The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 03

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The weekend was OK. I just wanted to get back to see what D was going to do when I got to her house. Monday, I showered shaved and dressed quickly. I left almost an hour early telling my wife I had another early meeting. When I arrived at D’s house, her door was open. She met me at the door in a robe. We walked upstairs as she asked me to help her with something. We got to her bedroom and she stood here by the bed. Then to my surprise and my enjoyment D opened her robe, and dropped it to the floor. She had nothing on under it. My tongue started to drool and cock got hard. I played along and asked: “So what exactly do you me to help you with?”

She took her finger and touched her pussy right at her clit and told me: “This! I hurt real bad and it’s your fault. I need you to help get me better Bud.”

She sat on the bed, spread her legs real wide and with her fingers she opened her outer pussy lips. I went to my knees! With her ass on the very edge of the bed, I slowly ran my hands up her lovely legs and then over her already wet pussy. It was hot and swollen like she had been playing with it before I got there. I moved my head in close to the top of her inner thigh and began to lick and kiss that nice little pussy. Her musk hit me and I moaned as my lust built.

I pushed my face between her legs and with my tongue began to lick that pussy fast and hard. She cried grabbed my head and began to orgasm. Within seconds she had squeezed her thighs against my head and held the top of my head pulling my hair as she pumped and pumped against my mouth as she cummed and I kept stimulating her cunt. She yelled: “OH CHRIST! LICK ME! Lick it Bud. Please, Oh please lick me! Yes. Suck it. Oh fuck yes! Make me cum again baby. Oh god. Yesssssssss!! OH THAT”S SOOOOO GOD! YES..YES…YES…YES! Ahhhh!!! Mumm. YES HERE LICK HERE!”

D was pointing at her swollen red blood filled clit. I covered it with my lips and sucked. She screamed when I did and yelled at me: “YES GOD T+YES! OH FUCK BUD! OH THAT”S SO FUCKING GOOD!! OHHH BUD! OH BUD! OH YES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GOD!!!!!.”

I had her feet on my shoulders and my face pushing hard into her wetness. I moved her, well it was more like pushed her back on the bed as I still licked and sucked on her cunt. When I moved on the bed, I shifted my body around until my cock hung over her face. She looked up and smiled as she lifted her face and covered my cock with her lips. I felt her warm lips cover the head of my cock as I rubbed her swollen clit with my fingers and sucked it with my mouth. I held it between my teeth and flicked my tongue across it as fast as I could make it go. She swallowed my cock all 7 inches, taking the head and an inch or so down her throat. She began sucking like a machine. The faster I licked her the harder she sucked. It was so fucking good and intense.

Here was this almost virgin small wonderful woman dying for sex and I was between her thighs eating her pussy while she sucked my cock. God we were both like whores! It makes me hard years later just thinking about her and her need and love of sex. I don’t think her husband ever knew how dam hot of a wife she was. I wonder if she is still like that, and if he ever found out how fucking lucky he was to have a wife who wanted to fuck as band as a man?

After her orgasm she rolled us over and she sat up. When she did I kneed in front of her with my cock in my hand. It was purple and red and huge as it jumped with excitement. She sat with her legs open and around my stomach. She smiled as she watched it jump. She licked her lips and told me: “Bring that cock here and let me suck it. Mummm it looks so big this morning Bud. Does it taste as nice today as it did the other day? Here let me see let me lick it.”

She had taken it in her hands and I knelt on the bed as she pushed it in her mouth and began to pump it in and out of her mouth with her hand. I fucked her mouth like it was a cunt for a long time. I looked down and she was smiling up at me as she looked me in the eye and stroked and sucked on my very hard and extremely swollen cock. I had to cum! God! When she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and smiled I could felt my cock pulsating in her mouth and her hands. She sucked it for at least 15 minutes.

She was new at this but had her own style. She would suck on the head and then take it out of her mouth and lick the sides from the head down to the base. She cupped my balls and licked and sucked on them too when I told her. I had to tell her to be gentle because her excitement made her suck my balls hard one time and it fucking hurt! Then she would watch as her hands pumped the hard shaft back and forth. I moaned each time she put it back into her mouth. She liked to suck it and then watch it jump and thump with excitement.

