pleasure increased. Johnny was teasing my daughter’s virgin pussy while she used her freshly removed and still warm panties to coax the sperm from his balls.

Then I heard a cry and Johnny gasped “Oh Cindy! Here it comes!”

“Johnny! Oh come in my panties honey! Give me all of your come right in my little white panties! Ooooh! There it is! Oh, what a load! All of it now Johnny! Every drop!”

I was shocked to hear Cindy’s cries of encouragement. I found myself wondering how she knew so much about her boyfriend’s orgasm. Had she seen other boy’s ejaculate? I was quick to blame Johnny for the whole sordid episode but…but was Cindy as “Innocent” as I’d thought?

Now I had to leave and I quickly did so, heading for the local book store where I spent some time wandering around looking at romance novels. I needed some time to clear my head after what I’d overheard. What was I going to do? My poor little daughter was in grave danger of being taken advantage of by this reckless young man. Someone needed to speak to his mother about his behavior. And I was just the person to do it!

The following Monday, right after work, I headed over to the Haywood’s home which was only a few blocks from where our condo was located. I’d looked up the address in the school directory and was a bit surprised to find a clearly run down tract home in the middle of a fairly nice neighborhood. I knew that it was possible that Johnny would be at home but my mind was made up: I was going to discuss this with his mother because I knew no mother would want her son engaging in such dangerous activity with a young girl. Just imagine what kind of trouble could ensue!

I pushed the door bell but it didn’t ring so I knocked loudly. I’d hoped that Johnny would be busy at school with something but instead he answered the door. “Why, Mrs. McGregor! What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to have a talk with your mother young man so I would appreciate it if you would show me in and please ask her to join me.” I spoke as decisively as I could. I wasn’t fooling around and was determined to make my point to the lad’s mother no matter how embarrassing it might be to me…or her!

“My mother?” Johnny asked, a funny look on his face. “You want to speak to my mother?”

“Yes. Yes I do Johnny. And I think you might just know what I need to discuss with her So I’m asking you again to please ask her to join me.” I looked directly at the boy as I spoke.

Johnny lowered his eyes. He took a deep breath and then looked up to face me. “I’d like to talk to her too Mrs. McGregor. It’s just that…you see, she ran off when I was just nine years old. No, my parents didn’t separate or divorce or anything. She just…one day she was here after I got home from school, the next day she was gone. Left with some shoe salesman I’m told. All the kids at school thought it was pretty funny.”

“And she never…never…?”

“In a word, no Mrs. McGregor. She never called. Never stopped by. She was just…gone.”

Now I felt like two cents waitin’ for change. What a devastating blow it must have been for young Johnny to have his mother disappear like that? He was only nine for God’s sake! what kind of woman would do something like that?

“And I loved my mom Mrs. McGregor! Loved her more than anything! I used to come home from school for lunch and she’d fix me a big bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup, my favorite, and then I’d get to talk to her and the two of us would be together for a while without escort demetevler my big sisters there…or my Dad. It was just me and her. I’d tell her my problems. And she really cared Mrs. McGregor! She would tell me everything would be OK and I knew it would be all right. My mom wouldn’t lie to me after all.”

Then I saw tears beginning to form in Johnny’s eyes. The pain of losing his mother was obviously still very real. I’d come blithering in here all full of spit and vinegar and managed to touch a raw nerve in the sensitive youngster. Unsure what to do, I opened my arms to the lad.

“Johnny, sometimes people do things that they come to regret. They might do things not knowing how much pain they are causing others. I never met your Mother but I doubt that she left because of something you said or did.” It was the best I could come up with right then. Johnny moved to meet me and I held him tightly to my chest. He began to sob.

