The Family Room Ch. 05

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Big Tits

My ears rang as Vin Diesel put another round into the bad guys. I’ve seen all of his movies, not necessarily by choice. There seemed to have been a decision at the Video Hut corporate offices that if you were going to play a movie on eight screens, simultaneously, then it damn well better have something or someone blow up. Not coincidentally we had very few female applicants.

The ringing telephone was hard to hear over Vin’s explosive arsenal, but I caught it just in time. Answering phones was supposed to be mister manager’s responsibility, but Lance was too busy yakking with a customer. “Video Hut, this is Rick.”

“I made myself cum twice thinking about what we’re going to do tonight,” a female voice purred. I didn’t say anything. “I’m at the drug store picking up some things. I’ve got to make sure I’m clean down there for you, Rick.”

“Erin.” I glanced in Lance’s direction, he was still occupied. “I don’t think I can—“

“Sure you can, unless your slut sister exhausted your little dick last night. That nasty bitch probably lets you cum in her, well you can cum in me too. Hey, I have to let my working man go, I don’t want to keep the pharmacist waiting.” She giggled. “I’ll call you tonight and we can plan our little tryst.”

I returned the phone behind the counter.

“Who was that?” Lance asked.

“No one,” I replied.

“Well it had to be someone to make you turn all red. Was it Julie?” I wished he would just drop it. “Come on we’ll talk about it at lunch, I’m buying.”

We ended up crammed in the same old booth at the Pizza Sub. In the twenty-five minutes it had taken me to pick off the leathery dots of pepperoni that scarred my first slice, Lance had downed an entire pineapple-anchovy pizza. He wouldn’t have taken so long had he not flirted with our waitress, Dina, at every possible opportunity. I think he set a record for grape soda refills.

“You’re going to be peeing all day if you don’t slow down.”

“I know what I’m doing,” he assured me. Here’s a tip, if a guy says he knows what he’s doing with lips stained purple from too much grape soda, then he has no idea what he’s doing.

Dina brought him a full glass. “Here you are.” She ran her fingers through his hair. She handed him a yellow bill with a heart drawn inside a zero. “No charge for my knight in shining armor.”

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Dina’s car is in the shop and we’re giving her a lift to pick it up. Some jerk did a hit and run after our date last night, put a pretty good dent in the door.”

“I just introduced you two yesterday. You’ve already been out with her?”

“We’re going out tonight, too. A girl like that you don’t wait around for.” He pointed to Dina, her toned body was bent over another table laying out menus. “I think we’re getting serious.”

“You’ve never been serious in your life,” I said.

“I know, but I’ve never been with anyone like Dina before. Every time she looks at me I feel like I could lift a bus. Has a girl ever made you feel that way?”

I nodded. “Only one.”

Dina had changed out of her uniform. She wedged herself in the seat next to Lance. I could feel their breaths from across the diminutive table. “You sure you’re not sick?” Dina asked laying a hand on my forehead. “You look awful pale.”

“I feel awful pale,” I said, propping my head up with an elbow.

“We just need a way to cure old Rick of his female problems,” Lance said. I glared at him. He’d better keep his mouth shut.

“That could take awhile,” Dina said, giggling at my expense. She turned red when I didn’t laugh along. “I can find someone else to take me to the auto shop.”

“No, it’s okay, we want to.” Lance took a bite of pizza. “I also want Rick to actually eat his lunch, for a change.”

I exhumed the least blackened disc of pepperoni from it’s cheesy graveyard and popped it into my mouth. I chewed as little as possible and swallowed. “There I ate, can we go? Just smelling this place is making my stomach turn.”

Dina glanced at Lance. Surprise was evident on her tan face. “I’ve never seen you like this before, Rick. Maybe talking about it would make you feel better,” Dina said. I looked into her pale blue eyes, she wanted to help. I could never tell, that was the nature of what Julie and I had gotten ourselves into. “I can’t believe you would let some girl get you so crazy?”

Some girl? I almost laughed in her face. Did she think I would endure this kind of torture for ‘some girl?’ No, there was only one.

“Tell me, Rick.” Dina was like a bloodhound on the scent. I’d known her long enough to know that she wouldn’t give up easily.

“You’re right it’s just a girl,” I dabbed my face with the napkin then threw it on my plate. I contorted my legs enough to wriggle free from the booth and glared down at Lance.

