The Last Chapter

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Jake Boehmon had just seen his weekend plans shot to hell. It was late Friday afternoon when he had gone to the gym for his first real workout in a month. A sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, he had been training hard in the off-season in anticipation of his move from strong safety to outside linebacker. A stringent lifting and nutrition regimen had packed a solid fifteen pounds on his 6’1″ frame putting him at a rock hard 225 pounds. A hamstring pull had set him back a bit but his trainer had cleared him to start back with the heavy free-weight lifts that football required.

After his workout, he was heading back down to school to hang with some of his friends who were in summer school. His father was in Germany for a month on business and his younger sister was a counselor at her summer soccer camp. He had told his mother, Randi, that he wouldn’t be home until Tuesday or Wednesday the following week and, at her request, he promised to call if his plans changed. But during his third set of squats, a sharp pain shot through his injured hamstring and he hobbled painfully out to his car in a seriously bad mood. No longer interested in partying with his buddies, Jake headed home.

As he walked into the garage, he was more than a little suprised to see Paul Mason’s Jaguar pulled in next to his mother’s BMW X-5. Jake had dated Paul’s daughter Erin for quite a while before breaking it off a few months earlier. His friends thought he was crazy, Erin was hot as hell with long blonde hair and a great rack and was alot of fun to be around. But his buddies didn’t know that Erin’s mother, Janet, had seduced Jake when he and his parents had visited the Mason estate last summer. Jake still got together with Mrs. Mason from time to time and it just didn’t feel right to continue to date, and screw, her daughter. Plus, as Mrs. Mason had accurately pointed out their first time together, she was, in fact, a “much bigger slut” than her daughter.

Jake knew immediately why Paul Mason was at his home. A memory he had suppressed years ago bubbled quickly to the surface. His mother was an incredibly attractive woman, and even now in her late forties, still turned heads. A petite woman with long blonde highlighted hair and breath-taking blue eyes, she kept herself in great shape. She had a tiny waist and terrific legs which she usually showed off in short skirts or tight jeans. She also had a weakness for sexy shoes which usually boasted 4 inch heels. Although she was not busty, her perky breasts were still firm and Jake had noticed that she often went bra-less but still looked terrific.

So although he was used to the attention she received from men, it still made him jealous. The memory that was rushing back had occured at a company picnic that he had attended with his mom, dad and sister years ago. He must have been about thirteen at the time and his mother’s company had a big day of fun and games planned at a local park. Late in the afternoon, he was walking through the packed parking lot looking for his mother’s minivan. He had left his mitt in the car and he wanted it to play softball with his dad. He spotted the van, which his father had backed into the parking space, with its rear facing a thick woods, several car lengths down and he cut behind some other vehicles as he approached it.

Abruptly, he heard his mother laughing and when he looked up he saw her standing behind the van, tucked from sight, but she wasn’t alone. She was with a co-worker he had met, a young black man named Marcus. Marcus had played football in college just a few years earlier and Jake had always looked up to him because of this. But at that moment, for some reason Jake felt that he was intruding and he ducked behind a car, peering over its hood. Clearly, his mother and Marcus hadn’t noticed him because they were only paying attention to one another. His mother looked great in a turquoise dress that showed off her toned and tanned body and slender legs. Her long hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and Jake had noticed, when they had left home, that she was wearing more make-up than she usually did and that he lips were glistening in a cinnamon shade.

As he watched, he heard his mother laugh again at something Marcus had said. He was standing very close to her, running his hand lightly down he bare shoulder, behind her arm to softly take her hand in his. He pulled her gently towards him and Jake could see some resistance on the part of his mother, before she turned and quickly glanced back over her shoulder. Jake ducked down but when he slowly raised back up,he saw that Marcus had pulled his mother into his arms and was kissing her. Stunned, he saw his mother’s arm’s tighten around his neck and he could see their mouths opening and closing and their tongues dueling. When Marcus dropped his hand to cup his mother’s ass, Jake backed slowly away from the line of cars and sprinted back towards the park, feeling both hurt and ashamed.