“Why? Mrs. McGregor, Why did she do that to me? I loved her so much! I would have done anything to make it right. Whatever problem she had I would have…I would have…”

“It’s OK Johnny.” I quietly told him. The sandy haired youth was sobbing uncontrollably in my arms now. “It’s OK…it’s gonna be Ok son.” What a mess I’d made of this! I really didn’t know Johnny at all and had made all these assumptions about him. Now I’d managed to open an old wound and the poor boy was mired in grief.

“What…what were you going to talk to her about Mrs. McGregor?” Johnny asked, still tightly clinging to me.

“Why…why I was going to tell her what a fine young son she has!” I lied. “I was going to tell her how lucky my daughter is to have met her son.”

“Aw gee Mrs. McGregor!” He looked up into my eyes. “You’re the best!” I pulled him to me and his head naturally settled into my cleavage. Johnny’s arms encircled me and he squeezed me sensuously there in the living room. I felt his hands travel down to the cheeks of my ass but didn’t complain when they settled there. The lad needed comforting now and, like it or not, it was my job to provide it for him.

“It’ll be all right honey, It’ll be OK” I repeated. “Your mother wasn’t rejecting you when she left Johnny. She might have had some problem with your Dad or…”

“No that’s not what happened Mrs. McGregor.” Johnny interrupted. “I…she…I saw my mom naked! I walked in the bathroom when she was drying off after a shower. She quickly grabbed a towel to cover up but…but I saw her naked. She yelled at me Mrs. McGregor. She yelled at me to get out. And the next day, she was gone.”

“Now Johnny any woman would want privacy in that situation. Maybe she just overreacted a bit when she yelled at you. A woman is generally proud of her body. I know I am.” Now I was getting in deep but I didn’t know what else to say.

“Really Mrs. McGregor?” Johnny asked hopefully. “You would be proud to have a…a man look at your body? When…when you’re naked?”

“Well, yes Johnny, I am proud of my body. You’ve seen me at the condo complex pool haven’t you?”

“Sure, but…but you weren’t naked.” Johnny finally moved away from our embrace. I found myself feeling self conscious. I was wearing a dark blue print dress and black panties and bra underneath. Why I’d chosen that underwear I really don’t know but I was quickly coming to understand what I needed to do to reassure little Johnny that his mother really did love him in spite of the minor incident that had apparently occurred just before she left her marriage.

“Johnny some women are self conscious about their breasts, especially if they are, well, smaller. Were your mom’s breasts small?”

“No Ma’am. Well, they were smaller than yours but I wouldn’t call them small.” He replied. He was watching me now. Wondering what I would do.

“Well, I’m not embarrassed.” I simply told him. I then reached behind me and unzipped my dress. I shrugged my shoulders and my dress fell from my breasts exposing my black bra. Johnny’s eyes just about popped out of their sockets!

I gently slid my dress down my body until my black panties were also on display. At this point I figured I was finished with my little strip tease. I’d made my point.

Johnny lowered his eyes. “But…but I saw more Mrs. McGregor. I don’t think she would have been mad if I saw her in a bathing suit. Heck, I did that lots of times.”

Well, now I knew what it would take for Johnny to be satisfied that he wasn’t responsible for his mother’s leaving. And, to be honest, I was ready. Ready to take off my panties for this good looking young kid. My daughter’s boyfriend actually. Who was I kidding? I was excited to hear how much he admired my body when I overheard him the night before. The way he and the other boys had been ogling me at the pool. I’d been divorced for ten years now. Yes, I was thrilled to find that somebody, anybody, was still turned on at the sight of my aging body.

So I turned around demetevler escort bayan and asked young Johnny to undo the clasp on my bra. He eagerly moved behind me and, with his fingers trembling, he managed to open the fastener and my large breasts tumbled free. I turned to face Johnny and my tits were right in his face. He seemed fascinated. I wondered if he was mentally comparing me to Cindy.

“Why don’t you pull down my panties now johnny?” I asked him.