Lance checked his watch. “You’re car has got to be all patched up by now.” He put his hand on her shoulder. “We should probably drop our grumpy friend off at the store, first.” The climbed etimesgut escort out of the booth and Dina ran to the back to grab her purse.

This was my opportunity to warn him. “Listen to me Lance. When she gets you alone she’s going to stop at nothing to get you to spill it about me. I’ve known this girl since she was thirteen, gossip is like crack to her.”

“So what do I tell her?” Lance seemed a bit worried.

“Tell her it’s some girl I met online, at school or that I’m coming out of the closet, anything you can think of.” I grabbed the collar of his red polo shirt. “Just don’t say anything about Julie.” I let him go just as Dina returned.

Dina giggled as Lance straightened his clothes. “She must be something else to get ‘laid back Rick,’ this worked up.”

“She’s something else, alright,” Lance agreed dancing on one leg. “Before we leave, I really have to use the bathroom.”

Lance pulled up to the curb of the Video Hut. I had withstood five minutes of Dina’s interrogation. When I climbed out of Lance’s pickup truck my body was rigid and my teeth tingled from constant gnashing.

Dina stayed in the middle of the bench seat close to Lance, despite the vacancy. She winked at me and flashed a mouthful of teeth. She looked confident but my best friend would never crack, he wouldn’t betray me in a million years. Lance took off across the parking lot, shooting over speed bumps.

I almost thought my secret was safe until the tires of Lance’s truck screeched. The vehicle came to a sliding halt. “Jesus!” I shouted to no one in particular. He couldn’t even make it out of the lot.

I had no idea what became of Lance after that. He called an hour later and said something about being stuck at the body shop. Wherever he and Dina were, I could guess the subject of their conversations. I was so stupid for trusting Lance with my secret. It had felt like such a relief unloading some of my burden, but it wasn’t worth losing Julie.

“Hey Nick,” I called to the fellow part-timer who was on duty. “I’m running to the back for some inventorying.” Nick didn’t say anything, he just nodded dumbly humming some pop song and drumming on the counter with his fingers. Teenagers are so weird.

The stock room was uncarpeted, just four walls plastered with some old posters and filled with cartons of DVD’s. I had to sort out the movies that were being released Tuesday. This was something Lance usually did, but since he was off divulging the secrets of my soap-opera life to his girlfriend, the task fell to me. Anything to keep my mind occupied. I found the cases stamped for this Tuesday and piled them by the door. I made sure to stack them extra high because it really pissed Lance off when he had to stand on a chair to reach the top.

It was after three and not even a trip to the Pizza Sub had totally vanquished my appetite. I went into Lance’s office, which was nothing more than an oversized closet packed with a desk and computer. I had brown bagged today, with a peanut butter sandwich and cheese curls, not exactly gourmet, but better than anchovies and pineapple. I snagged a Coke from the soda machine and sat down to eat. I was chewing the first bite when two small hands clasped over my eyes.

“Guess who,” a voice caressed my ear. I dropped the sandwich and reached behind me to cup two soft butt cheeks.

“No fair peeking,” Julie said swiveling the chair around until I faced her.

“I didn’t have to peek, I know when my woman is around.”

“Oh, so I’m your ‘woman’ now?” she asked as she climbed on my lap. I got hard the second her warm thighs settled on my own. My dick strained to burst free of my khakis, it knew when a willing pussy was near.

“Woman, girlfriend, light of my life, main squeeze,” I said pinching her butt, “take your pick.”

“I think we’ll stick with girlfriend,” she said giving me a kiss. Julie ground against my lap until I begged her to stop. I could have easily came, but didn’t want to walk around with a mess in my underwear for the rest of the day. Heeding my pleas Julie climbed off.

She stood before me in a gauzy pink dress, it had an antique floral print. The hem reached almost to her knees, exposing just the tiniest bit off her tantalizing thighs. The dress really complimented her curves, but then again curves like hers were complimented by anything.

She took in the surroundings, the desk, the computer, the tent in her horny brother’s trousers. “So this is where you work?”

“Of course it is, you’ve been here a million times.”

“I know but I’ve never been in the back before,” she locked her eyes on mine, “it seems so taboo.”

“I’ll tell you what’s taboo, a young man about so high.” I placed my hand on top of my head. “About to undress his sexy little girlfriend, who also happens to be his sexy little sister.”

“But what if they get caught?” she asked, feigning a gasp.

“They’ll just have to be quiet.” I reached over to lock the door.

