The Neighborhood Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Brother and sister discover each other

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


That night when it all started I woke up from a nice, but freaky dream. In the dream I had been fooling around with my old boyfriend Michael, when suddenly Michael was replaced by my big brother, Chris, you know in the way that people in dreams are suddenly replaced by others. Chris has a rockin’ body, but I’d never tell him because I’m his little sister and I’m not supposed to say things like this, but he is studly. He’s rock hard, all muscle from baseball and lifting weights, but not in that gross bodybuilder way. I mean, he’s slim and taut. Well anyway, Chris began to fuck me with his huge dick, at least it was huge in my dream; back then I didn’t know how big he was really. I mean it must have been ten inches long, and it was really thick. I knew I should struggle and make him stop; I mean he is my brother and he shouldn’t be fucking me. But instead I pulled him closer and began to kiss him. I’d never kissed him like that for real, just brother-sister pecks on the cheek and stuff, but this was a dream and you can do stuff like that in a dream. I could feel the weight of his body on top of me as his thrusting started a build-up to me coming. Then I woke up.

My hand was down there, and I’d been rubbing myself. My fingers were wet and slick, and I had that empty, gnawing feeling in my gut that said I was horny as all shit. “Fuck me,” was all I could think. I mean, “Really, fuck me, please.” I knew from past experience that this would mean no sleep at all that night, I’d be rubbing ’em out one after another. Once that feeling sets in, nothing cures it. Diddling myself helps some, but it doesn’t really satisfy. I imagined that fucking would cure it, but at eighteen years old, I didn’t have a lot of experience in that department. I mean I wasn’t a virgin, but my old boyfriend Michael didn’t really know what he was doing, he fumbled around and came too fast and didn’t do much for me. I mean it was nice, well maybe not the first time which kind of hurt, but the second time was nice, but still not very satisfying. I had been fucked, but I had never really been fucked. If you know what I mean.

That’s when I heard the moaning.

It sounded like Mom and like she was sick. So I got out of bed and opened my door to the hall, to see what was the matter, and I saw Chris out in the hall. He was standing by the door to Mom’s bedroom, which was cracked open just a bit. And I couldn’t really tell in the dark, but I swear it looked like he was jerking off. I quickly closed my door most of the way so he couldn’t see me and watched him. He stood there for a minute or two, then closed the door to Mom’s bedroom and went back to his own room. Once his door was closed, I crept down the hall and opened Mom’s door just a bit and peeked inside.

There was a light on in Mom’s room, so I could see pretty well. She wasn’t sick; she was using a vibrator against her clit, and I couldn’t really tell, but it looked like she was sticking the fingers of her left hand up her pussy. Her nipples were hard, like pencil erasers, like mine get when I touch myself. I had seen Mom naked before, but I never thought of her as hot looking, which she really is, but it was kind of freaky to think of her in that way. I mean I knew she had had sex, she had had the two of us, so she had to have done it, but she was Mom. Mom didn’t jerk herself off, or at least she wasn’t supposed to. I could feel a trail of my pussy juice run down the inside of my thigh, and I knew that I really, really needed to get fucked. Without my realizing it, my hand crept down and I started rubbing myself again. Suddenly I thought about what would happen if Mom looked my way. I quietly closed Mom’s door and slipped back to my room.

Back in my room, I leaned against the door. I was truly screwed. I had never been this horny before. That’s when the wicked thought came to me. Chris. I mean I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I went into the bathroom, glad for once that we shared a bathroom that connected our bedrooms. Before this I thought it really sucked that I had to share a bathroom with my big brother, but tonight it was a godsend. I could slip into his room without going into the hall where Mom might see.

I opened the door to Chris’s room and saw him on the bed. He was jerking off canlı bahis under the covers and didn’t notice me come in. I walked over to his bed. His eyes were closed, imagining something, maybe Mom’s naked body I thought. The wrongness of that thought really turned me on.

“Hey big brother, want some help?”

Before he could react, I tossed off the covers, grabbed his dick, and took over the pumping.

“Sis, what the fuck…”

I just grinned and put a finger to his lips to quiet him. Two or three more pumps and he erupted. I leaned in and started kissing him, like I had in my dream. After a second, Chris started kissing me back. He was a good kisser. Way better than Michael.

I could feel him going soft in my hand, so I stopped kissing him and went south, taking his dick into my mouth. I’d done this once before with Michael, but he had cum the moment my lips touched his dick, and I got a load of semen in my eye. That burned. It was more fun this time. At first nothing much happened. Chris stayed soft, but then he started to harden and grow.

God, did he grow. Pretty soon I started gagging. I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth, so I fit as much as I could comfortably. I had read in some porno mag that the underside was especially sensitive, so I also started to lick that side of his shaft. Chris’s dick was much bigger than Michael’s had been. It wasn’t as big as it was in my dream, but it was a good seven inches long and pretty thick. I glanced up at his face, and he was looking back at me with a combination of shit-eating grin and total disbelief.