After a while, she asked me: “Are you making it jump like that or is it doing it by itself?”

I smiled and told her both. I made it jump as she looked at it and she smiled. She would take her nails and run them mobilbahis güvenilir mi up and down the length of the shaft and then over the head and it she made it jump. She loved watching it get harder and red/purple with her sucking and pumping. But, I could see she her rubbing her pussy with her other hand and I know she wanted me to work on her body again. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked me: “Are you ready yet? Are you ready to fuck me?”

Dumb question. I moved her back down on her back and as I moved between her legs she smiled and just said: “Oh yes! Fuck me Bud! Fuck me baby. Put that hard cock into my pussy. Oh Bud I want you so bad!”

She pulled me down and first she licked my ear and then shoved her tongue into my mouth. She kissed me long and hard as I moved the cock head against her wet cunt. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear: “Do it Bud. Put it in me. Fuck me! Fill me baby. Oh fuck Bud do it! Fuck me long and hard. I want you so bad. So bad. Fuck me.”

She smiled when she felt the head of my cock pushed between her pussy lips spreading them. And, then she moaned loudly as I entered her with one easy long smooth stroke. I slide my cock all the way into her body and we locked together and began. Soon we were going crazy with our passion and desire as we worked on each other’s body fuck each other wild. With the big bed in her room to fuck on, she went wild bouncing me all over the bed. I rammed my hard cock into her pussy feeling my nuts slap against her ass. Again and again and again over and over and over I pumped my cock into her pussy. Over and over again she cried out as she lifted her hips and slammed her pussy against my cock. Our bodies merged and then separated and them merged as we made love and we fucked.

Pumping again and again and again and again until I could hardly pump into her any more, her small body gave me everything she had. For over 20 minutes we rammed and ramming into each other. D matched me stroke for stroke. We both knew we didn’t have any time to waist. The time we had together was so short, we used it to fuck hard and fast. I thrust into her like a man on a mission. She wrapped her legs around me now and grinned her pussy up against me fucking me just as hard with all the lust and need she had in that small body.

I rolled us over and she sat up on top[ of me. My cock buried deep inside her, D began to ride up and down on my hard cock shaft hard and fast. As I pushed down around the base of my cock with my fingers it made the shaft as long as it gets and much harder with greater sensation, especially in the head. I learned that from a whore in Brazil when I was in the Navy!

She moaned as she rocked and pumped and moved that tight little body around my cock, making it slide in and out, in and out, in and out of her tight wonderful little wet pussy. Her moans became faster and louder now as she moved closer towards her climax. Then as she reached it, she screamed and kept fucking me and fucking me and fucking me until she had gotten off for a very long time.

But she didn’t stop! I don’t know how much time had passed now, but she was still riding up and down on my stretched cock shaft. She must have had 4 orgasms before she fell down on top of me. But, I had waited to long for this beautiful young piece of ass and I had waited to long to not cum in her. I couldn’t stop now. I rolled her over on to her back again and lifted her legs up high pulling them back over her head. Now I began to ram down into her pussy as fast as I could make my body go. My lust had taken complete control of me. I pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped that pussy with my cock until I arched my back and cried out as I began to shoot the biggest load of cum I have ever done in my life.

D moaned as she felt each shot and rolled her head from side to side yelling: “Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my hard! Oh yes! OH god yes!. Ahhhhhh GOD!! Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhhhhh.”

It was like she sighed with each shot of cum I pumped into her pussy. When I finished, I let her legs go and she lowered them and quickly wrapped then around my waist again and slowly rocked on my cock shaft. We laid there together in our wetness for only a few minutes. We were going to have to go to work.


God she was still tight and god could she fuck. D was the fucking hottest woman I have ever been with. She rolled off of me and picked up the phone. She calls the other guy we took to work everyday and told him that we would be coming in late. We had a flat tire and had to take call the AAA to get it fixed. He told her he would drive to work and tell the boss. She told him she was with me and wait with me until the tire was fixed.

