The Package Ch. 03

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The first time

She felt so totally good walking out of the restaurant with his arm clamped round her. “By home, did you mean your place or mine?” he asked.

“I don’t care. Which is nearer?” She wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

He kissed her hard and she ran her hand up his back to cradle his neck. She felt the hair at the nape of his neck, short but curly. He broke away to open the car door for her, and she heard herself give an involuntary little mew of discontent at the space between them.

He drove to his place, and she realised it was about half as far as hers. They kissed as soon as they were out of the car, and she felt one hand in her hair and the other on her back pulling her to him. She was holding his cheeks and pulling him into her.

When they made it through the front door, she kicked it shut with her foot and in one fluid motion took the dress off over her head.

She heard him gasp, “Oh God, you are sooo beautiful.” And she was pulled roughly to him again for another bruising kiss, feeling his hands on her bare back.

Her lips seemed to be wired to her nipples and her groin and the feelings were exquisite. They were enhanced by feeling his erection against her and the knowledge that this was happening after she had told him about her package. Even if this glorious relationship only lasted a few weeks, she was accepted as she was. At last she could relax.

She reached between them for his shirt buttons, and needing to feel her naked against him he drew back slightly and started at the other end. Soon his shirt was on the floor, and he had one hand inside her bra making the most wonderful sensations on her breast and nipple.

“I love small breasts,” he murmured as she ran her hands down the muscles of his back, round the waistband of his trousers, to help them join the pool of clothes on the floor.

He tried to move and they both laughed as they realised that his trousers were stuck on his shoes. Suzanne bent down to help, realising that he had done it at the same split second, and they bumped heads, grabbed each other for support and overbalanced in a heap on the floor with her on top. She felt his erection against her chest, kissed his nipples and down over his stomach to the edge of his underpants. She could hear him gasping with pleasure and took hold of his erection through the fabric as he writhed beneath her.

Quickly she pulled down his underpants, took off his shoes and removed both trousers and underpants in one go. Then she felt his erection with her bare hand, and could feel both her dick leaking pre-cum and her pussy lubricating with the feeling of this hard dick that was not her own in her hand. She started masturbating it, hearing his grunts of delight and watching the bucking of his hips. Her other hand stole down to her own erection and started stroking it.

“Let me do that,” he gasped out, and they scooted round till they were lying side by side masturbating each other.

“Oh. Oh.” She couldn’t believe the smooth friction of his hand, how different it felt from her own, and leant over to kiss him as they both gasped and groaned with the pleasure.

Suzanne began to pant and noticed that he was also bucking and panting as they both started to come with a ferocity that amazed her. She’d never known such bliss and was completely spent as the pace of their stroking slowed to enhance the aftershocks.

Coming together

Emerging from her stupor, she shivered and realised that they were still in the hall a few feet inside the front door on a bare wooden floor.

“Ma’am, I do apologise for keeping you in the hall. Do let me take you into the lounge.” James reached over putting one arm under her shoulders and one under her knees, picking her up with relative ease.

Suzanne gloried in the feel of his skin on hers as he held her to him. She couldn’t resist reaching güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out to feel his muscles rippling on his chest, the hardness of his nipple, and the sensation of her hip sliding stickily over his stomach which added to the erotic pleasure. She glanced down at her own stomach to see the cum on it, and glanced up at him when she felt he was looking at her too. The expression on his face sent a pool of heat to her sex.

She felt herself being gently put down on the thick rug by the hearth, and James leaning over her to put a match to the waiting fire. She couldn’t really miss his cock hanging down, and reached out to hold it, feeling it rise to the touch. He groaned and turned to kiss her, and feeling his hand on her dick, she sighed with contentment.

“I want you inside me. Have you got a condom?”

James broke off the kiss to say, rather embarrassed, “I can promise you I haven’t had enough relationships to have any kind of disease.”

Suzanne laughed. “Silly — I just don’t want to get pregnant, yet.”

James looked stunned. “You mean you’ve got a pussy as well? Can I see?” He grinned at the repetition.

“I want you to do more than look, and get on with it, I’m so hot.”

James twisted round and put his hands on her thighs while he studied the pussy under her dick. She felt his stare and the warmth of his hands on her thighs. It made her tingle even more. She felt his hands move slowly down the inside of her thighs, and when he breathed on her pussy, she moaned with the pleasure of it.