“Now big brother, I need you to fuck me.” I couldn’t believe I was saying it, much less doing it. I mean I never acted this way. It was like I was possessed. “I am so horny, and I really need it.”

“Emily, this is wrong…”

“Yes, but I need it! And it looks like you need it too.” I continued to stroke him to keep him hard.

“What if Mom finds out?”

“You know she’s a little busy right now. We just have to be quiet. Now, get on top of me.”

If I’d been a little more experienced, I probably would have just climbed on top, but what did I know? Back then I thought to be fucked the guy had to be on top. Chris made room for me, and I climbed into the bed. I thought he’d start fucking me right away, that’s what Michael had done, and it’s what I thought I wanted, but he didn’t. He just looked at me and smiled. I looked into his eyes and shivered. I was about to be fucked by my big brother.

“You’re not a virgin are you?”

“No. I’ve had a guy before. Twice.”

We went back to kissing, and he cupped my pussy with his hand.

“You seem wet enough,” he said in a break in the kissing. “Are you sure you want me to do it?” Chris and I have our issues; I mean what brother and sister don’t; but he really is a nice guy, and he wasn’t going to do something to me I wasn’t ready for.

“Oh God, yes! I am so horny. I need it.”

He started kissing me again, but soon he stopped kissing me and started sucking on my breasts. My nipples were already hard, but now they became diamonds. Seriously, I thought he would cut his tongue on them. I just leaned back and enjoyed his tongue on my breasts and his hand rubbing my pussy. Then, after a few minutes he went south.

I didn’t realize what he was doing at first. I mean I knew that guys went down on girls, but I really didn’t think about it. For all my take-charge attitude, I really didn’t know what I was doing. But by the time he started kissing my inner thighs, I had it figured out. I spread my legs, and he dove right in.

Jesus, it was good. It was like my fingers, only I wasn’t in control. I didn’t know what area he would lick next, and the suspense was exciting. He avoided my clit at first, licking around my outer and inner lips, and thrusting his tongue into my vagina and twirling it around. I looked down and the image of my brother’s face buried in my crotch was seared into my brain. I shivered. This was so wrong, but there was no stopping us.

Then he touched my clit. Just a quick lick. I swear, I went off like an electric shock passed through me. Then he did it again, for a bit longer. Then longer. Pretty soon he was licking it regularly, and I could feel the orgasm build. I could tell right away this wasn’t going to be like any I’d had before. I laid back and let it wash over me. I just exploded. I could feel the juices pour bahis siteleri out of me. Thank God I had the sense, or rather instinct because I couldn’t really think right then, to bite the pillow to keep from screaming.

Then I felt Chris enter me. The shock of pleasure from the pressure his cock put on my clit was painful. Delightfully painful. Then the sharp pangs gave way to a warm, pleasant, full feeling as he thrust in and out. Chris started kissing me again, nibbling my ears and neck. His weight and the pressure of his hard body on me felt so good. Being fucked, really fucked, was as good as I had imagined.

And he kept going. Michael had lasted only few strokes, but Chris kept going. Looking back on it, I realize it probably wasn’t all that long. Chris was just nineteen, and while he’d had practice fucking Nicole, his girlfriend, he wasn’t all that experienced either. But we both were teenagers, on hair triggers, and it seemed like it was a lot longer than it actually was.

This time, the orgasm snuck up on me. It wasn’t as intense as the first one, but it lasted longer. I swear, I must have convulsed for two minutes. Again, I buried my face in the pillow to keep from yelling out. I didn’t even notice that Chris had cum too.

I wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the words. He was so damn good. He slipped out of me, and I turned on my side in a fetal position, with Chris spooning me, kissing the back of my neck and with his hand on my breast and his cum dribbling out of my pussy. It was nice.

I don’t know how long we lay there. It probably wasn’t more than ten minutes, when I felt his cock begin to swell again. I reached around and began to stroke it. Soon it was hard, not as hard as before, but hard enough, and he entered me from behind. This fuck was slow and wonderful. Soon I drifted off to sleep on the waves of another orgasm.

I woke up in my own bed, the sun streaming through the window, and Mom knocking on the door, calling me “sleepyhead,” and saying that I had better move it if I wanted breakfast. Chris must have carried me back to my own room during the night.

I threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and stumbled into the kitchen. Chris was already up and showered.

“You look like you had a rough night,” he said, and smiled.

We would have a lot to talk about as soon as we could be alone.


If Nicole had slept with me that night, probably none of this would have happened. But she didn’t and I came home from our date horny as hell. She got me all worked up necking at the party, but then said she had to get home and left me hanging. So I went home with aching balls.

