The Family Tree Ch. 04

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I came to rest sitting on my heels. My butt rested on my calves and my heels, and my hands rested on her lovely warm, soft inner thighs. For fear that I would appear to be over anxious (and I was), I moved from one side to the other kissing the lovely white flesh of her inner thighs. I would kiss gently, and then I would trail my tongue along her thigh until I reach my next point of embrace. This evidently met with her approval because of the way she reacted to my touch.

Twisting her butt on the chair cushion, and then raising her crotch upward as if trying to get her pussy in position for my mouth was a terrific stimulus in itself, but I managed to continue with my game plan and shower her inner thighs with warm wet kisses. I considered her whimpering and moaning as mixed emotions in response to my seduction techniques. Then I broaden my interests to her groin and the soft white flesh of her belly. I trailed my firm tongue up and down her groin areas traveling all the way to the region known as the taint. I also explored the patch of pubic hair above her pussy with my tongue. When I got to this area I realized her hands were on my head now, and they were encouraging me to move my lips and my tongue to her pussy. She was gentle with her action, but her objective was unmistakable.

I raised my head briefly to survey my playground, and I couldn’t help but notice her pussy lips were positively showing evidence of an impending orgasm. In fact, had my experience been broader I would have realized Christi had already enjoyed a mild climax. It was time to light the fuse and initiate a full scale orgasmic salvo.

I lowered my head only this time my mouth went directly to her pussy. I pressed gently against her lips and let my tongue toy with her slit. Christi was definitely showing signs of extreme arousal by now. The undulating motion of her hips was pressing her pussy firmly against my mouth. I was aroused to a much higher level by now. I had both hands gripping her buttocks and was helping her in her efforts to force my entire head into her vaginal cavity. Suffocation never entered my mind.

I released my grip on her buttocks with one hand, and eased my first two fingers slowly into her pussy. I maintained my gentle approach, but I didn’t stop until my fingers were securely imbedded in that totally saturated hole. Her response to my touch was something to behold, but it paled in comparison to the antics she initiated when I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and began to nibble on that little nub with inspired intensity.

She rammed her crotch hard against my face, and freed her legs from both chair arms with lightening speed. She locked her ankles and pressed her legs against my back for leverage. I was blissfully trapped between what now proved to be powerful thighs, and my face was covered with pussy lips, arousal juices and pubic hairs. To hell with suffocation I thought to myself. If this was to be my fate, so be it.

Jenny etimesgut escort had taught me how to reach her G-spot so I assumed Christi’s would be in the same spot. I turned my hand palm up and curled my fingers so that I could massage the upper wall of her vaginal channel. Sure enough! Christi’s was in the same location. Her accelerated body maneuvers and increased volume with her sensual commentary attested to the fact that she was peaking. Even though it was difficult, she began to form intelligible words expressing her feelings and her wishes.

“Oh Danny,” she gasped. “I’m going to come just any minute now.” Much heavy breathing and moans and groans were mixed in with her dialog, but she managed to get her message across. “I’m going to come, Danny, and I want you to do me a favor. Okay?” She had not once lost cadence with her hip undulation or her leg contractions.

My mouth was securely latched onto her clitoris, and my fingers were still feverishly massaging her G-spot. Her undulation had evolved into a bucking action. And her leg contractions were more spasmodic than muscular now.

“Danny,” her labored voice said from above his head, “when I say now I want you to stick your social finger as deep into my ass as it will go. Can you do that for me?”

All I could do was nod my pussy drenched face, but I don’t even think that was necessary.

“Danny, oh Danny! Shit! Here it comes,” she was almost screaming. “Ram it to me, baby. Go as deep as you can!”

It was a simple request, so I obliged. Only difference was that I inserted two fingers in her ass and wiggled them around for effect. The added finger must have pleased her immensely.

“Oh God, Danny. Shit fire! Bite my pussy. This is a big one. Hang on.” She was screaming at the top of her voice, but she definitely meant the “hang on” advice. Had I not been locked into heaven by her strong legs, I would undoubtedly have been thrown halfway across the bedroom. Her antics had suddenly become violent in nature. I was fortunate that I came away from that episode with only ringing ears and a wealth of sexual satisfaction. She could have thrown my back out of joint.

My fingers were still implanted in her asshole, and her muscles in that area were still nursing on them. I wiggled my fingers, and she seemed to squeeze harder.

Shortly thereafter Christi relaxed her head lock and let her legs drop to the side. I eased out my fingers, and looked up at her over her still heaving chest.

“You want to fuck me now,” she purred, “don’t you?”

“That was my plan,” I replied. “Any objections?”

“You will be gentle, won’t you?” There was still softness brought on by her recent sexual satisfaction, but I could also detect a note of seriousness as well. She extended both hands for me to help her up from the chair. Her beautiful body rose gracefully, and she continued her forward motion until her nude body was pressed against etimesgut escort bayan mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and nudged me playfully with her mound.