“It’s like your dick is a grown up clit,” he commented, and his tongue touched her lips and made its way slowly and softly round. When he started licking up and down gently and slowly, Suzanne bucked and reached up to rub her nipples, mewing like a kitten.

She could feel his licks getting harder and harder, and his hands moved to rub her erection. The feelings were making her weak and she could feel the heat building in her again. She bucked and moaned against his hand and face, the pressure building and building until she shouted out as her orgasm hit her and shook her body.

She felt him shuffle up and his lips on hers in a passionate kiss, while his hands continued to stroke dick and pussy, extending her enjoyment.

“I need to get a condom,” he whispered into her ear.

She felt his withdrawal like a cold shower, but deep inside was the contentment of knowing that he was coming back, and the crackling logs suffused one side of her with heat.

He was back within seconds, tearing open the packet. The anticipation of him entering her was exquisite, and she could feel her pussy pulsing with need. She took the condom from him and rolled it onto his raging erection.

“Did I do that?” she grinned saucily.

“Oh God, you are so beautiful and sexy and wicked and I just want and ache for you.” His words made her desire him even more, and built on the deep happiness that she had found a man who could live with the package.

As his tip touched her lips, she felt her hips rise to meet him and he slid slowly into her wetness. The sensation of his heat inside her was incredible, and she felt her pussy contract round him, glorying in being filled. He bent down over her and covered her mouth with his. His lips tasted good and hers felt full, soft and wired directly to her sex. Then she felt the new sensation of her dick being rubbed between their stomachs lubricated by their first cum.

The kaleidoscope of sensations made her pant and groan with lust, and amazingly she felt her third orgasm building in both dick and pussy. She locked her legs round his back, feeling his bum with her feet, and gloried in his hard, hairy chest on her nipples, the extra pressure on her dick, and the deeper thrusts of his rock hard cock. This time she came like a tornado, bucking and grinding against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his thrusts and crying out his name.

Vaguely, through the noise and heat of her own orgasm, she heard him crying out too.

“Oh God. Oh Suzanne. Oh I love you, I love you, I love you.”

As they clung together in a stupor exchanging soft kisses and occasionally moving hips or hands to explore the sensations of the end of the orgasm, she thought how very, very lucky she was to have met this man.

The proposal

When James lifted his head, she looked into his eyes, and saw such tenderness, love and admiration. He opened his mouth and she reached up to kiss it.

The kiss lasted a long time, then he grinned and whispered, “Will you marry me?”

She was overwhelmed with emotion. “Yes, oh yes please.” Tears ran down her cheeks and she hugged him tight to her. He kissed away the tears and said, “We’ll never be able to tell our children that this is how I proposed to you.” And he wiggled his hips to emphasise that he was still inside her.

They laughed and lay in each other’s arms in front of the warm fire. Much, much later, when he had shrunk and slipped out of her, he sighed and said, “We need a shower. Allow me to escort you.”

As they separated, their skins peeled apart and the cold air emphasised their previous snug closeness. He took her hand and led her through his bedroom to the bathroom, stopping in front of the shower. As he leant into the shower to turn it on, she pushed her groin into his bum and slid her hands round to caress his nipples.

James straightened up and she could feel his back pressing against her nipples and his hands caressing her cheeks. She slid her hands down through the hair on his chest to the hair above his groin, tickling him there. He squirmed, and she moved her hand down to encircle his cock, pumping it slowly while she felt her own dick grow between his cheeks.

She couldn’t help shunting her hips and the sensations of her dick rubbing between his legs were exquisite. Suddenly he reached behind and she felt his hand on her dick, making her groan with pleasure. He positioned it against his hole, and pushed back. Gently she opened the hole with her tip, going in and out to spread the lubrication she could feel seeping out of her now rock hard member.

Gradually she pushed into his hole, and the tightness and friction made her gasp. At the same time she was pumping his cock and running her other hand up and down his chest, straying over his nipples. His hands were on her arse, pulling her into him.

“Comfortable?” she asked when she was fully home.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured as she began slowly and with short strokes to dip in and out.