It was the sound of Mom’s vibrator that tipped me off to the fact that she was playing with herself. I was fucking terrified of being caught, but I just had to look, so I opened up her bedroom door a crack and peeked in. This wasn’t the first time I’d looked at Mom naked. Sometimes I tried to catch glimpses of her changing. I thought she caught me once looking at her, but she never said anything, so I guess she didn’t notice. Once I even watched her in the shower. Even before all this happened, I admitted that she was one hot woman. Why Dad left her for Laura, I don’t know. Laura is good looking, sure, but Mom is fucking hot. I guess guys aren’t supposed to think of their mothers that way, but I’ve got eyes.

I couldn’t see all that much. The light was low and the angle was wrong, since she was lying on the bed. But I filled in the details with my imagination and started rubbing myself through my jeans. I didn’t watch for all that long. I was too scared to whip my dick out in the hall—I could explain being in the hall at one a. m., but not if Mom caught me with my dick in my hand—so when the tightness in my jeans became uncomfortable, I shut Mom’s door and went to my room.

I stripped, hopped under the covers, closed my eyes, and started to rub one out to get some relief, when the next thing I know is that my sister Emily rips the covers off, says, “Want some help?” and starts jerking me off. She was leaning over me, wearing only panties and a t-shirt. I could tell her panties were soaked through and I could see her breasts swell under the t-shirt. Before that night I had never thought of my kid sister as sexy, but she looked damn fine. She was grown up. Then I popped.

Then without saying anything, she just leaned in bahis şirketleri and started kissing me. I didn’t know what the fuck to do, but I started kissing her back without thinking.

Then she started giving me head. She wasn’t very good at it, too tentative at first and then pretty much all over the place without concentrating on any of the sensitive areas—Nicole is much better at it—but you can’t really give head badly and pretty soon I was recovered and sporting another hard-on.

Then Emily said she wanted to fuck me, just like that. She said we’d be really quiet so as not to wake Mom. I was afraid she was a virgin; I didn’t want to be the one to pop her cherry, but she said she wasn’t. It was pretty clear that she and her old boyfriend Michael had done some shit together. So I just scooted over and made room for her in the bed. She pulled off her t-shirt and panties and climbed in.

I was still a little unsure about all this. I mean this was my little sister. Fucking her was fucked up. So started sucking her nipples while I made up my mind whether I would really fuck her or not. Emily’s breasts weren’t all that big yet, but her nipples became hard as rock. Like pencil erasers. Nicole’s didn’t get like that. I slipped my hand down to her pussy to check if she was as wet as I thought. She was. Soaked. So I took the next step and worked my way down her belly.

Her pussy was mostly hairless, just a few wisps of hair above. Her clit and inner lips were deep pink and already poking out of the folds. She smelled musky, but clean. I started kissing around her pussy at first. Nicole didn’t like me diving right for the clit, she had to be worked up to that, and I figured my sister might be the same way. But I worked my way closer and started licking her lips, and when I thought she was ready I took a quick lick of her clit. She tensed up and grabbed my head and squeezed. She relaxed and after a minute I tried again; she tensed, but not as violently. Then again. And again. Pretty soon I was licking and sucking on her clit and then she started grinding her pussy into my face. I just stuck my tongue out and let her rub herself to orgasm on it.

By this time there was no going back. I had a raging boner and I figured there wasn’t much difference between going down on my sister and fucking her, so I moved up and entered her. She was tight and at first I thought I was pushing in the wrong place, but then suddenly I slipped in. Emily gave a little yelp, then a moan as I started to thrust back and forth.

I looked down at her. I couldn’t fucking believe it. This was the little kid who constantly annoyed the shit out of me, but here she was underneath me with a look of ecstasy on her face as I fucked her. I leaned in and started kissing her again, and she responded. I just kept going. It must have been because this was the second time, but I’d never lasted this long before. Emily told me later that I obviously had a lot of practice, but really I hadn’t. I never slept with anyone other than Nicole, and we hadn’t done it all that much.

I could see Emily building to another orgasm, and she started biting the pillow again, then I popped. Oh my God, did it feel great. I’d never cum like that before. Suddenly my penis was too sensitive to be touched and I pulled out of her, falling to her side.

We just lay there spooning. I don’t know how long, but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes when, damn, I started getting hard again. And Emily, the fucking sex maniac, just reached around, started stroking me to get me harder, and then slipped me in her again.

This time I was slow and there were no screams muffled with pillows or thrashing about. Just a slow, quiet fuck. I’m not sure if she came again. I think she did, but I’m not sure. I came again, but much less intensely too. Emily had fallen asleep by the time I was done.

We lay there for a few minutes, then I realized that I had better not fall asleep with Emily in my bed. The last thing we needed was Mom to find us together in the morning. So I picked her up and carried her back to her own bed.

But Mom decided to let us sleep in that morning. I woke up around nine, showered and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom didn’t seem the wiser. She acted perfectly normal, calling out to Emily to get up, and pretty soon Sis stumbled into the kitchen wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She was my little sister again and not the sex-crazed maniac of the night before. The only difference was that I noticed her breasts and that her hips had gotten curvier. She’d grown up when I wasn’t looking.

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