All of that oral sex had done wonders for my erection. I was as hard as steel and anxious to press on. “On the bed?” I asked already knowing what the answer would be, or I thought I knew.

“Well, at the bed, anyway.” She broke her embrace and slinked over to the bed. She knelt beside it, and stretched out across the mattress. Looking around at me she asked coyly, “Is this okay?”

I had a perfect view of her lovely ass and the thoroughly soaked and swollen pussy lips that seemed to smile up at me. “That’s great,” I almost choked with excitement.

“Easy now,” she coached as she felt me kneel between her legs. “Don’t hurt me, Danny.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, Sis,” I assured her, “but I do mean to do my best to ring your chimes with another fantastic climax.”

“Just be gentle,” she murmured as she spread her legs a little more to allow me access.

I pressed the head of my rigid cock against her swollen vulva, and slowly eased it into her opening. I heard her catch her breath and hold it. I eased in a little deeper, and this time she gasped. I hesitated but there was no way I could stop now. I continued my penetration. Then, totally without warning, my cock bumped into an obstruction. I froze.

“Push, Danny,” she moaned. “Push damn it.”

I was totally confused, but the tone of her voice compelled me to do ask she said. I pushed with a little more authority, and the obstruction gave way. Christi cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong,” I cried in mortal fear.

“You just took my cherry you big meanie,” she said through a weak chuckle. “My little brother just busted my cherry, and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Your cherry?”

“It couldn’t last forever, hotshot. Now let’s get on with those chimes you were going to ring.” Her beaming smile and glow on her face convinced me everything was alright.

I continued my penetration and immediately set a steady rhythm to my assault. It wasn’t long until we were moving like dance partners. She was lifting her ass to meet my thrust, and I was doing my best to drive my joint into her hot box to the fullest. Her vocalizing came into play again now that she had adjusted to my unforced intrusion. The sound of her voice assured me everything was okay. My enthusiasm increased as did the intensity of my stroking.

Then, in spite of her bated breath, she managed to speak.

“Let’s change positions,” she grunted. She raised her upper body by her arms and turned toward me. I stepped back unplugging from her snatch with a popping sound. “Sit,” she ordered, “quickly.”

I did as she instructed sitting on the bed with my manhood standing tall. She quickly straddled my legs and lowered her body onto my flagpole. Four hands took part in guiding my missile escort etimesgut to the proper spot. We both smiled broadly as she eased into place.

“Giddy up horsey,” she said as she began her rise and fall on my cock. Her ample tits were flopping to her rhythm, and I could not take my eyes off of them. “Suck my bobbies, Danny,” she pleaded. “I want you to blow my brains out when you come, mister.” She accelerated her humping. I tried to keep up.

I steadied myself by placing my hands on her waist and at the same time tried frantically to capture a flopping tit in my mouth. Occasionally Christi would help out by stuffing a boob in my begging mouth. This madness went on for a while, but then I could tell my orgasm was on the way.

“I’m going to come, Christi,” I grunted.

“No. No,” she said gasping for air. “Let me go first.”

I tried to hold back my climax, and it took everything I had. Then Christi came through. “Here it is,” she yelled. “I think I can hear the chimes, Danny.”

Even in the heat of passion we could not suppress our laughter.

“Now, Danny,” Christi managed to say. “Give me your cock.”


She lifted her body off of my sword, and grabbed the slippery tool with her hand and guided it directly into her asshole. Once contact was made, she settled on it until her cheeks rested on my body.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. My cock was all the way in my sister’s ass, and she was twisting and squirming with joy. I had never experience anything similar to this in my life. Her tight ass muscles were gnawing at my root, and my balls were hell-bent for exploding. My first spasm was unbelievable. I grunted; she squealed but kept twisting her ass around on my rod. I shot again and again. Each time she knew I was dumping my semen in her ass. She was elated. I was way beyond that.

I came back to Earth shortly after my last pulsating spurt left my overwhelmed cock. Christi’s ass was still intent on sucking me dry, and I had no desire at all to discourage her intentions. We were both still breathing like we had just swam the English channel in record time, and Christi was still perched astride my hips with the radiant glow of success on her beautiful face. Eventually, I regained my voice. Christi slowly lifted her body off of my vanishing hard on. I helped her ease over and lie beside me.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions,” she ventured, “and I intend to answer every one of them to the best of my ability, but I need to recuperate a little before I begin.” Her chest was still rising and falling magnificently, her abdomen was taut, and her belly was quivering. “By the way, Bro,” she said with a half-hearted chuckle, “I wasn’t real serious when I said I wanted you to fuck my brains out.” She jabbed him playfully on the upper arm and wrinkled her nose at him.

“Should I apologize?” I asked.

“Hell no,” she exclaimed. “I want you to try it again real soon.”

Postscript: The circle tightens, and Danny is elated with his conquests. The women involved are also totally satisfied with their new ventures. Christi explains her strange behavior in Chapter 5, and a new development in this family unity comes to life. Chapter 6 is also an entertainingly potpourri of sexual exploits.

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