The Reluctant Santa

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Mark finished putting on the red suit that he had to wear at the children’s hospital tonight. His father begged him to do it for him this year cause he was called out of town on business at the last minute. The suit was the same one his dad had wore to the children’s hospital for the last fifteen years. It has become more of a tradition that his father had started than a thing he volunteered to do for charity.

So Mark drove over to the hospital and spent almost three hours entertaining sick kids with Christmas cheer. His father had given him two bags a big one with a modest toy and a small one full of candy canes. When Mark had finished his rounds with the kids he did manage to score a phone number with one hot young nurse. He figured this was not all that bad he had gotten a possible date and the looks on the kids faces was pricey even for a nineteen year old college kid. He even thought maybe he would help his dad with this next year or even dress as the Easter bunny for Easter.

Mark got into his car and drove home anxious to get out of the hot red flannel suit and fake beard. He saw his mom’s car in the driveway, he did not expect her to be home this early cause tonight was her office Christmas party. Mark had a fun idea he thought he would surprise his mom with the outfit and they would get a big laugh out of it.

Mark put the beard back on and walked into the front door. His mother Sarah dressed in a short blue dress that had gold colored buttons up and down the front was laying on the couch. Mark had to agree with his friends who said his mom was hot, her auburn colored short hair, firm thirty six c breasts and a small but plump ass did make her look hot. She worked very hard to keep in shape at the age of forty two.

“Ho Ho Ho anyone home,” he said in his best fake Santa voice.

“Well canlı bahis hello Santa,” she said as she staggered out into the front hall

“Hello little girl have you been naughty or nice this year?” asked Mark

“I’ve been very naughty this year Santa,” she purred

“Oh well I don’t know if I can give you a present this year little girl,” said Mark

“Well maybe if suck your cock Santa will that help,” she said slowly sliding to her knees.

Oh shit thought Mark she does not know I’m not dad. She will figure it out when she gets these pants undone he thought then we can have a good laugh.

His mom undid the pants and pulled out his semi hard cock and started to stroke it. Mark could not believe his very sexy mother had her hand wrapped around his cock and he was not stopping her. Mark could feel shivers run up and down his spine as she wrapped her mouth over it. She slowly slid the eight and a half inch member in and out of her hot wet mouth. Mark let out a moan that as she ran her mouth over the sensitive parts of his cock.

“Oh SANTA I think your cock has gotten even bigger and harder this year.” she said before she wrapped her mouth around it and deep throated the her son’s cock.

“Oh yes little girl suck Santa’s cock” Mark hissed

Sarah stopped just short of his coming into her mouth and stood up, she removed her dress to reveal her matching black lace bra and thong underwear. She took Mark by the hand and led him to the living room where they could be on the couch. Sarah laid on her back and spread her legs, Mark stood and looked at her beautiful body.

“Oh Santa turn out the lights, but leave the tree on.” she said

“Ho ho ho!” said Mark

When he did this he took off the beard hoping she would notice it was him. When he got bahis siteleri back to the couch she had the under garments removed. Mark could not resist and dove between her legs going to work on her hot wet pussy. He could not believe how wet and loose she was as he slid in three fingers and licked her sensitive clit. Soon she grabbed by the head and ground her pussy into his face screaming about how good she was cumming.

Mark stood up after her orgasm and removed the coat that he still had on. He got between his mom’s legs and slid his hard cock into her hot honey hole. Oh god what a great fucking pussy he thought as her cunt muscles wrapped around him. He fucked her like this while both sucking on her tits and kissing her on her mouth. His mom licked her own juices off his chin which just excited him more.

After achieving an orgasm this way for his mom he wanted to see her ass, so he pulled out and rolled her over doggie style. She seemed to enjoy this even more cause she was bucking and screaming like a cat in heat. Mark saw how her little asshole was puckered and he rubbed his thumb over it. She did not protest so he gently inserted it into her ass while they fucked.

She claimed the alcohol was getting to her and begged him to finish. She kept calling him by his dad’s name begging him to cum already her pussy could not take anymore. So Mark shot a huge gusher into her until his balls were completely empty. She collapsed on the couch and within a minute or two of heavy breathing she passed out.

Mark grabbed a quick shower and went downstairs to make sure she was alright. She was out like a light and still had the afghan Mark covered with before he went up to the shower. Mark instantly got hard again as he stared at her and then he remembered her hot little ass. He wanted it no he bahis şirketleri wanted to try anal sex and never had this opportunity. So he went to the downstairs bathroom and rubbed Vaseline onto his dick and brought some in on his hand. He lifted the blanket and rubbed some into her ass gently trying not to disturb her. He took two couch pillows and gently slid them under her pelvis. Now he was ready and he slowly slid his hard cock up her ass. He did not hear a yell or even a change in her breathing as he slowly go inch by inch up her ass. After a few strokes it was loose enough to fuck and fucked it good with lots of excitement. In no time at all he now filled her ass with a good glob of come.

Mark wiped her clean and made sure she was covered back up. He went back up to his bedroom and went to sleep. The next morning the phone rang and Sarah reached over to grab it off the endstand. She was still groggy from last night.”

“Hello” she said groggily

“Hey hun sorry I did not get to touch base with you before I left yesterday.” said her husband

“You left.” she said confused

“Yeah I got Mark to do the Santa thing for me at the hospital. Hey I got to go to a meeting I’ll be home on sunday love you” he said

“Love you too.” she said now fully awake

Mark was Santa last night, she thought for a minute as she felt some come ooze out of her pussy and ass. That little bastard was supposed to tell me his dad left and he let me suck his cock and fuck him.

“Oh my god,” she said putting her hands to her face. “What am I going to do about this and why the fuck does my ass hurts so bad.”

She slipped the dress back on and half assed buttoned it up some and then at the top of her lungs she screamed

“Mark get your ass down here right now”

She did not know what to say or do when he would get down there. She was hurt and ashamed by the events that unfolded.

If this story gets printed give me some feedback it is my first attempt at incest. THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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