The lad looked at me as if to say “Really?” He then moved down to his knees and reached for the waistband of my sexy black panties. I could have stopped him. And the thought crossed my mind but I knew I wanted to do this. I watched as Johnny slowly pulled my panties down my thighs until my hairy pussy was exposed to my daughter’s boyfriend. Not shaved and pink and hairless like Cindy’s, my pussy was mysterious and experienced and…and horny goddam it!

I allowed Johnny to view my salaciously exposed pussy as long as he wanted and then I knelt before him and began to undo his belt. Johnny looked surprised as I pulled his pants and briefs down to reveal his rapidly hardening cock. And he had a big one! I virtually never gave oral sex to my husband but I also knew that young people today consider it to be no big thing. I figured Johnny was unlikely to have had his cock sucked very often (if at all) so I threw caution to the wind and pulled his thick young penis towards my mouth.

The young man gasped as I took his cock into my mouth and began to slide my lips all over him. I pressed my tongue against the underside of Johnny’s cock as I worked my lips in and out, simulating the sex act. My daughter’s boyfriend began to flex his butt cheeks and shove himself into my willing mouth as I whimpered submissively before him. I took as much of his virile young cock as I could and then teased his balls with my fingertips to increase his pleasure.

What a thrill it must have been for the lad. One minute he was sobbing out his grief for his long lost mother, the next minute he was standing before his girlfriend’s completely naked mother, his stiff penis buried in her hard sucking mouth! And I was willing to finish him up too. But Johnny had other plans for the contents of his balls.

He jerked his now fully loaded hard on from the warm wet depths of my mouth and then ordered me to kneel on the carpet. I briefly considered complaining but my long dormant sexual drive had been reignited by our encounter. I wordlessly moved to my hands and knees before Johnny and waited for him to fuck me. No…not “Make Love.” I was going to be fucked and hopefully fucked good and hard. It had been a long time and I was doing nothing but looking forward to it!

Then I felt it. The big hard cock that my daughter had masturbated the night before was now touching my wet pussy. I instinctively moved back in a shameless effort to impale myself on Johnny’s impossibly hard cock. The move was not wasted on him. He reached underneath me to feel of my large breasts and he pinched my nipples to full erection before be turned his attention to my waiting pussy.

But I couldn’t wait. I reached back and took his hard cock in my little hand and brought it to my long neglected pussy. I’d barely touched it to my pussy lips when Johnny just went ahead and forced himself into me. All the way! Every inch of his excited manhood went sliding rapidly into my waiting hole. I remember calling out his name and then it was a series of deep thrusts on Johnny’s part that really pleased me.

No, it didn’t last too long. But it was long enough. Johnny never let up. He gave me all he had for the two or three minutes that our lewd encounter lasted. I wondered if he was thinking of his long gone mother as he deliriously fucked me there in the living room. Then a warm feeling came over me and there was a physical feeling of…of extreme pleasure and contentment as I came to know I’d not only helped little Johnny get over the trauma of losing his mother…But I’d also helped myself. I had to admit I needed cock too even though I’d managed to convince myself that “I was fine.”

When he was ready to come Johnny pulled his cock from my steaming pussy and splashed all of his boy come onto my asshole as I willingly took it. And he had plenty considering he’d just ejaculated the night before.

We eventually dressed and Johnny confessed that I was his “First Time.” I was pleased to hear that. I told him I hoped he’d come to understand a bit more about women in general and his mother in particular. I’ll probably never know exactly what happened to his mother. It seemed odd to me as a mother to leave a marriage and, somehow, hold a grudge against your children. How could she have never even called once in a while?

But I didn’t dwell on it. No, I took the warm glowing feeling he’d given me home and continued to remember it for several days afterwards. It was just what we both needed.

Johnny Haywood smiled to himself as he watched his girlfriend’s mother pulling away in her little blue Toyota. Then he noticed the large Chrysler station wagon pulling up in the driveway and quickly headed into the kitchen where he began to load the dishwasher. Moments later a middle aged woman entered the room. “Who was that driving away Johnny?” She asked.

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