Although he never told anyone about what he had seen, and managed to canlı bahis box the incident away in his subconcious, he found himself being more and more possesive and jealous when it came to his mother. He remembered his last few years in school, when football was coming together for him and his parents would attend his games or other school functions. Although many of the other football moms were younger and attractive in their own way, Randi Boehmon always had an aura around her that Jake couldn’t place. Aside from the fact that she dressed a little sexier and seemed to wear her make-up differently, his mom just seemed to have an almost palatable effect on the men, and boys, she would meet. He remembered the anger he felt when he would catch guys staring openly at his mom when she was in the stands. In particular, he hated the way two of his teammates, Ryan Grant and Curtis Adams, would grin and whisper whenever they saw his mom, like they were in on some dark secret.

But that afternoon in his garage, Jake couldn’t pretend any longer. He knew what his mom doing, and with a grim look on his face, he limped inside his home.


When Jake had told her that he would be in Cinncinati for the weekend and longer, Randi immediately started to make plans. With her husband, Bill, out of the country and her daughter at camp, Randi had gotten dangerously horny when she found herself alone with her sexy son. Ever since she caught him screwing his girlfriend’s mother, Randi had struggled with keeping her sinful thoughts under control. She managed by keeping a steady stream of young lovers busy, both in and around her own town, and on the road when she would travel for work.

She had called her longtime boyfriend, Steve, to see if he could fly in from Chicago for the weekend but he was in Palm Springs. Her local set of boy toys, Ryan and Curtis, were also unavailable so she called Paul Mason on a whim. Jake had dated his daughter for a while, and when the Boehmons had visited their home last summer, Paul and Randi had started a brief affair. When she called him on his cell, he was excited to hear from her and he quickly agreed to drive up. Although he wasn’t her first choice, Randi looked forward to his visit. A very wealthy, self assured, most would say cocky, man he was handsome with long flowing salt-and-pepper hair and a barrel chest. Paul liked to be a little more rough than her other lovers and Randi willingly played along.

Upstairs in the master bedroom suite, Randi poured Paul a glass of her husband’s best scotch from the small wet-bar that was attached to the built-in entertainment center. Paul settled into the big leather chair where her husband liked to read as she excused herself to change.

When she returned, she was wearing a short, silk black robe over top of a set of sheer,black lace-top thigh highs and black ankle strap sandals with 4 inch heels. Her luxurious blonde hair hung well past her shoulders and had been straightened with a flat iron, framing her face beautifully. She had applied the dark, smoky eye-shadow that she wore for all her lovers and her lips glistened wetly in a soft red shade.

She walked sexily on her high heels to the wet bar, noting the hungry look in Paul’s eyes and picked up a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s. Flipping the top of the hard pack, she slowly removed one of the long, white cigarettes and walked back towards Paul. When he pulled a lighter out of his pants, Randi bent over to accept a light bringing the cigarette to her wetly shining lips, allowing Paul to look down the top of her robe. She took a slow drag, and tilting her chin upward, released a long, thin stream up towards the vaulted ceiling.

Returning to the bar, Randi poured herself a glass of Chardonnay and, holding her cigarette and wineglass in the same hand, walked seductively back to Paul. He pulled her across his lap, causing her to shriek with laughter, her free hand draped back around his shoulders for support. He crushed her hungrily to hs lips, his tongue forceful as it sought hers, his passion building. He ran his his hand up one of her slender calves as Randi spread her legs. His thick middle finger pushed through her swollen pussy lips and quickly found the thick pad of her love spot on the front of her pussy wall, rubbing it vigorously.

Randi moaned softly into his mouth as they continued to kiss, before Paul removed his finger and pulled apart the top of her robe. He licked and kissed his way down her supple neck and squeezed one of her perky breasts roughly, before taking a hardened nippled into his mouth. Randi inhaled sharply as he sucked her, her head arched backward, her mouth open in an expression of lust.

After enjoying his attention, Randi pushed him up from her and got off his lap saying “Baby, I want to do you. I want to to taste your big cock!!”

She took a drag off her cigarette and crushed it out in and ashtray on the wet bar. Standing directly in front of Paul, she slowly undid the belt of her robe and pulled it open. She pushed it bahis siteleri back off her shoulders and allowed it to pool at her feet. Paul’s eyes were riveted to the MILF’s perfectly toned body clad only in her thigh highs and heels. As he watched, Randi ran her hands slowly down over her breasts, across her flat tummy, then between her legs. His pulse began to hammer when she started to rub her cleanly shaved pussy, her fingers on her pussy lips. Randi gasped when she began to work her swollen clit, loving the sensations that shot through her body.

