The Phone Call

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This is part of a much larger story that’s been rattling around in my head. It works as a stand-alone, so I figured I’d toss it out and hopefully get some constructive criticism. Thanks!


They were finally on the bus, heading towards the next city on their long road trip. The game had gone into overtime, and then to a shootout. They had won, so Tom was in a good mood, but everything had seemed to run longer than usual — post game interviews, etc. It was late, but he knew that Liz would still be awake, waiting for him to call.

She picked up on the second ring. Her voice was husky, and it made his chest tighten. “Hey, handsome,” she said. “I’ve been missing you.”

“You, too. Anything going on? You sound… “

She chuckled, low and throaty. Tom squeezed his eyes shut, and put his head back against the headrest. “I wouldn’t have answered the phone for anyone except you,” she said. “I’m sitting on the couch, thinking about the night on the hotel rooftop…” Her voice was breathless, and she gasped out a small sound, and he realized with a start that she was touching herself. She had told him that the night on the hotel rooftop was going to be the memory to keep her warm while he was gone on long roadies, but this was new.

“Christ, Liz” he breathed. He had gone from calm to fully, painfully erect in heartbeats, sitting in the middle of a bus crowded with his teammates.

“Should I tell you more?” she asked, teasingly.

“NO!” he said, much louder than he intended.

His seatmate hit him on the shoulder, saying, “What the hell, Mickey?” Other voices protested in general, and from a few seats back he heard, “Shut, it, Mick!”

Tom turned to the window, lowered his voice to a whisper and said again, “No! I’m on the bus, for chrissakes.”

Liz laughed suddenly, breaking the mood. “Oh, babe, I’m so sorry. I thought you’d be in the hotel by now.”

Tom put his head back against the seat again. “Everything ran late. We’re not going to be there for at least another hour.” He lowered his voice again, “But either way, I was definitely not expecting that.”

“Well,” she said, trying for a moment to shift back to sultry, “I just can’t seem to get you off my mind.” His groin pulsed again, and he swore softly. Liz laughed again. “I’m gonna hang up the phone before I do any damage,” she said. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.”


Liz hung up the phone. The giggles became snorts of laughter. She almost felt bad about how hard she was laughing, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but seriously — her first ever attempt at phone sex, and it turns out he’s sitting on the team bus instead of in his hotel room?

The sensual mood was gone, temporarily at least, but it was worth it for the laugh. She had needed that.


About five minutes later Tom’s phone vibrated with a text message:

I JUST stopped laughing. Seriously. Call me when you’re at the hotel and I’ll make it up to you. I promise.

He smiled and shook his head, still amazed that she bothered to text in full sentences with proper grammar. He typed:


and added a heart emoji. He hit send, knowing that she would smile and shake her head at the shortcuts.


Liz picked up the phone and heard Tom’s deep voice rumble on the other end, “Hey, gorgeous. I’m in the hotel room. Rooming with Zee. He’s in the bathroom right now, so I’ve got a few minutes to talk. What the hell was that? Not that I’m actually complaining.”

“Well, hello, handsome,” she said. Her voice was playful and low, and somehow it felt like she was breathing directly into his left ear. “I know you’re tired, but I suspect that you might also still be somewhat aroused by our earlier conversation. I know that I am.”

Shit. “Well, I am now,” he growled. He ran his right hand through his hair. “Zee is going to be out here any minute, Liz. This is NOT helping me.”

“Just trust me. All you have to do is listen. I’ve never done this before, so, as usual, I’m just gonna wing this.”

Tom put his hand over his eyes. He was tired, and he had already been somewhere between half mast and rock hard for the past hour and a half because of the woman on the other end of the phone.


“You do what you need to do. Just listen, OK? I’m just going to talk to you. Just hold the phone to your ear. Get changed, when Zee gets out of the bathroom go in and brush your teeth, get ready for bed… and your phone is waterproof, right?”


“So, if you should end up wanting to get in the shower for a few minutes…”

“I showered at the rink.”

“I know, sweetie. I’m just saying. The shower makes some noise extra noise, and you won’t have to let go of the phone. Just in case.”


Tom started getting his stuff together one handed, holding the phone to his ear. He really was tired.