The squeeze of his tight hole, his hands on her arse, and his little gasps of bliss made her balls ache, her dick twitch and little shocks of pleasure run inside her body up to her nipples and mouth.

Faster and faster she moved, and he bucked against her, gasping and groaning. Suzanne couldn’t believe she was going to come again, and twitching and spurting inside him was sooo good. She felt him push back against her twice more as his cock pulsed in her hand and he came too.

They were both panting and holding onto the shower door for support. She didn’t want to separate from him yet, so grabbed him round the stomach and backed up to sit on the toilet with him in her lap. That way she could continue to feel the pleasure of being inside him while she shrank.

He leaned back to kiss her and she relaxed into the kiss, feeling how engorged and sensitive her lips were. “Wow, when I said I’d like to try, I had no expectation that it would be so good.”

She grinned, and felt herself slithering out.

The shower

The hot water streaming down the shower wall looked so inviting, and he found a rubber band for her hair. His güvenilir bahis şirketleri hands raking her hair together and popping the band over to make a ponytail made her scalp come alive. She was touched by his care for her. Just the understanding that she wouldn’t want to get her hair wet made her feel like a princess. No one had ever done that for her since she was in primary school, but this time it was very sexy.

They stepped under the water together and she gloried in the sensation of her hands soaping him. Inevitably her hands spent a long time enjoying the feel of the regions between his legs, making him moan with delight.

He was making her skin crawl pleasurably as he soaped her in return. His hands caused electric shocks to travel from her nipples to her groin as they slid over her well soaped breasts. As his hands massaged down the soap and water cascaded across her tummy to her bush, her sharp breaths turned to moans of enjoyment as he made sure her dick did not want for lather.

The tension was almost unbearable, and her own hands virtually stopped moving as she concentrated on the sensations his were producing in her. Then his hands moved down back and front to soap her pussy and her crack at the same time. She squirmed with the joy of sensation and was rewarded with a finger in each hole. He was gentle, and she enjoyed the feeling of a quiet finger fuck in the aftermath of three of the biggest orgasms she had ever experienced.

This was a new sensation, making her dick hard. She tried to analyse the feelings — no pressure to come, because she was sated from three in quick succession. Just a gentle bliss to float through without hurry. Her hand was moving gently again over his cock and she put a finger up his hole to give him the same gentle joy.

They stood like this under the warm stream of water, gently rocking fingers and enjoying each other, for what seemed like ages. They would occasionally kiss or rub their chests together, which added to the feelings they were experiencing.

Suzanne suddenly wanted more and whispered to him, “I want you in my arse.”

His eyes darkened and his cock went from hard to rock hard in her hand.

“Can I assume you want that too?” she grinned up at him, turning round to present her back view.

She felt his cock against her, and pushed back gently. As the end forced its way in, her own dick also hardened. Together they slowly pushed him fully into her, and she was in heaven again. His hand came round her hip, and fingers enclosed her dick. The other reached round the other hip, under her balls and slipped a finger back into her pussy. Trust James to think of giving her maximum enjoyment.

Her hands were on the tiles giving her leverage to push back onto him as he gently built up the speed and depth. The erotic things he was whispering in her ear made her mew with pleasure.

“I can feel my cock with the finger that’s up your pussy.” He was describing to her what he was feeling. “Oh God, your arse is so tight round my cock. This must be what you felt when you fucked my arse. The grip of your arse, the friction, the feel of your cheeks against my hips. Your hard dick in my hand, and one finger up your pussy. My God this is so amazing.

“You are so beautiful and sexy. The curve of your back is gorgeous. Your mane of hair is bobbing up and down. I don’t have enough hands to caress your body and your nipples, but its so sexy seeing your hands doing it for me. Oh God, when your hands reach back and touch me, it’s electric.”

He had speeded up through this, making new feelings course through her.

The rhythm of his hand on her dick was building pressure inside her again and she cried out, “Oh James, I’m going to come again.”

She could hear him panting and feel him jerking inside her as his orgasm peaked, hers blasting through her a few moments later with huge aftershocks in her pussy and spasms round his cock. They collapsed to the floor shaking, with the water streaming off them, and held on to each other while they calmed down.

She felt rather than saw him reach up and turn off the shower, and she was quite glad not to have the water pounding down on her.

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