D smiled at me and laid back down on the bed. She crawled on all fours over my body like an animal smiling. She got over top of me and smiled again asking me: “Can we, could we do it again? Can you? One more time? Can you get it hard again?”

Her body shined from the sweat mobilbahis of her sex workout a few minutes ago. She slid her body down on top of me now we started playing with each. I told her: “God I hope so, because I want to fuck you from behind this time baby. I want to fuck you like no one as ever fucked you before.”

She smiled and told me again that I was only the second guy to ever have her. And the first was no where as big as me.” I consider myself just average 7 maybe 71/2 inches and about 3-4 inches round. But her small body was so tight that she told me I felt huge inside her. With that she rolled over, opened those nice legs and with her fingers she opened her pussy lips again and told me: “Come and get your breakfast baby. Eat me and fuck me again before we leave”

I could see her pussy filled with my cum but it’s not every day I get an offer like the one she just gave me. I worked on her pussy while she worked on my cock and very soon I was hard again. We both were dripping with pre-cum. I licked her pussy until I have her pumping her hips up into me. Then I took my two fingers and pumped them into her a few times. As she watched, I pulled them out all covered with our cum and sucked them. Then I put them back into her and brought them out offering these two to her. She smiled as if I dared her. She licked them, as she smiled at me. God she was so fucking hot.

She then took her small index finger and rubbed it slowly across the hole on the head of my cock taking the pre-cum off. She would then very sexy put her finger in her mouth and suck on it saying: “Mumm!”

I told her: “God baby you would make a dead man hard. My cock has never been this hard back to back.”

I turned her around and as I taught the position, she got down on all fours with her ass up facing me. I moved in and put my hand between her legs sliding it over her cunt, rubbing it with the palm of my hand and getting it all wet. I covered my hard cock with both of our cum from the previous session. When I felt her lips open I touched her pussy with the head of my cock. She reached under and between her thighs to open her pussy lips further as I guided it into her. She was opened and very wet. My cock went right in with one long push. Once it was in, I began to pump and pump and pump it fast and hard into her pussy as I held her hips from behind for leverage. In this position my cock felt deeper yet inside her body.

She was moaning and crying out as I fucked her as hard as I could. I used my hands to rub her ass and even took a finger and pushed it into her ass hole as I slammed my cock into her cunt. As she felt my finger go into her ass, she cried out: “No!”, but she didn’t stop or slow down at all.

She just whimpered again and again as I thrust my cock into her this way and my finger deep into her ass. My cock hurt so badly it was so hard and stretched so tight. My nuts were tight in their sack almost ready to spew out more cum. I told her I was going to cum soon. As I reached around and began to rub her clit, she got off in seconds. I could felt the walls of her nice smooth pussy tighten around my cock and I shot my load deep into her body. When I had finished she reached under her legs and cupped my balls. I moaned but had nothing left. She wrapped her small fingers around the still hard shaft and began to stroke it while ½ of it was still inside her. She put her head down on the pillow pushed her ass up higher in the air and I continued to fuck her from behind. I knew she still wanted it and until my cock was flay, I would keep fucking her.

After a few more minutes of me fucking her and rubbing hr clit I could feel her body begin to tighten up and then she squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around the shaft of my cock buried all the way inside her. She began to orgasm. She cried out loud as her body locked on to my cock and she thrust her ass back into me climaxing. I could hear her straining as it took over her body lifting her and giving her pleasure after pleasure.

When it was over, she fell face first down on the bed. With my cock still inside her cunt so I followed her down. I laid on top of her and she lay face first on the bed. My cock eventually shrunk enough that it just slipped out of her pussy and lay between her ass cheeks. We were done.

We got up, cleaned our bodies, got dressed and went to work. We got to work around 10:30AM very tired but smiling a lot. I can’t wait for the time we can have the entire day to ourselves.

Our relationship continued for about 2 months and had reached that point where we both wanted more of each other. More of the sucking more of the fucking and more time to do each other was a goal we both worked very hard to achieve. We came up with some very good excuses and we fucked and/or sucked each other whenever and wherever we could get time. As the relationship grew we became more and more brave. Sometimes we were a little relaxed and almost got caught twice.