“Tom,” she breathed, “I am not going to tease you. Maybe some other time, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but right now I just want to tell you what I would do if I was there with you. Because I miss you like hell, and I want you badly. So, I’m picturing you wearing jeans, because God, you look good in jeans. OK, jeans. I would stand in front of you and undo the button to make more room. And since this is my fantasy, they’re button-fly, so I would undo, say, two buttons.”

She was trying to find a good pace, a rhythm. Talking slowly, but not too slowly, her voice sexy and low — that wasn’t hard, because she had her eyes closed, picturing everything she was saying.

“And then I would move my right hand around to your back, and down inside your jeans to grab your ass cheek. Because your ass is amazing. Have I told you that your ass is amazing?”

Zee came out of the bathroom.

“Micky. MICK.”

Tom realized that he had been standing, staring out the window, holding the phone in one hand and his toothbrush in the other.

“What?” Tom turned around, looking slightly glazed.

“Bathroom is free. Is that Liz? Tell her I said hi, and good night.”

“Tell Zee I said good night, Tom,” said Liz.

“She said good night.” Tom’s voice was a little distant.

Zee laughed, “Don’t suppose I could hear that from her, maybe in a really sexy voice? It’s a long road trip, and it’s definitely not the same coming from you.”

“What?” Tom blinked, hearing Liz laughing on the other end of the line. “No. NO! Definitely not.’

Tom went into the bathroom and closed the door, hearing Zee laugh from the other side.

“We’re alone.”

“Oh, good. Start brushing your teeth. I’m gonna move this right along, because even in this little fantasy of mine it’s late, and you’re tired, and I really, really want to get you off.

“I was two buttons down with my right hand on your ass. My left hand would come up to open the rest of the buttons on your jeans, and would go down inside those cute boxer briefs to cup your balls. I’d spend just a minute or two rolling them in my fingers, just because I love that feeling, but then I would shift my hand up where I really want to be, right at the base of your cock.”

She could hear the water running, the sounds of him brushing his teeth, and the sound of him breathing hard, but beyond that he was just listening, which was exactly what she wanted.

“I would keep my thumb and forefinger curled snug around you, and let my pinky güvenilir bahis şirketleri slide up the underside of your shaft, right to that little indentation before the head, right there, and then back down. And then, because there’s just no time to mess around tonight, I would reach back down with my left hand to cradle your balls again, while I let go of your ass with my right hand to bring it around to the front to grip your shaft.”

Her voice was husky. “It feels amazing in my hand, Tom. The skin is like velvet, and it’s so damn hard underneath. I would rub my thumb all over the head, spreading the precum. You know that there would be a lot by now. I’d rub it in a circle with my thumb, all around the head of your hard cock.”

She heard the shower turn on.

Tom knelt down in the tub with the water at his back, because he didn’t trust his legs to hold him any longer. He reached for soap for a little more lubrication, although he hardly needed it by this point.

“So, I would start stroking you, and I know you’re thinking ‘handjob’ because hey, phone sex. But this is my fantasy, so I would kneel down in front of you and pull your clothing down far enough to be able to get my tongue to run up the entire length of the underside of your cock from the base to the tip.”

She heard a soft groan, and a gasp for air.

“And then I would take the head of your hard cock into my mouth, still holding and stroking the shaft with my right hand, and cupping your balls with my left hand, and I would swirl my tongue around the head. Once. Twice. Three times.”

Another gasp, and a whisper, “Shit.”

“And then I would flatten my tongue against the underside of the head of your hard cock, and press you against the roof of my mouth, and I would suck.”

A quiet strangled groan, one of her favorite sounds. He was just on the edge.


She heard him start to come.

“And then I would swallow.”

There was a loud clatter as the phone dropped into the tub. Tom put his left hand on the back wall of the shower stall to keep from falling over as the spasms of his orgasm tore through him one after the other. After a few deep breaths, he picked the phone back up. “Sorry,” he said, his breath ragged and his voice thick.

“Don’t be,” she said, smiling. “I suspect that a dropped phone is the highest form of praise in phone sex. Babe, before you pass out in the bathroom, rinse what needs to be rinsed, dry off, and get in bed.”

“OK,” he said, starting to sound drunk with sleep and sex.

She heard the shower turn off, shuffling sounds of what she assumed were towels, a minute or two of random noises of doors and lights, and finally a deep, contented, masculine sigh, followed by steady breathing and a very familiar light snoring. She smiled and hung up the phone.

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