The Room

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{This is written in a fantasy land, free from diseases and prudance, and free from the other constraints that prevent such activities. So keep an open mind.}

I have no idea what to wear. At all, and what does it matter much anyway? I wont know anyone who is there and I dont think they will see me. Texture is more important in this decision.

I run my hands up and down my legs, my ass, my cunt. Making sure I am smooth to the touch. Even hair unseen can be felt and that is not my intention. I pull on black zipper latex thongs and a bra, snugging it close to my breasts, though you cannot see the restriction, the bulge of the crests of my tits will surely be felt along the satiny smoothness in the dark. I pull on my silk stockings, one by one and fasten them to the garters atop the panties. Over this I pull on a black lace dress, short to the curve of my arse and snug across the top. A black boa tops off the concoction and hollow heel boots bottom it out. I feel hot being so constrained this way, but that must be reveled, not indulged. I reach down to rub my clit a bit, and mentally spank myself for being out of line.

I have heard of these rooms, these parties so called, from my friends in the swingers community, but I have never attended. Curiosity has finally gotten the better of me though, and I have decided it is time to succomb to carnality.

I am picked up by one of my friends. Names are unimportant at this time, as are faces. She compliments my outfit and says I have chosen well. I see she is in a teddy, expensive leather encrusted with silver stoddin along the seams. Watching her drive excites me, and as we get closer to our destination, I reach over rest my hand on her thigh. kadıköy escort

We park and enter the house, I doubt I could give directions as I am in awe. It is not someplace that would be recognized for what it is from the road.

Knocking, a woman in a red dress answers the door. She ushers us in wordlessly and I follow my friend down the hall. There is little furniture, and I can see no rooms. It would appear most of the space of the house is encompassed behind the door ahead. Turning the handle, we enter.

I cannot describe exactly what I am hearing, it is not conversation, not polite conversation. I am surrounded by sighs, moans and thrusts. Demands and curses are spilled at random and it is hard to place a location with any sound. It is pitch black, and the light from the entrance hall does not reach into the opening of the doorway.

Walking in, I sense people at my feet as the door shuts. I am surrounded by darkness and could not see my hand were I to hold in in front of my face. Hands grab at my legs, sliding upwards, into my inner thighs, massaging me there. I take a step, lightly, as to not step on anyone. My heel finds soft resistance, and I bear down harder, realizing I am on someones chest. I kneel, knee to the ground and place my hands upon a flat belly and a smooth arm. I feel a hand slide up the space left by my kneeling, and my thongs being slid down. A finger probes me and I fall back a bit. My breasts are caressed, and then my bra is ripped asunder. There is someone behind me, and they lay me down gently. I am not sure what the floor is uniformed with, but it is plush and yielding. Hands rove over me, I cannot count how many kartal escort at this point. My dress is ripped away and fingers pinch and stroke me. A tongue licks my stomach, down and down. I feel a cock at my lips and I begin to suck lightly, loving the feeling of endless hands, everywhere, like a giant Medusa of feeling. I reach my hand out, and I feel the wetness of another woman. Cupping her, running my hand up and down the crack of her, feeling her fall gently into my caresses. I run my hand up her belly to run my thumb over her nipple and I sit up to take it into my mouth, as I am pushed over, a bit roughly, to my hands and knees.

Someone slides underneath me, and I straddle them accordingly. I am comfortable and sit her down upon their face. Leaning over to suck upon her tits, a cock prods my ass, and I wonder fleetingly whether it is real. I draw from her and lean towards the person behind me and my nipples are pinched hard on my right nipple. I feel lips meet mine in a tangled kiss as another phallus enters my cunt. So full, I rock back and forth, enjoying the sensation, enjoying the flesh around me.

I reach underneath her and insert my fingers into her, and she rides my hand, faster and faster and I rock with her. Biting my neck, I feel her pulse and know she has come. Her presence backs away and I am met in front by yet another. I underneath me to feel the wet shaft pumping in and out. It is so hard and again I wonder if it is real. A vibrator is stuck against my clit and I feel my head begin to pound, the noises around me make me want to come over and over, and yet I restrain. Arching my back, I lean against the person behind me and feel hard nipples kurtköy escort against my back. I rest my palms onto the man below me and swivel my ass, so I can be penetrated from the side-like.

A pussy is pressed against my face and I lick and suck with vigor, trying to keep her clean. Licking into her lips, up and down them and proceeding to caress her folds with my tongue, I lick my way up to her clit and suck gently. My hair is pulled and I think I may suffocate for a moment, but the all consuming of my body is too much for me to let go of.

I run my hands up, cupping her ass before sliding a finger into her from behind. Her grip on my hair loosens a bit but I cup her ass with my free hand and bring her back to my face. By rocking back and forth, I can feel one dick enter me as one exits. I feel an orgasm coming on and I come up for air before delving back to lick circles around her clit. I feel her humping at my face as I scream into her folds, coming over and over, feeling everything at once and yet going slightly numb to the touch.

I stop, and lean over, trying to catch my breath and enclosing the person below me in a vise as my thighs clench uncontrollably. I roll over and lay down, high. Lifted by unseen hands, I am put into some sort of contraption, and my legs are lifted above my stomach before being strapped there. It feels as though I am floating in midair on a swing, and I rock a bit, swaying. Another penis enters me and I try to reach down, to feel a harness. I feel no hands upon me, but the straps tighten on my legs as I am rocked, back and forth, enter and exit. I reach down and massage my clit idly, enjoying the sensation of being fucked without movement from me. Still buzzing from my previous orgasm, I feel another coming on, less powerful, but still intense. A hand smacks my ass, and I am being ridden like a bull at the fair, no sound from me, but sounds of ecstasy surrounding me. My ears ring and sing with the sound of bodies and I come again, and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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