The In-Laws

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3D Adult

Growing up I was somewhat different than most guys my age. At an early age, I was painfully aware of the anatomic difference of my body from other. I had been cursed with a larger than normal cock. By the age of 17, I had grown to an enormous size of 14 and 1/8 inches long and 3 and 1/2 inches in diameter. When doctors attempted to explain the medical reasons to my parents, the explanation was always the same; “sometimes it happens, just a freak of nature.” They always made kind of a joke about it; “at least it wasn’t the largest one on record,” which is 22 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter. Aside from the doctor bills, there was always the joke from my dad about nearly financially braking them in keeping me in underwear. I’d go through 8 to 10 pair a month.

As I aged, my sexual appetite grew as enormous as the size of my meat. I suppose I was blessed with my mothers sensitivity; with a member as large as the one I was packing around you better use some patience’s or you probably could injure someone or something. Some of the females I dated in high school would just call me a freak and deadly weapon, so to use it with understanding and thoughtfulness had been instilled at an early age; as time passed it became second nature. The mere size of it detracted from maintaining healthy and lasting relationships, however I did learn how to use it without hurting or crippling any of my companions.

I think all the girls in my school heard the stories of how large I was; one group offered me two hundred dollars to just look at it. After I graduated from high school I enlisted in the military and ended up staying for 21 years. I had relationships through my career, however, none lasted very long and the majority of the problem was center around my size. Travelling to places like Bangkok, Berlin, London, and Madrid, I had ample companionship sex.

However, the older I became the desire for a lasting relationship and someone to be more than a sexual partner was becoming hard to coop with. Finally in 1992, while stationed in Washington, D.C. I meet that special someone in Sue. She stood 5’10’ maybe 138 pounds, a set of perfect 38Ds with the longest and largest nipples I had every seen. She was a beautiful green eyed, jet black hair goddess. Sue had a sexual appetite to match mine and how large I was didn’t seem to bother her in the least. I didn’t know at the time what direction my life was going to take and how it was about to change.

I know this seems a little long-winded, however all this needs to be said to understand a little about my story.

Sue and I married in late 1992. When we exchanged our vows, I was 36 and Sue was 21. I finally meant her mom, dad, sister and all her aunts (8 of them to be exact) that Christmas. Sue’s mom, Jean had 8 sisters and Al; her dad was an only child with no other living relatives except his own children and Jeans family.

Like I said it was Christmas time, so Sue and I both took leave to visit her family for the holidays. When we arrived there was the usually hugs and kisses, however, there was a nagging thought inside of me things were a little to close between all of them. I just passed it off as not seeing their baby girl for six months. Figuring I’d have to put up with an on-slot of questions of why a 36-year-old man would marry such a young woman; I repeated played every question imaginable in my head. I tried to prepare for any and every question that could be asked of me; it never occurred. Everyone was so charming and beguilingly nice, I figured what the hell, if it doesn’t bother them, then why concern myself with it?

Jean was 10 years older than me and such an attractive woman; 5 foot 4, the slightest bit over weight and so charming that it was hard for me to comprehend there were still people like this in life. Al was 6 foot 3, sturdily built and so outgoing that it seemed at times that it was an act or put on in an attempt to put me at ease. As it turned out, Al was face value, what you saw was what you got. Kay, the older sister by a year, had the same gorgeous looks as Sue and her mom. The only difference was the sandy blonde hair and her breasts were just slightly larger than Sues. All of Jean’s sisters had the same bewitching looks, bodies, and personalities.

With Al and I being the only males in a house full of beautiful woman, it was hard not to ogle each one of them. As I talked with everyone I came to find out all of Sue’s aunts were divorced, single or widows, all of them were between Jean’s and my age, and no children: it just struck me a little odd.

Well we were into our second day of our visit I awoke to the aroma of coffee and bacon. I’m normally an early riser so I got up and slid on my customary sweats and workout shirt, then headed downstairs. There was Jean standing at the counter dressed in a short silk nightgown. With the morning sunlight coming through the window it was apparent she wore nothing underneath. We said our good mornings and the standard how’d you sleep routine. As she turned and offered me a cup of coffee her gown snagged on the corner of the chair and exposed a bare breast. She quickly canlı bahis pulled it together, and I barely got a glimpse of her. She walked to the counter to pour me a cup of coffee, there appeared to be no embarrassment in her face or uneasiness of what had just happened. She was just as pleasant and charming as she had been during the entire visit.