Walking closer to Paul, she leaned over to kiss him as she undid the buttons of his shirt, pulling it open and gently massaging his thick, hairy chest. With a last lingering kiss, and a flick of her tongue, Randi knelt between his legs and began to rub his hard cock through his khakis. She kept her smoldering blue eyes locked onto his as she slowly lowered his zipper, reaching inside his pants. She pulled his engorged member through his open fly and began to gently rub her hands over his hard shaft, her lips pursed in a wetly shinig “O”.

When she leaned down, her tongue spiraled around his cock’s mushroom head already sticky with pre-cum. She held his balls with one hand as she stroked him with the other, her tongue driving him crazy as she used just the tip to lightly lick the top of his dick.

Unable to control himself any longer, Paul grabbed the back of Randi’s head and forced her mouth down onto his straining dick. A muffled laugh escaped Randi as he began to fuck her mouth, pumping his shaft deep into her warm wetness. Pleased with how crazy she had made him, she moaned and slurped as she blew him, both hands now working with her luscious mouth.

Paul kept his hand on the back of Randi’s head as she performed, groaning ot loud and urging her on.

“That’s it! Suck my cock you little slut!!! You like sucking my big, fat cock . . . Don’t you Bitch?!”

Knowing what he wanted to hear, without removing her mouth from his cock, Randi moaned enthusiastically “MMMMMmmmmmHHHHHmmmmmm!!!!”

“Yeah . . . Your’e my little cum slut . . . aren’t you?! I’m gonna fuck you good today. Show you what you’ve been missing! You’ll be begging for it . . . Won’t you, you little whore?!”

Randi’s head was now bobbing furiously up and down over his hard shaft, her mouth and tongue expertly bringing Paul near climax.

“Billyboy doesn’t know how to fuck you . . . Does he? He doesn’t know that his slutty wife likes it hard . . . Does he . . .”

Paul stopped his rant abruptly and Randi sensing something was wrong, pulled her lips from his cock with a loud pop. Panting, she looked up and said:

“It’s okay,Baby! I want you to cum in my mouth . . . ” before she noted that Paul was looking over her shoulder with a look of shock and horror on his face.

When Randi turned, still holding his hard cock in her hands, she too was stunned to see her son limp slowly into her bedroom, glowering murderously.


Jake had quietly climbed the stairs, his injured hamstring causing him to move slowly, and he noticed that one of the double doors to his parent’s bedroom was partially open. He could hear people talking inside and he recognized his mother’s and Paul’s voice confirming his suspicions.

He stood in the hallway and looked through the inch-wide crack between the door that was open and the door frame, still hidden from sight. Inside he saw his mother standing in front of Paul, pushing a short black robe off her shoulders, now naked in a pair of thigh highs and stiletto heels. As he watched, his mother french-kissed Paul and then knelt in front of him, unzipping his pants. When she took his cock into her mouth, Jake felt his anger near bursting, but also found himself turned on by the sight of his beautiful, nearly naked mother sucking her lover’s cock. He was mesmerized by the rhythmic bobbing of her head over Paul’s lap, and he could hear her moans mix with the wet slurping of a well performed blow job.

But when Paul started in, calling her his little slut, Jake snapped and he dragged his injured leg behind him as he entered the room.

Jake noted the fear on Paul’s face and the shock on his mother’s when they finally noticed that they weren’t alone. His mother got to her feet and ran to him with her arms extended. She recognized the look in her son’s eyes and knew that Paul was in serious trouble.

“No Jake! . . . Stop! . . . Don’t . . .!” she pleaded, and Jake briefly took his eyes from Paul to stare at his mother’s naked form, his eyes drawn like a magnet to her flushed breasts, then lower to her shaved pussy and those great legs of hers looking incredible in the lace-top thigh highs. Sensing an opening, Paul broke behind Randi and ran towards the door. Jake could only reach around his mother to throw a hard shot that landed on the side of his face and propelled him out the door.

Randi grabbed Jake by the arm and by the time he shook free, he looked down from the landing to see Paul sprinting towards bahis şirketleri the garage. He moved quickly to follow him, but his hamstring twinged painfully causing him to give up the chase.

He turned and limped back into his parent’s bedroom to find his mother standing next to the bed, still naked, a look of shock and grief on her face.