Once we went to the hidden back door of the major mobilbahis giriş theater in our city at lunchtime. As we got to the top of the stairs, it was very dark and very hidden from the view of the public. I licked D into multiple orgasms as she stood on the top of the stairs with her legs spread wide. I stood 4 stairs down from her, which put my face directly in her pussy! She stood there holding her cunt lips open for me as I licked and fingered her pussy making her cum! As she reached her second climax, a couple came up the stairs.

We heard them coming but it was too late. As D tried to straighten her dress out, she was shaking from her sexual excitement. I wiped my wet sinning face off with my hand and her skirt as the couple rounded the corner to the last flight of stairs where we were standing. I’m sure the guy saw my head come out from between her legs. He didn’t say anything but gave me a big smiled as they walked to the door and he unlocked it.

He asked if we were waiting to get into the building and we told him no, we were lost! When they went into the theater, D grabbed hold of me still shaking and recovering from her 2 orgasms! She held me tight and asked me if they saw us and I told her yes! If she had had a pair of panties on that day, they would have been down around her feet or hanging on one shoe. That would have been more embarrassing! But, since she was completely nude under her skirt most every day now, all she had to do was get her skirt down enough to look OK.

As we got back to work and the afternoon went by, we both began to think this close encounter was so dam exciting! Almost being caught was getting me hard and she told me, as we drove home, that she was wet from thinking about it! I of course had to touch her pussy to make sure.

It was a regular thing now, each time the last guy got out of the car, D would raise her skirt up high enough for me to see and touch her pussy. And, she was on my cock immediately once we parked. I had found a good place for us to go that was about one mile away from her house. It was at the top of a hill around the reservor.

She would unzipped my slacks and had my cock out stroking it or even suck on it as we drove to a place we could enjoy each. She sucked my cock that evening like never before taking all of my cum. I ate her pussy making her cum 3 or 4 times before fucking her as hard and long as I could before shooting a huge load into her pussy! Then I took her home.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. One day the big boss, the one we don’t see very much called us one at a time into his office. We were both concerned but it turned out to be a great meeting with him. He had decide to have both of us attend a 5-day class in Atlanta. He told us we would have to take the red eye and travel on Saturday since the fares were much cheaper then during the week. We would have the weekend to do anything we wanted since the conference didn’t start until 7PM Sunday night with an opening cocktail party. We would also have to travel together to the airports and stay at the same hotel. He then added in separate rooms. He smiled at me when he told me that. I wondered if he had any idea?

As I left his office, I smiled as I began wondering what we would do after the class for dinner and entertainment? You know like, breakfast time, lunchtime, dinnertime, happy hour, and prime time. Humm! I’m sure we’ll find something to keep us occupied. I might even drop a few pounds! Then we had to tell our partners and worried one or both would want to go with us. But when we told our partners about the trip, neither could get away! Finally we would get out chance to be alone for 7 days, the weekend and 5 work days! And the boss said we could do whatever we wanted over that weekend.

The days went by slowly and we only had a chance to fuck twice over that period of time before we went away. We make out every morning and afternoon on the way to work and home again like usual. We even gave each other oral sex a couple of time. But we never had the time or the place to go that she felt safe enough to go all the way. She did have time for a room even for a few hours. Seems her husband wanted her to come home and not work over time. She wasn’t sure if he was wondering about us or not. She said: “I’ll know if he insists on coming with us. God I hope not Bud. I really want to spend time with you. I want you to teach me everything you know about sex, and making love.”

I said: “And, what about fucking?”

She smiled and said: “Yea! That too baby.” She kissed me hard!

When the time came we decided that I would picked her up at her house and we would drive to the airport parking lot together. When we found a place to park away from any lights and we realized we had a little more than 2 hours before our flight. So when two very horny people have that much time together, guess what we did? I moved to the back seat and she came over behind me. As I kissed her she straddled my body with her legs and sat on her knees. I had her skirt up and before I knew it, she had placed my hand stroking her pussy right away. She hadn’t worn any panties! GOD it was so fucking wet. When I slide a finger in she arched her back and in a just a few minutes of me pumping in and out with my finger and my thumb rubbing her clit, she got off.

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