I asked her if she was an early riser as I was and she explained that on days that Al worked she always got up to send him off. Al had left about 30 minutes prior to me getting up and she decided to stay up and start an early morning breakfast. We sat and talked for a while then she decided she was going to take a shower. As she stood up she reached across the table and asked if I wanted her to freshen up my coffee. As she leaned forward her gown separated and I received what I believed to be an unintentional view of her large tits. She made no effort to pull the gown together and just looked me square in the eyes and asked if I would hand her my cup.

She refilled my cup and told me she was going to take her shower now. As she walked from the kitchen into the hallway toward the bathroom, I watched intently. My mind was reeling now from the two occasions in which I believed were unintentional acts of exposing herself to me. As Jean stepped through the bathroom door, she allowed her gown to slip from over her shoulders and fall to the floor. My mind began to race as I now thought the two previous occasions were no accident, especially after she turned side ways and lingered just so slightly to allow me a complete view of her body.

At that moment I thought to myself, what’s it going to take someone hitting you upside the head with a brick to convince me this was no accident. Running it repeatedly in my mind what had just happened, I thought, Sue’s mom, no! It must have been an accident; it just had to be. Besides, I had only married her daughter several months before and just met her two days ago. Jean didn’t seem like the type; nor did I picture her in a sexual manner. She was my wife’s mother.

As I heard the shower door open and could hear Jean milling around in the bathroom, I became very nervous. Shortly after she stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and went straight into her bedroom that is adjacent to the bath. It didn’t take long and she walked back into the bathroom. From where I was sitting, I had a direct line view of the bathroom door. As it shut, I noticed I hadn’t heard the familiar sound a door makes when it closes. There it was, the door was ajar maybe eight inches or so and Jean was standing in front of the medicine cabinet and sink, which were directly inside the door in plain view from where I was sitting.

Jean dropped the towel and was now standing there totally naked. My goodness the natural beauty of her body! I knew now where Sue and Kay got their looks. Jean always wore clothes that hid the shapes, curves, and the size of her tits. I had always believed that Sue’s nipples were the biggest I’d ever seen but here was her mother, her nipples had to be at least an inch and half long and as round as a quarter. What a spectacular site she was!

As I set there longer and gazed upon her, I could feel the familiar rush of blood through my stomach and my pelvis. My cock became so hard that it was aching and throbbing against the material of my sweats. As I reach down to reposition my meat so it didn’t hurt so bad, Jean stepped away from the sink and shut the door. At this point, I knew there was no mistaking it. Everything that had happened up to this point was by design.

It wasn’t long before she came out of the bathroom into the kitchen; I was in the process of getting up to go back upstairs. As I stood, Jean enter the kitchen. As I started to turn to head for the stairway, I heard her say, Oh may God! I looked and she was staring at my midsection, Jean just stood there as if she was mesmerized. My cock was as hard as a rock, being large as I am there was no way I could hide how hard it was. It strained to be released from my sweats. Jean started to step towards me; I turned and headed for the stairway. For the remainder of the day, Jean and I were silent towards each other. You could have cut the tension in the air with a knife.

During dinner, I felt someone’s foot caressing my leg. I thought it was Sue’s and I just sit there staring and smiling at her. She moved up my leg and found her way between my legs. My cock is never hard to locate even if you’re not looking. So, the gentle foot caressing being provided to the length of my cock was giving me a raging hard-on. I placed my hand under the table; I froze — it wasn’t Sue’s foot at all. I looked at Kay and then over to Jean. Jean gave me a little half smile and I instantly knew it was she. With dinner over, I sat at the table longer than the others. I was too frightened to move because I knew everyone would see the massive hard-on I had. Sue moved around the table, came around to where I was sitting, gave me a little kiss, and placed her hand on my thigh. There was no mistaking what she felt, she looked at me and gave me this sheepish grin.