“Alright then, undress etimesgut escort bayan your girlfriend that also happens to be—” My lips silenced her. I tasted her mouth as I reached for the hem of her dress. She stepped back a pace and raised her arms, allowing me to pull the delicate fabric over her curvaceous body. I draped the empty garment over the back of the chair. She had on a pair of ivory panties and a matching bra. She turned around so I could unclasp her bra. I fumbled with the hooks and eyes for awhile, until she tired of my effort. “Boys,” she mumbled. She took the initiative and with little more than a flick of her willowy wrist, her perfect breasts were freed. The restrictive nylon fabric had left little red lines and wrinkles in her otherwise smooth skin. I ran my fingers over one pink nipple, tickling and teasing as it hardened.

“Ricky,” she moaned. She took my head and cradled it to her soft breasts. I forgot about Dina learning our secret, I forgot about Erin and what I’d have to do in exchange for her silence. There was only Julie, and my need for her. I nursed each pink nipple, taking turns, a futile attempt to satisfy my hunger for her.

“So, which one is your favorite?” she asked after a few moments.

My lips relinquished one of the little pink nubbins with a pop. “What do you mean?”

“My boobs, which one do you prefer?”

“Well, your right one has that cute little birthmark next to your nipple,” I said pressing the tip of my finger against the tiny spot of dusky brown on her pink aureole. “But the left one is a little bigger.” I pretended to weigh each breast in the palm of my hand.

“Yeah,” she said squeezing my crotch, “but size doesn’t always matter.”

“That’s not nice,” I grabbed a nipple and tweaked. She yelped, I tried to shush her, but her giggles were infectious. Besides, it wasn’t like anyone could hear us over Vin Diesel and his one man war against something or other.

“You didn’t answer,” she said.

“Baby, I don’t know, that would be like asking a father to choose between his children.” I went back to nursing.

“Mm, Rick. Someday, do you think you’ll ever want…” she trailed off as I applied more suction. I didn’t want to talk about a future that might never be.

She pulled my face from her chest and gave me her sexiest smile. “I know you’re a boob man but there are some other parts of your little sister that need attention.” I wasted no time in dropping to my knees. I was like a Roman before the altar of Venus. “Someone’s an eager beaver.”

“Or just eager for beaver,” I said as I grabbed her classy ivory panties and tugged. I worked them over her shapely hips, exposing the nest of brown curls that I had become so well acquainted with of late. I looked forward to becoming even more acquainted.

Our relationship was socially wrong, morally wrong as well as illegal. My best friend Lance had reminded me of these things yesterday, I had reminded myself constantly these last few weeks. The way I saw it, I had no choice in the matter. How could any other girl ever make me feel the same way?

Her panties gathered in a soft little bunch around her ankles. She stepped free and I brought them to my face. That smell.

“Careful, you might get addicted.”

“I already am.” I leaned close to her crotch, bringing my nose straight to the spicy source. Smelling wasn’t enough, I had to taste. My ears and face were burning up, her pheromones conquered my brain. Every cell, every molecule in my body was saturated with the need to become one with her.

Was it our fault we were born to the same parents? Was it our fault that we fell in love? Maybe there was no justification for what we were doing, but it seemed to me that there were plenty of problems in the world bigger than the two of us.

I offered her my chair, I wanted Julie to sit and be comfortable while I took care of her. Her little butt settled against the edge of the seat. She pulled her knees together, a chaste reflex that she remedied as I caressed the tops of her thighs. She wouldn’t deny me. “Just what do you plan on doing to me?” she teased as I leaned closer to her delicious pussy. Without a word she knew what I had planned, I broadcast it with the hunger in my eyes.

“Rick,” she exhaled my name as I tasted her. My tongue caressed her slit, from the bottom to the top. I was slow at first, lapping the tangy dew and teasing her tender folds. At her prodding I increased speed, I increased pressure too, driving my tongue as far inside her as I could manage. Her little pink clit hardened and I shifted my efforts there, it drove her wild when I nipped at it with my teeth, then sucked on it with as much force as my lips could muster.

I abandoned her clitoris for a moment, moving lower. I stiffened my tongue and drove it into her channel. I could taste her very essence now. My face was masked with Julie’s slick juices. They were all over the chair, I would have some explaining to do if Lance came escort etimesgut back and sat in a puddle.