“I’m so sorry Jake! . . . I never intended for any of this to happen! . . . I . . .”

Jake grabbed her tiny arms in his strong hands and shook her hard.

“SHUT UP! Shut up! . . . Don’t you fucking lie to me! I know what you’ve been doing! I saw you with Marcus!!”

At this his mother blanched, his anger was frightening and she was stunned that he would mention her first lover by his name.

“Mr. Mason’s right! . . . You are just a little slut! . . . a whore!! You need some cock?! Huh? . . . Is that what you need?!!!”

Jake walked his mother backwards and pushed her onto the bed. He pulled off his T-shirt as Randi looked at him stunned.

“No Jake! . . . Don’t do this! . . . I know you’re angry . . . But I’m your mother! Don’t! Please . . . Stop!!”

Jake pulled his baggy shorts to the floor and it was Randi’s turn to stare at he son’s naked body. She had seen his cock when she caught him fucking Janet Mason, and knew that he was quite large, but now, seeing it up close for the first time, it was even bigger than she imagined.

Jake pulled his mother’s legs apart and leaned into her. Randi struggled beneath him and he pinned her arms above her head with one hand. His cock was rock hard and she was still wet from her earlier foreplay with Paul and, in horror, she felt the fat head of his cock stretching her pussy lips before he plunged his entire length deep into her warm, wet tunnel.

Jake began to saw his cock ruthlessly into his mother who was still futilely struggling beneath him. As he thrust into her pussy, he grabbed her chin with his hand, crushing his lips to hers, his tongue pushing against her clenched teeth. Randi tried to force him off her, but he was much too strong, consumed by anger and lust. Even worse, her pussy was tingling as it seemed that every hard ridge of his cock found a spot within her that caused bolts of pleasure to pulse through her body.

As he continued to roughly fuck Randi, her body betrayed her by stopping its struggle and beginning to move eagerly beneath her son, her hip driving off the bed to lustily meet his savage thrusts, her hard nipples rubbing deliciously against his smooth, deep chest.

With an anguished moan, she tore her arms from above her head and wrapped them around Jake’s broad shoulders, pulling him hard against her writhing body. She opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out to meet his, kissing him passionately. Randi had given in to her most secret desire, . . . she was fucking her son.

Jake’s thrusts increased in speed, his body slapping wetly against his mother’s. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his calf muscles, his big, thick cock stretched her pussy lips and she could feel her swollen clit being pulled inside with each downward thrust of his hips.

Jake pulled his lips from his mother’s, both of them breathing heavily. He felt his balls begin to tighten and knew that he couldn’t last much longer. Randi sensed this as well and pleaded with him:

“Fuck me Baby! Keep fucking your mother!! I need this so fucking bad!!!”

Randi felt her own orgasm build as her son’s long, deep thrusts pounded into her yielding body, rolling her hips in a lust-crazed dance.

She took her son’s face in her hands and pulled him back to her wetly, shining lips, her mouth open expectantly. As he pressed his mouth to hers, the first jet of his hot cum ripped, almost painfully, out of his cock filling his mother’s womb with his seed. Randi’s body shuddered beneath his bulk, her pussy searing, her orgasm explosive, and she groaned loudly as rope after thick rope of jizz shot into her.

As their orgasms began to subside, Jake looked down into his mother’s beautiful blue eyes, their chests pounding as they softly kissed, their tongues darting into each other’s mouth as his cock reflexively continued to spurt, buried to the hilt in her warm, wet tunnel.

He rolled off his mother with a loud exhalation, staring at the ceiling in his parent’s bedroom, his passion and anger completely spent. Randi raised up on one elbow,looking at her son with concern, her french-manicured lying on his chest, feeling his heart pounding.

“It’s all right, Baby . . . It’s all right.” she whispered softly, adding “It’s just sex . . . That’s what I tell all my lovers.”

Jake turned his head back towards his mother, a pleading look in his eyes. She smiled reassuringly and leaned over to kiss him, softly at first, and then with more passion, her tongue sweetly probing his mouth.

When Jake pushed himself up to sit against the headboard, Randi rolled out of bed and walked to the wet bar. Jake blushed when he caught himself checking out her tight, little ass, her muscles bulging seductively as she walked on her high heel shoes. She pulled a beer out of the mini-fridge and walked back to the bed carrying the distinctive green and white pack containing her cigarettes.

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