At bahis siteleri that moment, the phone rang and Sue answered it and then yelled down the basement to her dad it was for him. Kay and her dad had gone down to the basement after finishing dinner and were playing pool. Al answered from the downstairs phone and immediately hung up and yelled up to Jean, pack him a bag, he was heading to New York tonight to close a big company deal tomorrow. He told Jean he was going to finish up and he would be up in about ten minutes. Al asked her to ensure he had some extra razors to take along. Jean went into the bathroom and I could see her open the medicine cabinet, she turned towards the kitchen and called for me. She asked if I could run to the store and pick up some razors for Al.

As I left the house I walked around the corner of the garage and noticed movement in the basement window. I stopped for just a moment and what I saw utterly put me in a state of shock. There was Kay on her knees with her dad directly behind her feeding his cock into her ass. I was so shocked I could hardly move, as I stood there I watched Kay throw her head side to side and her large heavy tits swaying back and forth like a pendulum. Al was really putting it to her, with deep hard strokes he was withdrawing the entire length of his cock and then slamming back into her as hard as he could. My mind yelled for me to get the hell out of there.

As I drove the images of Al fucking his daughter in the ass kept streaking across my mind. When I entered the store, an elderly woman asked if I was all right, she told me I looked white as a ghost and the way I weaved and stumbled across the parking lot she thought there was something wrong. If she only knew! I felt the rush of blood through my abdomen and pelvis and I knew if I didn’t make a hasty retreat, even the baggy pants I was wearing wouldn’t hide the monster growing down my leg. As I drove back to the house, I knew I was in trouble. The throbbing and ache between my legs was immeasurable. Erotic flashes kept creeping across my mind and I felt totally out of control.

As I pulled in the drive I looked at the dashboard clock, what seemed like an eternity had only take me fifteen minutes. I set there for a few more minutes and then headed towards the house. As I walked the basement window drew closer, I tried not to look but the urge was too strong. I peered down into the window, their Kay lay on her back, and her father was just releasing a stream of cum across her tits. I noticed a shadow off to one side and I knew there was someone else there. It only took a second to find out who it was. Sue stepped forward, knelt down, and began to lap her father’s cum off her older sister’s breast. I staggered back in complete shock watching my young wife cleaning the cum from her sister’s tits.

Stumbling and half-falling backwards I felt a hand touch my forearm. Jean had slipped out of the house when I pulled into the driveway and sneak up behind me. She told me to get back in the car and we’d go for a drive. As I drove down the road, there was dead silence. For the longest time, Jean didn’t say a word and I was to dumbfound to even whisper a word. Finally she spoke and said every thing would be fine if she was given a chance to explain. I thought out loud, it was going to be fucking difficult to explain seeing my sister-in-law and father humping like two animals, most of all try to explain my wife licking cum from her sister’s tits.

Jean spoke and as she did, she placed her hand on my thigh. I heard her gasp and softly say I wasn’t imagining what I had seen earlier today. The softness of her voice and the touch of her hand sent a shiver through my entire body causing my cock to swell instantly. As she spoke again, she asked if I would take a right turn at the next road.

The road was a dark secluded country road that seemed to run forever and go nowhere. I kept waiting for her to begin her explanation of what I had seen a few minutes before, however, she asked if I would stop the car for a moment. Jean seemed to struggle with the question she was about to ask me and then she spoke. Lane I want to ask a favor of you; it was almost a pleading tone of voice, could you turn on the dome light and allow me to see what I touched and imagined is for real? I hesitated, only for a moment, an overpowering urge engulfed me and I had never had anyone before plead to see it in the manner Jean was doing. I unfastened my pants and pulled it out before turning on the light. I reach up and moved the switch to the on position and as the light came on Jean just sit there saying over and over again, oh my! Oh my! She started to reach over and touch it and I brushed her hand away. In the softest, sexist voice I had ever heard, Jean begged to touch and feel it.

Being circumcised I don’t have a lot of extra skin, especially when hard it gets so engorged it becomes stiff as a board, most women don’t know how to touch or stroke it, they would just grab and start hammering away at it. So, I was a little apprehensive to allow her to take hold of it. Jean was now begging and pleading to just feel bahis şirketleri it, so I allowed her to put her hand around it, she knew how to give a good hand fuck, besides Sue no one ever before made it feel as good as Jean was doing at that moment.