I moved my mouth lower to the swell of her soft butt. I paused for a moment, working up the courage to go through with it. I had one alternative to having sex with Erin tonight, that was by performing analingus. I could see Julie’s other hole, it was tight, wrinkled and mysterious. There was a muscle there, it tensed when my finger prodded it.

“Rick what—” Julie started, but an experimental lick quieted her. It tasted interesting, not at all what I’d expected, a mix of sweaty, salty and interesting. I pulled away, smacking my lips, I tried to decide if I liked it. Julie looked down at me, she couldn’t believe what I had done.

“I wanted to try you first, if I have to do that to Erin—“

“Don’t humiliate yourself for that blackmailing bitch.” She stroked my hair. “Just fuck her and let it be over.” Julie’s face was scarlet, she seethed at the thought of me with another woman. “I promise not to get jealous.”

I squeezed her warm thighs and smiled. “You won’t get jealous, huh? Didn’t you break a girl’s nose in fifth grade, when she gave a valentine to the boy you liked?”

Her face softened, the red faded to a girlish pink. “I just get a little possessive of what’s mine.” She threw her legs over my shoulder and drew me back down to that amazing pussy. “And you are most definitely mine.” I feasted on her juices again. My fingers tickled her clit, prompting her to tighten her hold around my head. The only sounds I heard were her moans and the rubbing of the butter-soft skin of her thighs as they passed my smoldering ears. My vision was dark and blurred, the only thing I could focus on was her pussy. She was all I could taste and feel, my four senses were dominated by Julie, bringing her pleasure was the only reason I had been born. I sucked the folds of her labia as her thighs relaxed, her legs draped over my shoulders and the balls of her feet rubbed my back. She came on my tongue, muffled moans escaped her lips as her pussy secreted even more juices into my thirsting mouth.

“Oh wow!” she gathered her breath. Julie reached down to feel her pussy and the moisture it had produced. “Maybe I should get property of Rick tattooed down there,” she said.

“No, no ink,” I said brushing her smooth tummy, “not on my baby sister.”

“No ink,” she agreed. “But I think there’s another kind of liquid I would settle for.” Her eyes were fixed on my tented khakis. “Okay big brother, saddle up,” She got out of the chair and patted the seat. Her voluptuous body jiggled with such a hypnotic quality, I was powerless to resist.

Before my butt even hit the seat she had my pants unzipped and around my ankles. She opened the fly of my checkered boxers and extracted my erection. I expelled every bit of oxygen from my body as she took me in her mouth, my lungs must have shriveled to the size of raisins. The suction, as her lips glided over the loose skin, drove me wild. Her warm mouth was heaven, if my dick couldn’t be inside her pussy, then this was where it wanted to be. She pulled it out, just for a second, to offer the sensitive head a lick, then returned it to the comfort of her mouth.

This was only the second blowjob she had ever given. Third time was supposed to be the charm but Julie was doing just fine on try number two. I felt a tingle race through every nerve and pore in my body. She was giving me an orgasm. The cute little mouth she kissed our parents with was about to be bathed with my cum.

“Your about to find out,” Julie said, popping my dick out for a moment. “You’re about to find out if your little sister spits or swallows.” She gave me a jerk with her slender fingers and I erupted. She shrieked as the first squirt landed on her bare chest. She covered my dickhead with her mouth just in time to receive the second, third and fourth.

She tried to swallow some, but it was just too much for her first time. She gagged and coughed, she was choking. “God, Julie here.” I grabbed a plastic wastebasket from under the desk and held it under her head. I rubbed and patted her naked back as she coughed up strands of semen and saliva and who knows what else. I gave her my half-finished can of Coke, she drank until her throat was soothed.

“Better?” I asked.

She nodded, her face red from the exertion. “Rick, I’m sorry, I tried—” I cut off her apology with a kiss. I could taste the sweet cola in her mouth. She moaned into my mouth as I wrapped my arms around her hips, letting my fingers cup around the soft cheeks of her butt.

I zipped my fly back up and watched as Julie got dressed. Usually I got off on watching women undress, but there was something so hot about watching my sister hide the secret places I had probed from the rest of the world.

“If we get caught we’d never be allowed within a million feet of each other,” she said as she worked her panties up her thighs and under her dress.

“Don’t worry we’re not going to get caught. I’ll take care of Erin tonight and then we can both stop worrying.” My hands went to her butt again as I leaned down for a reassuring kiss. I wished I was as confident as I sounded. I saw the door open behind Julie, I should have pulled away faster, but when she was in my arms my brain just didn’t work the same.

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