The Highwayman

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Colored Hair

In the gathering gloom the highway could just make out the horse and carriage. And what a fine carriage it was. He pulled on his mask, checked his pistol and stepped out into the road.

‘Halt!’ he cried.

‘Who goes there?’ cried the startled coachman.

‘I’ve no time for questions. Hand over your valuables.’ the highway instructed.

‘Pray sir, we have no valuables. I can but offer you my arse.’

‘Your arse?’ the highwayman queried.

‘It is all that I have of value.’ the coachman replied.

‘What of your passengers?’

‘Pray spare her the indignity. She is a noble lady.’

The highway man was torn. His cock twitched in his breeches. He would prefer to have the valuables but the chance of a fuck was too good to pass up. It had been weeks since he last had a poke. He wondered if he should force the noble lady to submit, or should he accept the offer of the coachman’s arse.

‘What is going on out there?’ a feminine voice called out.

‘I’m afraid we’re being robbed, my lady.’ replied the coachman.

‘By whom?’

‘By me.’ the highwayman opened the carriage door and stuck his head inside.

What he saw took his breath away. She was beautiful, with a a full, high bust that was very much on display. Her face was powdered, her cheeks rouged, and she looked as delicate as a china doll.

‘Go away, you pesky man.’ she said.

The highwayman burst out laughing. ‘You’re telling me to go away?’

‘Are you deaf as well as stupid. We’ve nothing to offer you.’ she snapped.

‘I’ve offered him my arse.’ the coachman piped up.

‘Oh Gabriel, you are halkalı escort such a whore.’ she sighed.

Determined not to be too humiliated the highwayman decided to accept the coachman’s offer. He instructed the man to drop his satin breeches. His pale, plump bum came into view and the highwayman pressed his pistol between the coachman’s legs.

‘Sir, that steel between my legs is awfully cold.’ the coachman said. ‘I’d much rather have your warm rod.’

‘The highwayman pulled out his eight inch fuck pole. It was uncut and hadn’t had a wash in over a week. When he pulled back the foreskin he found his head was covered in rancid cock cheese and it stank like anything. Suddenly he had an idea.

‘Look, the lady’s got to suck my cock. She’s got to get it ready for your arse.’ he said.

‘There’s no way I’m sucking that filthy thing.’ she replied.

The highwayman cocked his pistol. He pushed it up against the coachman’s butthole.

‘Either you suck my cock or I blow his arse away.’

‘Please ma’am. Do as he tells you.’ the coachman pleaded.

Reluctantly the noble lady got down on her knees in the dirt and took that cheesy cock into her mouth. And immediately wished she hadn’t; for he had uncovered her biggest fetish. As soon as that cock reek filled her nostrils her sex juices started to flow. She slipped a hand up her voluminous skirts and fingered herself as she ate his cock clean. When at last she was done his helmet glistened and she knew she had to have it. She flicked up her skirt and demanded that he fuck her.

The surprised haramidere escort highwayman stepped up to her and sank his horny cock into her juicy box. The gun in his hand became a nuisance so he threw it down on the ground, whereupon Gabriel immediately picked it up.

‘Don’t go do anything stupid.’ the highwayman told him.

‘You’re not getting this back till you’ve fucked my arse.’ he replied.

He held the gun trained on the highway man as he fucked the noble lady. He was a prisoner in her box and she demanded the fucking of her life.

He gave it to her, thrusting as deep and as hard as she wanted. Loud pussy farts rumbled up from between her legs as he thrust. The coachman had the pistol nuzzled into the back of his balls. The thought of having his nuts blasted off was almost enough to shrivel his hard on, but he knew that if he stopped performing he would lose them anyway. Increasing his tempo he battered her pussy until she cried out loud and long. He counted seven orgasms before she begged him to stop.

The coachman handed the pistol to his lady and offered his arse once more to the highwayman. He instructed him to strip. The highwayman knew his life depended on making this fuck a good one. He got down on his knees and parted those butter soft cheeks. And then he buried his face in that warm, salty crack. His tongue sought out the man’s fuck hole and started to lick around it until the coachman shrieked with delight. Then at last the highwayman’s tongue plunged in, eating him like he was the last meal left on this earth.

By the ikitelli escort time the highwayman withdrew his face the coachman’s fuck canal was so lubricated it could have floated a boat. The highwayman pressed his knob against the other man’s arsehole and felt it give way. His cockhead slid into the warm, slippery interior. He reached around and stroked Gabriel’s round little tummy.

‘Oh, it is a good fucking that you give.’ Gabriel sighed.

‘You’re the best fuck I ever had.’ the highway replied.

Gabriel clamped his arse knot down on the highwayman’s cock, milking it and driving the bisexual butt bandit wild with lust. The highwayman bit Gabriel’s shoulder and used his teeth to anchor himself as he fucked his arse. His cock felt like it would burst out of its skin. An endless stream of precum dribbled out of his cock, lubricating its passage up Gabriel’s guts. He took hold of the coachman’s thick cock and started wanking it. It was incredibly thick, though not very long and it had a silky foreskin that could be pulled right forward. The highwayman slipped his finger between cock and foreskin; it was all slimy with cock juices. He removed his finger and stuck it in Gabriel’s mouth.

Gabriel nursed like a baby. The feel of the bandit’s warm hand on his cock, his hard shaft in his ass, and the taste of his own tangy love juice was too much. His body started to spasm as be blew off in the highwayman’s hand. At the same time his arse knot spasmed around the highwayman’s cock and seconds later the bandit blasted his ball juice deep into the coachman’s arse.

The coachman pulled off the highwayman’s cock and pulled up his breeches. He took the gun back from his lady and she got back into the carriage. He gathered up the highwayman’s clothes and threw them into the carriage. And off they rode leaving the highwayman without loot, without a gun, without a stitch of clothing, but a very satisfied man indeed.


Copyright Daniel Blue

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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