As she stroked Jean was rubbing the insides of thighs, cunt, and grabbing her tits and twisting the nipple area. She was panting and moaning as she worked it up and down and then moved to get in a position to go down on my aching cock; headlights from an oncoming car broke her attention. As I pulled away Jean told me before the night was over she was going to give me a mouth fucking like I’d never had before and she was going to fuck it better than Sue could ever think about doing. I told her she was awfully sure of herself and Sue was the best I’d ever had. Jean just looked at me and said, where do you think she got it from, besides think of it this way, she was 25 years older than Sue and had more experience, if you think she’s that good think of how good I’ll be.

As we drove toward the house, I asked Jean to tell me about what I had seen this evening. The only thing she would say was give it times and everything would be perfectly clear. As she stepped out of the car she did say, two things: First, Kay is not Sue’s blood sister, we adopted her as a baby when her parents were killed in a car accident. Second, things are not always what they seem on the surface, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye, so prepare yourself for some surprises.

My mind was swirling, after everything I had seen and heard it was difficult for me to think. I sat there for the longest time and drifted off to sleep. I heard a knock on my car window and opened my eyes to see Kay standing there. She said, Sue wanted to know if I was going to come in shortly. As she walked away I notice she was wearing a long trench raincoat, it wasn’t raining or that cool outside to need a coat. So I climbed out of the care and headed towards the side door of the house. When I walked in, the living room was dark and I heard Jean’s voice call for me. As I enter, Sue turned on a light, and there stood three of the most beautiful visions I had ever seen in my life. Jean was dressed in pink garters, shelf bra that exposed her huge breast and nipples, and a pair of white hills, which made her legs, looks longer than what they were. Sue was in a violet blue set of garters, shelf bra and a pair of 5 inch black heels, and Kay was dress in a red and black set of garters, shelf bra, and a pair of strap around heels.

Jean broke the ice by saying, I told you, your going to get the fucking of a lifetime. Sue moved toward me and gave me a long lingering kiss, as she did her hand reached down and unfastened my pants. Falling halfway down my ass they hung up on my already swollen meat, Kay hurried over to help pull them the remainder of the way down. As my meat sprang forward, Kay wailed out with astonishment. “I thought you and mom were kidding about how huge it was.” She grabbed at her nipples and begin pulling at them, as far out as she was pulling them I thought she was going to tear them off. Her breasts were large and for a woman with large tits her nipples were large. All three of them had huge tits; Jean by far had the largest nipples I’d ever seen.

As I stood there looking at Jean’s beautiful body, Sue continued to kiss me, Kay started to reach and touch my cock when Sue stopped her. I asked her, what now then. Sue went on to explain, she knew how much I loved eating pussy and in all the years her father and mother had been together, Al never once went down on her. So the first thing was to show mom how good it was to have her cunt licked and lapped until she cum.

I motioned Jean over to an ottoman and had her to lay down and lean back. As I touched her arm she shivered and I kissed her neck then worked my way to her breast. Since seeing how large her nipples were from this morning, all I wanted to do was to lick and suck on them. As I placed the nipple in my mouth, she grabbed me around the head pulling me down tightly against her tits. As I flicked my tongue over her nipple Jean told me to nibble on them with my teeth. I obliged her request and nibbled on them causing her to moan and asking me to bit down harder. As I sank my teeth into them, her hips began thrusting upward as if she was fucking a cock. I licked, nibbled, and suck her tits back and forth one to the other. She clinched my head so hard then began crying out, I’m fucking cumming. In the background, Kay was finger fucking her and begging Sue to just touch it.

I slid down to Jean’s cunt, placed my mouth over her, and licked the entire length of her from her clit to her ass and back again. I licked back and forth, sticking my tongue in her cunt and wiggling it around inside her, then flicked my tongue over her clit. Back and forth, licking and lapping. Jean was so incredible wee the cream from her pussy was dripping out on her cunt lips and ass. Her fucking motion into my face was so wild I could hardly keep pace with her, however I was determined to give her a tongue fucking like she would never experience again. She arched her back, tightened her legs around my head, and gave out a scream “this fucker is eating my cunt into an orgasm.” At this point, her pace became so fierce, fucking my mouth with such a pace it was unbelievable.

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